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See this image larger7/28/19 - only girl riding with the big boys. lol Challenging, but worth it! :) (1 comments)See this image larger6/23/19 - Soon hubby and I will be riding together! :D Need to research these bikes, and get one! See this image larger6/22/19 - This was a really fun ride! :) Love these ladies! We were super strong in the wind today! See this image larger6/21/19 - Always love helping out these cute little babies :) 41 mi. to go to reach 500 mi. goal!See this image larger6/20/19 - Reached 400 mi goal! Goin' into overachiever mode for the kids - 500 miles! I can do it!! See this image larger6/13/19 - Did a 40 miler today. Just 74 miles to go to reach goal!! 400 miles here I come! :D(1 comments)See this image larger6/12/19 - Don't let her size or age (62) fool ya - this is one STRONG women!! Great ride! <3See this image larger6/9/19 - Gettin' the miles in! :D 3 of us went on doing another 3 miles. #selfiestickworks! See this image larger6/8/19 - 5 rides in towards helping kids fight cancer. Only 245 miles to go! :D(1 comments)See this image larger6/4/19 - Girl power ride! Loved it! Inspiring and super strong ladies!! Wow! (1 comments)See this image larger6/1/19 - Good riding with great friends! (1 comments)See this image larger6/1/19 - Great Cycling Challenge for kids with cancer is underway. Goal is 400 miles in June. :) See this image larger4/27/19 See this image larger4/27/19 - Happy girl! lol See this image larger4/28/19 See this image larger4/28/19 See this image larger4/28/19See this image larger4/27/19 See this image larger4/27/19 See this image larger4/27/19 - Day 1 saw a guy killing it on a penny farthing. AMAZING!!! See this image larger4/28/19 - Rollin' in! 136 miles for MS!!! :D See this image larger4/27/19 - fun pic on day 1 with amazing MS supporters! See this image larger4/27/18 - me @ rest stop See this image larger4/28/19 - Day 2 lunch stop with sweet Sherry! See this image larger4/27/19 & 4/28/19 - Sherry and me! :) See this image larger4/27/19 - always meet the sweetest volunteers out there! See this image larger4/27/19 - Rolling out to ride for MS!!See this image larger4/28/19 - 2019 MS 150 STATS DAY 2 See this image larger4/27/19 - 2019 MS 150 STATS DAY 1 See this image larger3/24/19 Training ride (56 mi.) sporting some much needed prescription sunglasses. What a difference!See this image larger10/6/18 - My beautiful sister! #feelingblessed! See this image larger10/5/18 - Me, my sister Judy, and her husband Jeff. Great visit! Hate to see them go! (1 comments)See this image larger9/8/18 - My little workout buddy! Oh, how I love this girl! <3(1 comments)See this image larger8/16/18 - She's learning! The child has NO balance She will get it eventually! See this image larger6/27/18 - Special dinner out with our beloved spin instructor. All the best to her! (1 comments)See this image larger6/25/18 - First time back on a bike in over 30 yrs..she did great!! Perfect weather too!! yay! (1 comments)See this image larger6/3/18 - Fun in the sun with my granddaughter Melody in Galveston. (2 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger5/12/18 - Columbus, TX - Rolling Hills Challenge ride. A 52.7 mi. super hard ride! See this image larger4/19/18 - Crossing the finish line - 136 miles. See this image larger4/29/18 - MS 150 See this image larger4/29/18 - MS 150 See this image larger4/29/18 - MS 150 See this image larger4/29/18 - MS 150 See this image larger4/29/18 - MS 150 See this image larger4/29/18 - Finally did the "bike over-the-head"'s was fun! :) See this image larger4/29/18 - Day #2...See this image larger4/28/18 - 2018 MS 150See this image larger4/28/18 - Day #1 heading out to conquer 75 miles.See this image larger4/22/18 - Tailwind Bicycles group on the Greenway. Fun, but had some rain remanence to deal with. (1 comments)See this image larger4/17/18 - Greenway Trails ride with the lovely Rachel. It was SO gorgeous out there today! (1 comments)See this image larger4/8/18 - Tailwind Bicycles Greenway ride. Great turnout for a newbie kind of group! :) See this image larger3/24/18 - Just Ride for a Just Cause 2018 (supporting human trafficking). So much fun this ride was!(1 comments)See this image larger3/13/18 - Got some good sprinting in today. :) 27 mi., avg/max speed - 15.8/22.2, 883 cals. Yay! (1 comments)See this image larger12/16/17 - Picked her up tonight to spend some quality time w/grandma during her x-mas break. :)(1 comments)See this image largerEven saw a fellow Bike Chick there! See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger9/23 & 9/24 Awesome weekend of riding!62.73 training miles on Sat, 29.72 on Sun. with the LTF gang. (1 comments)See this image larger9/17/17-Finished back-to-back training ride..95 miles this weekend. Veronica is getting stronger!:)See this image larger9/16/17-Great cause,but horrible road conditions,and hot! 66 miles and feeling every bit of it! lolSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerHurricane flooding just a 2 min. drive from our home. Didn't reach us, but oh so devastating! :((1 comments)See this image larger8/22/17 - Held 21mph+ paceline (so fun!) going out, but strong headwinds @ only 16+ back for me..lolSee this image larger8/20/17 - Always fun riding with the Life Time Fitness group. :) See this image larger8/12/17 - Bike Barn's weekend ride. We were the last 4 riders...hahaha Hot, but still a blast! See this image larger8/6/17 - Coldsprings, TX ride. Great turnout, great peeps! Felt good to be back in the saddle. :) See this image larger7/15/17 - Me after losing 106 lbs., sporting a new swimsuit. I WILL reach goal one day! :D(2 comments)See this image larger6/18/17 - Great turnout for a very challenging, wind in your face, ride! LMBO!! See this image larger6/18/17 - Me, Dane & Steve after a BRUTAL!! 44 mile ride with strong headwinds! ugh! lol(1 comments)See this image larger6/17 -Day 1 of 2, with the lovely Veronica on the Greenway.Got in 3 days of riding in a row! Yay! See this image larger6/15/17 - Speed skating fundraiser for some bike chicks kids. Fun night! Raised $1050 for nationals!(1 comments)See this image larger6/15/17 - First Coldspring, TX ride, and what a workout it was! lol 46 miles/1516 cals! Woo hoo! (1 comments)See this image larger6/15/17 - Coldspring max speed! Won't go that fast often, and I did feel completely safe, but damn! See this image larger6/13/17 - Great ride with the Chick's! See this image larger6/13/17 - Awesome turnout! Love the Lake Houston Bike Chicks!See this image larger6/11/17 - Another great Sunday ride with the Life Time Fitness group. :DSee this image larger6/10/17 - An "omg" amazing & personal best avg speed ride! Woo hoo! See this image largerReady to roll out on day #2 of the MS 150!! :DSee this image largerGorgeous views with Veronica & her grandson Elijah from the hotel’s 5th floor pool area. See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerI did it!!!!! (3 comments)See this image largerFitbit readings for both days...crazy cals burned each day! See this image largerCrossing the finish line!! See this image largerComing in on day one, and super excited to have done my first century ride! Yay!! See this image largerHaving some fun out on the road with the sweet Rachel! See this image largerAnd, we're off!!! See this image largerGetting ready to start! :D See this image largerMy amazing team, Houston Methodist!See this image largerAnd, a selfie with her! :D (3 comments)See this image larger4/20/17 - My new granddaughter, Daniella Sophie! :) (2 comments)See this image larger4/15/17 - Bluebonnet Express ride. Did 78.48 miles! :) See this image largerA shirt I will wear with pride...lime-green color and! See this image larger4/1/17 - Some more lovely pics of some amazing & strong riders! They look great! <3See this image larger2017 Head for the Hills. Pics taken at first rest stop.Crazy-windy 64 mile ride!See this image larger3/28/17 - 28 fabulous miles. A fave ride to-date with some awesome LH Bike Chicks! :D See this image larger3/26/17 - Middle riding level group. Great guys! <3See this image larger3/26/17 - Getting those back-to-back training rides in! 67.17 mi. & 41.13 mi. Rest day tomorrow yay!See this image larger3/21/17 - Great 27 mile ride today. Leaving Starbucks especially, with LOTS of tailwind! Woo hoo!!(2 comments)See this image largerMy first ever road id number - I'm framing this puppy! lol :DSee this image larger3/18/17 - Just Ride For A Just Cause bike ride - flowers along the way! So pretty! See this image larger3/18/17 - Just Ride For A Just Cause bike ride. Awesome day! :) See this image larger2/16/17 - The scenic views were amazing on this recommend MS 150 (41 mi.) ride in Chappell Hill, TX.See this image larger3/14/17 - Awesome ride! Hard as heck with the headwind, but I loved it! Burned 930 cals! Woo hoo! :DSee this image larger3/12 - With Rick & Andrea doing Spring Creek Greenway for the first time.Amazing trail,with no cars!See this image larger2/25/17 - Memorial ride for fallen Bike Chick, Kathy Macon Bryant RIP. See this image larger2/23/17 - Another beginner's ride for practicing using my new clip ins. Short, but sweet ride! :) See this image me! ha ha ha!(2 comments)See this image larger2/21/17 - My first clipped in ride, and I actually did pretty well. It's all about practice now. :) (1 comments)See this image larger2/19/17 - 36 mi. Life Time Cycle Lake Houston Sunday ride...great turnout! Loved it! See this image larger2/10/17 - Got to meet some more of the bike chicks! Awesome 32 mile ride, awesome ladies! :) See this image larger1/29/17 - First group ride with the LTF gang. Awesome 42 mile ride! See this image larger1/21/17(34+ miles) - Second time out, with hopefully MANY more in my future! It was so much fun! :D (1 comments)See this image larger1/14/17 - First ever group ride. It was amazing! Man in photo is 91 years young!! Go Joe! :) (1 comments)See this image larger05/21/16 - San Antonio Six Flags. We got our 1 day in! Rained the rest of the weekend! LOLSee this image larger5/9/16 - Hubby just delivered in Canada, and Pichi is already breaking in the (1 comments)See this image larger5/6/16 - Priceless! Pichi doing his job keeping my sweetheart happy while on the road. :)(1 comments)See this image larger5/3/16 - Pichi meeting his uncle Rusty in Cali for the first time! See this image larger5/3/16 - Pichi getting a checkup, and some new toys for being such a good boy at the vet. See this image larger5/1/16 - My girls love taking pics, me not-so. I'm breaking out of my shell slowly but surely! :)(2 comments)See this image larger4/27/16 - Movie date my daughter to see The Jungle Book remake. Fabulous movie! I'm 187 lbs. here.(4 comments)See this image larger4/1/16 - Introduction! Pichi meeting his uncle Kuwi. I'm so happy for hubby. Pichi is perfect! See this image largerMeet Kuwi! Grandma's (me!) stress-reliever. See this image larger10/2015 - Fun family dinner & show at Hula Mama's Hawaiian Grill. See this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger

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