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See this image largerMe in my messy home office with neighborhood kids 3 years ago...See this image largerRobert and I on Caribbean Cruise in November '02 See this image largerSage Robin See this image largerDaisy Wren See this image largerRobert with his blue ribbon pickled peppers at the 2006 Coastal Carolina Fair.See this image largerMy daughter, Nicole, with her new husband, Erek, on their happy day 9-10-05.(1 comments)See this image largerThis is a little over 4 years ago, before wedded bliss and weight gain... AND what I will weigh from Sparkin'See this image largerThe band I play with once a year. I want to wear my leopard skirt again this November when we play again at the Washington Hilton!See this image largerReceiving the Outstanding Toastmaster Award at Conference in March (158 lbs)See this image largerAt the Beth Torrey Orphans Home in Zaria, Nigeria, May 07 (154 lbs)See this image largerSage and Daisy playing in the bubbles.(1 comments)See this image largerOur five-in-one apple tree planted in 2005.See this image largerThe Chick Chalet with the sink on one side and the chicken tractor on the other.See this image larger4 x 4 herb bed in front L-shaped bed with alternating crooks and zukes in the back.See this image largerThe view from our back deck.See this image largerOur idea of a Playstation for the girls... still need to add the climbing wall and tunnel.See this image largerThe raised bed garden... veggies, herbs and flowers year-round.See this image largerEggplants in foreground... peppers and sweet potatoes behind... tomatoes to the left.See this image largerTomatoes and flowers in beds to left, herbs and squash to the right... arbor built by Robert. See this image largerMarigolds, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants...See this image largerLooking at across the campus of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, NigeriaSee this image largerJune 15, 2007, at the health promotion event I did for the Santee Tribe at their tribal headquartersSee this image largerTeaching a grantwriting class at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria June 07See this image largerThat's me and the girls doing the stomp dance at the Corn Festival Powwow in Pickens SC November 07See this image largerJennifer with Daisy at a Powwow in November 07

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