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See this image largerSee this image largerTwo day's without water aerobics. I love my weekends but boy I'm ready to get back in the water tomorrow. It's amazing how only two weeks has made me feel.See this image largerMoving on!See this image largerNo loss this week. But I expected this skirt to be tight....and it fits well. Hopefully I'll see the scale move down this week.See this image largerTime for dinner...and yes, I burned the burger on purpose. Lol!!!See this image largerOk. Got a full week menu, been to grocery store, wrapping my head around everything the Dr said today. One moment at a time. I did find these awesome lids and straws that fit on my jars today. Just a little treat.See this image largerI've been drinking more water, and sometimes green tea with lemons, limes and ginger. So good. But I like to use glass instead of plastic containers. I bought these cute lids and straws that fit my jars. I can fill several and put them in the fridge. Then I decided I didn't like the sweat on my coasters etc. So I made a jar cozy. It's working great!See this image largerPulled beef, salad and fresh tomatoes. Yummmm so good!See this image largerThis is now my newest summer salad recipe found on Spark recipes... SO GOOD!See this image largerAfter a fantastic day with my hubby, this is our dinner. Fresh green beans, fresh tomatoes, lean burger with onions, and parmesan cheese mixed in. Grilled on George Foreman. Yummo.See this image largerSee this image largerIt's what's for dinner. 293 calorie dinner. Oatmeal blueberry oatmeal pancakes. (Found in spark recipes) 2 cakes with 2 slices of bacon, sugar free syrup, raspberries instead of blueberries. Hubby even liked them!See this image largerDecided to try something new. It's a little short but guess it will grow.See this image larger362 cals.... spaghetti squash topped with left over salsa chicken and parm cheese. Oh yeah!See this image largerDear body, I'm sorry for missing the mark. Here's a sweet treat. Enjoy!See this image largerI'm struggling tonight. Wanting to snack in the worst way!! I can get through this. Yes I can!! Oh my....See this image largerBeing creative today. My last weekend of summer. I go back to work on Monday. So I used my day to make a felt Christmas Tree and ornaments. I have some embellishments to do but I have part one grandchilds Christmas and 5 to go!! Yeah me!See this image largerSee this image largerWell y'all I made my first green smoothie today. Not too sure about this. Especially on a hot humid rainy day... Guess we'll see. Lol.See this image largerThe best part of waking up... Be blessed this beautiful Thursday.See this image largerI HAVE A WASTE! HAPPY MONDAY!!See this image largerToday I wore some caprice that I couldn't breath in last year. I could get them on but it was painful. I also wore a blouse that was given to me. At the time it angered me because it was too small.See this image largerHave a wonderful Labor Day weekend!See this image largerSee this image largerI know it isn't much, but it's my day.See this image largerNeeded more veggies and no salad stuff in the house. So whipped up some stir fry. I've got to get on track better.See this image largerI'm the worst selfie taker but so excited today. From a size 20 to a size 14 jean... can not wait to see what another 20 lbs off brings. Happy Monday!See this image largerAfter two weeks out, the heater is fixed! Water aerobics start again Wednesday night! YEAH! AGAIN I SAY "YEAH!"See this image largerIt's what's for dinner!See this image largerHappy Saturday everyone!See this image largerI NEED to see a loss soon!!!See this image largerToday our church is singing at three different nursing homes. We bought shirts with our Churches name printed on them. Long story short, my original shirt is a 2x. I had to go to a regular LG. I have a long way to go but it's encouraging since I've felt stuck for a while.See this image largerSneaking around this Halloween day finding kids hiding out from math class. Mwahaha!! My shirt read "The Queen Is Not Amused "... it was a fun day but hurting tonight. I didn't cheat on diet, but this bowl of chocolate is hard to leave alone. Tomorrow a new month begins!See this image largerTonight I celebrated a friends birthday at a Mexican restaurant. I had the Poco Loco chicken with no cheese sauce. It was basically grilled chicken with mushrooms, onions and spinach. It was wonderful! I ate 9 (I counted them) corn chips and salsa. I didn't go over at all. I'm stuffed but feel really good about choices. Feels good to eat out and know I didn't blow it!See this image largerHad a surprise visit yesterday from my baby Boo!!! Life is so sweet!See this image largerMy hubby and I went Thanksmas shopping today. Can't wait to see my kids and grandkids soon. Just hope I can get out of bed in the morning. Lol!See this image largerWe just got a call. My sister in laws going to have another full body scan tomorrow. They think they've found more cancer. If any of you pray, please remember her. Shes so strong, life has never been easy for her. My heart breaks for her. Thanks.See this image largerSee this image largerOk, I know this might be silly but, I bought a new size under clothing thinking it would be a goal to get down too. And OH MY GOSH IT FITS NOW!!! I also have this shirt that was given to me a few years back. It fits too. It looks better with jeans, but my hubby said not for church. Tomorrow rockin with boots!!!See this image largerHappy hump day!!! Gearing my mind up for our Christmas Dinner at work today and Christmas party tomorrow night. We've had snack treats every day this week. I'm thankful for the veggies and fruits people bring. I'm not losing right now but not gaining. Keeping on...See this image largerHappy Sunday!!! Find your blessings today guys. Eat right and treat yourself good.See this image largerI'm making progress. I made it through last week, every day treat day. I only have three days of treat days this week. Then Christmas with my kids! Eating the best I can. Water aerobics on track! It'll be ok. You will be too... enjoy and stay in control! Look for your blessings and have a wonderful week!See this image largerGood morning! This is my last day before Christmas break. Eating has been bad. I've gained. I'm trying to figure out what I've done because I thought I had watched closer. Our kids are coming this weekend for a week. I'm not going to stress. I just have plan better. Not oh boy I hope I can do this!See this image largerMerry Christmas everyone. Enjoy knowing you're making good choices. Have a little of what you want. Tomorrow we start again. God bless!See this image largerMy sister gave me some vintage print ladies hankies for Christmas. I decided to make quilt blocks out of them. They are odd shaped so we'll see how well it works. Hummm Better than watching TV and snacking.See this image largerGetting back on track. It's difficult but I can do it. Leftover steak and salad.See this image largerI was up and down all night long needing to go to the restroom. I drank a half gallon of water yesterday, working up to a full gallon. However, I wasn't in pain and didn't take a pain pill before bed. I wanted to see if I could do without. I didn't really hurt, but I was not comfortable. Good news is that the water weight finally broke and I'm back down to before holiday weight. 25 lbs to go now. Hopefully by May! 😉See this image largerI was trying to find pictures to compare. I guess I usually have the camera. But this is a 30 lb difference. 25 to go.See this image largerSo I'm trying this diet called Slimdown100 with a friend. It looks very simular to what I've been doing so far. A gallon of water a day, more healthy fats and proteins than carbs. However, in a few weeks it's supposed to get very strict. If it gets too weird I'll probably say nope. So we'll see. I just want to encourage my friend, and kick start my motab again.See this image largerI've got the day off tomorrow so I've decided to write some menu ideas and put them on the fridge. I did that through Spark in the beginning until I wrapped my head around things. I need something because nothing is working right now. Even with excersicing. It's been too long for a Plato. This is ridiculous...See this image largerVeggie quiche for dinner. Yummo!See this image largerSee this image largerJust wanted to thank everyone who said they have been praying. We just got back from a weekend visiting my sis in the hospital. She probably will never be able to sit up or stand again. They are trying to manage her pain. She is able to talk, but with all the meds it's not exactly her. Her son and family we're there and my daughter and grandbaby. She was enjoying the little ones. I can tell that I didn't eat right the last two days. Back to it tonight. Back to work tomorrow.See this image largerHappy Monday! I haven't lost anything lately. I've been eating right, doing water aerobics, but nothing is moving. I could blame it on stresses. We are in a season of that, but I won't. So today I'm vamping it up for a few weeks. I'm reminding myself that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!See this image largerHappy Valentine's Day everyone! Be blessed!!!See this image largerSee this image largerI made a mushroom spinach quishe for dinner. It's one of our favorites. Tryi g to get back on track.See this image largerI just finished a 2 mile walk. I know it's not far, but it's a start. Feeling good.See this image largerI just finished a couple of pillows to help cradle my sis' s ankles. Maybe it will help her pain. She slips off of what hospice had.See this image largerThursday my two sister's in-laws and I share our birthdays and my hubby and my 43rd anniversary. His sister's are not twins. There's 8 and 10 years differences between me. So I am taking the day off and we are going to spend the day together. One last time. I'm fighting depression horribly, but she is so proud of me for losing 53 lbs and getting off of BP meds. I've promised not to stop. But when food is your comfort, it's really hard!See this image larger55 lbs ago - seems like a lifetime ago. 20 more to go also seems like it will take a lifetime. But oh much better I feel now. One bite at a time!See this image largerI know this is a weird post but Oh my gosh I bought new slacks and they are loose already. AND I had to tuck my blouse in because it didn't fit, AND I'm wearing an old jacket that I never dreamed I could. I'm off to an anniversary celebration with tons of food.... I CAN SO DO THIS!!! PRAISING JESUS TODAY!See this image largerGoing to happy up this week... Trying not to be soooo serious. Sometimes you need to smile. After all, it's a four day week and St. Pats day is coming. Right? 😄See this image largerWe celebrated our Churches 4th Anniversary today. In doing so we had a pot luck. I don't know how to log the food, but I think I did ok. I tried to stay with safe foods I knew were ok. I did have a piece of cake. I took the frosting off and only ate half of it. Guess I'll see what the scales say in the morning.See this image largerTODAY we are celebrating the 4th Anniversary of our church. I don't know how to log the food I had at our pot luck. I tried to eat safe foods and half a piece of white cake with no frosting. I felt good about the food choices. Now onward and downward....See this image largerKale pecan salad. Hope it's good.See this image largerFINALLY THE SCALE MOVED DOWN! I've been in a Plato for a long time. So I switched up a few things and it's helping. I get a week off, starting tomorrow. I'm feeling good! Making memories!!!See this image largerVery frustrated with myself.... We went to visit sis in hospice yesterday. Going out to eat for two days, making bad choices. My body feels bloated and sick... When will I learn!!! This next week is going to be challenging as well. I've got to get it together!See this image largerSee this image largerMade some low carb Italian meatballs for dinner. We'll see if it's a keeper or not.See this image largerGetting closer... 15 lbs to goal. A little more water aerobics, walking AND eating right! Feels so good. Have a blessed day everybody.See this image largerNEVER stop. Be blessed today.See this image largerUp 3 lbs and don't know why.... GrrrrSee this image largerHard day eating wise. I was given a cup cake for a late birthday. Two cookies in the cupboard for another time, another sugar cookie I couldn't resist. But.... I did get in a few steps. My friend and I tried out a new hiking trail after work. We plan to start walking as much as possible along with water aerobics.See this image largerNot doing real well latley.See this image largerI was looking at Atkins and found this. I like it so far. Time will tell if I buy more. Has anyone else tried it?See this image largerI've got a long way to go.... but I've come a long way already.See this image largerA little better today.See this image largerMy Sister may be in her last hours. Hospice has given Carolyn 3 day's, maybe. We'll be with her tonight and tomorrow. I know that she's getting ready for her new beginning. I'm so blessed and thankful for her.See this image largerThe last couple of months have been extremely hard. But I am extremely thankful and blessed. We said goodbye to my sis. For a little while at least. I know she's at the feet of Jesus right now. And probably catching up with loved ones too. Incredibly to my surprise, with all the dinners, motel snacks etc it doesn't look like I've gained much, if any. Today it's back to work and life. I'm planning to make it good!See this image largerA friend gave me two big bags of nutrisystem food. I'm not exactly sure how nutrisystem works, but I'll certainly use it. I'm thinking I'll track it like normal. Stay within my calories daily and see if there's a difference. Pancakes taste good.See this image largerTime to start another week.... Let's do it right! Happy Monday!See this image largerNOTHING CAN STOP US NOW SPARKY FRIENDS!! HAVE A FABULOUS TUESDAY!See this image largerShrimp omelet for dinner.See this image largerLet the weekend grilling begin! 😍😀😊See this image largerLast week I battled high BP every day. The Dr put me back on meds for a while. My body broke out in hives from head to toe. So the meds were switched. I'm finally feeling better but really sad because I had worked so hard to get off of meds. But I will continue on, try to lose that last 20 lbs and try again. I just can't seem to get my body to lose any more. Guess I need to up my game.... I need a break.See this image largerHappy Monday everyone! Make it count today. Blessings.See this image largerMy love and my best friend of 43 years. I truly am blessed every day!See this image largerEverything is catching up with me I think. I'm so exhausted tonight my body hurts. The next two weekends we have to travel for grandsons graduations, then a couple more days before summer break. I'm so ready.See this image largerTwo of my reasons to keep getting better! What a great weekend. We were so blessed to share this day with our kids. Next weekend we have another one graduating. Where does the time go?See this image largerHappy Tuesday everyone! Make it count today!!See this image largerI'm up 2 lbs. With Carolyn's passing, graduations, and a solid week of catered meals and treat days I've not done so good. I have one more day and then this weekend to go. I'm trying to remember where I was. It helps, but it's hard. I'm thankful for you Sparky friends. You keep me going. So 2 lbs Up, you're coming off with your 20 lb friends!!!See this image largerWe had another amazing weekend! Eating wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated... seeing my brilliant kids and grandkids were "cake" enough for me. Lol!See this image largerAWWW I'm up 3 lbs!!! BUT... this is my last day and then summer break. Graduations and other situations are over now, so maybe I can get a better handle on life. I'm sure ready for summer break!See this image largerSee this image largerStruggling to get back on track... But slowly onward.See this image largerSee this image largerGrilling for company tonight. They don't eat salad they said. However, I do. So making something beautiful just for me. Maybe they'll think it's pretty and try it too. Otherwise they can stick to burgers, chicken, Mac n cheese and chips. At they're request.See this image largerI spent the morning cleaning closets and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit... Such a GREAT feeling. Then off to Wal-Mart to have new glasses adjusted. Unfortunately I don't think it helped. So I'll have to wait until next week to argue with the stressed lady. I don't think she was having a good day. Now I'm off to another HS graduation for a friends daughter. I'm looking forward to relaxing later.See this image largerMy hubby and I had an amazing day! We decided to take the day off and disappear. We ended up 200 miles away spelunking. We found an FABULOUS restaurant where we both ate healthy. I had Albacore Tuna. Yummo! I'm ready to shower and kick back now.See this image largerI know it's close to 170....but maybe I'm going to start losing again. Sometimes I don't feel like I've lost an ounce. I try to remember last year I was 225. So slow going!!!See this image largerI decided to ramp up what I'm doing a little. Besides water aerobics 3 times a week I'm going to try walking. I know this isn't much, but considering that I was looking at back surgeries last year at this time, and on 3 different pain meds 3 times a day, I'm happy with this. I actually can walk about 7 miles now, slowly. And I'm down to 1 pain med at bed time. Colorado Trail is my goal next summer!See this image larger2nd morning of walking. Not bad for 30 min. At least not for me. Be blessed today.See this image largerWe had tremendous thunderstorms about 4 this morning. In between the rain I decided to walk anyway. I walked a little further than yesterday in about the same amount of time. Yesterday my total steps were good, not counting water aerobics. No lbs lost yet, but eating well and hoping for the best.See this image largerIt's what's for dinner.See this image largerKeeping cool thoughts today.See this image largerTODAY, I repeat, TODAY is is going to be a great day.... no matter what comes. Be blessed my SPARKY friends!See this image largerNeeding a cold breakfast after 2 mile walk. Frozen blueberries and cottage cheese hit the spot. 140 cals and 12 protein. Pretty tasty.See this image largerFresh spinach quiche... yum, yum...See this image largerEating was off Today, but I got my goal steps. Tomorrow will be better. I hope.See this image largerI've been struggling with lbs up and down but never really moving. I started looking back to when I had better success. I was drinking a half to a gallon of water a day. The last few months I've forgotten how important drinking water seems to be. So back to the beginning.See this image largerNot a bad start to the day.See this image largerSalsa chicken and steamed spinach. So good!See this image largerIt's what's for dinner.See this image largerI have been in a Plato state for a LONG time.... But I'm not giving up! I'm upping my activities and going to search and jazz up different meal plans... I've got to get my body moving again. It's beginning to be very frustrating.See this image largerI made my goal today.See this image largerSee this image largerNot a bad start for Independence Day. Find your blessings today everyone!See this image largerKicken back this 4th with some grilled chicken and veggies. My hubby says the snowmen plates make him cooler. Happy 4th everyone!See this image largerLeftover night. Taco meat and cauliflower salad. Tastes better than it sounds.See this image largerThis is my first week going back to work. Boy my schedule keeps me hoppin! I'm hurting and stiff, but so far I haven't had to up pain meds. My eating hasn't been very good and I'm feeling that too. So tomorrow I'm shopping and planning my week to come. Thanks to everyone who answered my post asking for ideas. Be blessed this beautiful Friday Sparkies!See this image largerI just left CATO Fashions and for the first time ever, I got clothes from the clearance racks that were not plus sizes!!! Now I'm on to the grocery store!!! What an incentive NOT to cheat!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!See this image largerStarting meal preps for next week. Grab and go veggie bags are the best!See this image larger63 lbs really doesn't look that much different to me.See this image largerToday was the first Monday of our year. I'm feeling so blessed. I've come a long way in a year!!!See this image largerI tackled my first 5 mile hike this weekend. My pack was about 15 lbs. I didn't make the full 5 miles, but so happy with what I was able to do. A year ago I was struggling with just walking. I was just beginning to drive myself to work. Next hike will be better! WHOOP!!!See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 10 minutes per day" earned 9/6/2018See this image largerI've decided to visit my food calender from two years ago and see what I ate. I've struggled with not losing and now have gained a few lbs. I know I've had life issues, but can't allow that to control me. Gonna figure this out now before holidays hit!!! Wooooo!!!See this image largerI had to buy a new suit for water aerobics. I almost didn't post it as my stomach is so pouchy big.... but then I remember how far I've come. I'm not done yet, so I guess I should be proud.See this image largerHOW DO YOU LOSE BELLY FAT???? Seriously, I need to know!See this image largerI haven't been here for a while. I've struggled with some life issues and gained about 10 lbs. I'm on break so I'm planning to take inventory and plans to get back on track. My biggest problem it seems is eating at work. Even with Lean Cusiene type meals, I gain. So back to the drawing board.... Gotta take control and keep going. Any suggestions are more than welcomed and appreciated.See this image largerTonight's dinner. Spinach veggie quiche. My hubby doesn't like tomatoes, so I put some on my half. Pretty tasty.See this image largerDoes anyone know anything about this product? It's a fiber supplement that is supposed to be good for cholesterol and aid in weight loss. I'm curious if anyone has used it and if you like it??See this image largerIt's a berry walnut oatmeal kind of morning.See this image largerDoes anyone know about Intermittent fasting? What are your thoughts please?See this image largerTODAY again, Today... 10 lbs up, excuses of stress, laziness, tired of the struggle. I'm beginning my water aerobics again, making a plan, letting go of my failure and moving on.See this image largerI started walking a tread mill with my fried. I AM SO INCREDIBLY SORE! I really didn't think I would hurt. I'm on my feet all day long.... Oh my!!!See this image largerToday was beautiful for a change. I decided to try to walk. I made right at 2 1/2 miles before my back and hip went into spasms. I had to take a muscel relaxer that zonked me all afternoon. But I still made it!See this image largerI loved reading so many posts. Through a very hard 6 to 8 months I've gained about 10 lbs. Now I have 40 to lose. My clothes don't fit and I feel horrible. I'm trying to wrap my head around it all again. I need meal ideas. Easy, quick and stress free. Especially stress free. Any suggestions???See this image largerSee this image largerDay three of tracking food and exercises. I'm sore but getting back on track. Feels good!See this image largerSo this afternoon I start research on what I can and cannot eat for high cholesterol. I plan to call my Dr as soon as I get the information on hard copy. The clinic that took my blood work can't send it to them. It's through my work and I have to wait until the 24th for some crazy reason. But yet they called me... ok no ranting. I'm just going to take action and move forward... 40 lbs to go. But more important is getting everything together. I might even consider a nutritionist.See this image largerHamburger with mushrooms, sliced tomatoes and mock (cauliflower) potato salad. It's what's for dinner. 9n my snowman dishes. Bringing in some summer cool....See this image largerToday is a NEW DAY! I'm sitting here thinking of going on a donut breakfast run. Instead I think I'm going to have either eggs or cottage cheese and blueberries. I've got to get myself together!See this image largerI had a girls day out with a friend today. This was lunch. I was so proud of myself. And it was delicious! Tonight my hubby asked for oatmeal and Turkey bacon. All in all I think I was okay today.See this image largerI got up early and putting on my walking shoes.... I've gained 12 lbs back so now I have 37 lbs to lose to reach my original goal. Water aerobics doesn't seem to be helping much any more. Guess I'll try adding more. I'm getting too old for this stuff!!!See this image larger10 lbs heavier than last year at this time and I feel every ounce of it. Getting back on track is hard. But oh so worth it in the end.See this image largerMy hubby is the best! On Wednesday night's we have a lot luck at Bible Study. Knowing how tired I've been after work besides dealing with a lot of pain, he made a veggie tray to support and make things easier for Me!See this image largerSee this image largerToday I rested from packing. I finished a book I've been reading for an on line book club. Then decided to throw some things together for dinner. Fresh zucchini and yellow squash, cherry tomatoes and fresh asparagus with sausage and parmesan cheese. I'm not sure what it will taste like, but smells good. Guess we'll see.See this image largerLess than a week to go before we move. I'm living in mountains of boxes. With the stresses of buying, fixing up, packing, besides the unrest of the Nation and Covid, our eating hasn't been ideal. I've gained. I'm praying we get everything back in order, eating gets better, stresses are less. I am extremely thankful that my hubby and my health has been as good as it has been. Looking for things to praise for every day.See this image largerI'm having a hard time getting motivated today. This sciatica spasms are getting me down. The good thing is I've been here before and I know it will, in time, get better. So onward! Eating healthy today, plan for tomorrow. One step at a time.See this image largerI'm not tracking anything today. I'm trying to wrap my brain around what I need to do to get back on track. I'm so frustrated with myself. Looking at where I was, remembering how much work I'd put in, then a few months later I've gained and not exactly back to square one, but close.... I need to get it together again. Feeling lost today.See this image largerEnjoying a cup of deliciousness to start my day! Making good choices today!See this image largerSo I've done some planning today. Getting prepared in my head and in our home. I splurged and bought a little planner to use for my meals, Bible studies, prayer chain etc. Small enough to take with me wherever I go. I will get back on track, lose what I've gained and more. Most importantly it will help with my pain.See this image largerAs soon as I finish my coffee I'm headed to the grocery store. My kitchen cupboards and fridge has been cleaned out and ready to restock with healthy choices. I'm excited!!! Then my walk and sewing! Happy Wednesday Sparkies!See this image largerI struggle with drinking water all day. This is lemon water with mint and cucumber in it. You can add a sweetener but it's fine like this for me.See this image largerI'm not an early breakfast gal. I can not eat all day then eat all evening. Yesterday after dinner I'd only had 625 cals all day. And believe it or not I do not lose eating like that. So today I'm starting with a blueberry smoothie. Tracking really helps.See this image largerI've done really well eating today. This is dinner. I'm ready for spring and fresh garden veggies. Yummo!See this image largerIt's been 5 days now that I've tracked and eaten right. Today I was invited to an outing of 5 ladies for lunch. Instead of stressing I ate before I left, ordered iced tea, and enjoyed the visit. I'm no weighing until Monday. I'm the scales shows at least one pound down. Two more days.See this image largerHappy Saturday everyone! Be confident, this weekend is going to be great!See this image largerTrying something new this morning. Easy, quick and so good!See this image largerI made myself a cover for my jars. It will keep drinks cooler longer and keep moisture from my furniture. I like it.See this image largerThis morning was weigh in morning. I lost 4 lbs last week. That's a nice start.See this image largerIt's so cold out side. A good night for veggie soup. My whole house smells so good!!See this image largerI was wanting Arby's today. I haven't had bread in a week. One of my weaknesses. I bought a French dip sandwich. But, I took most of the bread off. Not the best choice, but sure was good. Leftover Veggie soup for supper tonight.See this image largerToday I went to a new Dr. After examining me she was surprised that I was able to walk in on my own. I told her that yes I'm bad, but I've been worse. It's sure slow going, but with therapy, eating right, doing whatever kind of excercises that I can, I will move forward. Period...See this image largerOkay, tomorrow is weigh in day, BUT, I put on jeans this morning that have been can't breathe tight. To my surprise they were comfortable. Maybe inflammation is down, maybe a pound or two more. Whatever it is I'll take it. Guess I'll see tomorrow.See this image largerWeigh in Monday.... Well I didn't lose last week, but I didn't gain. It was a stressful pain week and still dealing with that. So onward.

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