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See this image largerBefore I started my weight loss journey - October 2006. My 40th birthday.See this image largerOur dog, Oscar. He is so lazy that he provides no motivation for walking.See this image largerMy wonderful husband.See this image largerHere I am at 178 lbs. February 2007See this image largerHere are my kids 13 years ago - how time flies when you are having fun!See this image largerMarch 30, 2007 - 168 poundsSee this image largerMarch 30, 2007 - 168 pounds.See this image largerWorking hard or hardly working?See this image largerMay 15, 2007 159 poundsSee this image largerMay 15, 2007 - 159 poundsSee this image largerBryce Canyon 2007See this image largerBrian and I - Willapa Bay, Washington, 2007See this image largerTrees of Mystery, California 2007See this image largerCalifornia 2007See this image largerLooking like a beached whale on Coronado Beach, San Diego.See this image largerOur Family PortraitSee this image largerWhat a difference a year makes. I may not have the "perfect body", but it is 50 pounds lighter.See this image largerOur new family portrait. Oct. 2007See this image largerDecember 2007 150 poundsSee this image largerReady to brave the elementsSee this image largeryou have to look good when exercising!See this image largerJuly 2008See this image largerMy golfing injury. July 2008See this image larger8 hours after surgery - morphine is still there so I was feeling great.See this image largerThe super sexy stockings they give you to increase circulation after surgery.See this image largerNaomi came each morning to have breakfast at the hospital with me.See this image largerMy ballerina. Naomi - Dec. 08See this image largerDelia and I in Miami.See this image largerBrian and I sipping Margaritas in Miami.See this image largerDelia, myself and the girls.See this image largerMy gorgeous kids. Dec. 2008See this image largerWalking through South Beach.See this image largerNaomi and Hannah ready to shop in Grand Cayman.See this image largerChristmas 2008See this image largerAll the kids on the ship.See this image largerJosh with his new learner's licenseSee this image largerBrian and Josh taking it easy.See this image largerHannah & BenSee this image largerNaomi and CorySee this image largerNamoi and ISee this image largerNaomi and BrianSee this image largerthe family at Naomi's gradSee this image largerNaomi and Cory at the promSee this image largerNaomi and Cory at prom

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