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See this image largerMy montra for the next few days.See this image largerSee this image largerWords I need to remember right now.See this image largerI've had a few days recently where I needed this reminder.See this image largerFind joy in the journey. Learn from the journey. Don't quit the journey. #ketoSee this image largerHeading out for my walk, hubby snaps a pic. I realize the camera angle is a bit low, but am happy with the results. Thank you #keto. Down 30 pounds in 3 mo. And content with various camera angles.See this image larger#Keto "magic"See this image larger#keto breakfast from the no longer local grocery. It was tasty and was 1 g total carbs!See this image largerMade some awesome #keto fat bombs today. I made it up as I went just to try it. (And used my silicone elephant molds) 88 cal, 9 fat, .5 net carbs, 1 protein for each one. I used a bit of peanut butter, coconut butter, coconut oil, shredded coconut for texture (it's all fiber!) And then a little unsweetened (100% bakers choc) and didn't add any sweetener. They are really good. I may eat them too quickly and means I shouldn't make them again.See this image largerIt seems easier in early January, but let's make it to our goals!See this image largerThe non- #keto meal my 4 year old "made."See this image larger#keto #goals I finally got some of office stuff back in place, including this visual representation of my journey so far. I underestimated how motivating this can be. I'm at 39 pounds lost. If I color in all the leaves it will be 86 pounds.See this image larger#stressbuster spent some time for myself.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter #keto I'm a little sad I didn't do a fully body before, or I didn't take the time to find one...but I can see the 40# loss.See this image larger#keto eat good foods! Cream Tuscan Garlic Chicken from the Recipe Critic. Not specifically Keto, but macros were on, as long as I dont over do the chicken. This specific one I also added olives. Served over steamed asparagus. (Recipe has sun dried tomatoes and spinach)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger#keto lunch today: mushrooms and bean sprouts in broth with plenty of Kerrygold butter, scrambled egg with real American cheese (not processed cheese product), and half an avocado. Yummy! And good fuel. I almost couldn't finish it.See this image larger#keto meals "pizza" (no crust) and Caesar salad.See this image larger#keto lunch: smoked salmon roll ups and greens with olive oil dressing. Yummy, nutritious, good food.See this image larger#keto snack when I had a little bit of macros left and needed more cals for the day. Olives, almonds, cheese, decaf with hwc. So yummy.See this image largerSee this image largerHappy birthday to me #keto style. Crust less cheesecake. I didn't take a fancy pic when I served the pieces, but it was pretty with a bit of strawberry on top. Here it is with my new silicone spring form pan.See this image larger#KETO dessert. Hubby requested banana cream pie for his birthday dessert. I couldn't find banana extract anywhere locally! I ordered from Amazon and made the parts later last night and we will be eating it soon! I haven't tasted the crust but tried the custard and whipped cream. It seems pretty good. Here is the recipe i used. http://mariamindbodyhealth.com/banana-crea
See this image largerIn an effort to "get back to the basics" with #keto I've been trying to get avocados back in my diet. Lunch today was sautéed chicken tenderloin with mushrooms and fried avocado with horseradish dip and celery with boursin cheese.See this image larger#keto lunch. Chicken, mushrooms, and broccolini with some left over caper butter sauce and a jalapeno with boursin cheese broiled. And my current favorite flavor of fizzy water.See this image larger#keto dinner: pork in the instant pot with cheese sause and tomato & avocado salad. The kids even ate it and my 4 year old said it was "the best supper ever."See this image larger#keto breakfast: scotch eggs (hardboiled eggs with sausage/cheese/pork rinds). I've had with cajun mayo and a mushroom cream sauce. Both amazing!See this image larger#keto dinner: portobello mushroom cap pizzas with mini pepperoni and olives. And Cabbage with lime juice and olive oil, with everything but the bagel seasoning.See this image largerStaying #keto while out with friends. This dish is the slab of bacon with burnt brussels sprouts and a slaw with bacon dressing. We also had the smoked platter with meat and cheese. It was so very good!See this image larger#keto spicy tuna roll. Tuna mixed with mayo and seasoned, cucumber matchsticks and avocado all wrapped in thin cucumber (English) slices, topped with sriracha mayo and everything but the bagel seasoning.See this image larger#keto breakfast: cream cheese pancakes, bacon, and coffee with cream.See this image larger#Keto my new kitchen scale, because my old one was given a "bath" by my kids. It seems crazy to be this excited about a kitchen scale.See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerNew #Keto items I'm trying. I used the cheese wrap today, will post that soon. The almond flour wraps are higher carbs but are an actual wrap. I haven't tried it yet. See this image larger#keto lunch: tuna salad with a bit of cilantro in a cheese wrap served with romaine and olive oil/lemon juice dressing. A really filling lunch!See this image larger#keto pizza crust. I was so excited to find these crusts in the freezer section. The brand is Califlower pizza crusts. Kind of spendy, but quality made and only 2g total carb per serving, 6 for the whole crust. It's better than the homemade versions I've tried. Got pretty crispySee this image larger#keto breakfast: two fried eggs, mushrooms and a tbsp bruschetta mix and some avocado. Getting back on track. Again. Don't let a stumble define you.See this image larger#keto lunch: salmon cakes with avocado cream sauce and Sriracha mayo, side of cucumber salad.See this image larger#keto #BeforeAndAfter decided to suck it up and post here. 9 months of stress and stress eating brought me back up over 200. A week of strict keto despite traveling to Dallas and celebrating my birthday and I had a pretty good weigh in.See this image largerRinging in the new year...See this image larger #keto breakfast today: wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and bacon. Ended up couldn't eat all the lettuce, but a good breakfast. See this image larger#keto breakfast. Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and bacon. See this image larger#Keto breakfast. Eggs and bacon and avocado. I made fajitas and the green "sauce" is a lime & olive oil marinade that I cook down into a sauce. YummySee this image larger #keto wedge saladSee this image larger#keto lunch: stirfry with shrimp and low carb veggies, with extra sesame oil. I also add a bit of hot sauce.See this image largerDinner tonight: Greek salad with homemade dressing and crustless pizza. I make the pizza by broiling provolone cheese with toppings and then put a little smear of tomato sauce since that's where I often overdo carbs. #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerEggs with some blue cheese, bacon, and fried avocado. Yummy #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerDid you celebrate pi day? I had a small sliver of lemon pie. See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerStrategically taken to convince myself that I "carry the extra weight well." (1 comments)See this image largerThe dreaded side view... not so strategic...not so convincing (2 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)

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