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Reached 201.9 on 5/9/10

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My current before pic 5/14/2009

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199.5 lbs!!! Finally there's no 2 in the front! 5/10/10

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Updated 8/2/12
I've had weight issues since I started high school. You've heard it all before...I came from a broken home and had to spend my time moving between my mom in Iowa and my dad in California. I spent my first two years of high school in CA with my dad, who was a truck driver, and had to fend for myself when it came to dinners most of the time. We had a Taco Bell at my high school and lots of little snack stands, so as you can imagine, I ate a lot of junk while at school. My junior year I moved back with my mom as part of the visitation and had art class with my "now" husband. I didn't start dating him until the summer after junior year. Things moved quite quickly and we were happy and married 4 months into our relationship. The following summer is when I stepped on the scale and realized I'd ballooned from 135ish to 202 lbs. My mom was always overweight and so at that point I vowed not to let myself continue the weight gain pattern that the rest of my family had. Well, apparently I didn't have the strength at that time because the weight gains didn't stop there.
After having my two children in 2005 and 2006 my weight got all the way up to 279 lbs. That's when I saw an infomercial right after Christmas 2007. I was sitting in the living room watching the new TV we had gotten for Christmas(we went for a year without a TV) and praise the Lord, I saw an infomercial for Turbo Jam. I ordered it because it seemed like so much fun and it seemed to take forever for it to arrive. Once it finally got there, I stalled for about 2 weeks before I started it. I didn't do it as often as I should have until Feb. 2008 when I quit my job at a call center to be a stay at home mom. Within 2 months I lost just over 25 lbs and was so happy.
Unfortunately, my husband's sales job took a major plummet when he got very sick and lost his voice for 3 weeks. We were out of money and were behind on bills so I started working again, in another call center. I worked there until my husband got an even better sales job that came with an hourly wage. In April 2009 I again became a stay at home mom.
I was watching The Biggest Loser in May 09 with my mom and she kept saying how it was too bad that they(the show) had already closed casting for the upcoming season because then we could've tried to get on. I told my mom two weeks in a row how I didn't need the show to lose weight, I just needed to get off my butt and do it. On May 5, 2009 I hit my highest weight of 282.4. On May 14, 2009 my mom, sister, and I started our own version of TBL, but at home. We set a timeline up for our "competition" to be over on December 31, 2009. That's 33 weeks. We have recorded our weekly weigh-in's every Thursday morning and for a while we put our videos up on youtube. My sister eventually stopped wanting to wake up for the weigh-in's and dropped out of our program. So then it was just my mom and I.
I finished a program at my YMCA called the Ultimate Challenge. It was a 9 week program focused on weight loss and fitness level improvements. I lost 19.8 lbs and got 2nd place for weight loss and I had a 208% fitness improvement.
My weight loss tracker shows my short term goal of 250 lbs, however, my long term goal is 150. I may tweak that once I hit 150 lbs, but for right now it is a weight where I feel with my fitness level, I will feel comfortable again. I now have a FitBit which I am using to track my calorie burn, etc. My highest weight I got to was 304 now after having a car accident in Jan. 2011 and injured my back. I had gotten all the way down to 191.8 lbs and getting back up that high totally sucked! But I started limiting fast food again and eating better, as well as trying to be more active. In the last month I am down to 295.8. :) Not giving up on myself!!!


Updated 9/8/09:
So far I've hit and overcome two plateaus. My first one lasted 5 long weeks and I was getting frustrated, but stuck to my workouts and eating right. I was stuck in the 260s. I just overcame a really long 8 week plateau and that was in the 250s. I'm now down to 244.5 and I really want to be DONE with plateaus! I've got a GoWear Fit now to assist me in tracking my calories and I'm starting a YMCA Ultimate Challenge(formerly known as Biggest Loser) with my first weigh in and measurements tomorrow 9/9/09! I'm really pumped because I know that my trainer will stay on my butt and work me almost to death, which is what I need! According to my GoWear Fit, I'll be down to 130 lbs by October 17, 2010!!!!!

I've moved my weigh in progress to the main page so that people don't have to click to my blog. I will continue to update it in the blog too, in case you want to check it out in my "8/21/09- My goals are set!" blog.

MAY 2009
May 5- Pre-healthy lifestyle- 282.4 lbs- BMI 48.47
May 14- week 1- 276.7 lbs (already -5.7 lbs!)- BMI 47.49
May 21- week 2- 269.2 lbs (-7.5 lbs!!!)- BMI 46.21
May 28- week 3- 264.6 lbs (-4.6 lbs)- BMI 45.42
Ending weight for May: 265.4 lbs(+.8 lbs)- BMI 45.56
TOTAL--- weight lost in May: 17 lbs gone forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUNE 2009
June 4- week 4- 267.4 lbs(+2 lbs)- BMI 45.9
June 11- week 5- 263 lbs(-3.4 lbs)- BMI 45.14
June 18- week 6- 264.3 lbs(+1.3 lbs)- BMI 45.37
June 25- week 7- 259.7 lbs(-4.6 lbs)- BMI 44.58
Ending weight for June-262.8 lbs(+3.1 lbs)- BMI 45.11
TOTAL--- weight lost in June- (-2.6 lbs) gone forever!
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- (-19.6 lbs)

JULY 2009
July 2- week 8- 261.5 lbs(-1.3 lbs)- BMI 44.89
July 9- week 9- 255.1 lbs(-6.4 lbs)- BMI 43.79
July 16- week 10- 253.1 lbs(-2 lbs)- BMI 43.44
July 23-week 11- 251.3 lbs(-1.8 lbs)- BMI 43.14
July 30- week 12- 249.8 lbs(-1.5 lbs)- BMI 42.88
Ending weight for July- 254.6 lbs(+4.8 lbs)- BMI 43.7
TOTAL--- weight lost in July- (-8.2 lbs!!!!!!)
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- (-27.8 lbs)

August 6- week 13- 251.8 lbs(-2.8 lbs)- BMI 43.22
August 13- week 14- 254.9 lbs(+3.1 lbs)- BMI 43.75
August 20- week 15- 252 lbs(-2.9 lbs)- BMI 43.26
August 27- week 16- 248.2 lbs(-3.8 lbs)- BMI 42.6....A few days left to hit my goal!
Goal ending weight for August- 245 lbs
Ending weight for August- 248.2 lbs
TOTAL--- weight lost in August- -3.6 lbs
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- (-34.2 lbs)

Sept. 3-week 17- 248.5 lbs(+.3 lbs)- BMI 42.65...lots to lose by Monday if I want to hit my goal!!! I also have a calf injury, so I've taken it easy for 3 days but I'm still eating clean.
LABOR DAY GOAL: 240 lbs (Didn't quite hit it, but only 4.7 lbs away)
Sept. 10- week 18- 243.2 lbs(-5.3 lbs)-BMI 41.74...YAY!!!
Sept. 17- week 19- 242.5 lbs(-.7 lbs)-BMI 41.62
Sept. 24- week 20- 239.9 lbs(-2.6 lbs)-BMI 41.18
Goal ending weight for September- 234 lbs
Ending weight for September- 237 lbs
TOTAL--- weight lost in September- 11.2 lbs!!! Yeah buddy!!!
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- 45.4 lbs! Almost to my first goal of 50 lbs to lose by Christmas! I think I'll make it. LOL
October 1- week 20- 235.7 lbs(-4.2 lbs)-BMI 40.46
October 8- week 21- 236.3 lbs(+.6 lbs)-BMI 40.56
October 15- week 22- 233.0 lbs(-3.3 lbs)-BMI 39.99~~~No longer in the extremely obese category!!!
October- 22- week 23- 234.8 lbs(+1.8 lbs)-BMI 40.3
October 29- week 24- 234.4 lbs(-.4 lbs)-BMI 40.23
Goal ending weight for October-221 lbs
Ending weight for October- 232.4
TOTAL--- weight lost in October- 3.3 lbs- I wish it were more but I am expecting HUGE things out of November and December!
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- 50 lbs EXACTLY!!!! Yeah buddy! I did it with plenty of time!!!

I've readjusted my goals but my goal blog is still the original.

Nov. 5- week 25- 229.9 lbs(-4.5 lbs)-BMI 39.46...Only 55.2 lbs left until I'm no longer obese!!!!!!!
BIRTHDAY GOAL(Nov. 9th)- 228 lbs
Nov. 12- week 26- 228.2 lbs(-1.7 lbs)-BMI 39.17
Nov. 19- week 27- 229.5 lbs(+1.3 lbs)-BMI's gonna be a hard goal to get to 220...maybe I should revise to 225...
Nov. 26- week 28- 225.5 lbs(-4.0 lbs)-BMI 38.71
Goal ending weight for November- 218 lbs
Ending weight for November- 226.4 lbs
TOTAL--- weight lost in November- 6 lbs
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- 56 lbs DONE!!!

Dec. 3- week 29- 228 lbs(+2.5 lbs)-BMI 39.14...Urg, and I did so well on Thanksgiving-what's happening here?
Dec. 10- week 30- 221.1 lbs(-6.9 lbs!)-BMI 37.95~~~Yeah buddy! Shakeology is doing it for me! I'm giving my body the nutrients it needs!
Dec. 17- week 31- 221.8 lbs(+.7 lbs ): grr)-BMI 38.07
Dec. 24- week 32- 219.4 lbs(-2.4 lbs)-BMI 37.66
Dec. 31- week 33- 216.7 lbs(-2.7 lbs)-BMI 37.2
Goal ending weight for December- 211 lbs-this would put me at a 2 lb a week average...lets see if I can pull it off.
TOTAL--- weight lost in December- 9.7 lbs!!! I didn't quite hit my goal, but I did much better than I did in recent months!
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle- 65.7 lbs!!!

January 2010
Jan. -7 week 33- 215.6 lbs(-1.1 lbs)-BMI 37.01
Jan. 14- week 34- 214.5 lbs(-1.1 lbs)-BMI 36.82
Jan. 21- week 35- 211.9 lbs(-2.6 lbs)-BMI 36.37
Jan. 28- week 36- No weigh in
Goal ending weight for January- 207 lbs-this would put me at a little more than 2 lb a week average
Ending weight for January-
TOTAL--- weight lost in January-
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle-

February 2010
Feb. 4 week 37- No weigh in
Feb. 11- week 38- No weigh in
Feb. 18- week 39- No weigh in
Feb. 25- week 40- No weigh in
Goal ending weight for February- 199 lbs
Ending weight for February-
TOTAL--- weight lost in February-
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle-

March 2010
Mar. 4 week 41- No weigh in
Mar. 11- week 42- No weigh in
Mar. 18- week 43- No weigh in
Mar. 25- week 44- No weigh in
Goal ending weight for March- 191 lbs
Ending weight for March-
TOTAL--- weight lost in March-
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle-

April 2010
Apr. 1 week 45- No weigh in
Apr. 8- week 46- No weigh in
Apr. 15- week 47- No weigh in
Apr. 22- week 48- No weigh in
Apr. 29- week 49- No weigh in
Goal ending weight for April- 183 lbs
Ending weight for April-
TOTAL--- weight lost in April-
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle-
Changing the goals to reflect my recent "progress"

May 2010
May 7 week 50- 206.8
May 13- week 51-
May 20- week 52-
May 27- week 53-
Goal ending weight for May- 175 lbs
Ending weight for May-
TOTAL--- weight lost in May-
Total weight lost since starting my healthy lifestyle-

Reward system~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once I reach the listed weight I will reward myself.
245- More supportive sports bras (achieved 9/6/09 and I got my Enell bras, LOVE THEM!!!)
240- Cross trainer shoes (Achieved 9/24/09, I got white and pink Under Armours just in time for my first 5K...twas a bad idea to wear them though....blisters(ouchie)
235- Boxing Gloves (Achieved 10/12/09, a lightly used pair were donated to me by my boxing instructor...due to her recovering from a knee replacement I haven't got them yet)
225- Pedicure (Achieved 12/8/09, but rather than spending the money on a one time fix I got myself a pedi/mani kit with a buffing block that makes your nails look fake but it's your real nails.)
220- Hair styled (Achieved 12/11/09! Gonna decide what to do with my hair and get it done next weekend!)
210- New workout outfit
200- A nice dress for a fancy date with my husband
And on the chance that I get below 200 by the end of the year...
195- Spa day

Member Since: 5/17/2009

Fitness Minutes: 7,812

My Goals:
My goal is to be 211 lbs by the end of 2009. I obviously would like to be less than that, hopefully under 200 but 211 would be losing 2 lbs per week for 33 weeks. This is the healthy way to do it per doctor's orders but I'd like to lose more of course.
Update(5/10/10): I didn't reach my 211 lb goal, but I did finally get below 200 lbs today, I am officially 199.5 lbs today and my new goal is to teach 150 lbs by my 27th birthday, 11/9/10.

Reward system~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once I reach the listed weight I will reward myself.
245- More supportive sports bras
240- Cross trainer shoes
235- Boxing Gloves
225- Pedicure
220- Hair styled
210- New workout outfit
200- A nice dress for a fancy date with my husband
195- Spa day
190- Schedule my Zumba instructor certification
180- Get a new non-workout outfit
170- Buy one full outfit of Turbowear from

My Program:
I am doing a variety of different workouts so that I do not have as big a chance to hit a plateau. I am working out with the Wii Fit, Wii Cardio Workout that focuses on Shape Boxing, conditioning week football drills, EA Sports Active, my local YMCA, and Turbo Jam. I also teach Turbo Kick 3x a week at the Scott County Family YMCA in Scottsburg, IN. I am also watching what I eat and maintaining a 1400-1900 calorie per day diet. I've also convinced my 300+ lb husband to join me in my transformation and we are doing ChaLEAN Extreme together.

Personal Information:
My name is Brandi Lynn and I currently reside in Southern Indiana. If you need someone to help with accountability or advice, I'd be happy to help. My coaching services are 100% free. If you have something that you'd like to send me without it being public on my page or if you have any questions that I haven't answered, you can email me at

Other Information:
I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. I have a boy and a girl and they mean everything to me. I want to be around for them as they get older and help them make healthy choices. I don't want them growing up thinking it is okay to eat fast food all the time and sit in front of the TV for hours at a time...unless they are working out of course :-D
I love it when my kids ask me for natures' candy. Instead of giving them chocolate and junk food, we give them fruits and vegetables and they call it "Natures' candy!"

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