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See this image largerThis pic to keep an eye on the progress of my quads 7-31-08See this image largerEnd of my 13th wk at SP..Embarking on a new program tomorrow-this will be my BeforeSee this image largerGoofing around with the camera and curling iron...i like my arms though :)See this image largerMy son-shine....he is the BEST! and my #1 motivationSee this image larger8-26-08 GONNA GET BACK IN THE NY GROOVE!See this image largerThe picture on my background. I thought it was good for Halloween :) It's called 'Call of the Wild"See this image largerHappy HALLOWEEN! Goldilocks? Maybe? I'm still undecidedSee this image largerMy wonderful son and I at dinner in New York 11-13-08See this image largerMy sonshine and I in NY 11-13-08See this image largerMy Christmas decoratig has begun :) -my kitty girl DivaSee this image largerMy possible New Year's Eve outfit :)See this image largerNYE before heading out-YAAAY 2009!!!See this image largerMy back work is paying off 1-21-09See this image largerLooove my new pull up bar 1-21-09See this image largerMy hair looks bad but my muscles look good LOL 1-21-09See this image largerAbba dabba DOOO 1-21-09See this image larger1-21-09See this image largerTaken 3-27-08 Before NOT getting the job at Hooters. (going to update this tomorrow with a fresh picSee this image largerThis pic was taken 2 years ago in Tornoto..It'd be nice to be like that again...or smaller...See this image larger"Pumpkin Puss" another of my Purrfect Pin-UpsSee this image largerPink reward shorts 3 wks into SPSee this image largerI want this pic for comparisson too.See this image larger THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE...Model:Aeryon Bela AshlieSee this image largerI want to look like THIS in my shorts and I WILL!! Model:Aeryon Bela AshlieSee this image largerBeginning muscles 26 days inSee this image largerSee this image largerDay 34- and yeah, I gotta clean the mirror...but who has the time? LOL Tomorrow I will take new onesSee this image largerComparison pic...6-1-08See this image largerComparison pic- 6-13-08See this image larger"Alabama Belle-Sweet Snow Kitty" One of my Purrfect Pin-UpsSee this image largerNew bikini pic Day #35See this image largerDay #35....K the pics are getting a bit better but now I have to get my legs in....dang camera.See this image largerMy son & I during our February vacation to Florida.....He's just tooo awesome!See this image largerMy wonderful 16year old man child....He looves PB too! And he rocks on the lacrosse field & off!!!See this image largerI WILL look like THIS again!See this image larger7-3-08 my back is coming along...I'm happy with it, even if it doesn't show as well in pics.See this image largerMy abs are getting there YAAY 7-3-08See this image largerfinally a pic of them..I FINALLY fit into them 2 weeks ago and now I have the pic.See this image largerMe just being goofy in my favorite gym outfit 7-31-08

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