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See this image larger(2 comments)See this image 182 lbs!See this image largerJust being silly with my baby sister and best friend for life!See this image largerMe and my lil man!See this image largerWho is that woman with my family? Oh, it was me! LOLSee this image largerMe and my princess in August 2007. I was down to 204 lbs then.See this image largerAin't my baby handsome?See this image largerLife is GOOOOOOOOOD!See this image largerPretty in PINK!See this image largerMy babies.See this image largerMy daddykins!See this image largerMy Mandy (in the bikini) and my nieces, Kendra, Gracee, and Raegen. See this image largerBIG MAMA (Christmas of 2005) About 230 lbs here. I look like I felt....MISERABLE! NO MORE!See this image largerMe at 200 lbs in a semi- bikini. LOL!See this image largerMe...close to my highest weight ever....224 lbs. The breaking point! See this image largerMe and my lil sis...again! BFFSee this image largerMe and my baby girl Christmas eve. See this image largerMY SMILING FACE PHOTO FOR DGSIS CHALLENGESee this image largerMe and my lil sis on 12/8/07See this image largerMeSee this image larger1/2 way to HOT MAMA status!!!!!!!!See this image largerMommy's MANSee this image more 180! YEEEEHHHHAAAWWW!See this image largerLOUNGE CHAIR LADIES! See this image largerMe, mom, and my lil sis(1 comments)See this image largerMe at the beginning of the DONE GIRLS SPRING INTOSUMMER CHALLENGE 3/20/09 UGH! 190.2See this image largerSIDE VIEW! See this image largerMY MANDY AND NICKNICKSee this image largerMy little angel on his fourth birthday with his new present he named "WALLE"!!See this image largerMural I painted in my daughters bedroom(1 comments)See this image largerMy MANDYSee this image largerMama's baby girl who isn't a BABY anymore!See this image largerShark encounter at sea world! See this image largerHELLO!See this image largerHandsome MAN!See this image largerHAPPY EASTER!See this image largerSOOO photogenic!See this image largerMy Easter bunny!See this image largerRiding the trainSee this image largerALL ABOARD!See this image largerSee this image largerLADIES NIGHT!!! WOOOHOOO!!!See this image largerBEACH BABAE! LOLSee this image largerCarrabelle AdventureSee this image largerMy BIG baby and His High school sweetheart Nat!See this image largerBIKINI BOMBSHELL! HAHAHAHA!! HEY, IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS!!(1 comments)See this image largerMy new niece MadelynSee this image largerMe , my lil man, and my nieceSee this image largermy new niece Madelyn (aka SWEET CHEEKS)See this image largerbeach bums!(1 comments)

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