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January 27, 2018:
Really... where has the time gone?
I pop in every so often. So much has changed! I went from being a tad addicted to Spark, my sparkfriends, blogs etc... to dropping off like many others.

I need to track, and Spark continues to be the best place for it.

I have been on a long slow return to my goal weight. Down nearly 30 lbs from Summer 2016 and I would really like to lose another 20lbs by summer 2018.

July 4, 2015 ~ I won't say it was easier 5 years ago... but somehow I was able to prioritize. Somehow I DID prioritze.

Can I do this again? I want to say I know I can. However all I can say tonight is, I'm not going to give up!

November 6, 2013: My FRESH START date, I was in complete overwhelm, doing things I knew, but I was all over the map!

Small steps I've accomplished since then:
1. I've started drinking my water again!!!
2. I've cut back on coffee (not intentionally, but substitued with water or hot lemon/honey)
3. I've connected with a fabulous support group
4. I've consistantly been eating breakfast
5. I am walking and RUNNING again ~ I've caught the bug, even going out in blowing snow!
6. I have curbed sweet tooth
7. I have stopped eating after dinner
8. I am cooking FRESH, trying new things
9. I am mindful of my negative thinking and being intentional with FRESH thoughts and God's promises.

Whatever else I do , whether jobs or hobbies the most important thing I have to do is be mom to my 3 children, a wife to my best friend and daughter to the King on High ~ and in order to be up to the task I have to first look after myself.

My goal isn't perfection however I do have a goal to reach and making excuses is not going to get me there!

A phase I remind myself of when I want to beat myself up for even being where I am today is simply... "that was then". I have a FRESH start everyday, I can't change what's behind me, but I can make good positive changes moving forward and no one else is going to do it for me!!!

"He has shown you, O man (O Patti), what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God". Micah 6:8

"The most exhilarating runs are often on the stressed out days when we don't want to run" ~ Jeff Galloway

Hi; I started with sparkpeople in Feb 2008. My goal was and is to lose 55 lbs.

Here are few snipets of my journey so far...

I rarely blogged or wrote anything for the first year. :(

I look forward to 2009 and continuing on this journey!

January 2009
This year I hope to become more involved in the site. To track my food & exercise more regularily and possibly to join some challenges!
August 30 '09
Well, I have certainly become more involved on the sparkpeople web site... I have not done well tracking my food ~ I have been tracking and logging my exercise. I have joined a couple of challenges. I started a challenge to read a chapter of Proverbs a day... I find that has helped me in many areas of life.

I have started interval running... I was up to 3 minutes running walking 1 minute... but I couldn't keep it up for the whole 3 miles, I would end up walking the last half, so I have backed it down to 1 min run and 1 min walk and can do that for the whole 5km (3 miles). I may move it to 2:1 but I'm not in any hurry.

For now my goal is to get 5km in under 40 minutes ~ 08/29/09 my time was 42:15 (outside I have heard it is different than TM)

My total weight loss since Feb 2008 is 42.4lbs. That makes 12.6lbs to go (then I will re evaluate). That will put me just barely in the healthy BMI ~ so we'll see when I get there.

I am not an athelete, but I do like to consider myself atheletic! I don't want to think about it all the time, schedule my day around it ~ I want it to enhance the rest of my life, not be my life... BALANCE the on going challenge!

September 1 2009
My favourite time to make goals!
This morning I was at my dd's new house and she does not have a scale... smart girl!!!
Anyways, I don't have a very accurate start weight for the month so I will leave it the same as last week...

My goals for September have nothing to do with weight anyways... I hope to run/walk 50 miles for the month (update Oct 1 ~ I was doing too much and elimated my every other day walk so... I ran/walked 35 miles in Sept)

and to get my 5 km (3.1 miles to under 40 minutes)... Aug.31 was 42:15

September 4, 2009
5km this morning was 41:12 ~ WOW a whole minute... I am thinking I can do this!!!

Tonight I bought Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred ~ I will probably try it some day next week, but my real reason was to be ready for when it gets snowy and icy!

Reading a chapter of Proverbs a day has become an important part of my new healthy lifestyle.

September 9/09
Last night I bought two Leslie Sansone Walk off the Pounds DVD's off ebay!!! I am so excited... Ok, I'd rather keep running outside, but at least I have a plan!

September 28/09
I started 30 Day Shred DVD ~ I will be doing it Mon - Fri, and still run every other day. (I get really dizzy when I do this.. up and down is not good for me)

October 9/09
Used my gymboss for the first time - it times my intervals and beeps and vibrates when it is time to switch from run to walk... i love it!!! It kept me on pace and I did my 5k in 41:10 WHOO HOOO

Wow, I am writing alot these days, but it really keeps me motivated....

November 28/09 ~ 151lbs ~ 45 lbs lost since Feb 2008
2.6 lbs in the last month and 10 pounds to go until GOAL

At this rate I will be at goal before the wedding... although before dress shopping for the Mother of the Bride dress would be nice, but that will probably be January... oh I know I could get there, if I really put my mind to it... but I seem to be on the slow train!!!

I ran my Personal best in November ~ Run/Walk intervals of 1:1 fastest time was 38:25

Health wise... weight loss is not giving me the benefits I had hoped for. I am so thrilled with the weight loss, but pretty much feel the same.

I went off the pill ~ it helped with regulating my periods and they weren't so heavy... but I kept forgetting to take them, and there were some other emotional side effects that I couldn't handle.

I had a few more pity parties in November than I am proud to admit.

I need to be more positive and productive!

December 2/09
I am going to get through this month and burn through these last 10 lbs!!!

I got this verse from crittermama912's sparkpage... I think it will be my life verse for 2010
"He has shown you, O man (Patti), what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God". Micah 6:8

2010 ~ THE YEAR OF....
~ Getting to Goal! Whoo Hooo!
~ Loving and accepting me, my journey ~ including the challenges, and the weaknesses!
~ Remembering that I have been created on purpose for a purpose.
~ Decluttering!!!
~ Joining a Learn to Run Clinic

Sigh, so humbling!

January 6/10 I started a Learn to Run Clinic!!

February 25/10
I hit 146 in February... it was quick, because the same week I was 144.4lbs!!! So over 50 lbs lost. I had kinda dared myself to post that in my facebook status when I got to it... I received a lot of congratulations and encouragement

Char and I are going dress shopping in March when she is on March Break... I will be Soooo close to goal!

I hope to run my first 5km in March! ~ update: We had a funeral that day so we couldn't go. We did our first run in April.

3.6 lbs to go so...

July 2010 ~ Goal weight!!! of 141 lbs

December 2010 ~ What a journey, it has almost been 3 years! Sparkpeople has helped so much!

I am looking forward to a great 2011 ~ My desire and God knows my heart is to move, keep doing my business, grow my jewelry designing business, for Dh to get a job (OK that will probably need to happen before we move)! I would also like to set a new weight loss goal and reach 136lbs this year.

January 1, 2011
Reflecting on 2010 ~ I had an emotionally hard fall, and I let myself gain back 9 lbs of the 10 lbs that I lost... so here I am again!!! In many ways I am happy with my current weight ~ however, I know I can benefit health wise and I really do need to lose the 9lbs again to be back into my healthy BMI range.

January 29, 2011 I wasnt sure where to park this information ~ this was my tracking of losing my last ten pounds to get to goal in January 2010... I have started over again in 2011, but wanted to keep this to compare my progress

11/28/09 ~ 151 lbs
12/05/09 ~ 150.4 lbs (-.6)
1/03/10 ~ 150.4 lbs
1/16/10 ~ 152.4 lbs (up 2)
1/21/10 ~ 150 lbs
2/12/10 ~ 147.8 lbs
2/20/10 ~ 146.6 lbs
2/25/10 ~ 144.4 lbs
3/19/10 ~ 148.2 lbs TEMPORARY!!!
3/26/10 ~ 146.6 lbs
4/16/10 ~ ditto!! (have lost inches)
4/23/10 ~ 144.0 lbs Wow that took 2 months!!!
05/14/10 ~ 141.8 lbs
06/07/10 ~ 141.4 lbs
06/11/10 ~ GOAL!! ~ 140.8 lbs

Here's to a happy, healthy 2011!
The journey continues...

Seriously ~ I missed a year in my feed???

Yes the journey continues ~ and I weigh gulp ~ 40 lbs more than I did 2 years ago.

I am guilty of saying... It won't happen to me. I worked too hard. It felt tooo good to be at goal (Reached in 2010)

But I'm not beating myself up, lots has happened, including a move, financial stress, health issues ~ however it is called life and this is not meant to be a RAH RAH, this is actually a SMARTEN UP Patti you know better!

January 2013 The year I
1. Get back to my goal weight
2. Get back to running
4. Celebrate 30 years of marriage
5. Start a new job (I don't know what it is for sure, just thought I'd throw that in!

March 7, 2013

I don't even remember writing those last 5 things about 2013 ~ I guess that's why it is good to write things down, and then review what you write!

Still not sure what I was thinking when I wrote start a new job... I did start a new business endeavor... a network for Christian Business and Professionals.

The baby is due in May!!!

We are planning a trip south to celebrate 30 years (anniversary is June, but we want to go when it is colder here, so probably November).

Member Since: 2/5/2008

Fitness Minutes: 20,831

My Goals:
# 1 goal is to eat healthy, and exercise as a lifestyle not a diet.

#2 I hope that I can be an encouragement to those on the journey as many have been to me.

My Program:
Starting weight February 2008 - 196 lbs
06/11/10 - 140.8 lbs (Goal)
Took me 2 years 4 months

09/15/10 - 141 lbs (maintained all summer)
01/10/11 - 151 lbs (gained 10 lbs in 4 months) - :(
01/14/11 - 150.4 lbs
01/21/11 - 152.2 lbs
01/28/11 - 150.2 lbs
02/04/11 - 149.2 lbs
02/11/11 - 149.6 lbs (Body Fat 33%)
02/18/11 - 148 lbs
03/03/11 - 146.6 lbs

03/07/13 ~ I wish!

141 may have been too low for me... new goal 145lbs ~ I do not plan to take 2 years this time!!!

Personal Information:
I am 51 years young, June 18, 2013 my dh and I celebrated 30 years! I have 3 fabulous children. 27, 24 and 20. 1 son in law, and a delightful grandaughter!

Update! Jan 2018: Almost 56, June 18 will be 35 years! 3 children... 31, 28, 24, 1 son in law, 1 daughter in law, a beautiful grand daughter 4, and a wonderful grandson 3.

Other Information:
Running info... January 2009, I started interval running... at 47 years young. I am taking it slow!!! I have worked up to 3 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking and this week (June 15, 2009) am up to 8 times. My goal was 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking... I may just stay there. I love the extra boost of calorie burn!

OK that plan has changed!!! I am running 1:1
- August 31 '09 my 5k time was 42:15
- October 1 '09 - 5k in 41:10 my goal is to get it in under 40 minutes.
- October 8 '09 - 5k in 41:00
-October 10 '09 - 5k in 40:00!!!!
-October 20 '09 - 5k (3.1 miles) in 39:00!
November 14, it was a beautiful 16 Degrees C ~ 5km in 39:43 (TOM)
- November 18 - I pushed today... PR 5km in 38:25
- March 8, 2010 ~ 1/1 PR 5km in 37:55
March 24, 2010 ~ 2/1 PR 5km in 36:34
APRIL 17, 2010 ~ My first official 5km run time 37:36 WHOOT!

January 1, 2011 ~ still enjoying inteval running. I haven't timed myself for a long time.

January 27, 2018 ~ When the weather g

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    No, this is only our 2nd year and last year I think I got 10, lol, and they were tiny.

    My peaches are about 2" so I am a happy camper! I just can't believe how many 2 trees produced!

    Now we have to learn how to prune the trees and maybe next year we will try thinning them. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2307 days ago
    3 years ago my DH said, "save the pits!" from all my free-stone store-bought peaches.

    After accumulating a couple of pints worth of pits, I asked how many more he needed?!

    Well, he planted them and we wound up with better than 36 peach trees! All "free-stone" but various varieties as all were store-bought peaches. He kept 6 or 8 (he gave away trees to anyone that would take them) and last year we saw peaches on one tree but most fell off.

    This year we must have at least 200 peaches, all on 2 trees which it is obvious are different varieties, lol. I pick a dozen a day and throw them into my freezer wherever they will fit - bag them up the next morning. At the same time I pick another dozen from the "1st tree" and blanch, peel and put them in the fridge for eating. Oh My Goodness! I am in Peach Heaven!! 4 peaches is little more than 100 calories!

    Thanks for commenting on my page - I was afraid you might not see my comment but I really wanted to thank you for your no-nonsense approach to freezing peaches! BTW, I do exactly the same thing with my fresh figs! Yum!!

    2308 days ago
    I wanted to thank you for your "freezing peaches advice!"

    Our tree surprised us with a bumper crop this year!

    2308 days ago
    We've started up the 60 Day Summer Challenge for 2014 if you would like to join us!
    2348 days ago
    Glad to hear it's temporary! And nothing serious!
    2355 days ago
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