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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
1/2/03 11:03 A

You cracked me up today NHIN!

1/1/03 1:16 P

Cyp says it best. I'm from NE and it gets so cold here that no one wants to wander very far. So. . . I just turn on the radio and boogy around the house. Sounds weird, but it's fun and hey I'm way over 40. Just don't let your neighbors see you (lucky me I live in the country!).

CELTIA Posts: 17
1/1/03 5:57 A

Just got a membership to the rec. centre and I could really use some good ideas for exercises that are suitable with chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Really have to do something to tone up slim down and get greater flexibility.
Also if there's someone out there that would like to be in a one on one challenge regarding good eating habits I'd love to hear from you. fragrantroses@hotmail.com
I always seem to stick to goals better if I am feeling accountable to someone else.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
12/30/02 3:42 P

Hi MrsJaynes:

Go to videofitness.com and get all the information you could ever want on home exercise videos/DVDs. I am an exercise video nut with a step bench, Firm Tall Box (also called Fanny Lifter), dumbells from 3 to 20 pounds, and a barbell set at home. At some sites for ordering videos, for example Cathe Friedrich's site and collagevideo.com, you can even preview videos on line. My current favorites are many of The Firm videos, any weight training video by Cathe Friedrich, Cathe Friedrich's Cardio Kicks, Aaron Lankford's Power Kicks, Keli Roberts Ultimate Step, Step Reebok's Intense Moves, Karen Voight's Energy Sprint, and Taebo Get Ripped Advanced Volume 1.

The types of videos available include floor aerobics (high low and low impact), kickbox, step bench, boxing with jump rope, dance, rebounder, hoola hoop, weight training, weight training with cardio mixed in, yoga, pilates, abs only, lower body floor work, and I don't know what else.

MRSJAYNES Posts: 2,076
12/30/02 1:33 P

OK, we made it through Thanksgiving and
Christmas....{i don't count new year's as
a sweets tempting holiday, we don't go out
and I don't bake goodies for it} What is
the next challange?? I know I am going to
have a hard time staying active with the
coldest darkest months ahead. I am planning
on walking at work but I don't have anything figured out for other days...what
do other New Englanders do who can't get
to indoor facilities? {I will continue to do my free weights and isometrics but am most concerned about aerobics--jumping rope in my cellar is so boring and I never feel like i get a whole body workout on the steppers/bikes in front of the tv}Thank you for all your help!

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