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See this image largerday 7 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 1/14/2017See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 1/23/2017See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerI'm back from my 25-day trip to London, Ireland, Wales and Scotland! SparkPeople didn't work across the pond, so I was just careful. I managed to lose 2.4 pounds!!See this image largerI always have a tough time getting 25% protein in my daily life- but not today! Seafood stuffed salmon to the rescue! #pescatarian #fishgal #proteinSee this image largerI enjoyed a halloumi burger and sweet potato fries😊 I normally don't eat fried anything, but they were tasty and filling and healthy. #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerFor me, the BEST burger is a chipotle salmon burger! It's got caramelized onion English cheddar, thin tomato & cucumber slices, spring mix and a grainy mustard. So Good!See this image largerTomorrow I''m stepping into an aggressive journey, but I will begin by sharing a photo of myself (tomorrow) - that will terrify me to share! Please help me stay encouraged and I''ll blog to hold fast to my focus and goal. Cheers!See this image largerOkay so I can't get the blog, photo upload feature to work, so I made it a post. This is my putting myself "Out There". I'm a size 18/20 in a 16 for short-term goal purposes. I'm sharing my muffin top and abnormal shape to say I won't be looking like this the next 3-4 months. I've already lost 38 pounds. I'm trying to be brave like so many of you. #goals #shorttermgoals #muffintop #blog #See this image largeris pumped and 9 pounds lighter!See this image largerI am pescatarian at the moment, and I am proud of my journey. My next move is to let go of my beloved fish- NOT to follow fad, but because the lifestyle has made improvements health wise. Does anyone have a book to suggest in my transition? This has so far been me alone😊 Thanks!!See this image larger🏃🏾‍♀️Just finished my 90-minute, morning jog. I'm as fast as a turtle in midwestern snow, but I'm going! 🐢See this image largerMy last author photo. My cheeks look fat, but I like this one.(1 comments)See this image largerToday was good. I passed my daily burn goal and I just finished some weight training. I'm very happy with today and eager for tomorrow😊 #fitness #100tolosegoal #lovemyselfSee this image largerday 14 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 8/1/2017(1 comments)See this image largerMy Mid-Week Challenge: Tonight I screen Sony's The Dark Tower and I'm not taking any money for snacks. I'm drinking a high protein chocolate shake instead. Wish me luck! #innerstrength #nopopcorn #midweekchallengeSee this image largerMy website and biggest hobby.(1 comments)See this image largerMy family a handful of years back, when I was happy with me.(1 comments)See this image largerI Survived! I went to the special premier of The Dark Tower and didn't eat any popcorn, nachos or anything else unhealthy! I won't lie, it all smelled heavenly, but I did it! I even got a kiss from Idris Elba🤣 #stronger #goaldominatedSee this image largerWhat a way to start Thursday! I feel so good and I'm ready for the day!See this image largerI hope everyone's morning began as wonderfully as mine! I couldn't sleep, so I got up early and got my 90-minute jog in. Have a Fabulous Thursday!💪🏾See this image largerThe smaller, Spark workouts are helping me stay focused. I'm on Day 4 of 30. Are you working a challenge?See this image largerday 10 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 8/4/2017See this image larger#deliciousdailymoment My reward to myself for pushing so hard. I'll treat myself again awhwnnim down another 20. And I will lose it😊See this image largerGood morning friends! I'm headed to church but wanted to wish you all a beautiful, relaxing Sunday!See this image largerNot as high as my usual days, but my energy is high, my thinking is positive and I'm about to hit a 20-minute workout👍🏾See this image largerMy gift to myself for losing over 40-lbs. #newclothes #reward #stitchfixSee this image largerI made sticky rice with tuna, along with a sort of cabbage soup. It was like eating a plate of sushi, without all the extra trimmings. In total- 295 calories for a plate of food. 😊 #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerFeeling so good. I hope the scale reflects too! Happy Friday👋🏾See this image largerI'm So Excited! 50-lbs is right around the corner! TODAY: 220.6 lbs. Goal: 200 - 20 lbs. to go! Reward: A new pair of runners👟's. #weightloss #goals #ImALoserSee this image largerThis is happening 💪🏾 #change #gettingfit #healthylivingSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerOne of my absolute besties joined the Spark Crew💕 @akayb86 #sparkloveSee this image largerSo disappointed that this label doesn't read: "sunflower seeds, salt". #labelreader #healthychoicesSee this image largerAnd the day's just begun! I LOVE Jefferson County YMCA! It's truly helping me reach my goals. #fitness #goalmaker #icandothisSee this image largerMorning game- UNDEFEATED!See this image largerHappy Friday! My morning begins with over 1k calories burned. Can't wait for my weigh in tomorrow👍🏾 #positivity #fitness #healthylife #lifestylenotdietSee this image largerHave a fabulous weekend!See this image largerI hit my 50-lbs Loss!! Have a fabulous weekend 💕See this image largerI reset my nutritional goals & Pie Chart today. I'm doing my best to focus on eating closer to that chart, but it's freaking tough! Any suggestions, my amazing Sparks?🤔 #goals #piechart #nutrition #focusrefocusSee this image largerLunch is my heaviest meal of the day. I made a southwestern chickpea and salmon salad with fresh avocado dressing for my recipe of the week. It's modified and freaking amazing♥️ #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerFinal share for the day, but I'll be eating for days! Introducing my Soy Chorizo Egg Muffins👍🏾 164 calories and 13 grams of protein 😊This and my Avocado Dressing in a blog tonight. #deliciousdailymoment #eatinghealthy #vegetarianSee this image largerI'm a burning machine! Hope you CRUSH IT today💪🏾See this image largerday 30 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 8/24/2017(1 comments)See this image largerI enjoyed a great lunch today! I had a lettuce wrapped burrito, filled with Go Veggie cheese, Soy Chorizo and fresh salsa. Watermelon's great this summer too😊 I can't wait to weigh in Saturday 💪🏾 #deliciousdailymoment #vegetarian #loveyourfoodSee this image largerYou remember Beach Body's #TurboJam? I just finished a workout and though I'm exhausted- I FEEL my fat crying😜 #fitmamma #fitness #workoutSee this image largerI am so proud of myself. The only pill I can come off of is a low-dose BP pill. I will be in my thyroid med for the rest of my life and that's fine. My BP used to be through the roof, as you can see, the top # is today. It's still a little high, but my Dr. LOVES my results! I love my results. I Love Me💕 I will get off this pill💪🏾 #victory #healthgoal #bloodpressure #ididit #stronger #weightlossgoal #progressSee this image larger@akayb86 and I hit the gym today and it was awesome 👍🏾 #fitness #selflove #feelinggreatSee this image largerOMGOODNESS- look at the difference! I know every month will not have such a dramatic change, but right now, I'm soaring! #50poundsdown #makingadifference #fitness #weightlossSee this image largerI love weightlifting to this. It's the mantra: I Can't Stop! It's so motivating to hear while giving all you've got. Happy Tuesday 👋🏾 #motivation #fitlife #goalsSee this image largerMonthly Test Fit for size 16 jeans and XL organic top. There's improvement...(1 comments)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSo excited - my Lucky Vitamin order arrived! I'd been seeking a few vegan shakes for my mornings, before the gym, and now they're here! Have you tried them? #veganlife #plantbasedshakes #healthy #proteinshakesSee this image largerHi friends! Stay positive and don't let anyone dull your SPARK! #sparkfriends #positivity #encourageSee this image largerCelebrating my 5-lbs loss by working out at the gym @al. 🎉See this image largerEnjoyed a day in IKEA😊 Then ate their vegetable balls meal. So Good!See this image largerHave you tried #FredandRicky's plant-based meals? I drove to a hospital to purchased a few of these freshly prepared, vegan meals... and LOVED IT! Tonight's lunch was the plantasagna. Once I pushed aside the need to add cheese, I enjoyed it. I couldn't even eat it all! 😍 #plantbased #vegan #nocheese #vegetarian #nomeat #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerToday's #NationalCheesePizza day! #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerSince choosing primary plant based life, I've been needing snacks. Thankfully Targé (Target) keeps me going with these bars. Have you tried them? They have flavor, but take getting used to. Now I don't think I could ever be without them! #22daysnutrition #plantbased #snacks #toneitup #proteinSee this image largerMy boys took me shopping at #FredandRicky's Plant Delicious Foods. I'm as giddy as a school girl from the selection. I also LOVED the sample of sliced pumpkin💕 Got enough for two weeks😁 #deliciousdailymoment #vegan #vegetarian #plantbasedmeals #spicedpumpkinSee this image largerThis is how happy I am for another 1.4 pounds lost! I'm knocking on 200's door baby👍🏾See this image largerNo day is a bad day, Sparks; Good Morning! #HappyMonday #letsburnit!See this image larger"Oh my gosh- I Just Ate Beets!" Do you see them? Thankfully the smoked salmon hid most of the taste. As soon as I finish all my fish, I'm plant-based 💯! #kaleosalad #FredandRickys #healthyeatingSee this image largerCheck It Out: I'm almost free of my double chin! I've always been conscientious of my profile, and now it's coming back. Now for my clavicles!! 😜 #progress #success #feelinggoofSee this image largerHere's my #FredandRicky's man-n-cheese! All plant-based and freaking yummy!😋 #healthyeatingSee this image largerday 50 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 9/13/2017(1 comments)See this image largerSo proud of my son, @jrhunt01 for losing his first 5-lbs!! My only son's an introvert so he won't brag on himself, so this proud Momma's doing it for him💕 #sparks #week1down #proudmomSee this image largerMy Fred and Ricky's Southwest Salad with avocado dressing. So good and only 270 calories total- dressing included! 😊See this image largerIn my house, Thursdays are Pajama Day. We sleep in and spend the bulk of our day in jammies. Well this morning I rose an hour later than usual and added 4 miles to my jogging belt! #ilovetorun #fitness #committedSee this image largerYeah baby! Vegetarian enchiladas tonight! #plantbased #vegetarian #fredandrickysSee this image largerI'm always doing my best to see the Best in Everything! I refuse to choose anything but joy.See this image largerI may not be where I'm supposedly to be, but I am going in the same direction! I'm over 63-lbs down and as soon as I hit 75, im@buying a new pair of trainers. 👟See this image largerBefore & After I figured I'd share what I looked like when I stared out. Bigger arms, face, belly- you name it- it was bigger. It's a little vain, I know, but when I got dressed for church (I don't sing today), I thought to myself. I said, "Alyssa, you look good. Well done." Then I snapped the pic on the right. 😊 #lookinggood #feelinggood #goals #motivation #selfieSee this image largerI've never paid more for swimming, but I won't worry about my nerves. My back, breasts and thighs won't be obvious;, only my odd apple shape. LOL I also like that it's chlorine retardant. 😍 I love it. What do you think? #bathingsuit #aquatics #exerciseSee this image largerday 50 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 9/18/2017See this image largerI tried BBQ pulled jackfruit for lunch today. The Cole slaw was good, but jackfruit should go in desserts instead of meat meals. It was way too sweet- ruining my sandwich. I forced myself to eat half, then quit. Do you like jackfruit? #trynewthings #lunchSee this image largerMaking my own #vegan tomato soup today, with a cashew topping. So excited and anxious for flavor and the nutritional information is safe for me (other than slightly high in sodium= 800). I used canned tomatoes ☹️ but not next time! #healthycooking #vegan #happycooking #vegetarian #homemade #soupSee this image largerBecause Brach's MellowCreme Pumpkins are my weakness each autumn season, I decided to take charge. I found out the nutritional value of ONE PUMPKIN and will make one bag last me weeks, by only eating 2 when I crave them! I shall have my sweets and eat them too- with No Guilt! #havemysweetsandeatthem #candy #strength #controlSee this image largerSo excited- my swim class put me over the top this evening. #fitness #aquaticsSee this image largerday 60 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 9/23/2017See this image largeris screaming: "I lost another 1.4 pounds!" *woohoo*See this image largerWhen teals and aquas are the color theme for singers. Lol #HappySunday fellow sparks! 64.4 pounds gone 💕See this image largerTrying the recumbent bike today 😊See this image largerNothing gets the heart pumping more than thinking you could plummet to a rocky surface! 3 days at a women’s retreat. #EagleSkyCamp #aerialchallengeSee this image largerMy 4-day weekend ended big with a Joyfm concert! I saw David Dunn, Jason Gray and The Afters! It was an encouraging ending to a an encouraging extended weekend- AND I LOST WEIGHT! Had to have been from the Aerial Challenge I posted before this one! It was major! Hope you all had a great weekend too💕 #encouragement #spiritfilled #concert #weightlossSee this image largerEven sick since Monday morning. ☹️ I’m doing my best to rest, but that doesn’t mean I’m not exercising. I’m still reaching my #AppleWatch #dailygoals #sick #headcoldSee this image largerThe sort of playful teasing that could get you cut! LOLSee this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 10/5/2017See this image largerNo more of these #AppleWatch messages! I have recovered from the bug that attacked me last week. Time to make this weight move again💪🏾 #TheKidIsBACKSee this image largerAn additional jog hour: DONE! #fitness #biggirlscanrunSee this image largerday 10 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 10/10/2017See this image larger#beforeandafter I am@so proud of myself. Start Weight: 270 Current Weight: 205 These jeans had my spare tire bulging. Now I can tuck it in! And I have much further to go. #weightlosssuccess #icandoit #success #goalsSee this image largerIt bothers me when hen I see food that calls its of a food “PRODUCT”. What does it hat mean: Egg product? Meat product? I’m not buying that product. #labelreader #educatedfoodieSee this image largerThe whole dam came to the gym today! Feels good, but I still listened to my mix 😉 and crushed my goals!See this image largerI’ve been on a plateau since being sick the last four weeks. I’ve not lost or gained a pound- just back and forth with ounces. Just when I thought I was going nuts, I decided to take switch up a few things. We shall see. I have prepped for the next few weeks. #HappySaturday!See this image largerday 21 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 10/21/2017See this image largerday 90 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 10/23/2017See this image largerI love the weekly feedback from #AppleWatch. Now I’m pushing to beat last weeks calorie burn👍🏾See this image largerFINALLY! My #VegNews magazine arrived!See this image largerThe scale has officially moved! Though I'm happy to be just 4 pounds away from crossing the 200 Threshold, I feel appreciative of such wonderful Spark Support and mown determination!See this image largerMy version of a Buddha Bowl💕 #vegan #vegetarian #nutritiousSee this image largerBaked potato with vegan chili 💕See this image largerMy 10th perfect month of movement👍🏾See this image largerOkay, so even though this is #vegetarian, its loaded with sodium. Tastes great!! I may not get it again, make my own but I had to try it. 😊See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 11/6/2017See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 11/8/2017See this image largerMy hubby surprised me with an 8-day getaway in the Georgia mountains 💕 it’s amazing! It’s tougher on my eating- but I’m trying. #HappyThanksgivingSee this image largerHey gang! I’ve returned from our Thanksgiving getaway. I hope you had an amazing time with family and friends.See this image largerHas anyone tried these? They’re #vegan #noeggs #nodairy #nosoy and #nogmo!! #thecompletecookieSee this image largerHey friends! I’m still here; I’ve just been going nutso from beginning a small business for 2018! From webdesign to actual inventory and editing- I’m everywhere. I have NOT quit. 😉 With some Spark Love, I’ll be under 200 by my January Wessibg Anniversary ♥️See this image largerSo much has happened these pst two months! New life. Loss of life. I’ve been pushing through because obstacles hit no matter where I am. Ive been losing slower but feeling fab!See this image largerI worried I wouldn’t make this goal so soon. 🎉BUT I DID!🎉 #goals #365dailygoal #weightloss See this image largerThese past few months have been rough! I’ve endured family loss, a friend who died at church, and an out of control thyroid plus surgery! I’m proud to day I took a blood work panel and this was my doctors response. Not only am I losing weight again- I’m a very healthy gal too!😉See this image largerEnjoying some mushroom risotto with English cheddar and spinach. So good and loaded with protein 👍🏾See this image largerHappier than ever!(1 comments)See this image largerI traveled across the pond, friends, and still lost weight!See this image largerI’d always had image issues. I was too heavy. Never thin enough. Too dark. My teeth weren’t white as I wanted- BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I’m no longer that silly lil girl. I’m all about loving me and being happy. #likingme #losingweight #eatingright #takingcareofme #healthySee this image largerMy short term goal: I’m About to Break the Wall! I am down 57+ pounds and feeling SUPER! I took my first spin class this week and I’m also back in Zumba, to go along with swimming 4 days a week, full boy weight training twice a week and progressive sit ups daily. It’s a lot but I chose them. I wanted them as goals and now I love it all👍🏾💪🏾 #progress #shorttermgoal #weightloss #hotmessSee this image largerOh. My. Gosh! I am ten away from #TheWall! I never imagined 60 pounds gone- even though my chart says I should be a few pounds heavier! This feels AMAZING! #goals #icantquit #thyroidvictim #ikeeppushing #weightloss #60pounds #bigloserSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWell, the pool may be closed for 2 weeks but I am still pressing on! By the end of September, I plan to have crashed through #TheWall! How’s your progress, friends? And remember- success is measured by how you feel just as much as the amount you lose♥️See this image largerLol I run 4 days a week- I know this cheer! LOLSee this image largerThey said: “Fake cheese? Organic sauce? Only eat fish, fruits and vegetables? That won’t taste good!” I said: “Watch me.” #healthyeating #pescatarian #fruitsandveggies #lovecookingSee this image largerOMGosh! These are AMAZEBALLS! #healthysnacksSee this image largerI’m not at goal yet but last year I was in England, weighing in near 300-lbs! Today, I’m visiting my first grand daughter for her 10th birthday and I’m knocking on Onederland’s door at 208-lbs! IF you ignore the shadow and simply look at me, you’ll see that my stomach is flatter, my bellow isn’t directly beneath my breasts (lol) and my face is much thinner! I’m so proud of myself! #progress #headedtogoal #weightloss #ICantQuit #proud #beforeandafter #england #anglophileSee this image largerExcited to try this one! #earinghealthySee this image largerIt’s a new week; make this your absolute BEST! Happy Sunday! #happysunday #newweek #beyourbestSee this image largerTwo other snacks I’ve found and totally LOVE! Hippeas are crunchier than I’d have liked but tasty and the cauliflower crackers are perfect with hummus😊 #healthysnacks #healthylivingSee this image largerToday’s lunch: Nasoya’s Thai Basil Vegetable Dumplings with an oriental stir-fry and an apple. So good! #healthyeating #pescatarianlife #veggiesSee this image largerI’m not there yet but I’m working on it! #vegan #pescatarian #vegetarian #worldvegandaySee this image largerNext time ill try these babies in my air fryer! Baked cauliflower bites in Thai peanut sauce. #healthyeating #yummy

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