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See this image largerThis is me(8 comments)See this image largerNo I do not look like Avril Lavigne! rawr(2 comments)See this image largerOnly me 2016See this image larger(4 comments)See this image largerHello!See this image larger2018 - MeSee this image largerNo, don't keep calm. I lost 20lbs! I haven't been able to lose a pound in over 2 years, finally figured out after many unnecessary tests that my medications were causing my excessive weight gain. Obviously I stopped those and went about my journey and I've been afraid to step on the scale since I started because, well failure. I took a deep breath and.... I lost 20 lbs, I just can't believe it. See this image largerI was offered donuts and I said NO! Not only that but, said donuts were then eaten right in front of me and I didn't cave! Woo-hoo! Side note. I'm doing really well with my food but, the thought of tracking it and inputting it really depresses me. Anyone else feel this way? I haven't done any tracking since I came back to Spark but I have been following my program very closely. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :DSee this image largerSeptember goal : Drink more water! At least 8oz per day. Preferably more but, water is a tricky one for me so realistically 8oz to start.See this image largerWe're all sick, staying in bed, watching movies, drinking water etc. Fever, runny nose, cough, chills. So hard to see the little ones feeling this way. It's been a week. Only the 3rd week of kindergarten. If they don't improve by Tuesday they'll both be seeing their doctor. Let this be over soon!See this image largerI'm full of questions today. Do you remove your activity tracker when you are sick? Do you leave it on all the time even if you just lay in bed until you recover? I just got a new tracker today but, should I even take it out of the box yet when I can barely get out of bed? LolSee this image largerWhen your child asks you to color.... you color.... 😂😜See this image largerWe had some beautiful storms here in Northern Illinois last night. Thought I'd share some pictures. I'm a certified storm spotter with the NWS. I live for this! What I'd do for a better camera lol.See this image largerHer name is Penny. Her nickname is Dobby. 😂 She also likes to steal my socks, some of which I still haven't found. We all love her. 😍See this image largerMy last picture was a big hit so. Here are two more of my dog Penny. One is... well, you can see her giving me the stink eye, I'm not sure why. The other is just her being her beautiful self. We also call her Bat Dog! She'll never grow into those ears! 😂See this image largerMore storms heading through Northern Illinois this afternoon.See this image largerMy baby boy and I. 😍😊See this image largerDaily dose of Penny cuteness 😍🤩See this image largerNot great but, we're all sick so I'm eager to see what the stats are when we are all better. The sleep is pretty accurate for every night. I have insomnia, I never get more than 4 hours anyway.See this image largerI had to share. 😂See this image largerDinner tonight is Pork Chops with Onions and Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes. Always with a side of roasted Veggies! Luckily my kids think they are delicious! Phew!See this image largerGood Morning! 😁 Dropped my son off at preschool and then walked along the river until it was time to pick him up again. A beautiful day!See this image largerPictures I took on my river walk this morning...See this image largerMy boy walking his sister to the school bus stop this morning. There is nothing in his backpack, he just wants to be like his big sister! 😂😍😘See this image largerThis is technically a process photo. My face seems much thinner than it was. My neck feels more toned. It's a start! Happy Monday! 😁See this image largerYes! School runs and house work etc... #exhaustedSee this image largerYou are not alone. You are strong. You are loved. You are AMAZING.See this image largerIt's been 1 whole month since I quit smoking. Feeling great! :D

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