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ARTOFBEING Posts: 1,021
5/26/18 1:02 P

Thanks for that suggestion to make GF sourdough bread. That's a great idea! emoticon emoticon

URBANREDNEK Posts: 17,215
5/26/18 12:53 P

That's great that you found a bread that you enjoy!

If you prefer to bake for yourself, then I would suggest creating a gluten-free sourdough starter (mine is oats, others have done teff or sorghum or quinoa) and then baking lean sourdough gluten-free breads. The loaves that I have made did not include anything other than the starter, water, salt, psyllium husk, and various blends of grains (oats, teff, sorghum, potato starch, arrowroot starch, tapioca starch, quinoa, amaranth, millet, etc.).

Here is a discussion and a blog site that I found very helpful in creating my own gluten-free sourdough breads:




ARTOFBEING Posts: 1,021
5/26/18 1:13 A

Update: I found a super delicious bread. Little Northern Bakehouse littlenorthernbakehouse.com

ARTOFBEING Posts: 1,021
11/17/17 10:22 P

I would still like any recipes for wheat-free vegan bread or if you'll share what you do to make a good textured sandwich bread without eggs. I've used flax eggs and commercial egg substitutes but the bread still comes out dense and flat with a gummy crumb.

ARTOFBEING Posts: 1,021
11/17/17 9:45 P

Thanks HAWKTHREE. I didn't find any that where egg-free & wheat-free at my grocery and health food store and thought I was going to have to make my own. So this list gives me a lot to research online.

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (67,722)
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Posts: 4,679
11/17/17 6:53 A

This is a blog from 2012 that lists some commercial brands. I hope some of the brands are still in business.


ARTOFBEING Posts: 1,021
11/17/17 1:10 A

I'm tired of trying to adjust vegan bread recipes to be wheat-free. So far I'm just baking door stops. Anyone have a bread recipe that is egg, dairy, and wheat free? Or maybe a brand name?

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