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9/30/17 8:52 A

As prior person suggested, what aspects do you need? Lower calories? lower fat? lower carbs? gluten free?

Lower carbs: use a full fat cream cheese, use squash strands in place of spaghetti, use fewer tomatoes.

Lower calories: fat free versions of sour cream and cream cheese, veggie strands instead of spaghetti (carrots, squash),

More fiber: replace spaghetti with whole wheat spaghetti, puree some green veggies like spinach to hide in the sauce.

gluten free: find a GF pasta; the other ingredients are generally GF

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9/29/17 12:05 P

I am not really very familiar with "cream cheese" spaghetti. But a low fat version of cream cheese is available (it would decrease the amount of fat in the dish). And a wide variety of spaghetti substitutes (lower gluten, higher protein, lower carb) are available. A "healthier" version would depend on what you mean by "healthier"

9/29/17 4:49 A

Anyone have a healthier version of cream cheese spaghetti?

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