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See this image largerFaire 2008See this image largerTammie The Mighty Huntress at rest(1 comments)See this image largerSir Cheddar Talks-A-LotSee this image largerThe window is barely big enough!See this image largerDancing or trouble? Maybe a bit of both...See this image largerMe enjoying my new dress(1 comments)See this image largerMe enjoying my new dress some more(1 comments)See this image larger2.5 trips = 1 round trip in a 15 story building. Good way to spend half an hour!See this image largerGood day for a hike!See this image largerSoup season begins!See this image largerFinal harvest of the season...See this image largerAt home with DD and DH, she's a whole week old tomorrowSee this image largerTaking the little one out for a walk again today. Nothing like being in love with your motivation!(2 comments)See this image largerBack on the elliptical...not bad for half an hour after over a year off.See this image largerDay 2...same machine, same time. Amazing what the body remembers!See this image largerSee this image largerLittle Miss enjoying a high protein snack LOL. What a dood example for momma she sets!See this image largerBecause spices liven up the party!See this image largerDay 7 of water before coffee...getting easier but still feels kinda blah in the morning until I get that first mug in.See this image largerRedirected my stress eating from chocolate to salad today!See this image largerI did go out of range a little bit yesterday *but* this is the best my day end pie chart has looked in weeks. 😊See this image largerStill a little icy but was too nice to stay inside a gym!See this image largerBreakfast with my little miss 😍 Scrambled egg and toast with homemade jam for both of us.See this image largerNot going to get back to 175 by eating like I'm 320...happy lunch everyone! 😊😊😊See this image largerIt's cold, it's windy, I'm not 100% better yet. But I still came out for my first dry run...race day in 3 weeks!See this image largerFinally starting to feel like I'm making progress. Cheers everyone, have a wonderful Wednesday!See this image largerHappy Friday!See this image largerIf you had told me five years ago that I would be sauteeing asparagus with a baby on my hip...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚See this image largerOn my way to hitting my step goal today and the day is only half done!See this image largerI promise I'm smiling on the inside! Race day success, walked 95% of it but I still came out and did my 6k.See this image largerYup, today was a *very* good activity day. 23k+ steps logged!See this image largerLast night was not a good night, but today will be better because I want it to be. I've been asked why I track even the bad days and it's simply about honesty. For me a win is keeping binge days rare and under 3000...because I used to have many days in a row over 5000. Choosing honesty works for me, what works for you?See this image largerRough beginning to the week, but back on track! Forgot to pack lunch, but was able to find some good choices on the go.See this image largerGood morning! Breakfast time: spinach, sausage, and egg...easy to prep ahead and delicious all week.See this image largerHappy Sunday friends! Fresh off an illness, over 300#, still finished a 5k with good company and took over 10 minutes off my previius race time. Morning win!See this image largerAt a ball game for the first time after baby. LGM!See this image largerSunset after a nice afternoon of fishing and toddler chasing at the lake.See this image largerFueling up for an active day. Turkey, eggs, tomato and water before coffee.See this image largerNot a ton of milage, but a whole lot of beautiful, challenging elevation changes.See this image largerKeeping lunch simple, cabbage sauteed with some chopped bacon.See this image largerDo not be afraid to customize your plan to fit your body's needs. After months of constant tracking and consulting with a nutritionist...THESE are my magic numbers. Every single day that I have stayed under 2000 calories or actively in goal range has looked like this. Looking forward to feeling good and making progress!See this image largerTrying something might not be pretty but it is posted on my side of the bed. My plan is to fill this up with colored dots that match the items on my wish list. Sleep is considered a bonus right now because my little girl is little and teething. 😊See this image largerTried out the local burn bootcamp. Loved it, no shame about things I couldn't do...just modifications so I could improve what I could do.See this image largerTried my hand at cooking fresh mussels for the first time tonight. I don't know why I waited this long, it was easy and delicious. I will definitely be doing this again!See this image largerOld habits die hard. First time I've set foot in NYC for work in years...walked fast, stopped at a coffee cart for breakfast. Hope the same guy is there tomorrow, because whike I autopiloted to my old standard I noticed he has eggs and such available. No need to carb load all three days that I'm here LOLSee this image largerLast day of my training in NYC. Special breakfast today. If any of you plan to visit...a good coffe cart guy is as good or better than any sit down place for breakfast. πŸ˜‰See this image larger19 down, 12 to go and half or better for 17 of them. I like this, I am probably going to do something similar next month.See this image largerPlay ball! 2nd time I've gotten to a game this year, super excited 😊See this image largerAugust complete! Going to make my September board after my LO goes to sleep tonight. I know tracking is going to be a focus this month, got more than a little sloppy towards the end there...BUT I still did it.See this image largerHad one of those days at work. Again. It's really more like years though. Taking the step to leave a good paycheck and superior benefits behind is not easy...but having more dinners that look like this is not acceptable. I want to stop stress eating...and that means removing the stress!See this image largerKicking up the natural vitamin C intake. Happy Thursday everyone!See this image largerHappy Monday everyone! Ok, so I am not recommending this as a daily driver since it so high in sugar, BUT it is better than a number of other convenience store options in a pinch. You can feel/taste the added protein, which I don't mind since that's what keeps me full.See this image largerTaco salad for dinner!See this image larger5k with my favorite running partner this morning. 58 minutes and some change, slow but still an improvement over the last race. Watch out 2019, we're coming for you!See this image largerIn case anyone else is looking, these compression pants did their job! I found them on amazon for a reasonable price and when I took them out for a test run this morning they worked. No pain from jiggly fat/skin pulling at my back. No clapping from my thigh/tummy cheering section. Most comfortable 2 miles I've run all year!See this image largerFinally! I've been on a losing streak, #selfcare for the not ignore your body when it tells you something because it will often be speaking for your mind too. In celebration, I've decided I want to be a unicorn. I want to be one of those magical creatures who loses weight during the holidays...and healthy habits are going to be my primary tool not devprivation.See this image largerIt took some convincing but you know what? I'm ok with having spent this year on the bunny slope. Down is still down no matter how much.See this image largerSo I set out to be a unicorn, but like the fantasy animal my reality looks a bit different. I did gain weight over the holidays. I always do, but I like setting high bars for myself. However, I am ending the year lighter than I started it and *that* is it's own beautiful reality.See this image largerHappy New Year! Took the little one out on trail today, she loves it πŸ’•See this image largerSettled on this simplified version of my goal board after trying a few out last year. First race of my year is in March, my goal is to be at least 15 lbs lighter by then. Time to go get it!See this image largerThis is where I spent my lunch break. Just over a mile and time to eat too.See this image largerThere it is Sparkfriends! 30 lbs gone from my heaviest and back in the 200's for the first time since I was 8 months pregnant with my not quite 2 yr old DD.See this image largerI can't wait for class tonight! Love me some cardio kickboxing...See this image largerJust a little Sunday stroll LOL. It was a little chilly but fun!See this image largerIt's Tuesday...Kickboxing day!!See this image largerIt's Tuesday...kickboxing day!! 😊😊See this image largerMy motivation took a long walk off a short peir today. But what do you know, when I cast one last line I reeled it back in.See this image largerConfession time: there's a part of this class that I've been modifying. Three parts injuries : four parts fear. Fear no more and feeling strong, first jumping jacks in 6 years complete. Ready for next week already!See this image largerSwitching gears...I knew I was going to have to upgrade this year, just came early. While I enjoyed the simplicity of the Misfit device, I find that the diverse information provided by the FitBit one fits my current needs better.See this image largerYes indeed, I can do it. Macros soooo close to what the doctor asked me to do yesterday. Felt amazing during my workout, slept great, actually woke up feeling human *before* coffee. You are what you eat? appears that I certainly am!See this image largerRace 1 and done! @LAURENROSE623 and the whole family came out this morning. I'm still waiting for official results to post. Fit bit says 58'32" which is far better than I started last year's season.See this image largerHello Sparkfriends, I took a bit of time away from the feed. I needed to rest and regroup, but things are still on track. Meal prep for the week is done, I have my intentional exercise planned out for the week, and I've put the jogging stroller back in the car to be ready for additional opportunities. This is part of my meditation. This is part of my overall wellness plan. Thank you for being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours.See this image largerMeet my kickboxing instructor. First class after being sick #moveitSee this image largerSlowest I've walked in a while...but was also some of my favorite miles since little legs were with me all the way.See this image largerGuess what day it is!See this image largerWell, looks like I fell off the wagon pretty hard today. This does *not* mean, however, that I need to lay there and let it run me over too. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm going to treat it like one.See this image largerHappy 1st of May! I've been inspired to be brave, and to take my goals seriously. Afterall, if I don't no one else will for me SO to reach my ultimate goal of going from 306 today to 225 by my birthday (12/29)... This month: I will be candy free 6 out of 7 days per week. I will intentionally exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 out of 7 days per week. The rest of this year I will post a progress photo, good or bad, on the first of every month.See this image largerReady or not it's time to have my tooth pulled. At least I have a plan to get my freggies in while recovering. Not necessarily the best, but better than nothingSee this image largerThank you all for the well wishes, I'm feeling much better. Should be fully back in the swing tomorrow.See this image largerSee this image largerTwo weeks in and so far on target for May. Down 4 lbs in two weeks, and banking money towards a new bicycle for every lb lost. I'm doing reasonably well with my self imposed candy restriction. Exercise is a little lagging compared to where I want it but improving steadily.See this image largerSee this image largerToday was a good walking day, I love being on the boardwalk almost as much as a good hike.See this image largerLarge water bottle? Check! Gym bag? Check! Running shoes? Shoes? Aw maaaaanSee this image larger1 fresh caught rainbow trout going in the oven. DH brought it home and I did the rest.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. As promised, a monthly update photo. I can see my waist is returning even with a 2lb gain...proof that the scale isn't the only measure to use. I was good on the candy reduction, but really could have done better with my fitness goal. Setting it again until I hit it: 20 min + for 6x per week. Another update at the end of June.See this image larger10k on Sunday. Am I ready? NO! Am I feeling anxious? Yes. Am I going to go out and do it anyway? YES! Last place will still be 6+ mile ahead of myself if I'd stayed on the couch.See this image largerSee this image larger10k complete! I had three goals: complete, run across the line not walk, and finish in under 2 hours. 2 out of 3 ain't bad and I came really close at 2:04:52 to getting that third one. I'm breaking for summer, I just can't take the heat. Next race is a 6k in September.See this image largerPacking the gym bag for after work. Rest day was yesterday...but I really want it to be today too.See this image largerSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. Morning well spent, shower awaits. Tomato x6; Eggplant x3; Squash x5See this image largerI'm happy, but how much salt had I been eating to lose 8 lbs in a week?! I gotta get better at watching that...See this image largerHow do you celebrate your first 16 min mile in several years? I chose a giant salad!See this image largerI love this shot from the weekend DD and I just spent with friends in Maine. It reminds me of both why I need to improve my health and how far I've already come. The scale might not be moving, but if I can toss 30 lbs of toddler over my head I'm doing something right in the strength department.See this image largerYou don't realize just how life changing A/C is until it's gone. Car's a/c compressor died yesterday...just as we're supposed to get dangerously hot temps. Part is supposed to arrive tomorrow, mechanic has already promised to get it settled asap. In the meanwhile I'm packing the baby seat with ice and driving with aaaaalll the windows down.See this image largerI have been gaining and losing the same 15 lbs for about a year now. It's still down from my highest, and I have managed to stop continually gaining weight. Back to basics, track everything for two weeks then review and make adjustments.See this image largerUgh, today is made of antacids and bread for me. Hopefully you're all having a better Friday!See this image largerOn it! I've been having some scary health issues lately. Finally got in to the specialist I needed to see yesterday and got cleared to start training again!See this image largerGym time IS my me time! Fueling throughout the day so that when I get out of work I'm good to go.See this image largerI have trouble visualizing progress. DH was kind enough to help me take pictures so I can SEE and stop guessing. I have 150 lbs to lose...this dress will fit properly again in about 75 lbs. Time to get to work!See this image larger"I tried counting sheep it just makes me hungry" So true last night, my insomnia was acting up last night and so was my night snacking. I tracked it and made a light breakfast to compensate. Looking forward to the rest of the day being better.See this image largerI almost forgot to share the awesome #NSV from my weekend. Took DD to her first amusement park and not once did someone else have to take her on a ride for me. I fit with her on every one she wanted to try.See this image largerYES!! Kickboxing class is back in a time slot when I can make it after work. Guess where I'm going tonight?See this image largerUgh. Took a 4300 calorie trip down memory lane yesterday that I did NOT want to take. I've always been open about my struggle with binge eating because honesty is an important tool in taming that particular beast. Then DH made an interesting link between my bad days almost always following nights when I do not sleep well. I took a sleep aid last night and will see how today goes.See this image larger#AHHAAAA moment: everytime I *think* I don't feel like exercising my very next thought seems to always be about going out to eat. Not cooking at home, nit getting something to drink. Eating out. IDK how many times I autopiloted into that trap but now that I'm conciously aware of it you can bet it won't happen as often.See this image larger6k trail run w/elevation changes that, no joke, require stairs. This year I finished in 1 hr 48 min and change! Same race last year I finished in 2 hours flat.See this image larger#motivationmondays. Who's in? For me, measurable change is my motivation so here it is: Before: 32 min mile After: 28 min mile What moves you forward Sparkfriends?See this image largerWhat to do when your tomato plants keep producing? Today's batch of fresh salsa!See this image largerWhere have I been? I like musical metaphors ... and much as I wish differently I was definitely on a trip down "Telegraph Road" recently. So important to pay attention to your mental & spiritual needs! I think I'm finally ready to get my head back in the game. #onedayatatimeSee this image largerAnd I am going to start over as often as it takes, because giving up just is not an option. Here's to a fresh start to celebrate November!See this image largerI really do wish sometimes that I had a sweet tooth because this savory tooth isn't always my friend. It's been a good while since I've eaten a whole pint of anything but here's a little math: My favorite ice cream = 1160 cal per pint. My favorite peanut butter = 3610 cal per pint. 😲See this image largerSo file this under things to think about. I don't know about where you live, but here in northern NJ without fail: Gym --- within 1/2 mi radius -- fast food. Brilliant marketing...but by who?See this image largerI looked at my carrots this afternoon and found myself briefly wishing they were chocolate. Then I remembered what I really want won't come from wishes. Carrots gone.See this image largerToday is my big cooking day. We host a Friendsgiving every year on the Friday after turkey day. Got my arm workout in hand mashing the potatos and turnips!See this image largerStart the day off right, if a little late. Today was a good day for sleeping in and taking my time with breakfast.See this image largerI have one of these in my car, but I really need it in my head. I have a plan...a nice road to success. Time to put my rump in gear and drive!See this image largerBrightest Yuletide blessings to all! Wishing everyone the best of the season 😊See this image largerMy grandmother and my daughter together. Our family is truly blessed with 4 living generations together for another year. Presents of this kind will always be my favorite.See this image largerYup, my holiday cheer definitely showed up on the scale...but it doesn't have to stay there. Up and running again today.See this image largerHappy New Year! Family tradition of New Year Day hike continued...maybe next year DD will be ready to come out of the pack.See this image largerRemember this thing? I dusted it off on my birthday, put new batteries in and looked through my old data. 219 was my pre-pregnancy low. My "baby" is almost I erased and started again. Every morning since it has cheerfully announced "that's obese" and I respond "not for long"See this image largerI need this right about now. I'm doing what I think is right, what everyone including my doctors tell me is right. The @#$!@#$%&^%$@ scale is moving in the wrong direction. I have HAD it with that. Going to take a looong hard look at things later because I need to get this fixed.See this image largerSo close yesterday. I'm going to make another run at that 10,000 todaySee this image largerOk so I was whining earlier in the week about the scale not being my friend. I just needed to zoom out a bit. Overall trend is indeed down!See this image largerFirst spin class in three years...going back on Thursday even though I sound and feel like this little guy right nowSee this image largerFirst races of my season are on the calendar! Just over 10 weeks to a 5k and 6 weeks after that to a 10k. Eyes on the prize, all training to attempt a half marathon in the fall.See this image largerI really want everyone to know how much I appreciate my Spark family & friends & everyone inbetween. I don't always reply, like, or follow...but I always read! Your collective courage and support, of me and each other, helps keep me here and going on days when I don't feel like trying. #thankyou #bettertogetherSee this image largerWell this is a first. I have never had a scale tell me I'm too heavy before. Not going to lie I'm dying a little inside right now.See this image largerWe have any unicorns today? I'm looking at you @STILLSPARKLEIGH , @SURFIE , @PELESJEWEL , @-POOKIE- , @ALLYLIZZY and so many other MAGICAL Sparkers. This week has been enough, supporting each other through and through...time to add some fun and play back in! Let's have a great Friday all through the weekend!See this image largerWorking my stems today...right now though they feel more like a pair of these. Leg day = the only day I regret driving stick!See this image larger#noexcuses. I did NOT want to gym today. I hurt. I felt bigger than I am. I worried that I might be too out of shape. Did I skip? NO! Back to back spin and yoga classes. Just like before I had my daughter. Feeling strong, peaceful, and confident (well yes and a bit hungry). Homeward bound, the shower calls.See this image larger#danceparty! Let's load this puppy up and go! I'm listening to Florence and the Machine, "Heartlines"....what's next? Put your quarter in and name your tune!See this image largerHappy Saturday! Today is going to be all about me and little one, time well spent. The gym can wait until tomorrow.See this image largerTired. So very very tired. To sleep, tomorrow will be better. Recharge that soul of mine and appreciate the now.See this image largerCan you tell I haven't slept very well? Currently near midnight my time...also transitioning my little one into her big girl bed. No energy for the gym as a result, but it will get better as we borh adjust.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. Another lovely hike with my lovely daughter. Just us on trail today so no backpack pic like usual. About halfway through "mamma uppie" echoed in the valley...broke my fitbit while hoisting 30+ lbs of toddler onto my back. We had a good day!See this image largerI consider this a victory. I wasn't tracking at all. I was making so many poor food choices that my body gave up signalling that it didn't really want that stuff. I did keep up with my exercise though, and my water. All told the gain could have been so much worse.See this image largerSparkicorns rejoice! Fri-yay is here, who else is feelin frisky? Still waiting for my work from home set up, planning to play with DD until I hear back from tech support.See this image largerTGIF everyone! My little girl helped me get ready for work today...she got the crown, so I'll settle for flowers. πŸ˜„See this image largerBack on the wagon! Lost track of days. Lost track of food. Lost track of everything but my daughter these last couple weeks! We're settling into our new routine though so time to get tracking again. This πŸ¦„ is ready to shine again.See this image largerGiven everything that's going on, and the lack of tracking recently I was expecting a gain. I'll take the loss for sure!See this image largerThis was lunch. Work from home is challenging but I'm getting spoiled by being able to prep a fresh lunch every day. 🎢always look on the bright side of life🎢See this image largerI do love functional fitness! Vegetable bed is prepped, seeds are started. Got the kids involved and dirty this year too.See this image largerTried something new today. I don't feel very good about 95% of my currently well fitting pants having elastic waists. So I called upon my friend kitchen twine to help. The difference between feeling a little tightness in the middle vs none while eating was a cue that I need and just now realized was missing. Little things can work: for the first time in a long time I would have been in range today if I'd skipped the drink I had with dinner.See this image largerAh, yes...NOW I am ready to brave the grocery store! Seriously though, doing your part to stay safe is reason not to have fun with it if you can.See this image largerHappy Easter to all who celebrate.See this image largerAnother salad lunch...they're growing on me 😊See this image largerHit my step goal for the first time in over a month. Starting to feel that πŸ¦„ magic coming back again...finally!See this image larger#throwbackthursday The date and weight of the before picture are both approximate BUT serve to prove my point. Words have power. I'm always joking that I want to be as fat as I was the first time I thought I was fat. I'm a grown woman now, with a job and a family. I was a teenager with all the time in the world to do as I saw fit for fitness and a metabolism so high it flew. Time to make like my daughter's favorite princess and let it go so I can set a realistic goal for my modern self.See this image largerDecision time, need to sit my rump down and be straight with myself. I've spent so many years, so much energy, so much me...fighting against inner dragons. Why? Do I *really* need to kill the parts of me I don't like admitting are there? Or is it time to hug them and try to make peace? I think it might be. Art by Anne Stokes, I try to leave watermarks visible but this one cut off.See this image largerWho says leftovers need to be boring? Last of Sunday dinner + a little imagination and I had a very generous bowl of fried rice for lunch at 450 calories.See this image largerToday on "My Kid Didn't Finish" we have 1/3rd of an apple and a moderate amount of the yogurt she begged for after seeing mine. This is hands down the hardest thing for me. I was always taught not to waste food, and am in the process of learning to walk away when my daughter doesn't finish her food.See this image largerHappy Mother's Day! Lots of good fun today, ending with a new do. Time to go wash the dye off my skin.See this image largerThis, right here, is a massive victory for me. I've never been shy about my constant struggle with emotional binges. Well I had one yesterday, and while still over my target range it was well under the usual 3500-4000. To have a bad day and end up breaking even? A sure sign that the work I'm putting in is working.See this image largerSlow? Short distance? Sure...but I couldn't beat the company! Nice walk around the neighborhood with my daughter today.See this image largerSetting my intention for June. I can, and will do this for me. I have to, no one else can. You would think after 12 years on SP that I would be able to change my signature...but I am still learning to love myself. All of myself. I've halted the gain, time to switch trains and get going to where I want to be.See this image largerGarden is in! Not all of my seedlings made it due to wacky weather and abundant bunny activity. Tomato, onions, peppers, beans, and cantaloup all made it though.See this image largerSo I bought these online intending to do the two jars move the pebbles back and forth visualization thing. But then I saw how small they were when they arrived...and pretty. So. Very. Pretty. I think instead I'm going to prep a sun shaped craft and use these to decorate it as I go. 1 month at a time should be stable enough for me to not have to unglue any I think.See this image largerDon't let the crispy onions fool you, this plate is 94% salad with some fun add ins. This is how I chose to handle being furloughed from work today, doubling down on taking care of myself with the new found time.See this image larger325...I'm amazed I could even get the suit on honestly since I was 40 lbs lighter when I bought it. As good a before picture as any, I have at least 6 weeks of furlough to work with. Training starts in earnest tomorrow!See this image largerWell I couldn't think of another way to track this one! Getting ready for a few friends to come by and I'm not about to let the rain ruin it! All before my first cup of MBW too! β˜•β˜•β˜•See this image largerI wanted to work out. I wanted to play video games. Why not pull out the PS2, dust off the old DDR discs and do both?See this image largerAwwww yeah! Not letting my new found free time go to waste at all. More big numbers coming soon I'm sure knowing how I get now that I've gotten up and going!See this image largerAhead of my weekly goal with one day left! If I can keep do it again next week I might nudge that up to 210 or 240.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. The date on the before picture is the date I got the beads. 332 is my highest EVER, 324 is where I am right now. I decided the piece would be a way to visually track what is gone forever so I started building my art with 8 beads today.See this image largerAnother good hiking day with the little one, and fishing afterward too! Happy Saturday everyone😊See this image largerGuess who caught dinner for tonight? This is one of the two bass I landed...hard to beat the freshness!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter. Less than 6 hours from lake to table. I am thankful today for being able to enjoy nature's bounty. Simple preparation: baked with salt, pepper, butter, and ginger.See this image largerWhat to do when one suddenly finds themselves out of work? How's about a little DIY pick me office floor down and will be ready for final trimming after it sets up. Probably Monday.See this image largerNo leftovers going bad here! Turkey, apples, celery, craisins...chop stir and serve. One heaping cup is just over 262 calories with a nice macro balance.See this image larger4 miles pushing the stroller today. Pic @ the halfway point. Inspired by reading old blogs of mine from WAAAAAY back. Off to nap now!See this image largerWoke up sore this morning, looking at my step count from yesterday I no longer wonder why πŸ˜†See this image largerWalk by the lake with my sister and all the kids. Great way to spend the morning!See this image largerYES plateau busted! I've been doubling down on accountability and it's paying off. RL friends and Sparkfam together helping me along...#thankful #bettertogetherSee this image largerMy take on Okonomiyaki. Cabbage is the star, scratch made pancake batter and sauces...the entire plate came in under 600 for dinner.See this image largerActive rest day off to a good start!See this image largerAnother 7 beads on the board! Down 15 total since I started this little art project...184 to go. One month, one week, one day at a time.See this image largerHappy Saturday everyone! Have my β˜• & QOTD: What would you do if you had a time machine? After the last 2 weeks of dealing with my old back injury acting up I'm pretty sure I would go back and kick my younger self right in the ashcan in the hopes of preventing said injury.(1 comments)See this image largerSunday ramble with my little girl!(1 comments)See this image largerBack at it, now that my back is normalizing again. Short walk with the little and her favorite doll today. Back to full tracking tomorrow once the last of the meds are out of my system.See this image largerIt's all about removing excuses! There is a place on Spark where you can track various fitness assessments. After looking at them and meaning to use the only reason I won't do it is if I forget. Will start them tomorrow for consistency's sake, close enough to my usual 1st of the month reflection.See this image largerGot my walk in early today, might go back out later with the little or start taking the garden down for the winter. Beautiful day today, too good to waste!See this image largerYES! πŸ¦„ magic in effect πŸ™‚ Day 2 this week in the bag! How's everyone else doing?See this image largerOut with the little today. Got in a bit of fun before the rain came.See this image largerMy favorite fall/cool weather meal...steel cut oats with some dried fruit, seeds if I have of course πŸ˜‰ How about yours?See this image largerAfternoon ramble with my daughter and nephews. Also 5 work out days IN A ROW this week!See this image largerToday's hike was a great way to spend my Saturday with friends. Looking forward to resting tomorrow after 6 very active days in a row this week.See this image largerHaven't been feeling much like myself lately. Back pain, weird fun and I came dangerously close to just waving the white flag and killing my account. Luckily, the thing that I can count on saving my bacon is, of all things, rage. That train is never late and helped me crush the mental roadblock into sand. Sand that I can serenely let go now that my warrior side can rest. Good to be back.See this image largerToday on spoil the kids...homemade shrimp and broccoli.See this image largerVirtual 10K complete! I used my hiking app since the GPS is more to post my time (2:08:25) and shower.See this image largerGiving my feet a break by getting on the bike today.See this image largerSlow motion NOOOOOOO moment this morning when my drip coffee maker stopped working. However, I washed out old faithful here and coffee is on the way!See this image largerTurning of the seasons, final harvest from this year's garden brought in almost 5 lbs of green tomatoes. Some for frying, some to ripen on the window sill, some to pickle.See this image largerNew month, time to review goals. First though, breakfast! Grits, garden fresh tomatoes and coffee.See this image largerCan't see my smile behind the mask but I just finished my last virtual challenge for the year! 20 miles in 20 days or less, will post a picture of my race swag as soon as it arrives.See this image largerRace swag arrived today. 20 miles in 20 days or less, I got it done in 10. So happy it's done, breaking for winter now.See this image largerSpicy sriracha, egg, egg white, mushroom, and swiss. Spicy start to my day πŸ’₯See this image largerKeeping warm both inside and out. Two days in a row of exercise, going for three...what are your plans today?See this image largerTrainer: Think you can do more? Me:See this image largerWore my favorite winter hat while shoveling. The paws wrap around like a scarf! Should find one for @SURFIESee this image largerFinished up the tree ornament craft with DD and my nephews this morning.See this image larger#moveit Happy New Year! Laying my clothes out for tomorrow's 5k. Starting 2021 off on both my feet, nevermind just the right one!See this image largerFirst 5k of the year! Combined it with tradional New Year's hike. Off to a great start in 2021.See this image largerI'm drinking my coffee, cat in lap, still trying to make sense of what I watched happened in DC yesterday. Honestly I'm more embarrassed than anything else, but it would be a lie to say it wasn't also a mixed bag of other emotions.See this image largerSnuck a little extra in before sunset. Made it back to the car just in off to finish making dinner.See this image largerSlow? Short? Yes, but time with my little is always time well spent. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•See this image largerI recently posted a blog about how calibrating my scale threw me for more than a bit of a loop. Today I've decided to celebrate 25 lbs gone by updating my visual craft. So what that the "starting" number turned out to be higher than I thought...25 gone is 25 gone.See this image largerSo this giant plate of food brought to you by just over 400 calories. Egg white & mushroom scramble w/A1 and toast. Yoga class followed by a hike makes for a hungry girl but satisfaction can be had without excess.See this image largerNow that's a pretty way to end a good day. Walk in the morning, beautiful salad lunch, snuggle time with DD...time to wind down for sleep.See this image largerStarted keeping my gear in plain sight to remove one more excuse. Another one in the books for the week.See this image largerTaking a break today for some Kitty (yes that's his name) cuddles. Had to take the pic one handed since he's claimed my right arm as his very own 😊🐈See this image largerALL ABOARD! That #gainztrain is leaving the station. Photo from the restoration documentary about tge Union Pacific Big Boy that I was watching before getting to tge gym.See this image largerNot quite what I was expecting whrn I ran today's report, but since I'm feeling good energy I'll take it. Actually pretty close to the 40/30/30 spread my Dr. suggested too.See this image largerYes! This is officially 30 lbs gone from my summer high of 356. Happy Saturday, keep to the gym!See this image largerMy reward for working like a man this morning? Eating like one! Well not really, it IS an egg white omelette and grapefruit...but it sure looks like alot 🀣See this image largerBack to school last night ... going to be a machinist when (if) I grow up πŸ™‚ Kids all day followed by night classes is making for one tired πŸ¦„ BUT in the long run will be worth it.See this image largerSpicy pepper omelette and fruit for breakfast. I've thus far managed to avoid the drive thru on my way home from class but I was thinking "you can do better" while eating my bologna sandwich at 11 last night.See this image largerThings have been a little crazy since I started night school but it's paying off. I made this tonight on a lathe, after the instructor proofed my code...and it ran exactly like it was supposed to on the first shot!

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