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Greetings this is an awesome part of DwD... we are all challenged by life's hurdles...and even life's blessings... so here we gather to offer support and to be creative in our commanility of depression... If you are a member of DwD, then you and/or a family member deals with various degrees of mental health...
GREETINGS... this posse evolved out of a creative interchange and interaction of several members. One aspect of the POSSE is my own personal image of a group of individuals who would ride to my rescue should the 'monsters' of clinical depression/mental health issues become severe...

or perhaps a posse would simply provide me affirmation of my purpose and reason for being in this life/world

or a posse to go 'talk' to the negative people who get in my way... if ya know what I mean...

Or a group of people who would go hottie hunting with me... or on a road trip... hehehehe

or the image of a group of people who would simply hold me with loving hugs to remind me simply that life is really worth living in spite of the joys and challenges....

So the POSSE is simply a coping skill of a group of people/friends who share, care and smile....

So we ride out.... to share... we usually visit sparkpages.. and anyone, everyone is mostest welcome!!! many blessings....
One day a member discussed the diagnosis of Lyme's disease with the topic "lyme in de coconut" ....

one thing lead to another so that another member decided that we should form a POSSE to out after the monster-dragon of depression and/or another person that needed to be gathered....

so here tis the OATH OF THE POSSE... we are here to gallup, crawl, fly, leap to the rescue or encouragement of any and all DwD members...


1. When you are sad -- We will jump on the person who made you sad like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew...or Limes & Coconuts.

2. When you are blue -- We will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. Or jump the person who made you blue, like the jacked up Spider Monkey...

3. When you smile -- We will know you are plotting something that we must be involved in. Like the jacked up Spider Monkey we are gonna be with you.

4. When you're scared -- we will high tail it out of here and come to your rescue....

5. When you are worried -- We will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big lovable baby!!!!

6. When you are confused -- We will use little words & lots of limes & coconuts...

7. When you are sick --We will console you until your better with stories and antics of our rides and adventures...

8. When you fall -- We'll help you to laugh so we all can laugh our butts off, then pick you up and dust you off.

9. When you are lonely -- We will be there to offer cheer and companionship until you say Spider Monkey.

10. When you are having trouble like/loving yourself -- We will be there to point out your qualities we see and make you aware of what we love about you.

To be a Posse Rider, this is our oath...I pledge it to the end. 'Why?' you may ask -- because you are OUR FRIENDS!

Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it,but only you can feel the true warmth.
Written & Posted by MR2HORSES 8/21/2008.

AMENDMENT NO. 1: That all Posse Riders shall be given the duty and right to nominate recipients of a a visit from the Posse; that is to say, all Posse Participants, their mounts & their loyal servants shall be charged with discovering those in need of the cheering, comforting, lifting and otherwise battling the deprivations of mood that life visits upon us. WRITTEN BY LOUIS the DUCK & DOWNEASTCAGUN

AMENDMENT NO. 2 WE hereby solemnly swear to uphold all articles, amendments and bylaws herein contained in royal decree thus titled oath of the Dwd posse, present on thread oath of the DwD posse...all are welcomed. As such sworn in member of afore-mentioned posse, WE, party of the first part, will ride to the aid of any member of Dwd, party of the second part that is in need. In addition, as a pledge to myself, I swear that though I am ready and willing to ride at anytime, I will give myself boundaries, so that the posse will still be positive to me and not another burden to bear, as I have a habit of not taking a break for myself. WRITTEN BY WESLEYSMOMMA

Her MAJESTY the PRINCESSTTM upon her Red Fire Breathing Royal Dragons with The Spider Monkey hanging on to the Tail.... Wahoo... Ride behind the Dragon at ALL times....... Lest you be BBQ........

BLACKCOSMOCAT will be riding her BLACK horse, Cosmonaut. She has made a gift of her Panther to AMYBET and it has been renamed "Carolina" so groom him well;

WOWEETOO bouncing along on Clyde the Camel;
DOLCEDOLCE rides Mohave Mauve/Maud who is somehow messing around with Clyde

The Zebra or Elephant for SUSANLYNN:

Elegant Blue Roan Mergitroid for DEC & Duck (Louie), WALKS2FAST upon her swift Giraffe.... who she named TESS and we document this here per request (hehehe);

Painted Royal Rainbow Ride Pegascorn, for PRYZYM,"Royal Rainbow Rider" and ROYAL RAINBOW RANGLER;

"Silver" the Gray for QUEENIE;

Magnificent Chestnut for TOLBLONDEE;

CHAS1949 on "Harvey" the Pooka Rabbit;

TINYBITES claims: ICELANTIC, my beauitful Norweigian pagagus

Clydesdale, saddled and ready for EILEENKAINU; CRAFTYLADY rides the Rusty Red Roan;

LITTLEELISA on Dilly the Dun; SOOKMI has chosen the Tri colored Pinto;

JZHANN1234 slinking on rides with her silver wolf named SHADOWDANCER....

SMKYMTNGIRL on the White (hair/contrast you know); LINDA has picked a Pony,a Welsh Pony;

INEEDBRAINSOAP rides a Shire; DUSTYROSE1968 Possed up on her Donkey named "Dead";

MR2HORSES gifts her Bay to KULAGIRL;

THERESAT 858 on the Leopard Spotted Appy; LUNADDICT will be on the Spanish Andalusian;

VVEDD1223 rides the Sorrel w/4 white stockings; KASHMIRA612 riding Love, Disco or GI duck depending on the circumstances;

EQUUS256 on trusty CJ; RAECHAI808 on the smokey hued Gruella;

MANXMINX on Shazaam her magical Unicorn; WESLEYSMAMA riding vegetarian Polar Bear Boo;

OAKDALE3 on her proud MUSTANG; LESLIEJEAN43 riding Molson the Canadian Horse;

SQUIRTZIE upon the Beautiful Palomino; SPARKLINGHOPE has fairy wings to spread Posse Peace ect;

COWGIRLSPURR riding the Appaloosa Stallion; The lovely Arabian for DELILAH0407;

McKinley the lovey Panda & AMANDA1179:
TIMBER28 riding LeLe the Kangaroo;

On Galadriel the Tennessee Walker will be LADYIRISH... ; DAUMPL will be riding her grey, lop-eared bunny named Binks....NEL420

AMYB24 is flying on Charlie the Red Cardinal (it is a bird -- not a baseball dude... but then again maybe it is a baseball dude-- way to go AMY)

Azteca from the stable has selected JENNW1 as her rider... it seems that Azteca noticed JENNW has been POSSE WALKING... and while that is appreciated we don't want to have a tuckered out JENNW1.

New Horses for new POSSE members: Behind curtain number two; the Light Chestnut, American Walking Pony, Barb, Belgian, Chincoteague Pony, Connemara Pony, Dutch Draft, Dutch Warmblood, Fell Pony, Friesian, Hackney, Haflinger, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Icelandic, Irish Draught, Lipizzan, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Mongolian, Morab, Morgan, Noric, Oldenburg, Paso Fino, Percheron, Quarter Horse, Saddlebred, Spanish-Barb, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Trakehner...


OK, here is the rest of the story...
-around the 4th of July weekend, PRYZYM started a thread called DE LYME IN DE COCONUT...
-she revealed that in addition to all of her life's experiences she had Lyme's disease (and inferring she was the cocoNUT)

-many messages of sympathy and empathy were shared BUT
-so being festive and clever and totally creative members that we are

-we started playing with words like Lyme became limes and then there were the coconuts (all of us)
-and PRYZYM said that some doctor looked like George Clooney but she really liked Johnny Depp

-So Johnny Depp was remembered as pirate Jack Sparrow -then Jack Sparrow, limes, coconuts landed on some beach

-then someone mentioned that some boyfirend and/or girlfriend was causing problems in addition to the original concern about Lyme disease

-then WOWEETOO aka Lady-in-Waiting... suggested a posse needed to lasso the dude/dudette that was causing problems for any and all DwD members

-now the posse idea came from another thread started about a bride and groom ... where the groom did something funny but sweet... and we decided that he needed a posse of DwD members to help educate him about how to be a little more romantic

-so the posse idea has grown to our desire to comfort, support, defend all DwD members....

-and we have various means of riding---giraffes, elefants, monkey (Jack Sparrow's monkey) turtles, horses provided by MR2HORSES...

So we have this wonderful posse that arms themselves with limes, coconuts, lime jello etc etc etc.,

and then Jack Sparrow has been known to enter the Royal Castle, savaging me while I hold him hostage... I mean he holds me hostage.....

So this summer we have formed the posse to provide unconditional love etc...

MR2HORSES worked with Willie Shakespeare to write the OATH OF THE DwD POSSE... and we have the monks recopying it so that we can repost it as needed....

BUT it all started when PRYZYM revealed her LYME IN THE COCONUT story.... Which you can search the archives for the thread and enjoy it for yourself.
"The Posse came into being as the result of several highly gifted, creative and empathic members recognized the need for a force to confront, fight and conquer the threats to one's sense of happiness, healthiness...

A Posse in its very nature defies organization. Hence any and all who come or go are members of the Posse. Yet secondary to the creativity of all members of Dealing with Depression, there is a highly loose cohesivness and kindredship.

Anyone may request a Posse Ride to their own SparkPage or to the SparkPage of another.

There are only three rules:
1) Do no harm.
2) Keep the Posse simple.
3) Respect limes and coconuts.

To understand more, one is directed to the POSSE_PAGE.

We are open for any questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate... "

POSSE-song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wg_L0wGTyA

Member Since: 9/27/2008

My Goals:
To send greetings of cheer & caring to all that are troubled by the monster of the lows of Depression. To share kind words, hugs and bring in rays of sunshine to those that may have clouds blocking their path.

My Program:
To Ride to the Spark Pages or threads of those who are having a tough time, are sad, have suffered a loss, in need of a friend, and just general sharing of ones self to the others along lifes way.

Personal Information:
The Posse is a group of Dealing with Depression members who ride out to cheer and support other members in need.

Other Information:
The greatest gift we can give is of ourselves to other human beings.

Read More About POSSEPAGE - Profile Information moved here. (Updated July 16)

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    just posseing through on the ever faithful cameluppet clyde to see ehat's happening over here..i am still posseing for sure but glad to see the page still up and know for certain that there are those out there who love us
    the lady mary emoticon
    2838 days ago
    Thanks for all the good you all have done over the last years and for all the good you are doing now. Happy New Years to you all and to your mounts emoticon
    3095 days ago
  • v CHAS1949
    chas hopping by on Harvey, the invisible white rabbit to wish Posse members a wonderful new week!! I hope you are all still visiting needy Spark members with support and kind thoughts!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/6/2011 11:48:46 AM
    where-oh-where has the posse all gone???
    the lady mary posseing through on the ever faithful camel clyde this morning
    greet the day and encourage the posse to ride on it's daily duties here for sure
    YEEHAW!!! get along little doggies!!!
    3786 days ago
  • v no profile image SPARKLINGHOPE
    ♫♫ It's DECEMBER!!!!!!♫♫
    `*✲ ´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄*´*。 ✲O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`o.¸ (░) `O.¸¸. ✲.¸.o´¯`¸.
    o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. ✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。 `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。¨¯`*✲....
    ¸.o´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。 ✲´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄。*。`*✲ ´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄*´*。 ✲O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`o.¸ (░) `O.¸¸. ✲.¸.o´¯`¸.`*✲ ´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄*´*。 ✲O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`o.¸ (░) `O.¸¸. ✲.¸.o´¯`¸.o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. ✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。 `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。¨¯`*✲....¸.o´¯`
    o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。 ✲´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄。*。o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. ✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。 `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。¨¯`*✲....¸.o´¯`
    o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。 ✲´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄。*。`*✲ ´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄*´*。 ✲O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`o.¸ (░) `O.¸¸. ✲.¸.o´¯`¸.o´¯`❄¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. ✲´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸❄。 `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄。¨¯`*✲....
    ¸.o´¯`o. ¸ (░) `O. ¸¸. ¸. o´¯`❄. ¸ (░) ´*。 ✲´*。. ❄¨¯`*✲。 ❄。*。

    3854 days ago
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