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1/12/03 8:47 A

Noticed you left a message in November before the holidays. Did you find a way to get a new handle on your suitcase yet?

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11/18/02 11:13 A

I'm so glad that it's not fifty out of fifty that you gained back. One day at a time there and be gentle with yourself.We are here for you! Track your goals with "My Spark" and make sure that not all of your goals are weight related ... It's a total picture and if you work on one area of your life it invariably effects other area's as well ..... Good luck and keep us posted.

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11/4/02 3:56 P

You've come to the right place for support and for working on goals. Welcome!

11/3/02 11:25 P

after working for two years to lose fifty pounds i find myself slowly going back to some of my old ways. i have gained at least 20 out of the fifty back and im starting to dislike myself again. the more i focus on gaining weight the more i turn to food to comfort me. then the hate cycle begins and its all downhill from there. i hope that having this support group will help me get back on track and feel good about myself again.

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