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See this image largerOld pyrex for storing foods instead of plastic. (1 comments)See this image largerPyrex in the fridge.(1 comments)See this image largerFlowerbed before. See this image largerFlowerbed after doing a little weeding and digging out trench in front of bed. Not even half done. (1 comments)See this image largerOur friendly tree swallow. He is gaurding the nest while mama is out. See this image larger7 jars sugar free strawberry jam on left, 6 jars regular jam on right. With 13 lbs of berries left f(2 comments)See this image largerTo many pears.(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largernew hair-do. Wish I could get my arm up to fix it.(2 comments)See this image largerBlowing snow out of part the driveway. Glad we have a blower that can handle it all. See this image largerMARCH 5, 2010 The frost on the trees was beautiful this morning. See this image larger1-15-10 latest haircut(2 comments)See this image largerMay 14(1 comments)See this image largerAnother one bites the dust. May 2010See this image largersunset 4-14-10See this image largerMay 18 Oriental PeonySee this image largerMay 18 Parrot tulipsSee this image largerMay 18 AnenomeSee this image largerMay 18 A little bit of everythingSee this image largerMay 18 A little bit of the yard at a distance.See this image largerMay 18 Double Peony BloomSee this image largerDecember 12, 2010See this image largerWearing winter white.See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerToday's HarvestSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerReally hard taking a pic of oneself. Hair pulled up. See this image largerThis is me on October 24, 2007See this image largercrocusSee this image largerDaffodilsSee this image largerFrittelariaSee this image largerSee this image largerrabbit in the flower bedSee this image largerSome of the rock lining the walk. Still have half to do on that side and the other side yet too.See this image largerDown 16 lbs.(2 comments)See this image largerA beautiful old wood cookstove I used for storage. Now I want to sell it. (3 comments)See this image largerGeraniums I kept from last year. Can't wait to put them back outdoors. See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerGarlic is growing in the foreground. Some chives also. Along the side is tarragon, oregano, thyme +(1 comments)See this image largerMy 15 lb. weight loss reward to myself! So much better then a food reward.(1 comments)

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