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9/6/17 1:59 P

I have not tried a black-bean or chick-pea based meatballs - but I do enjoy all sorts of beans and your suggestions sound wonderful. I will have to experiment with something like that emoticon I really am not too concerned with with simmering them for long periods of time in sauce I just want to be able to make something that will freeze well and can be warmed up in sauce. I have been thinking about adding a little tomato paste to add some tomato flavor to my meatballs.

Thanks for the suggestions

LOTUS737 Posts: 6,920
8/30/17 8:15 A

Have you tried a black-bean or chick-pea based meatball? I usually sautee a bunch of veg and then blend with the beans. Sometimes I add a flax egg and bread crumbs or some kind of flour. Makes for great burgers or meatballs- I would bake and then freeze. I don't think they'll hold up to a ton of simmering in a sauce, but they should work if you bake them and add on top.

4LMHJCR SparkPoints: (80,959)
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8/22/17 4:05 P

I just started looking into TVP but have not purchased it yet. I just recently came across it and want to see what can be made with it before purchasing the TVP and only having one option to use with it. Thanks so Very Much

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8/17/17 8:28 A

4LMHJCR SparkPoints: (80,959)
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8/13/17 5:30 P

I am looking for a recipe for a healthier meatball that will also hold up in sauce. I have tried 2 different recipes that use eggplant, another recipe with lentils. Both recipes with the eggplant will hold up in the freezer - lentil recipe, not so much.

I am trying to avoid using meat if possible. I want to be able to make them up, freeze them and then when I want a few meatballs, take a couple out of the freezer and then pop them into some sauce to warm up and enjoy as part of a meal.

Would anybody happen to have any suggestions?

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