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See this image largerSunshineSee this image largerSee this image largerMomentum still strong!! I have so much more energy also. I'm even seeing a difference in my stress level since I'm more organize.(1 comments)See this image largerHad a wonderful walk with my dog 'Boney'. He watches over me like a police dog. I'm watching an old Barbara Stanwyck movie tonight on TCM.See this image largerI am so surprised to see the difference in my body. Joined Spark @ 2 weeks ago and I've already lost 9 lbs. I know it will slow down but the progress is awesome. Thank you all for so much support.See this image largerSupposed to be a beautiful day today- in the low 70's. Great day for running errands. Hope everyone have a better than great day.See this image largerI feel so good about my weight loss. The out-of-town family noticed it. Felt great! It's all part of the new ME and finding my passion.(5 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerOK! It's Monday. It's raining! My daughter and I had a spat. Had to pay my property taxes this morning! But I'm down a dress size and the world's alright with me!! 🌻🌺🌹💃💃💃(2 comments)See this image largerHappy Saturday! It's very cold today but sunny! Easy to give way to comfort food and I have a little but trying to stay focused. I've come so far.See this image largerThis Thing We Call Life! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels completely in control of my life one moment and completely out-of-control the next. I only need to remember one thing - Never give up!(3 comments)See this image larger#Motivation I finally lost the 4 lbs that I gained and I did it in a week & a half. This has never happened to me before. Before I would have given up. But this app has made the difference. Woo Hoo!!!(3 comments)See this image largerGood Morning!(1 comments)See this image largerWho Left the Door Open? And let all that cold inside. Burrrr! It's freezing outside and too cold for man or beast. I have to brave the elements this morning for a while. Wrap up everyone! Stay warm!(3 comments)See this image largerMay All Us Sparkys Have A Lovey Day!!!See this image largerGood Morning Everyone! May you all have a wonderful day - I know I will. I plan to do some shopping, run a few errands and watch a few old movies! I thank God for this day.(1 comments)See this image largerBeen unfocused these past few days but back on track. Gained a few lbs but nothing I can't lose. Hope everyone go out there and give em what for. Have a great day and remember. You got this!(1 comments)See this image largerDoing better today with my eating plan. Still not good with my drinking my water but there's always hope. Expecting snow today. Whoopee!(1 comments)See this image largerWasn't able to sign on for days due to the bad weather and Internet down. It's been interesting being iced in for days, but beautiful outside.(1 comments)See this image largerWhoopee! Stayed within my calorie count today. Barely, but I did it! For some reason I've not been able to do that since Thanksgiving! I'm backkkkkkkk!(2 comments)See this image largerI'm Not A Quitter! I am so not where I want to be and have fallen so short of my goal but... I am not quitter! So, here I am after a brief leave of absence. Stay tuned!(4 comments)See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 2/13/2017See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 2/13/2017See this image largerday 7 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 2/15/2017See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 3/21/2017See this image largerMy healthy and delicious breakfast! Come on Sparkies - we can do this. If you read my blog yesterday you'll see that I'm no longer setting goals to lose weight. It doesn't work for me. I'm only focusing on eating clean, whole foods and moving more. The words 'weight loss' and 'exercise' psychologically sends my brain into the opposite directions. I feel more in control now. Non-restrictive. My brain loves it!See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 1/22/2019See this image largerI am posting this picture I painted and dedicating it to all my ‘Spark’ friends who are hanging in there and giving all they’ve got. (1 comments)See this image largerBrunch! I made it myself.See this image largerMy dinner. Baked chicken, roasted veggies & salad. I made the fruit infused water.

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