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See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerI want to at least loose 30 pounds. This is my 1st time trying to loose weight. I've gained a lot of weight because I couldn't really walk on my leg. I have a tiny torn meniscus. Also a ulcer in my stomach. Can't really get much exercise done, because of pain. Any suggestions or help to get me started loosing the weight?See this image largerManaged to loose 4 pounds from 162 in 2 weeks. Very happy. #newbies Not much but it's a good start....22 more pounds to go to reach my #goal....See this image largerLost a total of 6 pounds in 3 weeks...24 more pounds till my goal weight. #newbie #mylossismygain #losingweightSee this image largerWhat a difference losing 7 pounds makes!!! Great birthday present to myself!!! OFFICIALLY not overweight for my age anymore!!! #newbies #losingweight #mylossismygainSee this image largerToday is my 33rd Birthday....What a wonderful gift to myself by being able to lose weight. It's a great feeling!!! #newbie #mybirthday #mylossismygainSee this image largerIm glad im loosing weight. But I get so discouraged when I see pictures of me or look in the mirror and realize how heavy set I look. So instead of getting depressed, I'll use it as motivation to just keep trying. That's all I can do.....#newbie #mylossismygain #motivationSee this image largerMy family is what is keeping me going....I want to be healthy and fit for them and most importantly myself.πŸ’ž#deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerFinally out of the red from 162 pounds a month ago to 155 today. 25 more pounds till my goal weight.... #mylossismygain #nolongeroverweight #happiness #icandoitSee this image largerJust smiling....#mylossismygain #justme #doingthebesticanSee this image largerDoing the best I can for my children...#deliciousdailymoment #motivation #truehappinessSee this image largerLost 8 pounds so far. I see a huge difference!! It's so wonderful!!! #mylossismygain #greatfeeling #stillworkingonit #wontgiveup #newbieSee this image largerGot to exercise today with this lil cutie at the park this evening!!!See this image largerWalked a 1/2 mile again today...See this image largerWalked 1 Mile and 1/2 today!!!See this image largerSee this image largerWhen I get down and discouraged, I remind myself it'll be all worth it in the end!!!See this image largerWalked 1/2 a mile while my lil 1 rode his bike today. He did a very good job with me!!!See this image largerWalked 1/2 a mile while my lil 1 rode his bike today. He did a very good job with me!!!See this image largerAlready been on Sparkpeople for 1 month and it has changed my life. Especially the encouragement and support you receive on here is amazing!!!See this image largerWalked 2.23 Miles today!!!See this image largerDon't know what got over me today?!?! But I went way pass my goal and I walked a total 3.84 Miles. And both my kids got to join me on the last part....πŸ’žSee this image largerThese 2 are great motivators!!!See this image largerRan 1/2 mile, than Walked 1/2 mile with my older son...See this image largerLove my children with everything that I am. Gotta take care of myself, so I can take care of them.See this image largerI Love how my kids beg me to go walking with me. That's awesome how enthused they are. What great motivation!!!See this image largerMe and my husband walked a park in Midland today.See this image largerFeeling beautiful.See this image largerExercising with this lil cutie at the park todayπŸ’žSee this image largerThis little guy came over to us and took a pepperoni that my son accidentally dropped on the ground....lolSee this image largerOpen house at my son's school today and he is doing very well!!!See this image largerSilly kids...See this image largerBeen down in the dumps the past few days. But today I got up, got dressed, and put my makeup on. And most importantly put a smile on my face..See this image largerSee this image largerWalked a mile today.See this image largerSome family of mine have been calling me some mean names about my weight. I've been down and depressed and stressed to the max. But I never stopped working on myself. Lost 8 pounds and I'm no longer considered over weight. And I can see a huge difference.See this image largerWent way over my goal today!!!See this image largerSo tired of being treated like a nobody. So tired of the anger, frustration and depression. But I'm still smiling and I'm still working on me....See this image largerSee this image largerJust signed this Little Boy up for Cub Scouts. He is very active and this will be a perfect opportunity for him. Very exciting!!!See this image largerGreat exercise for my Son's 1st Cub Scout meeting....Racin' Push Carts!!!See this image largerSo excited that I lost another pound...See this image largerSuch a great picture. So much fun walking with my 2 precious boysπŸ’žSee this image largerI started my weight loss journey 2 months ago. And today I hit the 10 pound loss mark!!! So very happy!!!See this image largerLost 10 pounds in 2 months. Such a difference!!! 20 more to lose.See this image largerWhen we say let's pray, my 3 year old bows his head and folds his hands. Sometimes he'll even repeat the prayer too....See this image largerGORGEOUS, light jacket walking weather today here in West Texas. Thankful for the cooler days!!!See this image largerI have a tiny torn Meniscus inside my knee. I didn't think walking so much would of been possible. But I pace myself and everyday I'm getting better. I'm losing the weight, getting stronger, and building up. Proud that I'm taking more healthy steps also.See this image largerTaught my 3 year old the Sign Language for I Love You....See this image largerWhat do you do when you have days where nobody seems to care?See this image largerSo happy!! I dropped from a size 14 to a comfortable size 10 jeans!!!See this image largerHad a great date night with my hubby!!! And super proud I stayed under my calories...See this image largerSuch a huge difference a 10 pound loss and going from a size 14 to a size 10 can make. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerMy dad sent me a picture of his rig. You would not think much of it until you zoom it in. There are 2 owls in the pump jack. My grandmother loved owls. Now I know that she must be watching over my dad. Thought that was very cool!!!See this image largerWent from a size large shirt to a medium.See this image largerCan't go walking outside cause it's pouring down rain, but I'm walking the mall inside.See this image largerNot too bad for walking inside, while the outside was raining....See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I am more than a conqueror. I am worth it. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am determined. 20 more pounds to go till my goal. I'll make it to the finish line!!!See this image largerRain or Shine, the Victory will be mine!!! Speed walking in the rain outside today. Felt the burn and sweat! Felt great!!!See this image largerExactly 2 months on Sparkpeople. So glad God led me to this app. And the people and support are so amazing. Lost exactly 10 pounds while on this program. I'm a lot more happier and stronger. Still got a long way to go. But with God, support, and motivation I will get there!!!See this image largerAddiction is hard to over come. Been struggling since I was 10. But now I have a positive solution that works for me. I walk!!! Every time I feel a temptation come on, I will walk, I will burn it off. And im much happier!!! I can overcome anything through Christ who strengthens me!!!See this image largerSee this image largerWasn't feeling good this morning, but at least I got over a mile today. Better than nothing!!!See this image largerSo tired of my family treating me like a nobody. But I am a somebody!!! I'm working on me and I've got a lot to show for it....i am so much more worth it!!!See this image largerStanding tall, I WILL give it my all!!!See this image largerSuch a fun way to stay active with my son....See this image largerMy 9 Year old Son made me A nutritious Peanut Butter Sandwich tonight and I didn't even have to ask. He is so sweet!!!See this image largerI am worth it!!!See this image largerLast year I lost my last grandparent. I took this picture while holding her hand on her last days here. She always told me to take care of myself. I miss my grandmother very much and I will always cherish this picture.....See this image largerLove Our West Texas Skies!!!See this image largerWas cleaning today, and I found my old Cabbage Patch Doll I had since My 1st year birthday 1985....This is the only toy I had from childhood left. Pretty cool I still have after 30+ years!!!See this image largerWest Texas Sky....See this image largerHappy 10th Birthday to my precious 1st Born Son, Trinity!!!See this image largerToday is my son's 10th Birthday. He has changed so much over the years. He is such a great helper, very sweet, very independent. He is my 1st Born. I wish him nothing but the best life has to offer!!!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Lost 11 Pounds.....See this image largerYay! Got a picture with the Birthday Boy!!! He's looking more and more like me everyday.....Love him so much!!! He's a great workout buddy too!!!See this image largerHappy 10th Birthday to my precious 1st Born Son. He had a wonderful day with a surprise party!!! He was surprised!!! Thank you all who came and Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!See this image largerMy Encouragers.....My Work-Out Buddies!!!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerPush cart races was today and Trinity's team won 1st place in cubscouts!!! So proud!!!See this image largerTrinity's 1st time riding a bike without training wheels....He did an awesome job!!!See this image largerI lost 11 pounds and still some of my family says I need to lose more. It's not like I'm just sitting there. I'm working my rear off, especially on a torn Meniscus. I'm doing what I can. I've set a goal and I am not giving up!!! I'm doing this for me!!!See this image largerAll of the clothes I bought these last 2 years are really loose on me. Lol....See this image largerGot off of Facebook for awhile. Not really much support. Found a lot of support on Sparkpeople. Took these pictures on our trip to the Hill Country in Texas. Such beautiful scenery!!!See this image largerTook this picture of a wild flower....See this image largerTook this picture in Illano, Texas. This is 1 of my favorites. It really tells me that we are the water, we'll have bumpy rocks in our life, but once we get to where we're going, things will run smoothly with the beauty of God all around us. We will learn to have things under control!!!See this image larger2 months I've been Alcohol Free!!! Trying to cleanse my liver and it has been giving me a lot more energy!!!See this image larger1st time seeing a Blubonnet. So I took this picture. So beautiful!!!See this image largerMy kids enjoying a field of Bluebonnets....See this image largerMy beautiful son in a field of bluebonnets....See this image largerWas always told how ugly I was when I was younger and every time I look in the mirror I saw how ugly I really was. It wasn't until this year, God really showed me how beautiful I am.See this image largerWhen you get this type of text from your child, you can't help to tear up....πŸ’žSee this image largerLost 11 Pounds so far.....See this image largerThe "ADDICTIONS" in our lives DOES NOT define who we are....if you fall down, get UP, dust YOURSELF off, and TRY AGAIN!!! You can conquer ANYTHING!!!See this image largerGoodnight to all....πŸ’žSee this image largerFound this picture in my husband's wallet where he keeps his pictures. This December we'll be celebrating our 11th Anniversary. He always calls me his Beautiful Princess....πŸ’žSee this image largerWalked a Mile and 1/2 in 17 minutes. I'm getting better walking on a tiny torn Meniscus inside my knee that I had for 11 1/2 years that can't be operated on. I'm being active in spurts while I have enough time to rest my leg. I'm losing the weight slowly, but I'm losing it!!! Already lost 11 pounds. 21 more pounds to go!!!See this image largerKeep on fighting the good fight!!! Goodnight to you allπŸ’žπŸ’žSee this image largerI'm me and that's all I can be....See this image largerI lost 12 pounds so far....but I'm falling into depression, addiction and very fatigued lately. Could use your encouragement, thoughts and prayers....Thank youπŸ’žSee this image largerLove spending time with my husband......πŸ’žSee this image largerMy Mother taught me how to make an omelette today. Not bad for my 1st try.....See this image largerAsking the Lord's help to not worry about tomorrow....See this image largerJust got the Job as my son's Cub Scout Pack Photographer. I am so excited!!! This will give me a chance to try different things being active and doing what I love, photography!!! And the best thing is I'll get to spend more time with my son... So excited!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerMy three-year-old wanted to read me a bedtime story....πŸ’žSee this image largerI feel like I'm stuck....I get so down and depressed. My stomach hurts so much, I literally look like I'm 5 months pregnant and I'm not. I'm drinking 8 cups of water a day. And I'm trying to walk 30 minutes 5 times a week, whatever this torn Meniscus will allow me and I'm staying under my calories. I'm trying probiotics so I really hope it helps. I hardly have no support at all. I just feel stuck at life!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLooks like my oldest son is getting a work out on his own...Lol!!!See this image largerMe and my beautiful momπŸ’žSee this image largerWhile on this program, I've said goodbye to the 160s, now today I said goodbye to the 150s!!! Feels good to finally be in the 140s now!!! 19 more pounds to lose to get to my goal! But so happy I'm losing!!!See this image largerLost 13 pounds so far.....πŸ’žSee this image largerPrecious moments with my 3 year old son πŸ’žSee this image largerLost 4 sizes in my thigh area....See this image largerYou can't keep a good woman down....πŸ’žSee this image largerDetermined to be where I once was, happy and healthy....See this image largerTook this picture of my son....See this image largerI may be ugly to the world, but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful in God's image.See this image largerMy lil cub scout got his brand new uniform today. So handsome!!!See this image largerHad a very bad day today. Been crying all day because I just found out a very dear friend of ours was brutally murdered a week ago in Illinois. He was ONLY 21!!! Than my child had an accident at his school today. And to end the day had a huge blow out fight with my husband and my mother. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow.See this image largerLit a Candle for Timothy Ellis from Odessa, Texas. I just found out today that he was brutally murdered. He was ONLY 21!!! And my heart is breaking!!! Me and my husband are good friends of his Father, for 30+ years. And Timothy always ran out to us and called us family with open, loving arms. He was so sweet. Our sons were born a month apart also. We have said prayers for Timothy. And will continue to pray for comfort and peace for all who loved him....πŸ˜”πŸ’žSee this image largerI am beautiful and I am strong....See this image largerWalked to the park, while My son rode his bike. We had a picnic lunch there too. It was a wonderful time!!!πŸ’žSee this image largerSee this image largerKeeping on keeping on!!!See this image largerSweatin' to the oldies....See this image largerHe colored his blonde hair with washable red and blue markers today for Crazy Hair Day at school today!!! They were representing Red Ribbon Week for Just Say No To Drugs...He actually looks pretty good.....See this image larger"*SUCH A PROUD MOMENT!!!"* I got pinned by my Son in Cub scouts. He did a good deed without having to be asked. Super proud of him!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy children mean the world to me. They are so precious!!!See this image largerI Don't Know if you can see the difference in my face, but it looks like it slendered down just a bit....See this image largerAs of today, I lost 14 pounds!!! Super excitedπŸ’žSee this image largerAs of today I lost 14 pounds!!! I'm never going to be in the red again!!!See this image largerLove this picture! My Cub Scout got his Bobcat patch and I got to be pinned because he did a good deed without having to be asked. πŸ’žSee this image largerAlways wondered what my lil 1 was dreaming about to make him smile so beautifully. I just adore this picture I tookπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žSee this image largerLost 15 pounds so far...made it to the half way mark from my goal!!!See this image largerSpending some quality time with my lil family....πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žSee this image largerMay you all have a wonderful week aheadπŸ’žSee this image largerPraying my son will have a better week this week. He's been struggling so much.See this image largerThese last 2 weeks, a very heartbreaking thing has happened to my son. My son, Trinity and Our family really needs your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.See this image larger4 months ago, I remember trying to put these size 6 pants on and they wouldn't even go over my leg. Now, I decided to try and put them on again, and they fit!!! Went from a size 14 to a size 6! So very happy with my progress. πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDressed them both the same this morning for church πŸ’ž Such handsome young men!!!See this image larger15 pound loss....See this image largerA gorgeous sunset I took outside when I was walking....It is so breath taking!!!See this image largerMy 3 year old son made this gorgeous fall wreath in school today. It is so precious...πŸπŸ‚πŸŒ°See this image largerMy toddler was doing his own workout....Lol!!!See this image largerEven though my time in the Navy was cut short because I got hurt, I still am proud to have served. All I have is my dog tags and my memories. Happy Veteran''s Day to all the men and women who have served this country, past, present, and future. πŸ’žSee this image largerGot dressed up for church this morning.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerMy son's 4th Grade Fall Picture. So handsome!!! πŸŒ°πŸ‚πŸπŸ’žSee this image largerAlways loved this picture of mine and my husband's hand with our wedding rings. The flowers were made from my grandmother to go at my other Grandmother's Funeral. But we got to take the basket home. It was made into my bouquet and now it's hanging in my room, where I can have it forever....See this image largerToday God granted us favor, grace, and mercy on a situation we desperately needed for our children. I praise God for everything He has done for us. No matter what situation you are going through, always put your faith and trust in The Lord. He knows what He is doing!!! And He will see you through.....See this image largerAlways enjoyed dressing them alike....See this image largerEating a Thanksgiving lunch with my favorite 10 year old at his school todaySee this image largerMy 3 year old son was looking through my wedding pictures and he saw me in this dress, he said: Oooo, Mama's a PRINCESS!!! That really made my dayπŸ’žSee this image largerTonight was fitness night at my Son's Cub Scout Meeting. He looks like a!!!See this image largerLoving my family πŸ’žSee this image largerIt is so adorable watching my 3 year old bowl. He got a spare and he was so happy!!! Lol..See this image largerThe only family that I matter to, is my children. I know that they'll always love me, no matter how much my family and in laws ignore me...See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHad a great time playing laser tag with my son today....See this image largerThat's his "smile" for the day...Lol!!!See this image largerCould really use your prayers. My test results came back for my stomach and it tested 1 alert sign in Crohns Disease and 3 alert signs in Ulcerative Colitis. I'll be on a low fiber diet and they said drinking mushroom tea will help a lot also. I appreciate the ones who have seen me through on my weight loss journey. Just another bump in the road, but I'll cross this finish line!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPlay Classical music and your child will go from tantrum to sleepy time in minutes!!! Lol...See this image largerToo funny!!!!See this image largerHappy Thanksgiving!!!See this image largerHappy Thanksgiving From The Bunch Family!!!See this image largerYay! I managed to stay below my calories today.....See this image largerNo matter what, I will Praise the Name of Jesus!!!See this image largerI am very proud to be a mother. I want to get healthy and fit for them too. I didn't let Ulcerative Colitis get in my way and I have lost 18 pounds so far. My children are the world to me and very precious.See this image largerWhat A Journey!!!See this image largerMy 3 year old came running in and said he was Santa Clause. I just LOVE his imagination πŸ’žSee this image larger3 days of Hard work and burned over 1000 calories. I am super happy!!!See this image largerMy 3 year old traced his name all by himself.See this image largerLove looking at Christmas Lights this time of year.See this image largerLove looking at Christmas Lights this time of yearSee this image largerHappy 46th Birthday to a very sweet husband πŸ’žSee this image largerHappy Birthday to my very sweet husband, Steven Bunch!!!!See this image largerGoing to The Christmas Parade Today. My favorite picture of them bothπŸ’žSee this image largerLost a total of 20 pounds since July. 10 more to go till my goal!! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerBeautiful night for a Christmas Parade.πŸ’žSee this image largerMy son decided to decorate my cat. Lol!!! And my cat seems like he doesn't mind at all...Lol!!!See this image largerFeeling a lot better πŸ’žSee this image largerI appreciate you all very muchπŸ’žSee this image largerMy favoriteSee this image largerCan't believe next Saturday, I'll be married for 11 years already. πŸ’žSee this image largerVisited Santa Today....(Who are actually my husband's family, but My 3 year old has no clue, lol)See this image largerEnjoying ourselves at a Christmas PartySee this image largerCub Scout in the Making. My 3 year old is helping my 10 year olds cub scout pack move.See this image largerSuch a sweet picture with my 3 year old son πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLove the bond that my 2 boys have with each otherπŸ’žSee this image largerIt makes me feel so helpless😒See this image largerI noticed bread triggers the Ulcerative Colitis I have. Any advice will be muchly appreciated......See this image largerFound this at the bottom of my Grandmother's box....1999 10th grade Permian High School. (If you've ever seen the movie Friday Night Lights, that's about my high school)See this image largerLost 20 pounds in the last 5 months. Quite a difference πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSo much of a difference πŸ’žSee this image largerWe were here at Trinity's School for a Christmas Program. They were singing a very slow song and they put my baby to sleep!!!! Lol!!!See this image largerWalked 2 miles today. It's a little cool here in West Texas. But it's really nice. P.S. Love my photo bombers, Lol!!!!See this image largerMy Mini-Me...See this image largerMy family πŸ’žSee this image largerMy children with SantaSee this image largerToday is our 11th Wedding AnniversarySee this image largerMy Husband had these sent over to my house to surprise me today for our 11th Anniversary today. They are so beautiful!!!See this image largerSo Happy! Went from a large dress to a size small! Amazing what a 20 pound weight loss can do.See this image largerLove my Leather Jacket that my husband bought me for our anniversary today.See this image largerJust had a lifetime experience!!! We got to fly in a WW2 Airplane to overlook the city's lights. It was so amazing and it literally made our 11th Anniversary today!!!See this image largerHad a wonderful, unforgettable 11th Anniversary Today. Thank you so much to the 1s who wished us a Happy Anniversary. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!!!See this image largerMy 2 kids went with their grandparents out of town this weekend and they both got real sick at the same time. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I am very worried about them....See this image largerThankful for being married to him for 11 years. Praying for many more years to come. πŸ’žSee this image largerSo glad I can fit in a size small againπŸ’žSee this image largerΒ This was the plane me and my husband got to fly in. It's a World War II aircraft, a Beech C-45 Expeditor. Such an amazing experience!!!See this image largerSuch a sweet picture πŸ’ž My children sure does love our FurBaby....See this image largerTrinity Bunch gotten 3 rewards tonight from Cub Scouts. 1 for Art, Another for Fitness, And Another for Building his own Hero. Very proud of him!!!See this image largerI love my mother so much! She has really grown in the Lord and just really came out of her shell. I am super proud of her.See this image largerThese Handles for glasses without handles are pretty cool! My Dr's Brother made these out of parachute cords for my husband. It definitely comes in handy!!!See this image largerI am so proud of my son. All year He has been struggling so hard with his grades and behavior. But he also has been working so hard that he ended his 1st Semester of 4th Grade with A's and B's and his behavior is so much better. I am very proud of him and hope he has a wonderful break!!!See this image largerSuch a sweet pictureSee this image largerMerry Christmas Eve, Everyone!!!See this image largerMy husband got me this beautiful blouse. Very comfortable!See this image largerMerry Christmas 2017 From The Bunch Family!!!See this image largerGot an Elliptical Machine for Christmas. Very excited to start using it!!!See this image largerI am so proud of my family. πŸ’žSee this image largerA real bummer and very frustrating when you assemble this together and find out there are 2 things wrong with it. It knocks every time the pedals move and the pedal resistance is very hard to push even when you have the resistance on level 1. Even more frustrating when customer service won't help you....See this image largerI'm so glad I took this beautiful picture with my Canon Camera. Never seen a bird like this before. I love birds. So free!!!See this image largerHe's so cute!!!See this image largerJust ordered me a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. Excited to use it!!!See this image largerLost 21 pounds so far. Only 9 more to go till my goal! I can do this, I won't give upπŸ’žSee this image largerHappy 32nd Birthday to my little brother, Alex. He's helped me so much. I hope he has a great day!!!See this image largerSo Happy! Finally got an Elliptical that works! And it looks like fun for the kids too....See this image largerHappy 32nd Birthday to my little brother. He is such a great uncle!!!See this image largerVery happy with this machine. It takes the pressure off of my meniscus tear, but gives me the burn I need. Can only do 5 to 15 minutes at a time, but it'll gradually increase the more I use it.See this image largerHappy New Year 2018 From The Bunch FamilyπŸ’žπŸ₯‚πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡βœ¨πŸŽŠSee this image largerWhen I was pregnant with my son, my cat always curled up on my stomach and purred. I see such a bond these 2 have. My cat is 11 1/2 years old and still curls up and purrs when he is by my Son. I think that is the sweetest thing....See this image largerSee this image largerCompleted my 1st Program on the Elliptical in 10 minutes!!! So proud...See this image largerHad an amazing 20 minute workout on the Elliptical, than did house work. I feel great! Having major depression just melted away with my sweat, lol..... Looking forward to more in the days ahead!!!See this image largerI did it!!! 30 minutes on The Elliptical on day 2 on my program. Feels great!!!See this image largerI've been "ADDICTION FREE" for 4 months so far. Just gotta keep telling myself I can do better and rely on my Heavenly Father.See this image largerWent 60 minutes on The Elliptical today. 3.17 miles, and got to my step goal for today.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerReally enjoy my Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro watch. Can't wait till it's fully charged so I can enjoy it even more....πŸ˜€See this image largerGot this Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Watch today and I really enjoy It! Havnt had a watch in years, but I know this 1 comes in real handy. ☺See this image larger2 handsome young men got their haircuts today....πŸ’žSee this image largerStill got awhile to go before I can get back to where I was 2 years ago. But I'm going to fight better, work harder to get to my goal. 9 more pounds to go.See this image largerDay 1 of Level 2 on The Elliptical today. Was a little tougher, but didn't put pressure on my Meniscus Tear, but gave me the burn and workout I needed....See this image largerBeen on Sparkpeople for 6 months already. As I show progress, I see so much difference. I thank God for giving me the strength and I thank all the encouragement people have gave me. I have a torn meniscus and Ulcerative Colitis. But i never stopped giving up, no matter how bad I felt, I kept going.....See this image largerLost 22 pounds so far.....See this image largerAnother successful workout on my Elliptical Machine for 30 minutes on level 2. Now resting my leg....but Happy with my progress πŸ’žSee this image largerDecided to do something different with my hair today. Gotta pamper myself for losing all that weight. Lol....See this image largerSee this image largerDay 1 on Level 3 on the Elliptical. It did put strain on The Torn Meniscus, but I paced myself and it was a little better. But i completed my workout and feel a lot better!!!See this image largerToday, I went on ahead and went back to level 2 on The Elliptical. It's no pressure on the Meniscus Tear, but it burns a lot of calories. Happy with all the progress I made so far and the fact I never gave up....See this image largerBeautiful West Texas SunsetSee this image largerVery happy with my progress so farSee this image largerMy husband tells me it looks like I have so much fun on my Elliptical. I do! I have so much fun with my workouts. Don't treat your workouts like a chore, have fun and know you're doing this for YOU!!!See this image largerAll the progress I have made since 2017 and still going strong. Lost 22 pounds, 8 more to go!!! I have more confidence, less depressed, more energy, I got back my life.See this image largerHe's just like his Mama....lolSee this image largerMy lil country star cowboyπŸ’žSee this image largerDecided to brisk walk today.See this image largerJust how many calories do you lose when you have a Nerf Gun War with your children with 1000 darts? Lol!!!See this image largerSee this image largerMy best workout ever was today. Feeling very happy about it! Hoping for more like this, even better....πŸ’žSee this image largerAnother great workout on the Elliptical!!! Sweat is pouring out, but I'm glowing and feel so much happier!!!See this image largerI have Ulcerative Colitis and this part is the hardest for me to lose. Idk if you can see a difference. But i hope it's a good difference as I see it is slowly shrinking. But I'm never gonna give up!See this image largerGot myself dressed up and going out tonight.See this image largerI am so happy!!! After 5 years of my wedding ring on my necklace because my fingers were swelled up. I finally can put it back on my ring finger!!!See this image largerSee this image largerNo more thunder thighs for me!!! Haha!!!See this image largerAwesome work out today!!! And I finally got over that hard bump and now I'm at 139 pounds!!! I lost a total of 23 pounds so far. 8 more till my goal πŸ’žSee this image largerHard work really pays off!!! 8 more pounds till my goal. And I'm having fun working on myself....See this image largerRewarded myself for losing weight by buying me a new outfitπŸ’žSee this image largerBeen drinking 8 to 11 glasses of water a day for a month already. It's been helping me maintain my weight and clearing my skin. Gives me the energy I need also.See this image largerToday I hit the 25 pound loss mark. 5 more pounds to go till my goal πŸ’žSee this image largerHit the 25 pound loss mark. 5 more pounds to go till my goal.See this image largerOctober to January to February. January to February I drank nothing but water and Vegtable Juice. I have been eating more lean meats and fish and salads and working out on the Elliptical Machine. Several people told me that my "MamaBelly" won't go away. Well I proved them wrong! Very proud of the progress I've made so far. Looking forward to more progress in the days ahead....πŸ’žSee this image largerExactly 7 months on this program. It's been the best for me. The people on here are wonderful. I praise God for everything He has done for me. 5 more pounds to go till my goal. I believed I could do it, didn't stop and I'm doing it!!! Very proud of my selfπŸ’žSee this image largerNever give up on your hopes and dreams. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. πŸ’ž Blessings to you all on your journey to a healthier and happier you....πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žSee this image largerIf you could see this, please pray for my 10 year old son, Trinity. He was rushed to the doctors with an almost 104 degree fever. My husband is with him and I am at home with my 3 year old son. Trinity really needs your prayers. I am so worried about him. I hope they figure something out to help get this fever down. Thank you πŸ’žSee this image largerWatching my 3 year son literally doing push ups on the heart Rate handles on my Elliptical. He's got some strength!!!See this image largerMy son is home. He got tested for the flu, and they said it's too early to tell. The Dr was supposed to prescribe him some medicine, but he forgot to call it in, cause our pharmacy never received anything. We tried calling the clinic, but there are no answers and his fever goes up and down, and he has a Raw throat. He's just really tired.See this image largerThank you all for your prayers πŸ’žGod is so Good! Not only we found a way to get my Son's medication, but they gave us a big discount on 1 of the most expensive one. And we had just enough $$$ to pay for it. So far Trinity isn't running fever this morning. He's just stuffed up. But he said he's feeling alot better, than yesterday. Praise God!!!!πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy 3 year old son made this "hand bouquet" for me for Valentine's Day. So precious!!! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žSee this image largerMy mom was just in a car wreck in another town. She hurt her back as she was hit from behind. Please pray for her. Thank you all...πŸ˜”See this image largerUpdate on my mom: She's in a neck brace at the ER. Someone wrecked into her car really hard. She said her back hurts really bad. Please continue to pray for her. Thank you allπŸ’žSee this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerInstead of going out and dealing with the crowd for Valentine's, I made my husband a surprise dinner and candlelight at home, just like when he proposed to me exactly 12 years ago...πŸ’žSee this image largerI am beautiful and I am strong πŸ’žSee this image largerMy 10 year old son won this ring and gave it to me.πŸ˜‰ He's so sweet!!!See this image largerGoing on 6 months, addiction free from something I've dealt with since 8 years old. This is the longest I've been without. I can't put it online, but I can say it feels good to be free!!! Only through Christ is my STRENGTH to conquer ANYTHING!!!See this image largerGoing to try Intermittent fasting to lose my last 7 pounds. Let's see how this goes.See this image largerGoing on an 10 Commandments Hike with my Lil Cub scout πŸ’žSee this image largerProud of my son for completing the Ten Commandments Hike πŸ’žSee this image largerFree Outside Exercise Equipment at a park we're at, at every corner. Very cool!!See this image largerMy son wanted to wear his play glasses because it matches his outfit....Lol.See this image largerMy 3 year old son made a new friend. They were skipping rocks by the pondπŸ’žSee this image largerLost another pound as of today. Getting so much closer to my goal.πŸ’žSee this image largerSomeone gave me this try. It's a rice cake with cream cheese, chicken breast, tomato, and avocado. Only 400 calories for 2 of them. Makes a filling but satisfying lunch.See this image largerSee this image largerTrying hard to get rid of the stomach fat. See a little difference. Have awhile to go still.See this image largerMy Son got a very good report in school today. He took 2 practice school assessment tests in Math and he made a 95 on both!!! Very proud of him πŸ’žSee this image largerMaking funny faces with my lil one 😘 Always find the joy in your day and have fun!!!See this image largerMy loves, my life πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLost 1 1/2 pounds today. Getting so much closer to my goal πŸ’žSee this image largerWhat A coincidence! Lol....See this image largerSeize your moment and make everyday count. You are worth so much more. πŸ’ž Many blessings to you all on your journies!!!See this image largerThis jacket used to be my husband's when he was 3 years old in the 1970's. My MIL put it on my 3 year old son today. I thought that was so neat! πŸ’žSee this image largerNeeded to wear my glasses today. πŸ€“See this image largerMy Cub scout earned 3 patches and 1 science pin. πŸ’žSee this image largerMy son went on a fishing trip with his grandparents in San Angelo and he got to go on a boat. He caught 2 big fish and 1 little 1. I love seeing that big smile on his face! πŸ’žSee this image largerFor the last 4 weeks I have been doing Intermittent fasting to lose my last 10 pounds. Every Sunday, I''ve lost 1 to 2 pounds a week. I am so much closer to my goal. I couldn''t be more proud of myself, than I am right now.πŸ’žSee this image largerSince I am sick in bed, my husband made this nutritious meal for us. Only 285 calories. Very tasty!!!See this image largerMy Son's 4th Grade Spring Pictures 2018. Gosh!!! He's such a handsome young man!!!See this image larger8 months on Sparkpeople. And 6 months addiction free. Got 2 more pounds to go till I hit the 30 pound loss and 4 more to go till my goal.See this image largerThis shirt was my "GOAL" outfit. Well I tried it on, the shirt, turned into a dress. What do y all think? Does it look ok on me?See this image largerFeeling prettySee this image largerFlying kites today...Fun, Fun!!!See this image largerHard work really pays off!!!See this image largerReally sad, we lost our FurBaby, Silver of 12 years. He was just so sick. He was a great cat!See this image largerLost another pound today. So so close to my goal!!!See this image largerHappy 56th Birthday to my Wonderful Mother!!!See this image largerMy mom had a wonderful birthday today. Thank you to the ones who wished her a Happy Birthday πŸ’žSee this image largerMy husband took this of our 3 year old son πŸ’žSee this image largerOfficially lost 30 pounds!! It's been a struggle and may not be much. But I strived and never gave up!!! 1.9 more till I meet my true goal.See this image largerLost 30 pounds.See this image largerGot some brand new eye glasses yesterday. I notice I don't get headaches with these either. I like them alot! Plus I got them for free! A blessed win/win situation! πŸ€“See this image largerHaving some fun, painting eggs with my childrenSee this image largerLove my beautiful boys!!!See this image largerHad a lot of fun with my lil family at an Egg Hunt and The Carnival. Lots of exercise too!!!πŸ˜€See this image largerHappy Easter 2018 From The Bunch Family!!!See this image largerThese boys are so gorgeous!!! I am 1 blessed mother!See this image largerNo matter how much my family puts my weight down and says I need to lose more. I just gotta remind myself I worked hard for this body FOR ME!!!See this image largerEnjoying my lunch date πŸ˜‰See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI am 7 months Addiction Free!!! This is the longest I've been without.See this image larger"NON-SCALE VICTORY!!!" I can cross my legs all the way. I could not do that this time last year...πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰See this image largerHappy 60th Birthday to my DadSee this image largerHappy 4th Birthday to my Wonderful Son, Nathan!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerMy son Loves Power Rangers! So I am going to surprise him with this huge 5 foot 6 Inch balloon since its his 4th Birthday today. Can't wait to see his reaction!See this image largerHappy 4th Birthday to my Wonderful Son, Nathan! πŸ’žSee this image largerBirthday Boy's Expression to his giant balloon!!! Lol!!!See this image largerNathan had a wonderful 4th birthday today. Thank you so much for the ones who told him happy birthday. It meant so much to the both of us!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerBeen on Sparkpeople for 9 months already and been addiction free almost 8 months now. Learned so much how to take care of myself. Now I'm maintaining my weight and feeling a lot better about myself. I give all the praise to God!!! Sparkpeople is a fantastic tool. Never give up hope. Hard work is always worth it!!See this image largerOn 2 medical tests, they were both normal! Praise God for that!!! Thank you so much for praying for me. The other major test I won't know until next week. It has to do with my stomach and pancreas. I'm still praying for good results. πŸ’žSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter doing really good maintaining my weight.See this image largerMy 4 year old son says these are "so cute pictures." Lol.....hes right about that! πŸ’žSee this image largerA beautiful bird landed on our windowsill of our vehicle. So glad I took this picture with his wings open. So beautiful!!!πŸ’žSee this image larger🎢My heart beating, my soul breathingΒ  I found my life when I laid it downΒ  Upward falling, spirit soaringΒ  I touch the sky when my knees hit the groundβ€¦πŸŽ΅See this image largerPrayers for our family. My Great Uncle Sarge is in the hospice house. He is my grandmother's brother. He had some amazing stories about WW2 and he is an amazing person all together....See this image largerFinally got to reward myself for losing 30 pounds and got my hair done!!! I like it alot!!!See this image largerSo glad I was able to get my hair done to reward myself for losing 30 pounds.See this image largerGetting my life together 1 step at a time. It's been a struggle, but with Christ, all things are possible!!!See this image largerBUFFALO TRAIL SCOUTING RANCH, Fort Davis, Texas.....Saturday, April 28th, 2018.See this image largerMy 4 year old son says: "I'm strong, I got muscles!!!" Lol....See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI am 8 months Addiction free. This is the longest I've been without and still going strong. πŸ’žSee this image largerI am so glad some things never change....πŸ’žSee this image largerMy Great Uncle passed away today. 😒See this image largerWest Texas SunsetSee this image largerPretending to be Firefighters with my kids!!! Lol...See this image largerTomorrow Morning I'm having a Endoscopy Procedure, and Biopsy done in my Upper Abdomen. Your thoughts and prayers are muchly Appreciated!!! Thank you all....πŸ’žSee this image largerGoodnight and many blessings on your journies!!! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žSee this image largerEndoscopy Procedure and Biopsy done on my upper Abdomen in a little glad my husband is with me.See this image largerThey found a lot of inflammation in my erythema. And they did a biopsy to check for stomach cancer, but won't know the results for that in a couple of weeks.See this image largerMy Mother's Day Gift from my 4 year old. He made it in school and could not wait to give it to me!!! Lol....So sweet!!!See this image largerMy Dad Sent me some beautiful flowers for Mother's Day....🌻🏡🌹See this image largerHappy Mother's Day!!!See this image largerAwesome Mother's Day Gift. And I'm not just talking about my new porch swing. Lol...πŸ˜‰Love my kids so much!!!See this image largerMother's Day 2018See this image largerSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Doing really good maintaining my weight.See this image largerFeeling happy that I'm getting my life back!See this image largerSo Thankful my son is promoted to the 5th Grade!!!See this image larger9 Months Addiction free from a 25 year addiction!!! This is the most I've done without....Counting each day as I'm getting stronger and taking back my life...See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerTrinity got the Ross awesome award for the MOST hardworking, improved student in 4th Grade. So very proud of him!!!See this image largerSo so very proud of my baby!!! Now he's promoted to the 5th Grade...πŸ’žSee this image largerTrinity got rewarded 7 awards tonight in Cub Scouts. He got his rank Webelo, Hike, 1st Aid, Chef, Sports, Duty to God, and Gamers!!! So so proud of him!!!See this image largerPraying for the best!!!See this image largerYears of tearing myself down, looking for love in all the wrong places and years of rejection, depression, addiction, and anxiety, it's so amazing, with the right help, HOW AMAZING and FREE I FEEL!!!! Just really loving everyone and loving life even more!!! #9monthsaddictionfree #30poundslostSee this image largerBeautiful West Texas SunsetSee this image largerHe says he's leading his friend to the spray park safely. πŸ’ž Lil' Gentleman in the making.See this image largerLate Mother's Day Gift, Early Father's Day Gift from my Mother in Law. So thankful for her. πŸ’ž#NewDishwasherworksgreatSee this image largerMy husband chose me to be his beautiful bride. Now is the time to choose me too!!!See this image largerI took this picture of my son and his friend. Sweet kids!!!See this image largerHe's leaving me tomorrow for church camp for a week!!! πŸ˜‚ But i know he'll have a blast!!! Gonna miss him so much....😘See this image largerI Took this in Port Aransas, Texas. Love this place!!!See this image largerWas blessed seeing this photo today. My Great Grandparents. My Great Grandfather was a 1st Sergeant in the Infantry in WW2. He died when he was ONLY 40 years old in the war.See this image largerMy baby left for Church Camp today!!! Gonna miss him so much, but I am so glad he is going to have an amazing experience!!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerVery thankful that The Church Camp is posting pictures and videos. So far He looks like he's having such a wonderful time. God is so good!!!See this image largerMy Baby is home from camp after a week being gone!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerHappy Father's Day to my Wonderful Husband, Steven Bunch. I thank God, our highest Father for giving us 2 beautiful, handsome, wonderful boys. I love God so much and everything He has done for us. πŸ’ž And Steven is so great with them and has been there for them, just like God is always there for us. To teach, to mold, to love, to heal.See this image largerFinally got to fit in my Grandmother's skirt πŸ’ž #nonscalevictorySee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Been a year, since I was at my heaviest. So proud of the progress I made. Keeping on maintaing my weight. Also going on 10 months Addiction free. The most I've been without.See this image largerGet out from behind the camera and live a little, don't hide your beauty.....See this image largerLove this picture of my mom and Trinity that my husband took last night....See this image largerCan't believe it's been 2 years since I held my last grandmother's hand before she passed away. She is always in my heart stronger than ever. I am so glad I took this photo. πŸ’žSee this image largerMy dog tag accidently fell on the street. Some ran over it and someone else recognized my name and gave it to my mom to give back to me. All I have left is my memories and these dog tags from The United States Navy. Even though I got hurt, I still got to come home. πŸ’žI will always remember!!!See this image largerπŸ’žMy heart beating, my soul breathing. I found my life when I laid it down!Β Upward falling, spirit soaring! I touch the sky when my knees hit the groundβ€¦πŸŽΆ #10MonthsAddictionFreeSee this image largerHappy 4th of July Everyone!!!See this image largerFinally looking decent in a bathing suit....#nonscalevictorySee this image largerI am very pretty. Got Jesus in my Heart, Lost 30 pounds, going on 11 months Addiction free, got a job, got my husband and my beautiful children. Getting my life together and couldn't be more prouder of myself πŸ’žSee this image largerI found this beautiful picture on a SD Card in my Canon Camera. My 10 year old son, Trinity took a really good picture of my 4 year old son Nathan!!!! I know he has already talent in photography...See this image largerHe made the Transformer say: " Hello Pretty Lady!!!" Lol.....See this image largerKinda disappointed in myself. Gained 12 pounds because of medication I'm taking. But i am doing my best and that's all that matters. Still staying active as much as I can. Can't give up hope.See this image largerOfficially a Registered PRESCHOOLER!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerBeen on Sparkpeople for a Year now and it changed my life for the better.See this image largerOfficially a Registered 5th Grader!!! Last year of Elementary School!!!See this image largerHaving fun on vacation πŸ’žSee this image largerWas in a major car accident. I'm the only 1 that got hurt. Need prayers.See this image largerWas seated right next to the window that shattered. On the outside i was covered in glass. On the inside, I was covered by the Grace of God. I only got sore muscles, a couple of scraps and most importantly my family unharmed! I look at this picture with tears in my eyes, emotion but with thankfulness. Thankfulness that God sent his angels to protect my babies, my husband and my mother in law. Thankfulness to all that put us in your prayers. Love you all! πŸ’•See this image largerThey wanted to dress alike today...πŸ’žSee this image largerStill a little sore on my left side of neck and my scalp is sensitive from the bad wreck we had last week. But i am Thankful to be alive and doing my best to stay positive, even when I feel like crying. Thank you all for being there for me and your thoughts and prayers. πŸ’žSee this image largerFeeling alot better and beautiful today!See this image largerGoing to a super hero costume party for back to scouts! #USAALLTHEWAYSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy Xray results from the bad car accident....See this image largerToday is my 34th Birthday and I am also 11 months Addiction free!!!See this image largerSpending my Birthday Dinner at my favorite restaurant with my hot husband. I appreciate so much for the Birthday Wishes!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerHe reached the top!!!See this image largerTrinity's 1st Day of 5th Grade!!! Last Year in Elementary...See this image largerFeeling pretty todaySee this image largerNathan's Pre-K Teacher! He's excited to start Monday!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerπŸ’žSee this image largerHe's gonna be a Blue Owl in Pre-K and sit at a really cool desk. He drew a rainbow on his name tag also. I think he is definitely ready to start Monday!!! πŸ¦‰See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI used to think i was so ugly all the time, tearing myself down constantly. But I'm so glad I can see the beauty in God's eyes in myself.See this image largerGreat news today!!!See this image largerMy Baby's 1st Day of Pre-K!!!See this image larger1st Day of Pre-KSee this image largerHe had a Great 1st Day of Pre-K!!! So very proud of the handsome young man he is becoming!!!See this image largerMy son made a beautiful wall shelf for cub scouts. He did a great job!!!See this image largerFeeling heartbroken!!!😒See this image largerVery happy to be a Webelo, Arrow of Light Den Leader for Cub Scouts!!!See this image largerMe and my sonSee this image largerGetting ready to put up flags for 9/11 Ceremony and My son got to meet the Chief of PoliceSee this image largerLove my family!!!See this image largerLove how this photo turned out!!!See this image largerGot to be on the news to teach our little cub scouts the Meaning of 9/11 and to our community.See this image largerI am so greatful to say that I am 1 YEAR ADDICTION FREE!!See this image largerSuch a beautiful day πŸ’™See this image largerMy son had a Grandparents Luncheon yesterday at his preschool to celebrate grandparents. Love these pictures!!!See this image largerFinally got my den leader patchSee this image largerMy 4 year old son wrote his name all by himself!!! So proud of himπŸ’™See this image largerMy boys made friends with some policemen tonightπŸ’ž My youngest was just talking up a storm with them. So neat!!!See this image largerI completed my therapy with very little pain.See this image largerSo proud of my son!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerVery thankful!!!See this image larger1 YEAR & 1 MONTH ADDICTION FREE!!!See this image largerGet to take care of this sweet, precious face for awhile for my mom. The kitten just had colon surgery and is being such a joy to be with.See this image largerIf you're reading this, I am very thankful for you all. This community always lifts me up when I get down. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.πŸ’žSee this image largerHappy 11th Birthday to my gorgeous 1st born son, Trinity!!!See this image largerThis is a great trust exercise for married couples!!!!!! Lol!!!!See this image largerTrinity had an awesome 11th Birthday today!!! Thank you so much to all who wished him a Happy Birthday!! It really means a lot to us!! πŸ’žSee this image largerDeactivated my Facebook for awhile. Maybe I'll be happier on here, knowing that people actually care on here, than on Facebook.....See this image largerMy 4 year old took an assessment test at his school and I thought this was very interesting!!!See this image largerI've always had a huge heart for the Jews and always had such sympathy and compassion to all the lives lost in the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps. Well recently when my Grandmother was in the Hospice House, I found out She was Half Jewish and I'm part Jewish as well. Never knew this at all, till now. But I'm doing a lot more research now. Finding some very interesting stuff!See this image largerMy new kitten, SandieπŸ’žSee this image largerHere's Sandie's full body. She is precious!!!See this image largerSandie with Grandpa Silver πŸ’žSee this image largerMy baby got 1st place in his school Tryk-a-thon!!! So cute!!!See this image largerThis kitten is so cool!! Lol!!!See this image largerInstead of calling him, Sandie, my family agreed to call him "Bandit". It is a male, but just as precious as can be!!! He's 1 MONTH old . Just love him so much!!! πŸ’žSee this image largerPrayers for my husband, Steven. He's got a bone spur on his heel. Thank you so much.See this image largerBandit looks so blended in my!See this image largerMy little kitten died this morning. I don't understand what happened!!! 😒😒😒See this image largerPrayers for my 4 year old son, Nathan. We're here at the Dr. He woke up with a bad neckache....😒See this image largerSo so sad that my kitten died. 😒 He used to love laying on my chest, so he could hear my heartbeat.See this image largerI'm beautiful just the way I am....See this image largerMy 4 year old's Preschool Fall Pictures....Im in love!!! πŸ’ž He looks so grown upSee this image largerMy cub scout got his 1st awards in Arrow of Light. He got 2 summer rewards, built it pin, and around the world pin. So proud of him!!!See this image largerCan't eat any type of nuts anymore. It flairs up my antrum in my stomach and causes a severe gastritis attack. Really stinks cause I love cashews and Pecans, but can't eat them anymore....😞See this image largerGoing to a Halloween party tonightSee this image largerDid my own makeup and hair for the Halloween party tonight....See this image largerFor the last few months ive been doing color by number pixal art to cope with the pain and emotional things that had happened in these past few months. I'm so glad God shows us just the little things that He is always there and is defiantly taking care of us. Such beautiful art!!!!See this image largerToday is my Father in Laws Birthday, but he had a appendicitis attack and is in surgery this morning. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you all...See this image largerMy Father in Law is out of surgery and resting in the hospital....See this image largerFinished another pixel art project....Amazing pictures!!!!See this image largerI did gain some weight during these past few months, because of meds. But I am happy and more confident then what I was at my heaviest and at my lowest.See this image largerAnother pixel project I finished. If anybody is wondering where I get this from, I get it from my phone app called Pixyfy. It is a lot of different pictures, you zoom in and it's color by number. When your finished, the challenging ones make a beautiful photo. The easy ones are easy, the medium ones are great too. And you get to make your own drawings. Love my new hobby!!!See this image largerEven though my time in the Navy was cut short because I got hurt, I still am proud to have served. All I have is my dog tags and my memories. Even though it's tomorrow, Happy Veteran's Day to all the men and women who have served this country, past, present, and future. πŸ’žSee this image largerDecember 16th, 2006See this image largerI've been married to him for almost 12 years next month and I have to say I just love candid photos like these. You can act silly together without a care in the world, but all that matters is we are happy and we are happy together!!!See this image largerEven though my time in the Navy was cut short because I got hurt, I still am proud to have served. All I have is my dog tags and my memories. Happy Veteran's Day to all the men and women who have served this country, past, present, and future. πŸ’žSee this image largerPlease keep my son, Trinity in your thoughts and prayers. He is really sick. I appreciate y all very much!See this image largerGot to spend time with my baby at his Thanksgiving Feast at his school today. πŸ’žSee this image largerDoing pixel art projects makes me have so much appreciation that I am a photographer and everything I see has such beauty....See this image largerI went in the Dr because I had a high fever and my neck hurt so badly, but my respiratory system was just fine. They tested me for Meningitis and Flu. I tested negative for them both, but I test positive for Infection. I had a leakage in my neck from the car accident. They gave me steroids to help the infection. Could really use prayers.See this image largerI love my job with the Cub Scouts!!!See this image largerMy son is learning a lot of Spanish at his preschool. Everyday he says Spanish words and today it seemed like he said a full sentence in Spanish. I am very proud of him.See this image largerGoing down Memory Lane.....Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWhile I'm sick in bed, my mom brong her cat over to come comfort me. He's beautiful!!See this image largerJust posting to say hi!See this image largerTrinity's 5th Grade Fall Pictures....πŸ’žSee this image largerHe's going to be in Junior High next year, should I be afraid of the girls or he's such a heart throbber?See this image largerI was a victim of all kinds of abuse. But today I'm getting through it and I'm a SURVIVOR!!!See this image largerNathan's Preschool Christmas Pictures πŸ’žSee this image largerTrinity got his recruiter badge in cub scouts. He recruited 2 scouts. πŸ’žSee this image largerHappy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Steven!!!See this image largerSteven Bunch had a really tough birthday today. But at the end, he got to spend it with really good company. He thanks you all for the birthday wishes. Please keep us in your prayers. We're fighting a tough battle with a family member, but in the end, God wins!!!See this image largerI'm me and that's all I can be.....See this image largerFor the first time since I was in the big car accident in July, I managed to clean 3 rooms and cook a wonderful new dish for my family. It was a struggle, but I accomplished something and that's all that matters....See this image largerI am so proud of Trinity!See this image largerI made these folders for my Webelo Kids!!See this image largerI hardly ever told anyone this, but when my Grandmother was in hospice in 2016, I have learned for the 1st time that my heritage was part Jew. So I just wanted to say to my fellow Jews, Happy 5th Night of Hanukkah.See this image largerJust playing around.....See this image largerHaving fun with my 4 year old with trick photography. 😁See this image largerLove the way I did my makeup today...See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNavy Veteran here....Go Navy!!!!!See this image larger2 handsome lil guys got their haircuts today!!!See this image largerπŸ’žSee this image largerEven though I'm on medicine that makes me gain weight, the last year I've been doing good, keeping 20 pounds off. I am 1 YEAR and 3 months ADDICTION FREE!!!!See this image largerFinished my pixel art project. So beautiful!!!See this image largerHis last Christmas program in Elementary school....Bittersweet!!!See this image largerFinally!!! The West Texas Desert has heavy snow and it's beautiful!!!See this image largerThis handsome lil guy had his 1st Christmas program in Pre-k!!! He did so good!!!!See this image largerIt's pretty cool running into my 1st grade teacherπŸ’žSee this image largerI just went to the Dr and i have severe bronchitis and my asthma flared up again. So she gave me 2 inhalers and cough medicine to help me rest. I don't have and infections or viruses. Just keeping base with you.See this image largerMy Early Anniversary And Christmas present from my wonder husband.See this image largerSometimes I don't see the beauty in me and others don't see it either. But I'm seeing so much beauty in me everyday.See this image largerHaving fun with photoshopSee this image largerTrinity and his friend made a cool cardboard sewing machine for a project for school. Not bad for their first time!!!See this image largerOfficially a Trained Cub Scout Leader. Earned my patch Tonight!See this image largerHappy 12th Year Anniversary to my husband, Steven!!!πŸ’•See this image largerThank yall for the Anniversary wishes. πŸ’• Today we're going to go on a day trip, just me and him. Happy 12th anniversary, to me and my husband!!!See this image largerEnjoying our Day Anniversary trip to San Angelo. And for the 1st time, since the accident, I wasn't afraid to go out. I'm enjoying our time together and that's all that matters.See this image largerThank you all for the Anniversary wishes. Here's to 12 +++ more!!!!See this image largerSuch beautiful Christmas lights in San Angelo, TexasSee this image largerMy husband gave me this yesterday and it made me burst into tears...See this image largerFinally got colored contactsSee this image largerThese 2 look like they're ready for a break from school.See this image largerThings are really coming together for me....See this image largerNathan's Pre-K picture with Santa and his reindeer....,πŸ’•See this image largerFamily is fighting way too much.....See this image largerPlease keep my son, Nathan in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you allπŸ’•See this image largerMy boys are the best gifts ever!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerπŸ˜”See this image largerMerry Christmas from the Bunch Family!!!!See this image largerTaking care of myself the best I can!See this image largerThis is probably the happiest I've ever been for awhile when I got my leaders badge.πŸ’•See this image largerI know alot of people are mad about the help I'm getting. But I'm happy that I'm getting the right help from God's leadership. It's been a long road and God has blessed me with the Cub Scouts, My Church's Dance Ministry, and Photography. God has promised me all that since I was a little girl.And mostly I want to set a good example to my wonderful boys. The enemy has been attacking so hard, but at the end of the day, GOD WINS!!!! I dont want to fight with anyone, I just want to be happy.See this image largerThank you all!See this image largerMy 4 year old son doesn't want us to take the tree down....Lol!!!See this image largerHappy Birthday to my Brother Alex!!!See this image largerI really needed a beer for emotional support, but today, I'm being strong and saying NO!!!!See this image largerMy Brother said thank you all for the birthday wishes. He had a great day!See this image largerMe and my Husband has been together 13 years today!See this image largerI thought being off of this site because I Was disappointed in my self for gaining 20 pounds after losing 30 pounds cause of medication. But seeing me now, it looks like I'm filling out nicely. I'm dancing 1-2 times a day, staying active with the Cub Scouts and drinking more water. I have a really swollen right leg again cause of a torn meniscus from The Navy. And I really need y'alls help to get back on trackSee this image largerPraying for a Healthy Marriage. And getting my family away from my toxic Father in Law.....See this image largerTrinity was the only 1 in his class that got the Perfect Attendance Award. What I'm praising God for is that this is his 1st 1 in his Elementary Career. I praise God for his healing, I praise God for a better year in his 5th grade year.See this image largerHavnt done a picture with my husband in a while....LOL!!! 😁😎See this image largerA game he played at kids church and won!😁See this image largerLooking at this picture from last year, is my motivation to start this program again.See this image largerMy son's teacher sent this to me of my son and his learning partner. So cute!!!See this image largerLost 3 pounds so far....See this image largerWalked 1 mile just to have breakfast with my sweet son at his school. πŸ’•See this image largerLost 2 more pounds today....πŸ’•See this image largerWalked 1/2 a mile today...See this image largerI am beautiful no matter what they say.....See this image largerWent to the Dr. She felt something too. Had labs done and I have a fibrocystic severe infection. So she gave me powerful antibiotics that will make me sick, but to try and clear out the infection. If it's still there, she'll have me go get a mammogram.See this image larger12 years ago I got hurt while serving in the United States Navy. I shouldn't be put down and disrespected because I cant do certain things.....See this image largerGetting my lil cubscouts ready for an obstacle course!!! They are learning about fitness!!!See this image largerThe lump in my breast seems to got a little bit bigger. Going back to my dr.See this image largerMy 4 year old found a way to do pull ups on my Elliptical Machine😎See this image largerSuddenly my 4 year old son turned into a 100 year old man.......Its dress up day for the 100th Day of School!!! Lol!!!See this image largerI got the privilege to minister to little cub scouts one of the 10 commandments. I got the 9th commandment, Do not lie. Braved the 20* cold, God gave me the strength and it turned out awesome!!!!See this image largerScout Sunday. Proud of all our scouts and leaders!!!See this image largerScout SundaySee this image largerSo proud of my cubscout. He is an arrow of light this year, the highest honor in cubscouts and he'll cross that bridge into boy scouts in May. #SCOUTSUNDAYSee this image largerHe says he's doing his exercises. He's so strong on those cute!See this image largerSee this image largerHe seems excited!!!😘 Lol...So cute!!!See this image largerMy 4 year old cast and caught 3 of these in a row all by himself. Wow!See this image largerGot both, science and social studies projects done with my 5th grader sure is a workout in itself. But we got it done and are so relieved!!!See this image largerPlease pray for me.....See this image largerMy Son, Trinity got 1st place on his Science Project!!! So proud of him!!!πŸ’•See this image largerOhmygoodness!! My precious 13 year old Silver has been found. The mailman told my mom, he's been staying at an elderly couple's house a block over and that he's blind. He couldn't find his way home for 5 months.😒 I've had dreams about him coming home. And everyday I called out his name. I'm so glad he's home now, I can take good care of him. I praise God for this miracle!!!See this image largerMy 11 year old, son caught 19 fish!!!!See this image largerI lost 6 pounds!!!See this image largerMy baby of 13 years, passed away tonight. πŸ˜’πŸ’”See this image largerHe did a presentation about China. He did awesome!See this image largerI got to eat food from around the world with my baby today at his school. It was great!See this image largerHaven't posted in awhile. Wanted to say Good Morning to you on this lovely day!!!See this image largerHappy 57th Birthday to the Queen, my Mother!!!!😎😁See this image largerMy son and his best friend, Micah just sitting on a racecar.😎See this image largerHappy 57th to my Mom! Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes!!!See this image largerReally hurting. What can I do?See this image largerAll of a sudden, My 4 year old wanted sushi. So we took him. His 1st bite of sushi and he actually likes it!!!See this image largerMaking carepackages for our military. We got alot of Donations. God is good. Our Military is good and they deserve it and so much more!!!See this image largerWent Ice skating with my baby.See this image largerGreat afternoon with my kidsπŸ’•See this image largerI Had an important interview yesterday. They were deciding today. Please help me pray that I'll get over this bump, no matter what the outcome may be...Thank you!See this image largerPraying I get this job in the summer...See this image largerLookin' like a model!!!See this image largerYou never know how much your heart could melt, until you get a surprise gift from your child that is so simple, innocent, and pure. But with so full of love.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•See this image largerFinally got my cap!See this image largerI am so worried, no matter how many times I called in these last 2 months. The Insurance still havnt approved for me to have a sonogram and a mammogram. The lump has gotten a little bigger. I'm worried that I keep on being forgotten.See this image larger"BIG MILESTONE!!!!" My almost 5 year old can ride a bike without training wheels!!!!See this image largerMy almost 5 year old rode a bike without training wheels the 1st time today. I am so proud of him!See this image largerLast Night Trinity earned 6 awards In Cubscouts! Next month he'll be getting to Graduate to a Boy Scout with a Major Award!See this image largerPlaying football with my lil one..😎See this image largerHappy 5th Birthday to my precious son. NATHAN!!!!See this image largerBreakfast with my birthday boy at his school today πŸ’•See this image largerMy son had a wonderful 5th birthday today! Thank you all for the wishes.πŸ’•See this image largerFound out I lost 10 pounds at the drs office. That really made my day!See this image largerMy son, Trinity's 5th Grade Spring Picture....See this image largerFound a wedding picture of my great great great Grandparents from my dads, dads side. I just love history!!!!See this image largerSo sweet!See this image largerHappy Easter 2019 From The Bunch Family!!!See this image largerLed this group of cub scouts and parents on a 3 mile hike. They did a great job!!!See this image largerWalked 3 miles today! Proud of my group! Lost 235 Calories.See this image largerMy 5 year old son walked 3 miles today and he made a new friend...See this image largerWatching a hornet up close building a nest. Actually quite interesting!!!See this image largerMy family really needs prayers, thank you so much!See this image largerGot up, got my makeup on, and feeling pretty!See this image largerMy Son, Nathan Graduated Pre-K today!!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWe are very proud of our son!See this image largerMy son, Trinity won 3rd place in his whole division at the Pinewood Derby!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger2 Adorable monkeys up in the tree!!!See this image largerFinally got his diploma! πŸ’•πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“See this image largerI hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day Tomorrow, just like you are Everyday! This goes out to the single dads too!See this image largerFound this sweetheart underneath my shed....See this image largerHaving fun at the park with his graduating class πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ’•See this image largerI've been 1 year Alcohol Free!!!!See this image largerGrew some pretty flowers in my yard for the spring!See this image largerLost 15 pounds so far!!!See this image largerMade T shirts for the very 1st time. What do you think of them?See this image largerFrom the 1st day of Kindergarten Elementary to the Last Day of 5th Grade Elementary. ON TO JR. HIGH HE GOES!!!!😎☹See this image largerHe graduated cubscouts and is officially an Arrow of Light, the biggest thing in cubscouts and walked the Bridge to Boyscouts!!! More pictures to come....See this image largerGot my 1st leadership knot and a beautiful plaque! In August I'm going to be teaching the Lions, which are Kindergartners. Very excited about it!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy great grandfather served in the Army in WW2 and there are many generations before him who served in different wars. I am glad that I got to follow in their footsteps. Always Remember!!!See this image larger1 day I'll have my own photo gallery. As I look and took this picture, it made me so happy. Along with physical, mental and emotional are just as important in your everyday health. Do what you love, be who you are. JUST GO FOR IT!!!! You all can do this!!!!See this image largerPicture I took from the roof! I see so much comfort....See this image largerHe decided to make a bed in a box and made himself comfortable!!!πŸ˜… Exercise Lessons 101 from a 5 year old...See this image largerFeeling Emotional, especially on very low finances.....See this image largerTook on the roof and edited itSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Lost 15 pounds so far. Lost Quite a bit of my stomach fat and alot of swelling went down in my legs.See this image largerI love the expression on his face. 1st time reaching the top!!!See this image largerMy son working hard on that canoe. So proud of him!!!See this image largerTug of WarSee this image largerMy son got a bullseye!!!See this image largerhad a major car accident. I hurt my leg pretty bad and whiplash on my left side. Very dizzy.See this image largerMy results came back and just got alot of Muscle pain and my leg is banged up. They are giving me pain meds....Thank you for caring about me. Hugs to you all.See this image largerMy 11 year old son bought me this beautiful ring while he was away. He is so precious to me!See this image largerThank you, Lord!!!See this image largerFeeling pained....See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSo far so good!See this image largerHe's been practicing very hard and he finally can do a full split!See this image largerHappy 4th of July!!!See this image largerMy All American Family πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI always call my son, Trinity, my sunshine because he was born in the morning. Today he bought me this bear! My heart is overflowing!!!πŸ’•See this image largerMy son bought me this with his own money. πŸ’•See this image largerMy husband is a flying fish!!! Lol....See this image largerGot to be with my God Son today😎See this image largerOfficially a Registered Kindergartener( Elementary) and a Registered 6th Grader (Jr. High)!!!!See this image largerHe got his Scout Rank tonight and I got pinned!!! Yay, Trinity!!!!See this image largerToo funny!!! Lol!!πŸ˜…See this image largerMe and My 5 year old, Nathan's Conversation: ME: You get to meet your teacher in 2 days!! Are you excited? NATHAN: I'm scared! ME: Awww, dont be scared, Mommy will be with you. NATHAN: No, I'm scared of school!! ME: You'll do just fine, you are so smart. NATHAN: NO!!! I'm scared that all the girls will look at me!!! Lol, idk what to think about that!!!See this image largerReady for JR High Monday!!!See this image largerNathan got to meet his Kindergarten teacher. Sweet baby was so scared. But his teacher found time for him to comfort him.πŸ’•See this image largerToday is my 35th BirthdaySee this image largerThank you all for the Love and Birthday Wishes for my birthday today. I appreciate them so much!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•See this image larger35 and Stayin' Alive!!! 🎢Ah ah ah Stayin Alive, Staying Alive!!!🎡 Lol...See this image largerMy little Lion Cub Scout!!! 1st day in Cubscouts πŸ’•See this image largerMy 5 year old standing on his head and doing the splits. All I can say is WOW!!!See this image largerPLEASE PRAY!!! There is a shooting spree in Odessa Texas streets and my son is very near it. Please, please pray!!!!See this image largerBoth of my boys are finally home safely after being on lock down with my parents in their shop. The shooter is dead. But there are 21 injured and 5 dead. Our city was on lock down all day and all night.See this image largerMy Mystique Costume for a video and of course Halloween.See this image largerGetting his 1st badge as a Lion Cubscout!!!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMy 5 year old son got Student of the Month!!! So proud of him!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•See this image largerGot to celebrate with my handsome Kindergartener today. So proud of him!!!See this image largerHappy 12th Birthday, to my Precious 1st Born Son, Trinity!!!!!See this image largerThank you all that wished Trinity a Happy Birthday!!! He had a wonderful day!!! I am very blessed to call this Sweet Boy my son!!!See this image largerWent to a Costume party last as a Ice Queen.....See this image largerAt 12 years old, my son still likes to cuddle with meπŸ’•See this image largerMy 5 year old does this at least 5xs a day......😎See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNathan's Kindergarten Fall Pictures!!! So adorable!!! πŸ’•See this image largerTrinity's 6th Grade, 1st Junior High Fall Pictures. He's becoming a young adult now, but still so handsome!!!!See this image largerI cut my hair MYSELF for the 1st time....What do yall think?See this image largerToday is our 13th Wedding Anniversay!!!See this image largerSteven Bunch and I would like to give our sincerest gratitude for the Anniversary Wishes. Here's to many 13 +++ more!!!! πŸ’•Thank you all so much!!!!See this image largerMerry Christmas from The Bunch Family!!! πŸ’•πŸŽ„πŸŽSee this image largerNathan got a Academic Growth Award, A Citizen Champion Award, and is on The A/B Honor Roll!!!!! So so proud of him!!!!See this image largerI haven't been on here awhile. But I'm thinking about trying this program again. I've gained 50 pounds in 1 year and a half because I'm on 3 antidepressants and I have severe gastritis with a tear on my stomach lining. I dont know where to start. I find it hard to get motivated and I'm just miserable. Please help and pray for me, Thank you!See this image largerToday is my 36th BirthdaySee this image largerThank you all for the Birthday wishes!!!!See this image largerMy belated birthday present from my mom πŸ’. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch.See this image largerHappy 13th Birthday to my wonderful Son, Trinity today! He had a great day!!! πŸ’•πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’See this image largerIf you see this, please keep us in your thoughts in prayers. My six year old son has Covid, and my oldest is living with his Nana, until my lil boy feels better. Thank you all!See this image largerHappy 49th Birthday to my wonderful Husband!!! And a photo bombed 6 year old Cutie, who is feeling so much better, after he was struggling with Covid.See this image largerToday is our 14th Wedding Anniversary πŸ’’See this image largerThank you everyone for the Anniversary wishes!!! 14 years, its been one heck of a ride!!! But i wouldn't imagine any other way!!!! Haha!!!See this image largerI know only a few care, but if you see this, my 6 year old son, Nathan is having Major Surgery Tomorrow at 9:30am in Monahans. He is very scared and my heart is breaking. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.See this image largerMy 6 year old son Nathan is prepared for surgery. Should take a few hours.... My heart is in the pit of my stomach. Jesus take the wheel. I can't do this on my own. πŸ˜ͺSee this image largerHe's in recovery.... Surgery was successful. I appreciate those who prayed for him so much!!!! Now the healing begins!!!See this image largerSee this image largerIf you see this, please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers. This morning, she collapsed in her bedroom and had a mini stroke. She's resting now, but still in pain....See this image largerI weigh 195 pounds. I have hypothyroidism. I never gained this much in my life! I started Keto today. Time to stop crying and time to take care of myself. I've been taking 2 D3, zinc, and vitamin c and dexilant for my severe gastritis. Its been giving me motivation and over riding my antidepressants. So I'm hoping to loose weight. Cause I dont want to look like this anymore. Any advice or prayers will be great!

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