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8/12/17 7:37 A

I'm looking at the refrigerator oats to see if it really is oats. And it is. So that means it's not low carb enough for a low carb diet. (I'm sending it over to my sister who needs gluten free ideas.)

However, eliminate the oats and it is sort of low carb (greatly depends on the yogurt). The chia seeds is likely causing the overnight thickening, not the oats. You could replace the oats with more seeds or nut pieces.

JENNSVSGJOURNEY SparkPoints: (542)
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8/11/17 10:25 P

premier protein has a few great recipes ive been trying on their site using their shakes and powder...

HAWKTHREE SparkPoints: (67,698)
Fitness Minutes: (24,124)
Posts: 4,676
7/25/17 8:01 A

My low carb / low calorie / high protein dish is tilapia fish. There are zero carbs, low calorie, and all protein. It's a white fish that cooks quickly and gets its taste from whatever you use on it. My current favorite is to sprinkle it with lemon pepper spice and fry it quickly in a skillet.

GWENHAVEN SparkPoints: (13,877)
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7/9/17 12:31 A

Have you tried "ricing" cauliflower? It's a great substitute for rice, believe it or not! I use it to make chicken fried "rice," and even my husband likes it, and he resists vegetables! Look up "crack slaw," it's delicious. My friend on a protein diet, who hates vegetables, found she loves it. Another tasty, high protein meal is refrigerator oats. There are so many different recipes, And so many possibilities.

CD16571910 Posts: 14,902
6/30/17 4:35 A

I use vegetable protein powder made from vegetable protein & flax seed in it for omega with lots of antioxidants, no soy, no whey, dairy or sugar, no artificial flavors,it has stevia in it. It has 24 g protein per. scoop. I add some to baking.

JMELBERG SparkPoints: (38,785)
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5/16/17 3:21 P

Use low carb vegies (google a list) and low fat protein (chicken and fish) to re-create any of your standard recipes. I try to make the focus of my menu the vegies and mind my portions of the protein.

TURQUINHA Posts: 159
5/15/17 7:16 P

I am shooting for low carb/low calories, high protein recipes! I will try anything!

I dont want to use coconut oil, coconut flour, almond flour, pea flour… just use the regular ingredients…

Any recipe you can share?

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