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See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHappy Friday Y'all! Have a Great Weekend!See this image largerHave a Happy Friday and a Great Weekend Y'all 😊See this image largerMorning 3 Mile run done before rain moves back in 😅 Y'all have a great Saturday!See this image largerHave a good Tomorrow.... 🌹See this image largerI am getting SO addicted to these mixed berry/salted caramel protein powder smoothies after my run... Today it's making my Dreadmill run so much better 😁See this image largerEnjoying this BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning... Felt good enough to add a little extra time to my run.... Thank you Lord for a great run!See this image largerGot in a morning run with some good friends.... Y'all have a great weekend!See this image largerWhew! 3 mile run in the WIIIIIIIIND, but at least it was SUNNY ☀ Y'all have a GREAT weekend!See this image largerWhy am I smiling? 'Cause I stuck to my eating plan and I put in 4.5 miles on the road today 😁 Y'all have a Blessed Easter ❤See this image largerHad a couple mile run, then cleaned up and actually put on a dress! No running gear on at all! Happy Easter Y'all!See this image largerI guess drizzly blah day helps speed my old self up😋See this image largerMy Bella watching me eat my lunch of ham and cheese on a lite multi grain English muffin 😊 She wants to make sure I eat every bite😁See this image largerSunday morning 🏃....DONE! It's amazing what a good pair of running shoes can accomplish....Hope y'all have an awesome day !See this image largerIf able....DO try this at home😀 #BLASTINGOUTMYARTERIES #WISHIHADPOO
See this image largerLooked at Dreadmill, looked outside at the gray rainy blah day, looked back at Dreadmill, put on rain slicker, ball cap and headed outside, rain slowed to mist and THANK YOU LORD, the SUN smiled some⛅😁See this image largerSmiling 'cause I've accomplished this today!! Happy Moanday y'all!! #CANTBEATTHENCHEATSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerTime was terrible, but it was trail running in the HIIIIIIIIGH humidity.... #4milesneverseemedsolongSee this image largerPunishment for home cooked delicious meal and birthday cake yesterday.... Time ain't that great, but running here right now is like running the swamp.... Cept with no gators 😉 SPARK ON THROUGH THIS WONDERFUL MONDAY FELLOW SPARKIES! YOU CAN DO IT!See this image largerDaily Run.... Done! Run 3 of the 21K Running App Program! #sosweatybutfeelingaccomplishedSee this image largerStarting the month out with a bang🎉 Y'all have a GREAT SUNDAY! #THANKYOUJESUSFORMYRUNSee this image larger5.20 miles/70 minutes😜See this image largerRun AND DONE! 21K Training, Run 9/66 Min. /5.24 Miles😂 Have a GREAT Hump Day y'all! #HUMIDITYDONTCARETHISEARLYINTHEDAYSee this image largerTraining Run today! 6.92 Miles... Getting to half marathon distance slowly but surely.... My orange support helped 😅See this image largerBRIDGE TROLL PATROL 👻 STRIKES AGAIN! 5.93 MILES(tough humidity today forreal) CARRY ON GOING FOR THE GOALS SPARK TROUP!See this image largerGood Morning Y'all 😁See this image larger5.0 for today 😁 Running in humidity is a lil' bit harder 😂See this image largerGood Morning 😁See this image larger4~Miler😏See this image largerRUN #29/21K App 6.87 Miles on a beautiful Sunday.... #RunninginremembranceofJakeSee this image largerInaugural race, the Dale Beatty Memorial 5K for Purple Heart Homes... Finish Line annnnd 1ST Place in my age group 😁See this image largerGetting in a few miles before Florence pays a visit 💨💦See this image largerBridge Troll Moanday Report : Now "my buttons is dragon"😁See this image largerLast night, I ran the Nightcrawl 5K in Newton..... Placed 1ST in my age division..... The Old Chicks Division 😁See this image largerNice run this morning with some beautifully God~painted scenery.... 4.36 miles😁See this image larger3RD DAY OF NASTY RAINY COLD.... had to climb yet again on this old Dreadmill, but I steady ran a slow speed and got me in some miles----YAY #missingthe90degreerunningwea
ther #noiamnotcrazyireallydolovetherun
See this image largerMy Nephew and I ran the Turkey Trot 5K this morning 😁 #404caloriesinmybankaccountSee this image largerWindy Chilly today, which I HATE....90 degree weather doesn't bother me to run.... So today.... DREADMILL MILES ARE BETTER THAN COUCH MILES.... have a great midweek y'all 😁See this image largerBridge Troll reporting : Training Run DONE😜 #thursdaycalorieburnSee this image largerDreadmill miles again😁 #watchingChristmasclassicdiehard2See this image largerToday's Run.... So glad I got my miles in, breezy and cold here 😱See this image largerLoLo the Rednose Reindeer Gettin' in a run before the snow gets here😅See this image largerSlow continuous run on Dreadmill 😊 The ☀ is peeking out.... YAY❗See this image largerYAY... Sun is slaying the snow! Got to play outside! ❤See this image largerSpent the 1st 1.25 miles picking down a snow trail... The rest was on more cleared area😁 Made for some good leg workout 👍 #crazydedicationSee this image largerI'm so grateful for this weather ❗ Y'all have a great Sunday 🌹See this image largerAnother awesome weather day.... Thank you Jesus ❤See this image largerSloooow steady run on the hamster wheel, wanted to accomplish something today besides the trip to Wal-Nut 😂 #MEEPMEEPSee this image largerSlow steady running pace👍Merry CHRISTMAS y'all ~ Lori Skellington 😁See this image largerMy Mom and me at church today ❤See this image larger1ST Road Test of my Gobi Heat jacket.... LOVE IT!See this image larger@HOOAH19766 Did a few on the 'mill😅See this image largerDreadmill hair.... Just don't care 😁 Trying to run off this cold trying to take over.... 4 miles worth..See this image largerGood Morning on the last day of and best wishes for a great new year to you all ❤See this image largerLast Run of the year on the mudway... Happy Sparkly 2019 to everyone 🎉See this image largerLast Run of the year on the mudway... Happy Sparkly 2019 to everyone 🎉See this image largerDreadDrillSee this image largerThere was a rumor of SUN here, so I just had to go and see for meself 😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger1st it was Bella's turn, then I went back out to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL DAY! The 5th pic is hot air balloon.. Y'all have a great rest of your weekend 😊See this image largerSmiling cause this workout makes me sweat GOOD😅 I modified it and do 8 minutes of running in between each circuit..See this image largerSmiling cause I'm done with my circuit workout..See this image larger2 Mill Miles+short circuit workout.. Have a great snow-or-no-snow weekend 💎See this image largerParty Peopllllllllle WHUMP THERE IT IS 😜See this image larger2 Mill Miles and 15 minutes of circuit stuff.... Walking lunges, plank, pushups, bicycle crunches,etc.... Let the stretching begin😂See this image largerFREEZY BREEZY RUNNER GIRL👩See this image largerThrowback Thursday On left: younger (about 32) On right : OLDer and a Lil smaller 😁See this image largerBridge Troll reporting in!See this image largerYAY! THANK YOU JESUS FOR GIVING US THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY! WALKED THE DAWG, THEN RAN MYSELF 😏See this image largerGood Morning Y'all!See this image largerBumpy trail run 😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerToday’s Quote: Let your haters be your motivators!See this image largerWe have Sun here today, but gusty wind, so it was Satan's Sidewalk, but at least I got to watch "Sleeping With The Enemy" while I ran 🎥 50:28See this image largerHit the trail before the rain comes back in.... AGAIN.... tomorrow, maybe the weatherman/woman might not have it right. That's happened before, right? Y'all have a kickin' weekend ✨See this image largerRun outside today.... YAY! Garmin shut off and had to restart.... Final tally: 48:38 4.01miles😊See this image largerHalf mile more than jesterday 😁See this image largerGood Morning.... No psychopathic traits here.... Glammed up on this rainy day to run errands, and later guess I'll be hittin' Satan's sidewalk 😊 Y'all have a goal-kickin' day☀See this image larger#IfeellikeIliveinthePacificNorthwest Ready for Summertime ❤See this image largerHave a GREAT weekend y'all ☀See this image largerI'm smiling big 'cause this Bridge Troll met her goal run today! Super windy and some hills but grateful to Lord for this sun and the ability to enjoy doing it 😊See this image largerNew horseshoes to try out... BONUS: Complete stranger gave me thumbs up as I ran past him ❤ @SPARKLEIGH61 I made it out today.... YAY!See this image largerToday's MξξPMξξP😁 Not swift, but steady 👍See this image largerSo freakin' proud! I RAN my whole 10K RACE this morning!! Sprint Into Spring 5K/10K😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerUp and AT IT yet? Good Morning Friends☀✨See this image largerLOL.... sometimes it's a 3~mile run 😂 Aw heck, I'm just a procrastinator sometimes 😁See this image largerAll you need is the desire and a good pair of running "shoos"😁 Y'all have a great weekend ❤See this image largerWoooWhoooo! Got out in this lovely Carolina weather.... Gimme 90 degree days, PLEASE! 1st Garmin pic is group training run, 2nd is my solo run after class left... Burn calorie burn😂 Hope y'all having a sunny day wherever you are ✨See this image largerGood Night/Morning....forgot to post this earlier.... It'll still make you smile....y'all have a great week! ❤LσRξσSee this image largerHappy Moanday Y'all 😁See this image largerTraining paying off💪 3RD Place 55-59 F St. Patrick's Day 5K yesterday ❤See this image largerToday is my Babygirl Lacey's 19th Birthday ❤See this image largerY'all have a GREAT upcoming Week! Love, LoSee this image largerFor those of y'all who roll on the road for your cardio 😁See this image largerHills😁 But such a Beautiful Day ❤See this image largerTaking it easy today, have a procedure tomorrow....hope everyone's having a great Thursday 😁See this image largerI LOVE running in the sun... It gives me hope.... For everything good 😊See this image largerWeather not the best, so little by little I'm learning to "LIKE" my Dreadmill.... 3.25 miles/10K training run... Yesterday was 7.75 miles/21K training run👍 #Icanrunwithnopantson #thatsthebeaut
See this image largerGood Morning Sparkplugs! May your day have easy miles to run, light weights to lift and a coffee cup that doesn't run out ❤LσSee this image largerFinished a 5K Training Run with my Run For God class.... 2.6 miles😁 Have a good evening 🌙See this image largerGood Afternoon Sparkplugs.... Have a great Easter Holyday... Love, LoSee this image largerRFG Saturday morning run with these wonderful ladies (I couldn't fit the other 2 in the post😢)Mid 40's temps(where's spring)and wind gusts of 15mph made for a "little" more challenge 😁 I'm one on far right, Lisa(half marathoner) is with me ✨ 3 miles tofay, training for 10K in May💨See this image largerLet's all Cha~cha through our day.... Good Morning Y'all😁See this image largerEnjoying training run at our park uptown.... 5.83 miles/81 minutes of run/walk intervals😅See this image largerA couple miles today to keep my Runstreak, have a race tomorrow, Arbor Day 5K... Y'all have a GREAT WEEKEND... Love, The Bridge Troll😄See this image largerHave a great run this week😊See this image largerHad an amazing birthday week last week thanks to my sis, bro~in~law, and awesome Hub... I did manage to get a run in EVERY DAY👊 #LOVINTHEFLORIDASUN #57AINTSOBADSee this image largerStarting the week right 😊 Don't need no nutrisystem or no ww.... oprah and marie ain't losing sleep over me not signing up for their pricey programs.... Just need good shoes, determination, discipline, and gratefulness to God for being given the opportunity to be active🌹See this image largerGood late Morning ☀ Got sweat miles in, plus gonna meet with my Run For God group for our last training run before our 5K & 10K race this Saturday.... I'm one of the few crazy ones.... I'm doing the 10K😲See this image largerToday it is RIDING before RUNNING😁It's been awhile since I've had Lil' Red Riding Hood out, I got reminded how much she means to me ❤ Later it's going on a run with my good friend, put a few run miles on my odometer 👍 Have a great day Sparkplugs✨See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerCoffee philosophy for tomorrow morning..... Good Night🌙✨See this image larger770 calories burned this morning.... 10K race😊 PR on my Garmin and still earned finisher medal... Ran whole HILLY course ...1:12😏See this image largerSpent some church time with my Dear Momma ❤ Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms, Step-moms, and Women who stepped up to the plate and was there as Mom-figure to someone who needed them....y'all ROCK✨See this image largerHappy Tuesday Sparkplugs😊💪See this image largerHave a Good Evening... Love, MaySee this image largerIt's Friday Eve.... Here's a laugh for in the morning 🙈See this image largerNice walk after supper.... Y'all have a good Evening.... Tomorrow evening I'm running the Back The Blue 5K, honoring fallen officers💔...there is expected around 600 Runners 😱See this image largerAmazing turnout for Back The Blue 5K this evening ❤ Nice warm run👍See this image largerGood Morning ☀😊See this image largerYesterday evening's 5K race.... Very warm with over 600 people Running/walking small town street race course.... Placed 2ND in my age division 😁See this image largerHave a GREAT WEEKEND..... Love, Lo💝See this image largerSaw this beautiful balloon before I headed to the Troutman Strong 5K this morning ☀ Placed 2ND in my age division 😊 PS..It was a might warm this morning 😂See this image largerY'all have a SPARK~FILLED week.... Love all you Sparkplugs.... Now crush some GOALS and let me know how it's going 😊 Love, MaydaySee this image largerPlease Remember ⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤⭐❤See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBack in the car after running in rain... Soon as we got to our vehicles.... The bottom came out of an extremely large bucket!💦💨💦💨 We got 2.10 miles though and a nice cool shower😏See this image largerStarting June fitness minutes out right! Beautiful day to run 30/30 intervals and burn calories😁See this image largerHey....question for you Sparkplugs: What leg moves do you do that give you the most results? And also any good waist working moves? I'm taking notes😁 Thanks in advance! Oh yes.... Almost forgot: Good Sunday Morning!See this image largerGood Morning Sparkplugs … Hope your week starts great😁See this image larger4 Miles for the "4 Corners" #happyglobalrunningday #sweatingt
See this image larger30 Jumping Jacks 12 Push Ups 30 Hi-knees 30 Squats 12 Push Ups 10 Jump Squats 30 Jumping Jacks 25 Hi-knees 1 Minute Wall-sit In between each excercise I ran 1/4 or 1/2 Mile for a total of 3.5 Miles #teamlightning #ineedanapSee this image largerRainy Day.... 😖😤 45 jump jacks 15 squats 5 jump squats 50 Russian twists 30 second plank 10 calf raises 5 kneeling push-ups 30 second Superman 10 lunges each leg 40 crunches In between each move I ran 1/4 mile on 'Mill #thankfultobeabletogymtodaySee this image largerAfter a good ol' boob mashing mammogram, I ran off my anxiety on the trails👊See this image largerSaw this on FB this evening, and I had to share... This applies to us all, Running or not.... Runners or not.... Love, MayDaySee this image largerGot a surprise visit from my Running Icon, Coach Turtle ☀See this image largerA Lil' Morning Run before I get ready for work 😁 Y'all have a great weekend ❤ Race for me tomorrow for Purple Heart Homes -- The Dale Beatty Memorial 5K⭐See this image largerHad an EXCEPTIONALLY bad week last week, filled with personal defeats, thanking God they weren't health related😊 I did manage to run some everyday, and today was no exception ☀ #lovingNCSummer #tanningwhilerunningSee this image larger#humiditywasmytearsofjoy #gettinbacktomeol
dself #ponytailsweat
See this image largerGetting my Run~on before work, sun, and humidity get me... Nice hills thrown in😂See this image largerOK, if you can't read the caption, it is "When I slice onions..... Onions cry" One of my Heroes, Chuck Norris ❤😁👊💪See this image largerWho needs housework when there are tough hills to show who's boss😂 #ponytailsweatSee this image largerIt's pasta tonight 😁 #ponytailsweatSee this image largerToday's timed Run brought to you by 2 Cups O' Coffee with guests Artificial Sweetener and Hazelnut Creamer 😂 #ponytailsweatSee this image largerLate day slow warm run... #ponytailsweat #IneedaSHAMWOWSee this image larger21K Training Run on the good ol' hamster wheel on this much-needed rainy day😂 #ponytailsweatSee this image largerToday's SweatFest at 2pm.... Pic of dollah I'm standing on is the "Mile Money" I earned from this run... My Hub pays me a quarter a mile❤ My Mile Money bank has gotten to $140+, glad I've kept Runstreak going, now to decide what it's going towards... I'm thinking a daytrip to Harrahs Cherokee 😁 #ponytailsweat #teamlightningSee this image largerFull Monday.... Mowing, sanding the deck for painting, short run, and took Bella for a short walk...Happy Monday y'all 🔔See this image largerOutrun approaching thunderstorm with a 5K run, but couldn't outrun humidity, which is a clingy, persistent brat😂 Have a great weekend Sparkplugs👊See this image largerGood Morning Sparkplugs❤ Happy Friday! A couple miles before work, it's already a little toasty outside, but I'm loving this weather! Y'all have a great weekend 🌹 #ponytailsweatSee this image largerSunshine On My Shoulder 🎤🎸 for this morning's run before work☀ #ponytailsweat Have a Blessed Sunday 😊See this image largerHAPPY LEFT~HANDER'S DAY TO ALLLLLLL MY FELLOW SOUTHPAWS ❤See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerComing down the mountain after a day trip to Cherokee ❤ yesterday evening 🌙See this image largerThis evening on our evening paw stroll to burn a few extra calories after supper, we saw this..... After a hard day of road kill huntin' it's roostin' time😏See this image largerCoupla miles before work later.... Wish I ran as fast as my sweat😂 #ponytailsweatSee this image largerPart of the picture is cut off, but if ANY of you Sparkies are in the Mooresville/Charlotte,NC area, or outlying areas, please come join us for fellowship and exercise😊 If you're on FB, look up our page, request to join, or message me on here....hope to meet some of y'all there 👍See this image largerGo ahead and laugh..... We won't tell anyone 🐴See this image largerA little flame to start your week.... Hope everyone has a great Moanday and week😊See this image largerHappy Half~Week Day😁See this image largerToday's Calorie 🔥 And Mile 💰See this image largerChillin' in my lil' gym/office after putting a couple miles on the 'mill... Just discovered "The Affair" on demand, think I'm a "little" addicted... Yeah, it's an old show, but new guilty pleasure 😊See this image largerHAPPY LABOR DAY Y'ALL 😁See this image largerFun at the County Fair with my Daughter last night ❤See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNew Pinterest running drill pinterested me😁 Went for a test drive✨See this image largerAfter a eventful shift at work, which included a woman being so mean and hateful it brought me to tears, I came home, laced up, and went for therapy, God and the Sun did me good❤See this image largerEven if you're not a Trekkie, you know you laughed😜 Have a great weekend 👊See this image larger2 Mile Run on the 'Mill, and as we say "A Short Run is Better than No Run at All" work day earlier was BeeZee🎉See this image larger😅😂😏😁😊See this image largerRunning in one of my Beloved places.... Myrtle Beach, S. C. ❤See this image largerHave a GREAT week Y'all 🌹See this image largerStarting out the week pretty DARN BIG for ME.... now I'm wondering if I can drive meself home😂 #ponytailsweat #pastalegsSee this image larger#Fridayfrolic #ponytailsweat HAVE A SPARK~FILLED WEEKEND Y'ALL 😁See this image largerRunners/Walkers I know this has happened to you 😂😱See this image largerLil sweaty run uptown😊 Happy Moanday 👊See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image larger✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨See this image largerYou know you wanna laugh.... Have a GREAT WEEKEND Y'ALLLLLLLLLL😁See this image largerTraining run for this old gal on her 1ST Sunday off in several months: 87 fitness minutes, 857 calories burned, and 7 miles pay😁 Plus a little scenic tour 💢See this image largerLove, Mayday😊See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerShort but effective Run before I go to work later…wishing each of you Sparkplugs a great Fall weekend 🎃See this image larger35MINUTES/3MILES/382CALORIESSee this image largerNightcrawl 5K last night... Colder temps and RAIN💦 Placed 3RD in my age group 😊See this image largerHave a Great Moanday Sparkplugs 💪See this image largerToday my Great~nephew turns ONE❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZANDER, A. K. A. BUBZ 😍See this image largerFinished my FIRST HALF MARATHON yesterday! SUPER TOUGH trail race! #13.1milesrunhike #celebratewithbirthdayc
ake #coolfinishermedal
See this image largerHappy Moanday, Gang😁See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerNothin' jacks up your 'Mill run like seeing Michael Myers in the original "Halloween" 😱🎃👻See this image largerHappy Spark O' Ween🎃See this image largerToday is my 2ND Wedding Anniversary to my Love, My AWESOME Hub, Raymond😍 And yes, I did choose Halloween as my Wedding Day 😂See this image largerHave a GREAT WEEKEND Y'ALL, MayDay ✨See this image largerFav Running Shoes+music box=FUN RUN😁 Hope y'all had a fun Mon🎉See this image largerSee this image largerThis is my Brother-In-Law, he passed suddenly, in his honor, I urge y'all to put any pettiness you have with anyone, hug them and tell them you love them because TOMORROW ISN'T GUARANTEED ✨See this image largerToday's run fueled by grief and a little stress, my bro~in~law passed very sudden and unexpectedly.... In his honor and memory, I'm asking each of you to put aside any pettiness and grudge you may have against someone in your life.... Give them a hug and tell them what they mean to you..... Why? .....Because tomorrow's not guaranteed... I love this group❤MayDaySee this image larger2 mile Grateful Run on the 'mill... Happy Thanksgiving to All!See this image largerCoupla miles before work, have a Jingle5K tomorrow and hoping the rain holds off 🎅🎄See this image largerJingle 5K this afternoon, got to talk to Santa before the race... Placed 3RD in ancient age division 😁 Y'all have an awesome week ✨See this image largerCooooollllld JingleGlow 5K this evening....made me run faster😂 #LothegrumpyoldelfSee this image largerI woke up to a bright light that I went out to investigate..... IT WAS THE SUN ❤ soooooooooo... I went for A RUN😊See this image largerRemember....... Santa's watching you 😁See this image largerBurned 639 cal and earned a some darn cute Bling to hang on the 🎄 #LothegrumpyoldElf Hope y'all's weekend has been good 🎅See this image largerHappy Friday Sparklers🎉See this image larger7.95 Miles away from my 1000 Mile Goal for 2019! #ThankfulChristIsBorn #teamnfbf #Lot
See this image largerGood Morning Sparklers.... Have a Blessed Sunday, love, Mayday PS~3 miles on the 'Mill, now 4.95 miles away from my 1000 Mile Goal for 2019....YAY😍See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGood Monday Morning Y'all 🎅🎄🎂See this image largerI work retail, and I work today, please remember to be kind to the retail workers who are working today FOR YOU, the "last -minuters"😊See this image largerHey Y'ALL! I finally made it back😁 Hope everyone is staying healthy and has enough to be getting by❤ At my yearly checkup last month, I heard the lovely phrase "You've lost weight since last year"😁

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