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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerMy cardio for the day! So happy to be back on my board.See this image largerGym day Thursday!See this image largerA thirty minute stationary bike ride before work! #GetItDoneSee this image largerWentfor a beautiful hike with my aunt and friend today! 2.70 miles ✔️See this image larger30 minutes before 8:30am!See this image largerTook my little cousins paddle boarding today! Wasn’t as much of a workout as if I had gone alone. But it was entirely worth it!See this image largerToday is a high calorie burn day! Went to the gym this morning and then took the 12 year old I nanny out on the lake for paddle boarding. Currently at 681 active calories burned!See this image largerAnother day another trail!See this image largerFavorite part about walking around my neighborhood is finding my deer friends hanging around :)See this image largerI start every morning with a smoothie, but since I’m cat sitting for my grandma and don’t have my nutribullet I decided to walk to Jamba Juice and around the park this morning. 2.50 miles ✔️See this image largerI start every morning with a smoothie, but since I’m cat sitting for my grandma and don’t have my nutribullet I decided to walk to Jamba Juice and around the park this morning. 2.50 miles ✔️See this image largerPretty proud of my June Emoji workout calendar. Only skipped 9 of 30 days and had 6 days where I had double workouts. See this image largerA nature walk with the kids I’m nannying today! 1.89 miles! They were troopers.See this image largerEnjoying my favorite snack at the pool with the baby I nanny and my cousins!See this image largerSome time at the lake with my cousins before my flight tonight!See this image largerSome time at the lake with my cousins before my flight tonight!See this image largerThe zoo is awesome for burning calories and getting steps! Walked about 3.50 miles (7,000 steps) and burned about 250 calories!See this image largerFollowing through with my promise to myself to go to the gym after work today!See this image largerPool day! Alternating between swimming and reading ❤️See this image largerA morning hike ⛰See this image largerMy July Emoji workout calendar. Only skipped 6 of 31 days! See this image largerAfter taking a week off to settle into my new apartment, I am trying out the apartments gym today!See this image largerOut for a walk before the snow comes in tomorrow!See this image largerDay 5: as promised the snow came in early this morning. Had planned to walk over to the gym and do the treadmill today, but decided to do some yoga instead. ❄️See this image largerDay 6... admittedly I am hungover. I over indulged with my boyfriend last night. I woke up this morning not sure I’d be able to pull my workout off. But I knew that today was an important day to pull it off. So I did it. I did my 15 minute strength workout and walked over to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes.See this image largerDay 7.... 16 minute strength practice followed by a 36 minute yoga session.See this image largerWasn’t really planning on walking today... but with the temperature hitting 60 I couldn’t resistSee this image largerDay 10..,, did my strength work out earlier today and now waking in place while I do substitute training.See this image largerDay 12... strength and yoga before an interview! Feeling ready for the day.See this image largerDecided to go right instead of left on the trail by my apartment... time to explore!See this image largerSee this image largerDay 15... today was a harder workout. I didn’t sleep 8 hours and I could definitely tell the difference in my body. Strength was rough, but instead of giving up after my first workout I moved into my yoga practice like planned. On with my day!See this image largerGetting a walk in on my day off before the next storm rolls in tonight!See this image largerI had a hard morning. I’m the kind of person who gets very bored very easily and often has a melt down after a few days of the same thing. This morning I hit meltdown time. So I got my butt of the couch wiped the tears and took oof for a long walk on a path I’ve never taken. Half an hour in I feel much better.See this image largerFirst day of spring and camp gladiator! It was only 39 degrees this morning but the sun made it feel so much warmer. #GetoutsideSee this image largerBack outside again with the kids I am babysitting today! ☀️ walking, jumping, playing!See this image largerThis season of flag football I promised myself that for half an hour while my boyfriend practices I’ll go for a walk around the park. Week two and I’m keeping strong with that promise! It’s a chilly one but doing this walk before sitting for two takes will be much better for me.See this image largerYessssSee this image largerMan i did not want to go to camp this evening, but I am SO HAPPY I went. This is your Thursday night “you can do it” message. You’ve got this guys.See this image largerSunday: short ab workout follows my a longer walk. Working really hard to lose about 10 pounds before my vacation in June. Unfortunately sweets keep getting the better of me. Hoping to have a better week.See this image largerBreaking in the new yoga mat tonight!See this image larger8:00am, 46 degrees, and an early morning walkSee this image largerOh Colorado what are you doing to me? 75 then snow? Not that I’m surprised. Guess who will be outside all day Tuesday! So happy I have that day off.See this image largerFound this photo on my trainers Instagram today! #cgwutwut #takeitoutsdieSee this image largerA beautiful walk on a weird daySee this image largerI am feeling good today. The scale was solidly at 139 this morning. Something I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. I went to camp this morning and kicked butt. Tomorrow I finish my first 5 weeks of camp gladiator.See this image largerWhen you get your hair done in the morning but still need to get your walk in.See this image largerHappy Friday!See this image largerFollowed by a quick lunch of quinoa, roasted veggies, and black beans with a bbq drizzle meal prepped earlier this week.See this image largerLunches for the week are finished! Main dish is quinoa with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, garbanzo beans, and lemon. Side is blueberries and the snack is carrots with broccoli or celery.See this image largerTea and a book. Going to the doctors later hoping they will tell me it’s just a cough, nothing more. But figured I should get it checked out.See this image largerSome sick day yoga. Felt the need to add a little movement into my day :)See this image largerUgh. I guess it’s an Olive lunch (my salad had olives too)See this image larger#wutwut despite having bronchitis I rocked strength and agility week at camp gladiator! Three check ins and I’m back on track!See this image largerTook my paddle board out for the first time this season! As a special treat my boyfriend got one from my family and I for his birthday. I’m going to love paddle boarding with him!See this image largerAnyone else love these? They are a great easy snack for me to eat before I workout and they taste so good!See this image largerCamp got me good tonight! I needed this! #wutwutSee this image largerGot four check in this week for camp gladiator! The most in one week I’ve gotten thus far!See this image largerCamp was tough tonight. My body was not having it and I quickly fell behind the main group. However, I do not regret going. I got to meet this sweet dog and I had zero guilt when my apartment complex handed me a pizza on my way in and I had a pre-dinner slice.See this image largerToday at camp this butterfly kept landing on my mat. Does that mean I’m going to have good luck?See this image largerA much needed active rest day! A beautiful day for a walk!See this image largerCg workout + beer + friends is a very happy place indeed.See this image largerNever miss a Monday 🌧 even when it’s raining and cold. #takeitoutsideSee this image largerMy favorite meal prep quinoa greek salad and tea after a cold workout!See this image largerMy original plan was to try the new 7am CG location, but with the snow I decided to skip and do my own workout. It took me 30 minutes to do the routine below and man did it hurt so good.See this image largerThe sun is back so I’m doing the crazy thing and walking to camp with my mat over my shoulder and my weights in my backpack. It’s only half a mile walk, but with the weights it feels a lot longer.See this image largerI’m having a tough day mental health wise. Went for a long walk hoping it would help. And it did momentarily. Hoping to keep busy and practice lots of self care to help.See this image largerYesterday was wonderful! Went up to the mountains and went for a long hike with my boyfriend. The elevation gain kicked my butt at first and my legs are killing me, but it was totally worth it. Got to get my nutrition back on track after enjoying Beau Jo’s on our way back.See this image largerThis weeks lunch prep is sweet potato fajita with quinoa!See this image largerWent to CG this morning and an easy hike with my cousins and aunt this afternoon! Something I ate didn’t settle well so the hike was tough. But I am still so happy with this day.See this image largerEarly morning CG before my first day of tutoring! Wish me luck!See this image largerSpent the afternoon at the lake with my aunt and cousins yesterday. Unfortunately, the weather was not great so we spent a lot of the time bundled up waiting for storms to pass over. I didn’t get much exercise on my board in, but I did make it to CG in the afternoon!See this image largerDouble workout for the win! Went to CG this morning and then started my new job walking these cute pups! 557 cals burned and it’s not even noon!See this image largerSpent the afternoon with my cousins at the pool. Spent about 27 solid minutes swimming with the little. I have massive shin splints again so I decided to skip camp and call if good with my swim!See this image largerCG followed by a 1.5 mile walk. 536 active calories burned before 11:30am! Happy Friday!See this image largerMy alarm went off at 5:40am this morning. I had 40 minutes to get ready for the day before going to a 7am workout class half an hour away. I was tired. I made the decision to stay home from camp and workout later. This was the best decision for me today. I did a 28 minute walk followed by 6 minutes of light strength training this afternoon. This is what my body needed today.See this image largerCG followed by some time at the lake with my boyfriend today! My body is exhausted and I’m definitely looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.See this image largerMonday morning is here again. I really didn’t want to go to camp. I wanted to lay in bed on this foggy morning, but I went and I kicked butt!See this image largerMy rings are looking awesome for 11:30am! Peak week at camp followed by my dog walking job has got me burning tons of calories!See this image largerMy lunch for the week didn’t hold up as well as I was hoping so I stopped at Panera and got a half salad. No bread or chips on the side. I am trying to cut my carbs a bit.See this image largerI went to camp this morning. I did my best, which was all I could ask for with being massively jet lagged and out of routine. But I did it. Happy Monday!See this image largerAnyone else pack their lunch when they will be out running errands for a few hours? Loving my peanut Thai salad this morning after my workout!See this image largerSuper proud of myself this morning hitting my 50th check in at CG! That’s 50 hours of hard work I’ve put into make me stronger both physically and mentallySee this image largerSee this image largerGotta love an outdoor workout when it’s 91 degrees. Thank goodness for some shade and misting fans.

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