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DISCIPLEAD33 Posts: 1,705
8/11/03 12:12 A

I don't remember how many push-ups I used to do back in 'prime-time'. The closer to 60 I get, the farther away 'prime-time' gets. Anyway, I just did 13 regular push-ups. Considering I am pushing about 180 lbs of flesh, water and bone straight up off the floor, maybe that is not too bad a start. Stay tune for further developments!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
7/25/03 12:12 P

I hear you on putting BREATHE in all caps for those planks Kym. Whew! It's tough.

KYMMIEKK Posts: 255
7/25/03 11:27 A

my PB on PUs is 3 sets of 15 "girl" PUs.

KYMMIEKK Posts: 255
7/25/03 11:23 A

i know a great "primer" for the plank position needed for regular push-ups:

lay face down on the floor. position your feet as if you are about to do a regular push-up. bring your arms together and lift up all of your weight so that you are balancing on your toes and your forearms only. (your arms should be centered and bent at a 90 degree angle). hold it for as long as you can and BREATHE.

this is pretty hard because you need a solid core to do it - I can only go for 30 seconds. each time I do it i try to add a few more seconds. if you do this routinely it should help you when you try to do the regular push-ups because it builds those muscles needed and helps you practice breathing while you are using them.

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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
7/17/03 2:13 P

46 Woohoo! Now I know what the challenge is. I'll have to try for that number tonight.

7/17/03 11:40 A

I did 46 regular push-ups this morning!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
7/14/03 11:52 A


You've just inspired me to do another push-up test on my next chest training day. I've been doing 3 sets of 10 decline push ups so I may be able to beat my record of 1 set 30 doing regular push ups.

When switching from "girl" push ups to regular push ups, you might find a problem with breathing. I don't know any better (worse?) exercise for "inspiring" you to hold your breath. I just have to concentrate really hard and force myself to breathe. A big part of the work in regular push ups is the core work that keeps your torso straight in plank position. I think it's the "plank" that leads to breath holding because I don't get tempted to hold my breath when doing heavy bench presses.

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6/16/03 4:08 P

I did 25 women push-ups the other week which was a record for me. I want to keep going and eventually move to regular push-ups.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
5/9/03 2:28 P

I just did 30 Regular Push Ups. Wahoo!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
5/6/03 8:24 A

Wow Doc. I wish sombody would pay me to exercise.

Anyway you define what push up works best for you will do.

DOCTORB SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 428
5/3/03 10:39 A

push-ups ... I don't believe that I've ever done one ... hang on lets see .....
Holy Sheesh ...... ten ... for me today. My first and I think that I may have done them a bit wrong because I have seen them done before and don't you put your hands chest level? I couldn't get off the ground that way ( topsy turvey ... a wee bit top heavy I do believe )so I put my hands where they seemed inclined to go which ended up being closer to my head level . Hey ... at least I got off the ground for ten big ones in a row .... hang on I'm going for eleven ....... WHEW ..... made it to fifteen with the cat staring in my face and the dog kissing my feet . I think they were duly impressed with the ground effects . Found a penny on the carpet while I was there also ... Hey, I'm making friends and money while exercising. Cool :)

4/29/03 4:18 A

Record = 55 (I was in high school)
Current # = was 25, just got to 30
goal = 100

Hand-stand Push-ups:
Record = 25 (I was in high school)
current # = 10
goal = 30

Record = 12 (I was in high school)
current # = 2-3
goal = 15

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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/28/03 10:22 A

New Record: 26 regular push-ups. I thought for sure I'd be able to add 2 to my record of 25 but my 27th attempt ended up being about 10 seconds of an isometric hold in the down position - - just couldn't push up one more time.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/21/03 12:59 P

Hey MrsJaynes: I failed my one recent attempt to do a one-arm push up. It was way more difficult than I had imagined. I don't know how those women in the Ms. Fitness competitions do so many of them.

In addition to push ups and bench presses, one thing that might help build up to the one-arm is the following: Hold yourself in plank position (push up position) with arms fully extended. Raise one arm out to the side and move it toward a position behind you. Put that arm back down and do the other side. Go back and forth this way for the desired number of reps (like a kid playing windmill except that you are supporting your body weight). I don't know what these are called and I hope you understand my attempt at describing them. If someone else knows what these are called and/or can describe them better, please do. Anyway, based on how these unnamed things feel and based on how it felt to attempt a one-arm, it seems to me that the unnamed things will help.

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MRSJAYNES Posts: 2,076
4/19/03 9:50 A

25 bent knee pushups, 2 regular pushups
Goal: 20 regular pushups and at LEAST one one armed regular push up by May 1st [eek
its coming soon!]

T_METZNER Posts: 2,258
4/16/03 4:33 P

Regular push-ups - 65 - goal 70
one armed - 3 goal - 5
with someone on my back (weighing approx. 125lbs) - 1 - goal 3
Hand-Stand pushups - 4 - goal 6

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/16/03 3:08 P

The most non-stop push-ups I have done:

April 15, 2003 -- 25 regular push ups (I did not go to failure).

Next goal: 27 regular push ups.

What is your personal record? I know some of you can do 200 or more push ups but if your record is 3 or even just 1, post away. Whatever is best for you and whatever gives you a base to improve from is all that you need. Also, if you are starting with from-the-knee push ups, post that as well (Example: 20 knee push ups plus 1 regular push up is the next goal). If you have no regular push up goals, stick with the knees only. If you have one-armed push up goals, declined push up goals, push ups with a kid on your back, or whatever, tell us about it.

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