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DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/4/03 12:30 P

If you keep active on a daily basis. Like walking 2 to 4 miles. Drink lots of water. Do some general execises for half and hour a day and eat five to six small low carb meals a day seem to work the best for me. Watch the carbs. Eat the protein it burns off in the walking and execising. You also feel so much better eat this way. You just have to get use to the small amounts. Here is the diet I was given. In your meats stick to the healthier ones and stick to 4 ounces. Eat all the veggies you want. Watch the carbs. Wheat noodles, brown rice, ect. eat one cup of these. Do this with every meal. It has worked very well for me. Worth a shot.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
1/4/03 12:11 P

Dale, I was wondering what your secret was.. I have not lost any more weight tho I have been making excellent food choices. Do you think it is all in the walking and drinking water or more on the nutrition side?

DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/4/03 11:25 A

well I took off 5 pounds. Now I am truly at 255. Faith is the key and the way, trust it and lose weight everyday.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
1/3/03 3:49 P

Way to go with the positive attitude, Dale. Bummer about the scale, but congrats on the motivation! I hear you about the water thing.. sometimes I feel like my eyeballs are floating! Well, I finally gave in and made a Dr appt for tomorrow. I think I have a sinus infection. I am making great food choices though!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/2/03 5:38 P

Well found out kind of a bummer yesterday. The scale that my dear old wife had up where I used to live was not working properly so intead of being 240 I was 260 because it was off by 20 pound. But on the brighter side I have still lost 55 pounds and this only makes me want to work harder. At it. So walk more eat less. Drink lots of water. Sometimes I slosh my way to the track.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
1/2/03 1:18 P

Still sick.. a little better tho.... so I am back to the gym today. Gotta get going on those pounds! Still haven't lost more... but at least I haven't gained them back, right? Happy New Year everyone!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/31/02 10:25 A

Sorry about the cold. I know how you feel though I had a bad one two weeks ago and it really makes it hard to do anything energy wise. Not long though and you will have that energy back and knocking off the pounds.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/30/02 7:27 P

Way to go Dale! It sounds like you have a nice new friend.. and congrats on the 78! That is wonderful! Thanks Cyp, for the encouragement. I now have that nasty head cold that is going around so I have not been able to work out since Friday. Bummer but I am really concentrating on eating well in the meantime so I can heal better and get back on track!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/30/02 10:17 A

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

WAHOO ON THE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

I know you still have to go through all the emotional junk with the divorce but nothing helps as well as new "friends".

And way to go on losing more pounds Mel!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/29/02 9:14 P

Back on track today. Feeling great. And boy do I mean back on track. I had walked 4 miles on the track then this young lady came in and started walking with me. We talked for a long time. Then when we finished talking she said that we had just walked 5 miles which she does almost everyday I walked 9 miles wow. My legs feel it now. Well it paid off we ended up going out for dinner and had a great time. After that we went and saw the New Lords of the Rings movie and enjoyed evey minute of that as well. Well most of it. I am now down 78 pounds by the way.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/28/02 1:03 P

starting to feel a bit better today. Should be back at the track by tomorrow I am hoping. Great job on the weight loss. Keep it up. If they go 1 or 2 at a time they will add up in the long run.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/28/02 12:34 P

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.... I have a touch of a bug too including nausea, though I am sure it is nothing in comparison to what you are going through. Healthy thoughts coming your way!!! Bummer on not being able to exercise, though it is so important to deal with your health first! Take care and feel better! By the way, I lost two more pounds! so that is seven down!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/27/02 9:23 P

Well thank you. I appreciate hearing that very much. If you want to support each other even more on a biddy system you may e-mail me at micahmin@yahoo.com.
I must admit I did not look at to much food today. I have this Norwalk virus that is going around that they have been having on the cruise ships. I hear it can last 3 to 5 days. would not be surprised if that alone takes some more of my weight of. Makes me to sick to want to even walk to though. Keep up the great work at the challange.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/27/02 5:48 P

Thanks Dale..... Today is a much better day and besides, of course I did not gain anything back because of one slip-up. I really appreciate the support and look at you like an inspiration!!!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/27/02 4:31 P

Just remember Melaniec it is just like your bike growing up. When you fell off you got right back up and rode again. Yes I get upset to when I blow it but just have that faith that you will get right back on track. I got faith in ya. I am cheering for you all the way. We can do what ever we set our mind to. I will. And I know you will too.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/26/02 10:52 P

Well, I am really bummed because I tried to have an excellent eating day and i blew my fat grams by 7! Yuck... I am trying not to justify it by saying that I am sick (which I am) or that I did my 45 minute cardio workout....and trying not to be obsessive about it... but I am still upset...

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/26/02 3:51 P

I must say I fell back a little for Christmas. We were stranded inside with all that good food while a storm dropped 20 inches of snow in our area. Today I made up for it though and I walked 6 miles on the indoor track. I also am watching the food again today.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/26/02 12:43 P

Though I do have to say the holiday challenge was VERY tough and I failed a bit... but only one of the two days and I am back on track today!!!! So I would say I made it through!

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/26/02 12:42 P

Hey, I like the way that sounds!!!! :)

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/26/02 9:58 A

75 Pounds and 5 Pounds that won't be seen again in 2003!

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/23/02 8:30 P

Hey all! Congrats to Dale, first of all... and believe it or not, I lost my first 5 pounds! Yeah! Since these 5 tend to come and go, I am determined to keep going! Yeah!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/23/02 1:43 P

240 pounds. 75 pounds gone. Happy a safe and heathy Christmas challange Folks. Beat that Holiday challange. Winning my challange like this makes the whole year a holiday for me. Yipee.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/20/02 8:12 P

Thanks Cyp, way to go Melaniec.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/20/02 1:28 P

Go Dale! That is INCREDIBLE!!! I know you said it feels wonderful.. but I can only imagine! Good for you! I have to say it certainly is inspiration for my to lose my 55 lbs! Thanks for the encouragement Cyp!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/20/02 11:36 A

Three cheers for Melanie and Dale (or should that be six cheers as in three for each?) Wahoo!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/20/02 10:40 A

Yessssssss. 242 pounds. That is 73 pounds lost Folks. Since January. By the way I am feeling great. Moving done. Looking for work and feeling healthy and leaner by the day.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/19/02 4:24 P

K.... this is day two and going strong.. actually, since i have been working out every day since Tuesday, it is day 3! Yeah!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/19/02 6:44 A

Melaniec I am very proud. It has taken faith and dedication but I am getting through it. Plus all the support that you get here is simply wonderful. Rock on and beat this challange along with me. We shall conquer all.

MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/18/02 3:28 P

Thanks for the thoughts.... I know I can get there... and I think keeping myself accountable with this system will help me think twice before I start skipping workouts as well as when I am ready to eat that extra snack when I am just plain bored!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/18/02 2:45 P

Hi Melanie:

You can lose those 55 pounds. The prime ingredients in my opinion are consistent exercise that includes cardio and weight training, healthy eating (read around the board for ideas), tracking of your food on the GoalPilot (studies show that people often eat more than they think they eat), and developing patience. Eating right and exercising with the goal of turning your body into a fat burning machine will help you to become fit and to stay that way. Patience comes in as the process will not happen over night. Rather than focusing on weight loss, focus on how well you feel and on how your exercise performance improves over time. Improved energy levels and strength gains happen pretty quickly. Convention would say that you can lose 55 pounds in 6 or 7 months but I would think to myself: "This time next year I'll wear that little green metallic shiny dress to the Christmas party." If you reach your goal before the planned time is up, that is just a bonus.

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MELANIEC Posts: 31
12/18/02 1:48 P

This is great! I just joined yesterday and I am amazed by the support everyone has for each other! I have 55 pounds to lose and I know I can do it with all of this support around me! Rock on you guys and I join you on this challenge!
And Dale, way to go... you must be so proud of yourself!

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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/18/02 10:36 A


DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/17/02 9:57 P

Hey folks I found out something cool. With the fact of moving home with my mom for a while I get free use of the indoor track that is up the road at the pool. I will be able to walk everyday no matter what the weather is like. So if I do fall alittle on my Holiday Challange which I do not plan on doing. But just in case I know where I can walk and hope to start it everyday as soon as I am fully in. There is always a positive force in everything. Sometimes we just need to look deeper to see it.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/16/02 10:50 A

Dale You Are Weight Loss King!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/15/02 2:58 P

weight is down to 245. Have lost 70 pounds since January.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/8/02 7:19 P

Just to give an update. Since I have started the Holiday challange I have lost 5 more pounds which gives me a grand total of 65 pounds lost since the beginning of the year. My suit that I wear for church, I now swim in it. I guess I need a new one now. Then in another 50 pounds which I will do by next August I will need yet another one. As for the Holiday challange as I said in another post. Faith is the key and the way, let it lead you through each day. And I have the faith that I will make it through the holiday and this challange I am on. In fact I will continue through Valentines and Easter also.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/5/02 6:33 A

So far I only have positive news about my holiday challange. I have stuck soley to my diet and I have lost 3 more pounds since I started this challange. Look out rest of the holidays here I come. I made it this far and now I know I will make it through the rest of them as well. Christmas is ussually a pretty tuff one for me but I know I will do it.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/2/02 6:09 P

Yes I also feel I am turning the tide on this whole matter. I feel really good about it all. It boiled down to the fact that I am tired letting my weight control me and it is time for me to control it. Instead of always talking about taking the pounds off my statement is just do it.

SPARKGUY Posts: 14,463
12/1/02 7:44 P

Hi Dale - we just finished some Thanskgiving leftovers too, they're almost gone now. Does it feel like you enjoyed Thanksgiving more this year even with the smaller portions of food? Sometimes the true meaning of our holidays gets lost in over-indulgence in many ways, sounds like you're turning the tide on this!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
12/1/02 6:47 P

Just an update. So far I have made through all the Tahnksgiving leftovers. I have behaved myself and stuck to my diet.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
11/28/02 7:31 P

I did it through Thanksgiving. Small prtions and I did not have to walk I listened to my own advice and used my will power. I said just do it and I just did it. I survived all the food sitting everywhere. I had about a third of what I usually have. I was very proud of myself.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
11/26/02 4:31 P

Good for you Cyp. That is some willpower. It is a simple thing of mind over matter. Keep up the good work.
Great Erikas. I know you can do it. We are all there to support you with you challange too.

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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
11/26/02 11:19 A

Good luck with your first challenge Erikas and way to walk Dale!

I made it past the work Thanksgiving Pot Luck easily by eating a heavy protein breakfast. I wasn't even hungry when all of those desserts were laying around trying to look good for me.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
11/26/02 8:15 A

open challange to all come and join us on this one

ERIKAS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 5
11/25/02 10:17 P

Okay, my first on the challenge bandwagon!
I like the idea of not giving anything up but doing small portions. And I can even do the walking thing if I go over. I will not stuff myself like the turkey this year!!! And yes...one holiday at a time!! (why do they stick all these together at the end of the year? It's like 2 whole months of parties and fast foods!!)

DALE04359 Posts: 584
11/25/02 8:42 P

So far I am on day five of my Holiday's challange I have stayed away from junk so far. I have walked a total of 15 miles at 4 miles per hour minutes in the past 5 days. The real test comes Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving all.

KKG71NY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 192
11/21/02 9:28 A

I have decided that the only way I can make it through this holiday is to take the day off on Thanksgiving, but with the strict rule of getting right back on it (exercize and carb control) Friday morning. Christmas is another challenge altogether...One at a time, right? One challenge at a time...

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
11/20/02 6:05 P

I'll join this challenge. This Friday is our work Pot Luck in honor of Thanksgiving. I have been asked to bring Macaroon Cake: About a bazillion calories and enough sugar to fuel the entire population of Cincinnati for an hour. I have seen the list of what is going to be brought in and decided that I will eat ham, chicken, deviled eggs, and one tamale (there is not going to be any turkey). I'm letting myself overdo it on the protein so I won't be tempted by all the carbs that will be available. I picked the tamale as my one carb in addition to any minor amounts of added carbs that may be in the protein foods (honey ham yum) and I'll keep a cough drop in my mouth while preparing the cake.

Dang. Honey ham sure goes well with the rolls that will be there.

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HELENERVIN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 12
11/19/02 11:22 A

I like this challenge. We all tend to over do it around the holidays. My vow is to continue to find the time to go to the gym just like I have been. Not to skip out on a workout using the excuse of no time. I will find the time. My plan is to continue to loose weight during the holidays not put weight back on. The only way to reach this goal is to not give in to all the holiday goodies. I will eat everything that I want but in Moderation or even less. Maybe sometimes just a little taste will do. Wishing you lots of luck and keep us posted on your holiday success.

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DALE04359 Posts: 584
11/19/02 6:07 A

Here it it. I am doing this challange for the holidays. With Thanksgiving right around the corner next week I figured I needed something in place so not to put on those holiday pounds and I also issue this holiday challange for all of you to jump on board with me.
Through the holidays starting right now I challange not to give up all the holiday food, but to limit myself to small single servings, try to stay away from the holiday candy if at all possible. If I break these boundaries then I will walk 2 to four miles for everytime I go over these boundaries. As I said in another post I will just do it.
I will do my best to continue this challange right through New Years day.

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