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Celebrating my birthday early 11/7/2020 as we are dealing with my other half Casper’s health issues.

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#BeforeandAfter Journey to a healthier ME: left@325 lbs 11/17/2010 & right 7/21/2020@143.5 lbs.

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My positive inspiration -my other half Casper 11/5/ when he does the rocker look!

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Page UPDATES for 2020...
*November 11th,2020:
Yes, I am still active here@ SP folks! I am continuing to work on me & hoping my Fitbit app will straighten itself out since the latest update 9/11/2020. I haven’t been able to sync my steppage or do challenges! I am rooting you all on in the meantime!
*November 1st, 2020:
I’m still here & @139.3. I haven’t been able to get into Fitbit app since latest upgrade over a month ago! So I have no idea what my steppage is or anything.
*September 4th,2020:
Scale says I’m @139.3 & my goal weight was 130 lbs. I’m still pretty frumpy to be so close to my goal weight. I started out@401 lbs when I began my journey. That’s great weight loss. But still not there yet. My dr wanted me@ 170 lbs & Casper said 120 lbs. & I agree with Casper. I’m between medium & big boned & I’m 5 ft 9 inches. My new goal date for the 130 LB mark is October 6th,2020. And then I’ll go from there to see if 120 lbs should be my goal.
*August 10th,2020:
Reward to see Casper smile & not worry as he can’t do my hair right now as he needs elbow surgery? A visit to the new local salon & Casper made me a homemade strawberry shortcake for having the courage to have a salon do it! Knowing that BoRics had traumatized me in 2011! My hair was to my butt & is now halfway down my back! I got the Farrah style(like Heather Locklear pic) but then I went out in the wind & it was getting ready to rainstorm! It blew the curling iron curls right out of it! So I took a pic when I got home wishing I’d had a smartphone to take pic@salon before leaving!(Hence the reaction!)Then I wet my hair down & @ least got the natural curls back into it! Will take a pic another day when it looks like it’s supposed to! Lol!
*July 21st,2020:
Finally losing weight again!! Now down to 143.5 lbs! Changing my new goal date to September 5th, 2020 & my goal is 130 lbs.
*July 9th,2020:
Still no weight loss according to scale! But I’m seeing a difference in how I’m looking. I’m becoming more toned. Had a 1x T-shirt & size 20 pair of jeans on today & they were swimming on me! I’m now fitting into a medium or large top & 12/14 or 16/18 pants—depending on the top & pants of course!
*July 2nd,2020:
Still@a standstill on my weight. Haven’t been real hungry between the humidity levels(heat makes me sick) & the world events. I’m not a nervous eater. Never have had that issue. I eat when I feel hungry— unless Casper makes us a nice meal. I was losing weight fast there for a bit. So,I look @ it slowing down for awhile as a positive as I want to do it the healthy way! I’ve been exhausted & not sleeping well since this pandemic began & despite steering clear of the news the world events have had an effect! I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be! I’m getting a lot of paid online work & studies done & getting organized! So that’s a plus! Just recharging my batteries & taking It day to day right now! Remaining positive & rooting you all on in the meantime! Continuing to motivate others as I motivate myself!...

*June 17th,2020:
I’ve hit a plateau! But I continue to think positive! I want to lose it the healthy way! Casper says 120 lbs would be too much! I’d be too skinny! He says 170 lbs like my dr now. The smart scale says 130 lbs & I’m @150 lbs. currently. I’m still pretty frumpy@150lbs! I was a beanpole when I was a kid but I know being too thin wouldn’t look good on me now. So I’ll go with the 130 lbs then! Just need to become more physically active. On the damp cold bone chilling days & the too hot high humidity days I’m not able to move around as much. So I take it day to day!

*May 3rd,2020:
I'm down to 150 lbs.

*April 27th,2020:
Getting closer to my goal weight! Down to 155.7 lbs. changed goal to 130 lbs as I’m still pretty frumpy. And new goal date is July 26th,2020!

*April 8th,2020:
I’ve lost more weight! I must be doing something right!=Eating less & exercising more! I am now@160.7 lbs. with a goal weight of 148 lbs. But I still may go for the 130 lbs goal. I’ll see when it get to my first goal. My new goal date is May 25th, 2020!

*April 1st,2020:
Lost more weight!! I am now @ 165.1 lbs! With a goal weight of 148 lbs. but I still may go for the 130lbs goal as I’m still pretty frumpy! New goal day went from 6/17/2020 to 6/1/2020!! Focus areas:stomach,butt,hips,arms...

*March 25th,2020:
Lost weight! 😊Weighed myself yesterday & I’m@ 171 lbs. My clothes are getting big on me. The pajamas I got for my birthday & Christmas are loose on me even! I started this journey@401 lbs! I’ve lost 230 lbs to date! That’s a 16 LB weight loss since December 4th, 2019 in itself!

I’ve lost 10 lbs since December 4th...I’m now down to 177.9 lbs(new target goal date May 6th,2020)-I surpassed the weight I was when I moved to Upstate NY & moved in with my Baby Casper 12 years ago on January 4th! & our 13th anniversary of CASSKELL(Casper & I) being together as a couple is this coming March 29th!!

*Happy 2019 to you all! I hope this year brings much good health & happiness to you!...
*December 4th- I’ve lost weight! Down to 188 lbs-the weight I was when I moved to upstate NY Nearly 12 years ago! I started my journey@401 lbs & I’ve lost 213 lbs to date! My first goal weight is 148 lbs with a new goal date of April 23rd,2020! If I don’t Ike where I am@ I’ll go for the goal of 130 lbs...
*October 11th—Had dr appt. Sugar A1C was up to 8.4 for the latest blood work. Yet when I test daily@ home it is within normal levels. Dr wants to explore more meds. Meanwhile, people I’ve told are wondering why I haven’t seen an endocrinologist. So I’ve asked for a referral. I’m always stressed when I go to dr(white coat syndrome). But even more so with him pushing meds on me when he knows I am hypersensitive to medications. Thinking of switching Drs. I am doing everything right when it comes to eating healthy & keeping active. My A1C reading before last was 7.2 & dr wants it@7.0. I’ve been stressed with losing my mother this year & getting her estate settled. Plus near losses of family members with their health issues. I also lost 2 of my kitty kids within a few months of one another. Been a lot going on so it’s been a rough year & a half! I’m just ready for hibernation mode to kick in all the way for the Winter & be able to get more relaxed! It is then that I will be able to recharge! Been A lot of changes-mostly positive & some I’m not sure about. Just focusing on me & my health is hard for me when I am more about helping others...trying to find more balance in my life as right now I am feeling like I’m knocked off-kilter a bit!

*September 17th— Lost weight!! Now down to 194 lbs with a goal of 148 lbs & if not,130 lbs. Goal date February 26th,2020.I’ve lost approx 40 lbs so far this year!...#motivated

*July 12th—A1C went from 7.2 (4 months ago)up to 7.8! I don’t get it! I’m doing everything right as far as eating healthy & being active—doctor thinks the recent stress(losing mom & everything) may be a factor!...have no idea what else to do to bring it back down! Aside from meds with side effects that make one want to steer clear of the medication! I’m already hypersensitive to medications! The doctor tried to put me on Trulicity & sorry but I want to live!...
*July 11th—I’ve lost 17 lbs since March 10th! I am now just 65 lbs from my goal of 148 lbs! New goal date 2/25/2020! I will see how I look@148 lbs & go from there!...
*May 5th—I’ve lost 5 lbs since March 10th!! My new goal date is February 5th,2020 & my goal weight is 148 lbs. We will see how I look!...if not, I will go from there! 130 as scale states should be my doctor wanted me@170 lbs but that is not enough & Casper thinks 120 lbs but that may be too low! So first goal is 148 & 2nd goal is 130...
*I saw Doctor April 11th. He was indeed very happy with my progress! My blood work was great! Keep doing what I’m doing! Just increasing my steppage since it’s gotten warmer out!
*I see my doctor again in April for follow up. I know my doctor will be impressed with my progress since last July 2018 Doctor appt! I know I’ve gained muscle mass & toned up since then as I can see it! The goal for doc appt—get back on patient portal!...

*For being active in a Wellness group in February 2019 I won a special Bluetooth scale(Eufy brand) that syncs with Fitbit & my iPad! I received it today! It tells you everything you want to know & then some! The bad news?! My old scale lied! Lol! (So disregard the old figures of lost weight as that’s been updated today March 10th!) It said I weighed 47 lbs less than I do! So I have a new goal as I changed it from doctor’s goal @170 lbs to my goal @148 lbs. The scale states a goal@130 lbs! So I’ll do my goal of 148 lbs(81 lbs to lose)& go from there!... Motivated & I know I CAN do this as I’ve gotten this far! (**Wooo Hooo! I went from 401 down to 229!)Big bummer that it wasn’t more!...turned to hyper-motivated @warp speed! As you can imagine!.... It just makes me all the more determined to continue this journey & reach my goals! Here’s to better health & happiness so positive as we progress in 2019! Who’s with me?!... sneaker high five fist bump #moveitin2019 #goalsofmotivation #positivefocus
UPDATE 12/7/18:
I’ve lost another 8 lbs making me 12 lbs from my goal of 170 lbs! I’ve lost 219 lbs to date & started my journey@401 lbs!! My new goal date has been pushed up to January 19th,2019!!

UPDATE 11/14/18:
I’ve lost another 8 lbs making me 21 lbs from the goal of 170 lbs! I’ve lost 210 lbs to date & started my journey@401 lbs! My new goal date is January 28th,2019.

I think I am going to go for the 148 lb goal once I hit the 170 lb goal as I am still pretty flabby!

#MOVEIT #2018goals #fitbitgoals

UPDATE 8/31/18:
I’ve lost 5 lbs since July 6th! I am 29 lbs from my first goal of 170 lbs. I’ve lost 202 lbs to date! & I have a new goal date of December 11th,2018! Which happens to be my late father’s birthday & day before my Baby—my partner in sublime-my soulmate!— Casper’s Birthday!

UPDATE 7/31/18:
I saw the doctor today & found out I’ve lost 1 LB since 7/6/18! It’s not much but it adds up! I’ve lost 198 lbs since I started this journey! More details TBA!... new goal date is 11/24/18...

UPDATE 7/12/18:
Looking for a female fitness buddy in the Hudson Falls NY area with like minded goals.

As I get closer to my goal still not liking what I see! Setting small goals. Almost to the first goal of 170 lbs. Then the second goal is 148 lbs. & if still not liking what I see in mirror-120 lbs. with a possible 134 lbs instead... I’m currently looking for a new doctor as mine just is not helping me...

*GOAL #1: 34 lbs away
*GOAL#2: 56 lbs away
*GOAL#3: 116 lbs away
**(possibly 70 lbs instead that would bring me to 134 lbs)

UPDATE 7/6/18:
I’ve lost 8 more lbs woo hoo! & I’ve set a new goal date of November 3rd,2018...That makes me 34 lbs from docs goal of 170lbs. But I’m reaching for the goal of 148 lbs as I still see a lot of flabbage that needs toning & stuff...Casper says our scale is correct so I’ll know if that docs scale weighs me wrong on the 31st.
I’ve lost 197 lbs since I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I was@401 lbs when I started & I am now@204 lbs. I’m almost to one-Der Land! (100’s)... Lean, clean,& green mixed with high fiber plan...doing it on my own... watching what I eat & exercise...I can see me losing another 56 lbs instead of 34 though...that’d bring my weight to 148 lbs instead of 170 lbs...That would equal 253 lbs weight loss! Casper has lost 260 lbs! We’ve both lost a person!...well he lost over a person!...

UPDATE 4/25/18:
I've lost 4 lbs more!! Making that 16 lbs lost so far this year! Slow but better than none@ all! I've added one more day to my goal date making that September 20th,2018... I am now 42 lbs. from my goal of 170 lbs! I'll see how I look at 170 lbs & if I am not liking what I see I'll go for the 148 lb goal...

UPDATE 4/10/18:
From 1/26-2/8/18 I lost 8 lbs & now I can add 4 more lbs to that=12 lbs lost so far for the year!! Slow but getting there! My new goal date is September 19th,2018. I am now 46 lbs from goal doc set me@which is 170 lbs. But I think I need to lose more than that.I'm thinking more like 68 lbs more which would put me@ 148 lbs. Casper thinks more like 96 lbs that would put me@ 120 lbs for my 5 ft 9 in tall frame. I've always been told I am between a medium & large frame. My doc says 120 would make me too scrawny...

UPDATE 2/8/18:
I've lost 8 lbs. making my weight now 220 lbs. I've lost 181 lbs. With another 50 to go! New goal date 8/11/18.My doc's goal weight is 170 lbs. I'll see what I think when I get there. I'm thinking more like maybe 148 lbs. (somewhere in the middle) & Casper is thinking more like 120 lbs. (on the lower end). I am 5 ft 9 in tall. My doc says if I get below 170 lbs I will look too scrawny. I always thought I was big-boned but my doc says between medium & big-boned. My BMI shows a healthy weight for me as being between 125 lbs. & 168 lbs. What do you think?!... I can do this!! :)

UPDATE 1/29/18:
Received blood work results & my sugar & cholesterol levels are up. With some adjustments, this will be remedied...
NEW YEAR! NEW ME! New updates!
Starting with a fresh slate(profile)!
Finally getting around to updating my profile! It was a busy 2017 & 2018 is just getting started!!
I see my doctor for followup & weigh-in @on the 26th & will update my profile from that point on...considering gastric bypass surgery as I am not losing the weight as fast as I'd like & my doctor tells me I am a candidate. We'll see what he says at this appointment. I know it's not an easy fix. You have to work @ continuing the healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off. I've been on Casper's GB journey with him since he had his surgery in October 2013. So I know what it takes. Discipline, determination,& being positive & believing in yourself! I will let you know what I decide! I have been on the lean, clean,& green with Casper & I just need to be more active than I've been. Summer & Fall 2017 I had a job watching 2 beautiful children nearly 24/7 & that sure kept me busy. That is until their mother lost her job & well that situation didn't end well. I ended up being sickly with colds & flu until the end of 2017. This year I am much more rested & I know that 2018 is my year!! So I am hoping to go in a different direction this year with a career I am looking into! Wish me luck! Casper & I are doing great & still looking into buying a home of our own when the time is right for us!... I will keep you updated on that!...I've lived in Upstate NY 10 years as of 1/4/18!!... :)


Hi everybody! My name is Kelly & I have been a member of SP since July 20th, 2010. In the time that I've been here, I've lost 181 lbs. (I weighed 401 lbs.)with the majority lost since August 17th,2011. I have just 50 lbs. to go to meet my (doc's stated)goal weight of 170 lbs. by my new goal date of 8/11/18!! Casper feels I could lose another 120 lbs. But that would put me closer to 120 lbs! My doctor feels if I go into the 120-140 lbs range I will be too scrawny looking for my 5 ft 9 in frame! In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes(-found out I'd had it for 5 yrs.-), an underactive thyroid,& high cholesterol. My sugar is now normal as are my thyroid & my cholesterol. The doctor took me off my sugar & cholesterol meds in April 2015! & if I lose that last 50 lbs. & maintain it for a while he will consider taking me off my thyroid med!! My doctor is very impressed with my progress & says that he is going to mark me down as a success story. I know that it has taken me longer to lose the weight this time around. But I am doing it the healthy way. Not due to being under stress. I am doing it by living a healthier lifestyle. I AM seeing results & you can too!!... We all hit plateaus but we make our way through it. Please don't give up!...

The 1st time around in 2007 I lost 109 lbs. within like 4 months' time. Refer to a pic of me (with my "rocker chick" look)at my thinnest. I was like 18 lbs. from my weight loss goal when I came to the Adirondacks to better my life on 1/4/2008.I'm the happiest I've been in a long time! I came here to build a positive life with my "partner in sublime" Casper. We've been together since 3/29/07! First met as kids & reunited some 23 yrs. later & have been inseparable ever since!! Unfortunately, I had been under a lot of stress up to that point & was severely malnourished. Had I not removed myself from the situation I was in at that time with the help of my love I probably would not have survived. Because I was sicker than myself or anyone knew. So Casper literally saved my life!! & I owe him a lot for all that he has done for me! He is a good man! & I am so blessed to have him in my life! We are actually working on buying a home of our own & hope to be moving within the next 2 years(by 2020)!!...

Many ask me-"How did you do it?!" & my answer is:
I have cut my portions by more than half. I am eating "Lean, Clean, & Green!" Eating lots of fresh fruits & vegetables. I eat chicken & fish. I eat only the leanest of red meats(93%+)these days. I don't eat much pasta & bread anymore. I've cut down on the processed foods & the takeout/eating out. I rarely have soda & I have only about 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I don't crave/ overindulge in sweets like some & for that I am thankful. I haven't given up things completely. I just learned more about moderation on the not so good things & focusing more on the foods that are good for me!


For those of you that know me, I keep VERY! busy. I am all over the internet & I wear many hats. I have a lot of people that depend on me & I need to be healthy to be able to do all that I do...

*As an Event Promoter/Manager/Agent/Marketing Rep/ Founder(since April 2007) I provide non-profit promotional assistance by helping musicians to promote their links & through recommendations as well as airplay on our online radio & TV stations. So I do a lot of networking through business & social networking sites. We also have a foundation/ musical movement geared toward child abuse awareness which is incorporated into our promotions company & as part of our ministry. I am an (ordained) reverend. I am a singer. We also have a LIVE!! online music room that we are currently retooling! This area is my focus.

*I also share missing/ exploited posters & AMBER alerts via the internet, assisting authorities in solving cold cases, etc...

*As if that were not enough I have several other projects going on like online studies to better my advocate/research specialist/ mediation work, etc.

*In February 2014 I joined the events committee planning the founder's day carnival held the first weekend after Labor Day where I live. And in October 2015 I joined the revitalization committee for the town in which I live.

* In October 2018 I joined the Full Gospel Church in my community.

*September 2018 Self Discovery Mentor Masterclass
*November 2018 #MMHOLIDAYCHALLENGE Mentor Masterclass

**If you would like to know more about me please feel free to add me here & please be sure to tell me how I know you! Thanx!:

~Follow my journey to a healthier "ME" :) ~

**Profile updated 11/11/2020**
Why I Want To Get In Shape:
*I want to make a world of difference for others in all areas of my life(promoting, music, ministry, advocacy/activism,etc.) &
I want to be healthy enough to do it
*I want to continue to build upon my life with my "partner in sublime"-my best friend & soul mate Casper. He is an amazingly inspiring man & has taught me much about life.
My Inspirations:
To be healthier & stronger-(I was born w/ club feet/knock knees/hip dysplasia)-.
To be able to fit into those great pants I saw at the department store
To inspire & be inspired by others
To be a happier & healthier me-for ME! :)

Member Since: 7/20/2010

Fitness Minutes: 13,652

My Goals:
NEW GOALS for 2020:
*Thinking of becoming a SENEGENCE distributor! You see what it does for me with my newest pics! I just need to know I’d have a customer base! If anyone would be interested.No need to keep reapplying, it is anti-aging & has SPF! Animal safe! DONE! 4/27/2020 I became a distributor if interested contact me!
**Continued my focus only on positive people, places, things in my life!
**Be more active-more steppage, getting out & about more, making more (like-minded, positive, supportive)friends, get back to attending church in Spring, get more involved in community activities/volunteering, look for work(part-time job@20 hrs)... Corona has world@ standstill until further notice...
**I once again was accepted into life coaching business school. Classes begin in April 2020. But again I did not get the scholarship. So I cannot afford to attend with just my limited income. I guess it is not meant to be for me at this point in my life. Meanwhile, I continue to look fo

My Program:
Extra goal for 2020–For us to all make it through this pandemic & world events as I know we all will!

2020 Goals:
* Senegence: Joined April 27th,2020 & again on October 28th, 2020
*Signature Mentor Masterclass to begin career as Master Life Coach(need extra income for tuition! She May have another class later this year)She is starting classes late 2020/early 2021!
*Positive people, places, things allowed only!!
*Continue with my past goals
*If I sold ColorStreet nails would anyone be interested?! Let me know!
*If I sold Rise Apparel(online fashion boutique) would anyone be interested?! Let me know!
*Farrah Hairstyle? done:8/10/2020
I’m thinking of joining AVON. Would anyone be interested? Let me know. Done! I signed up October 28th, 2020!
2019 Goals:
*Continue to keep my doctor's appointments & do as they tell me to become healthier.
*Increase activity/exercise
*Continue to

Personal Information:
Kelly-Rene'e Mooney from Hudson Falls,NY(Adirondacks)

Other Information:
What would you like to know about me?...Promoter,singer,Advocate,mi
nistry & so much more!...

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