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DADDYSGIRL210 Posts: 245
7/31/15 3:23 P

Well, if you do go to mcdonalds:

Fruit and Yogurt parfait with granola 150 calories (and delicious ;) )

Grilled ranch snack wrap 290 calories (not low calorie for the portion, but not terrible either.

Our's also sells cutie oranges, apple slices, and all vegetable side salads ($1!).

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7/16/15 12:45 A

substation or jersey mike's subs.......you can get it without bread (basically a salad) if that is your preference

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7/9/15 2:38 P

I am going to see ed sheeran in concert on sunday YAY!! but hubby wants to go mcdonalds drive through so I thought i would pack myself some food, any ideas, don't get me wrong i have done it before but want some filling ideas to freshen things up please.

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