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Hi Guys! My name is Chrissy and I am 40 & Fabulous!

I have not always had that positive attitude though! Here's a little of how I got here......

I have been dealing with weight issues my whole life. Several years ago I lost a total of about 100 lbs. Great, right?! Yeah, at the time, but I became one of those people that I swore I would never be...... I gained it almost ALL back! I spent the following few years feeling sorry for myself and being downright pissed off about it. I guess I was waiting on the Weight Loss Fairy to come make it right again, but to my bitter disappoinment, she/he never came. Sooooo, I got on the scale finally, and after I had a complete meltdown, I decided that the W.L. Fairy was not coming and that I needed to take responsibility for myself. I have a serious job ahead of me, but am trying to take it "one day at a time". (I hate cliches, sorry). But that is what I am doing. I have 100 lbs to lose......stay tuned. :-) Thanks for listening.....or reading, I mean!

UPDATE: Jan 3, 2012
Ok, so bear with me, I'm going to be cliche as hell..... I have completely fell off the wagon during the Holidays and am ready and needing to get back on track.... New Year and all....blah, blah, blah. I also joined another Health Challenge in my town (I think this is my 4th time....)
So, my promise to you (AND MYSELF) is this: Do everything and anything necessary to become the healthier girl I deserve to be! Period.

UPDATE: July 25, 2012
I've officially lost 56lbs so far. It's been a roller coaster of up and down's as you can see by my weekly updates below. But the most important thing is....... I HAVEN'T QUIT!! I feel great about my accomplishments so far and am so excited to see how far I can push myself. How far I can succeed. I'm learning new things about myself and how to deal with food. My exercise is very, very consistent! It's a definite habit to get up EVERY morning and exercise! Yayyy, finally!
I am absolutely LOVING the BLC, especially my team Azure Destinations! Today is also the 1st day of my 1st SAC! I love how these challenges keep me accountable! :-)

UPDATE: Jan 8, 2013
OK..... I have lost approximately 72lbs to date! I'm very, VERY proud of that! I am soooo ready to keep going and hoping to lose the rest of the 100 this year! My ultimate goal was to lose it by my birthday which is March 19th, but I believe that is pushing it just a little. I will be happy with a consistent loss no matter how slow. Something I have learned...... being consistent is much, MUCH better than trying to "power lose" quickly. I am getting ready to begin BLC21 and with that I will be starting the Chalean Extreme Workout. I have big hopes for this year! My BLC team the Midnight Mustangs and I are going to be huge! Well, I mean, we're going to be smaller...... you know what I mean! :-)

BLC18 (Azure Destinations):
Starting Weight: 238
Ending Weight: 222.7
LOSS: 15.3lbs

BLC 19 (Azure Destinations):
Starting Weight: 225.3
Ending Weight: 203.5
LOSS: 21.8lbs

SAC3 (Baby Got SAC):
Starting Weight: 205
Ending Weight: 198
LOSS: 7lbs

BLC 20 (Midnight Mustangs):
Starting Weight: 201.7
Ending Weight: 187.4
LOSS: 14.3lbs

BLC 21 (Midnight Mustangs):
Starting Weight: 193 (Grrr)
Ending Weight: 178.4
LOSS: 14.6lbs :-) I'm happy with that!

**My goal is to at least "maintain" during the break between BLC21 & BLC22. I am focusing on weight lifting for those 8 weeks** 178.4/176.8 GOAL MET!!

BLC22 (Midnight Mustangs):
Starting Weight: 176.8
Ending Weight: 169.3
LOSS: 7.5lbs Ok, I'll take it! :-)

BLC23 (Midnight Mustangs):
Starting Weight: 171.5
Ending Weight: 165.8
Loss: 5.7lbs Not my best!

BLC24 (Midnight Mustangs):
Starting Weight: 172.2 Damn.
Ending Weight: Completely forgot to post this weight! :-( And now can't find it. It was a good loss though. :-)

BLC25 (Midnight Mustangs):
Starting Weight: 176 WTF?!
Ending Weight:

Starting Pt: Sept 23, 2011 260lbs BMI: 42.1
Week 1: 255lbs BMI: 41.2 (Sept 29) Can we say water weight?? But I'll take it!
Week 2: 253lbs BMI: 40.9 (Oct 7)
Week 3: 251lbs BMI: 40.6 (Oct 14)
Week 4: 250lbs BMI: 40.4 (Oct 21) (Pd) Woohoo -10lbs!!
Week 5: 250lbs BMI: 40.4 (Oct 28) No change=Buckle Down!!
Week 6: 250lbs BMI: 40.4 (Nov 4) No change.... AGAIN :-(
Week 7: 248lbs BMI: 40.1 (Nov 11) Phew! :-)
Week 8: 245lbs BMI: 39.6 (Nov 17) WoooHooo -15lbs!!
Week 9: 244lbs BMI: 39.5 (Nov 25)
Week 10: 247lbs BMI: 40 (Dec 2) Damn you, Turkey Day!
Week 11: 243lbs BMI: 39.3 (Dec 9) :-)
Week 12: 241lbs BMI: 39 (Dec 16)
Week 13: 240lbs BMI: 38.8 (Dec 23) (Pd) Woohoo -20lbs!!
Week 14: 244lbs BMI: 39.5 (Dec 30) :-'(
Week 15: 240lbs BMI: 38.8 (Jan 6, 2012) Phew
Week 16: 238lbs BMI: 38.5 (Jan 13) (Pd)
Week 17: 235lbs BMI: 38 (Jan 20) WoooHooo -25lbs!!
Week 18: 233.9lbs BMI: 37.7 (Jan 27)
Week 19: 232.8lbs BMI: 37.5 ( Feb 3)
Week 20: 229.7lbs BMI: 37 (Feb 10) (Pd) WoooHooo-30lbs!
Week 21: 227.1lbs BMI: 36.7 (Feb 17)
Week 22: 227.7lbs BMI: 37 (Feb 24) :-(
Week 23: 226.9lbs BMI: 36.6 (Mar 2)
Week 24: 228lbs BMI: 36.9 (Mar 9) (Pd) :-(
Week 25: 225.5lbs BMI: 36.4 (Mar 16) :-)
Week 26: 226.6lbs BMI: (March 23)
Week 27: 222.7lbs BMI: 35.9 (March 30) :-)
Week 28: 223lbs BMI: 36.1 (April 6) (Pd)
Week 29: 221.3 BMI: 35.7 (April 13)
Week 30: 221.1lbs BMI: 35.7 (April 20)
Week 31: 220.5lbs BMI: 35.6 (April 27)
Week 32: 220 lbs BMI: 35.6 (May 4) (Pd) WooHooo! -40lbs
Week 33: 219.7lbs BMI: 35.4 (May 11)
Week 34: 214.9lbs BMI: 34.6 (May 18) :-)
Week 35: 211.4lbs BMI: 34.1 (May 25)
Week 36: 211.2lbs BMI: 34.1 (June 1) (Pd)
Week 37: 209.7lbs BMI: 33.8 (June 8) WooHoo! -50lbs!!
Week 38: 209.9lbs BMI: 33.8 (June 15)
Week 39: 207.7lbs BMI: 33.5 (June 22) (Pd)
Week 40: 206.8lbs BMI: 33.3 (June 29)
Week 41: Camping--no scale (July 6)
Week 42: 205.9lbs BMI: 33.2 (July 13)
Week 43: 203.5lbs BMI: 32.8(July 20) (Pd)
Week 44: 204.1lbs BMI: 33 (July 27) :-(
Week 45: 203lbs BMI: 32.8 (Aug 3)
Week 46: 202.8lbs BMI: 32.7 (Aug 10) Gotta get focused!
Week 47: 199.3lbs BMI: 32.2 (Aug 17) (Pd) Onederland -60lbs!!
Week 48: 199lbs BMI: 32.2 (Aug 24)
Week 49: 200.8lbs BMI: 32.3 (Aug 31) :'-(
Week 50: 200.8lbs BMI: 32.3 (Sept 7) Gotta get in gear!!
Week 52: 201.3lbs BMI: 32.5 (Sept 14)
Week 53: 198.4lbs BMI: 32 (Sept 21) :-)
Week 54: 198.9lbs BMI: (Sept 28) :-( Plateau Schmateau!
Week 55: 194.7lbs BMI: 31.4 (Oct 5) :-)
Week 56: 196lbs BMI: 31.7 (Oct 12) (Pd)
Week 57: 195.1lbs (Oct 19)
Week 58: 193.8lbs BMI: 31.2 (Oct 26)
Week 59: 189.4lbs BMI: (Nov 2) :-) -70lbs!!!! WoooHooo!
Week 60: 190.9lbs BMI: 30.7 (Nov 9) (Pd)
Week 63: 187.2lbs BMI: 30.2 (Nov 30th) :-)
Week 66: 192.1lbs (Dec 21) :-( Out of control!
Week 71: 186.5lbs BMI: 30.1 (Jan 25, 2013) :-) Keep it up!
Week 72: 185.2lbs BMI: 29.9 (Feb 1) (Pd) Goodbye, OBESE!!
Week 74: 184.7lbs BMI: (Feb 15)
Week 75: 181.9lbs BMI: 29.3 (Feb 22) :-)
Week 77: 181.4lbs BMI: 29.3 (March 8) Grrrr!
Week 79: 176.6lbs BMI: 28.5 (March 20) Wow!!! -80lbs!!!!
Week 80: 175.7lbs BMI: 28.3 (March 27)
Week 82: 178.4lbs BMI: (April 10th) Get focused!
Week 83: 177lbs BMI: 28.6 (April 17)
Week 84: 175.3lbs BMI: 28.3 (April 24) :-)
Week 85: 178.8lbs BMI: (May 1) Really?? :-(
Week 86: 177.7lbs BMI: (May 8)
Week 88: 176.8lbs BMI: 28.5 (May22)
Week 89: 176.1lbs BMI: (May 29) Happy with the maintain!
Week 91: 176.8lbs BMI: (June 12) :-(
Week 92: 177.9lbs BMI: (June 19) Time to re-evaluate!
Week 96: 175.7lbs BMI: 28.3 (July 17) Finally headed in right direction!
Week 97: 176.1lbs BMI: (July 24) Period. :-(
Week 98: 174.8lbs BMI: (July 31) *sigh* Gotta keep it going!
Week 99: 173.5lbs BMI: 28 (Aug 7) :-)
Week 100 170.4lbs BMI: 27.5 (Aug 14) :-)
Week 101: 170.4 (Aug 21) Period
Week 102: 169.3lbs BMI: 27.3 (Aug 28) WOOHOO! -90LBS
****On a scale break****
Week 108: 167.1lbs BMI: 27 (Oct 9) *sigh* long process
Week 112: 165.3lbs BMI: 26.7 (Nov 6) :-)
Week 114: 170lbs (Nov 20) Are you F'n kiddin me?!?! :-(
Week 115: 165.8lbs BMI: 26.7 (Nov 27) Phew!
Week 116: 164.7lbs BMI: 26.5 (Dec 4)
Week 118: 165.8lbs BMI: 26.7 (Dec 18) *sigh* Damn it!
Time to get my ass in gear and get serious!!!!
Jan 15, 2014: 172.2lbs BMI: 27.8 :-(
Jan 22: 169.3lbs BMI: 27.3
Jan 29: 168.6lbs BMI: 27.2
Feb 26: 166lbs BMI: 26.8
Mar 12: 164.5lbs BMI: 26.5 :-)

Good Grief! Here we go again! :-(
New scale batteries...
April 30, 2014: 176lbs WTF?!
May 7: 174.8lbs
May 14: 173.3lbs :-)
June 11: 169lbs. :-)

Aug 2014~ Been in quite the funk since the end of BLC25. I have slowly gained a few pounds and it's time to get back to what is important here. ME! :-) Some parts of my life are out of control, BUT I am learning to accept that I cannot control other areas. This. This I CAN control. I can do my very best to be successful. I haven't been doing that lately. It's always been up to me and me alone to get this area of my life under control. I have worked really, REALLY hard at it for quite some time now, but I see it slipping away. I am committing myself to grasp ahold once again and fight for this.
30day Challenge (ends at the beginning of BLC26)
Aug 18 - Sept 17th
***Track everyday, stay in range 15/30 days, Min of 180 Fitness Minutes/week, Tricep Dip 30 Day Challenge***
Starting Weight: 185lbs
Week 1 Fitness Minutes: 205
Week 1 Tricep Dip Challenge: On track!
Week 1 Tracking: Tracked 5/7 days :-(
Stayed in range for those 5 days, weekend.....not so much
Starting Weight: 185lbs

Week 2 Fitness Minutes:
Week 2 Tricep Dip Challenge:
Week 2 Tracking:
...... Well that went well! :-( LOL BLAH! So........

BLC26 (Sept 17, 2014)
Start Weight: 189lbs (Can you f'n believe it? Nope? Me neither!) GRRRRR

March 2015 Update:
Wow! I can't believe how long it's been. And it's been a rollercoaster of sorts in my world, especially with my weight. I have gained about 25lbs and am back up to (as of today) 191lbs. I refuse to cross back over to the dark side of the 200's! I have been in quite the funk for the last many months! I've lost my Momma to the angels in November. So, along with that and LIFE, and the holidays...... those are my excuses.

BUT.... I'm tired of the excuses and am declaring it time to get this back on track. Here are my steps to get there:

I have started tracking regularly
I have started at the Fit Factory (soon to be F45 Training)
I am getting back to lifting weights

I have also just been named a "Sparkpeople Motivator" which is a huge honor! I can't even imagine that I motivate anyone, but hopefully that's true and I sure want to continue that. And with that, I want to be a good role model and a success!
Here's to not starting over, but to NOT QUITTING!!

SW: 188

Member Since: 9/27/2011

Fitness Minutes: 42,178

My Goals:
*Birthday Goal* 2013
To fit into those blasted jeans Deanna gave me by my birthday!
Fit? Hell YEAH they do! :-)

*Birthday Goal* 2012
(Feb 13)
I will lose 10 lbs by my birthday (March 19th)
Feb 13: 229.7
Feb 20: 231.7(WTF!) :-(
Feb 27: 230.6 :-(
Mar 5: 229.7
Mar 12: 228.4
Mar 19: 228.6
I should be at least 219.7. Did I make it???
**No**No**No** :-(

*Valentine's Day Goal* (Dec. 2nd, 2012)
I will lose 15 lbs by Valentine's Day!
Dec 2: 247lbs
Dec 9: 243lbs
Dec 16: 241lbs
Dec 23: 240lbs
Dec 30: 244lbs :-'(
Jan 6: 240lbs
Jan 13: 238lbs
Jan 20: 235lbs
Jan 27: 233.9lbs
Feb 3: 232.8lbs
Feb 10: 229.7lbs
Feb 14: 229.3
I should be at 232lbs. Did I reach it???

My goals:
To lose 100lbs
To feel smaller in my car
To not grunt when I get off the couch
To be able to keep up with the kids
To feel good about myself
To not

My Program:
Started "cleaning" up my diet a little according to WLR food plan guidelines. Let's hope this gets me over this plateau!

Cha"lean" Extreme!
Go Heavy or Go Home, Baby!
Zumba 2X/week

As of 2/6/2012
My program now:
50 mins. of Turbo Jam
60 mins. of Zumba
45 mins. Yoga
50 mins of Turbo Jam
30-40 mins of Weights
50 mins of Turbo Jam
30 mins of Turbo Jam
30-40 mins of Weights

As of 1/9/2012:
In addition to the previous program, I am now adding:
~45min of Yoga Mon & Wed

As of 12/5/2011:
~20 mins of Turbo Jam Mon, Wed, Fri
~45 mins of Turbo Jam Tues & Wed
~Spark generated Strength training Mon, Wed & Fri
~Zumba Mon/Wed
~Tony Horton's Great Abs Tues & Thurs

As of 10/10/2011:
~20mins of Turbo Jam 6days/week
~Spark-generated Strength training 3days/week
~Tony Horton's Great Abs 2days/week

Personal Information:
I'm just a girl with a dream of finally being able to feel normal. I don't feel like I belong in this body! I do love me for ME, but I also want to feel good, feel healthy, feel in control.

I love watching my flower in my ticker flow through the grass! :-) It's the little things in life.

Other Information:

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