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See this image largerMe at my Goal WeightSee this image largerEvery one of the JNL videos is full body. I'm hurtin but I'm still lapping everyone who's sitting on a couch!See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 4/26/2017See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 4/28/2017See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 4/29/2017See this image largerday 7 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 4/30/2017See this image largerLost around an inch and a half after one week doing the #Advocare24DayChallenge ! That's as tight as my belt goes.See this image largerday 3 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 5/9/2017See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 5/12/2017See this image largerMy shirts fit! #Advocare24DayChallenge(1 comments)See this image largerday 7 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 5/13/2017See this image largerJust a friendly reminder to myself and anyone feeling discouraged today #striveforprogress #everyworkoutcountsSee this image larger#justdoit #everyworkoutcounts #striveforprogressSee this image largerTook a total of four tries but I finally made it through the first jogging workout without walking during a jogging section! This quote got me through it. #striveforprogress #celebrateprogress #smallvictoriesSee this image largerSee this image largerAfter two weeks you feel it. I can feel my body changing and adapting to exercising again. Feeling stronger and have better endurance after just 8 workouts!See this image largerWhenever I feel like it's taking too long to get fit (I've been running for two minutes, what else do you want from me?!), I remind myself that the only way out is through. There are no short cuts. There are no options but to #keepgoingSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSometimes I feel like I'll never get there. But I keep going because quitting won't speed up the process. #evetyworkoutcounts #striveforprogressSee this image largerHere's to four weeks working out!See this image largerI walked after my leg workout and that seems to have prevented soreness but man are my legs fatigued! #striveforprogress #everyworkoutcounts #legdaySee this image larger#dayafterlegday the walk after leg day did a lot of good...but it could only do so much.See this image larger#persistence #everyworkoutcounts #striveforprogressSee this image largerKeep going, fitness friends!See this image larger#itsworthitSee this image largerCookies were my weakness this last week. So here's a reminder to myselfSee this image largerFinally a third of the way through my first running program. Only 8 more runs to go! #striveforprogress #celebrateprogress #smallvictory #running #everyworkoutcountsSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerHad my best run so far! Dare I say I actually enjoyed myself? I've come so far already! #celebrateprogress #striveforprogressSee this image larger#keepgoing #motivationSee this image largerIn case you need some #badassmotivation todaySee this image largerSometimes I get overwhelmed when I focus on losing weight. Refocusing on simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps. #healthy life #itsthejourneynotthedestination #wayoflife #lifestyle #focusSee this image largerBetter late than never #startingoveragain #forrealthistime #letsdothisSee this image larger#progress second Jillian Michaels workout today!See this image largerDown one pound after my first week! #progress #onepoundatatime It's early, but at least I'm on track.See this image largerJust had my hardest workout of the year - all cardio circuits - and it's not that the cardio was too hard for my body, it was too hard for my mind looking forward to improving my mind's tolerance of difficult things #progressnotperfection #itsyourmindyouhavetoconvinceSee this image largerExercising helps me manage my #depression and #anxiety.See this image largerSee this image largerMy goal is to be light enough and strong enough to get back into tumbling!See this image largerTime will pass away!See this image largerUsing exercise to help treat my #anxiety and #depression, in addition to medication.See this image largerFirst spin class in more than a year is today! Excited to get back into it I was a huge #spinning fan in college and remember how it really toned my legs and increased my enduranceSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerOnly two workouts away from a 21 day streak! My wife asked me to take a day off earlier this week and but I'm determined to make working out a habit.See this image largerCheers to my 21st day of working out! #21daystoformahabit #day21 #progress #healthyhabitsSee this image largerSee this image largerWhat's your why? *note: #4 is a reference to a thing about non-patriarchal beauty standards reasons for losing weight. I thought it was hilarious, but also...who knows?See this image largerOmg I did day two of CIZE and, despite being sore from yesterday, I actually made pretty significant improvements over yesterday! I'm so happy with this workout and my progress.See this image largerOof. Thank god for therapeutic yin yoga today and some rest! Now can someone please bring me lunch in bed? #sore #CIZE #helpmeimsoreSee this image largerWow! Look at that weekly total!See this image largerVirtual demonstration for #JusticeforAhmaud today. Walked 2.23 miles for Ahmaud's birthday. #IRunWithAhmaud.See this image largerLost 4.5" in the last 3 weeks with #Cize!!! So excited ^.^See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter #progressphoto #beachbodyondemand #CIZE #21dayfixrealtimeSee this image larger#ProgressPhoto #BeachbodyondemandSee this image larger#mbf #muscleburnsfat #BeachbodyondemandSee this image larger#mbfa #muscleburnsfatadvanced #beachbodyondemandSee this image larger#MuscleBurnsFatAdvanced day 7 #DynamicRecovery! #MBFA kicks EVERYTHING up a few notches, even active recovery! Favorite move picturedSee this image largerSo pleased with my progress on my plank! Form has improved, 30 seconds is nothing now. The worst part was doing this after upper body day and my arms, chest, and shoulders were sore and tired lol. #MBFA #muscleburnsfatadvanced #beachbodyondemand #progressoverperfection #NSVSee this image largerWhen I started doing strength workouts in May 2020, I could only do 4-5 pushups at a time from knees and fought to hold a 30 second plank from my knees. Today, I did 12 non-modified pushups the first set of #MBFA #PowerIgniteAdvanced AND did FIVE 30 second non-modified planks!!! #NSVSee this image largerI have now broken 10lbs of weight loss!!! Things didn't really get moving until I came back to calorie tracking on SP. So grateful for SP calculating my calorie needs to help me safely, healthily, and realistically set and meet my goals! Now I owe myself a Zen as F*ck coloring book for breaking 10lbs!See this image larger#MotivationMondaySee this image larger#TransformationTuesdaySee this image largerIdk. They can't all be winners. Just gonna call it a day, take something for sleep, and try again tomorrow.See this image largerSee this image largerFeeling good about #graduationpictures today!See this image largerFrom my fitness Instagram Phoenixfitness20.See this image largerFrom my fitness Instagram phoenixfitness20. #keepgoingSee this image larger#keep going Feel free to follow my fitness Instagram @phoenixfitness20.See this image largerCreated a #10Rounds and #MBF hybrid to start in a couple weeks once I'm done with Muscle Burns Fat Advanced! So excited to start it. #BeachbodyOndemandSee this image largerTook some time today to refocus and recommit to my fitness journey! It's been a rough few weeks and my mind and body told me this past week that I needed to take a rest, so I only managed 2 workouts and was very loose on my calories. But now I've taken some time to rest and am recommitting to my fitness journey! #keepgoing #ididntcomethisfartoonlycomethisfarSee this image largerI did not come this far to only come this far! #keepgoingSee this image largerLost a total of 13.2 lbs and 15" so far! #progressphotoSee this image larger#progresspics lost a total of 13.2 lbs and 15" so far!See this image largerI'm shocked because it was a really rough month. Excited about these numbers! #august2020progressSee this image larger😂😂😂 crack myself upSee this image largerStill gonna push play tonight on #muscleburnsfatadvanced for core circuit advanced!See this image largerSporting my new "Strong is beautiful" tank from KG Designs 16 that I got myself as a reward for finishing a lifting program. Also sporting my new, slimmer hips and thighs ;)See this image largerIn May of this year i could only hold a plank for like 10-20 seconds. Last week I held FIVE 30 second planks in a single workout. Last night, I did SIXTY SECONDS of renegade rows! I didn't even know I could do a plank for a minute. And when I got tired, I RESTED *in my plank.* that's crazy to me. Only 4 months between not able to hold a plank for 30 seconds to renegade rows for a full minute. #beachbodyondemand #nsvSee this image largerIt's rest day!See this image larger#progresspictureSee this image larger#Graduation2020 pics are in!!!!See this image largerTook an unoffical #Progresspicture today because someone was asking for some pictures from people who have made improvements on an overhanging stomach and i am BLOWN AWAY by my progress! So excited. I feel like I'm becoming myself again.See this image largerWhat are you doing today that makes you feel more like yourself? So far I've done some recreational reading, but will also take a nap, shower, workout, and probably cuddle up to watch the last current episode of "The Boys." Possibly color some.See this image largerStarting to really like what I see! Feeling and looking more like myself.See this image largerI can now see the curve of the top of my ribs!See this image largerStarting to see some definition in my arms!See this image largerDid my first day of my #10Rounds and #MuscleBurnsFat hybrid today! Jabs and crosses from 10 Rounds. It was fun and burned major calories!See this image largerYay for sweater weather!See this image larger100% participating in sweaters in tree morning and regret in the afternoon weather! Fall is my favorite!See this image largerSee this image largerWoohooo! Guess who, as of today, has lost just over 15 lbs?! 15.4lbs, to be exact.See this image largerIt's #mywhywednesday for spirit week in my group with my Beachbody coach, so I made this to represent my why!See this image larger#fiercefridaySee this image largerBeginning Monday, September 28th, there are only 95 days left in the year. I realized that if I stay focused, I could hit onederland or even smash it. Setting a goal of reaching onederland by 12.31.2020 to give some breathing room and created a page spread in my October journal to help me get there. #95daysoffocus #journeytoONEderlandSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerToday brings an end to #suicidepreventionmonth, but it doesn't have to be the end of raising awareness, correcting myths, or helping others.See this image largerNot every day is calorie-perfect. My dog's face when I won't share my pizza. 😂See this image largerMy reward for hitting 220 lbs! "Started from the bottom now I'm SLIGHTLY above the bottom." 😂😂😂See this image larger"I Didn't Come This Far" SONG (as opposed to the motivational speech, which is also very good) is my motivation for the week. Highly recommend looking it up on YouTube. #motivationmondaySee this image largerFirst visit to Sunset Rock!See this image largerYesterday's workout was a hike through a cavern to take a boat ride over an underground lake! It was stunning. #lostseaadventureSee this image largerMy bf and I lined up our days off and have spent the week relaxing, doing day trips, exploring new places, and spending quality time together. What we haven't done is stick to our workout routine or calorie goals. But that's okay! This is a journey. There will be ups and downs. There's no rush! We've been thoroughly enjoying our vacations and time together, as well as the extra calories. We've created some great memories. The workouts and calorie tracking will still be there next week.See this image largerSee this image largerThe towel now closes!! It's weird just how many things triggered my feeling uncomfortable or bad about my body. The towel not closing in the front was one of them. Not anymore! #nsvSee this image largerDay 1 of Beachbody's 21 Day Unstress meditation series is complete! Feeling so centered and balanced after mobility, yoga, and meditation today.See this image largerYoga socks for the win! Grippy enough to keep my from sliding around. Not so grippy it hurts my knees to pivot in them like in my sneakers. Very comfy!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSuper excited about my PlumBand for stretching!!!See this image largerIt's #HispanicHeritageMonth! To learn more, we got authentic Colombian food for dinner and are watching movies set in Hispanic cultures. #outofmycomfortzone #learningaboutothercultures #trynewthingsSee this image largerLast night I pushed myself to use 20lbs for shoulder presses. I managed to do the rows, the shoulder presses, and 2/4 of the combos before having to drop down to 15lbs. Proud of this progress and for pushing myself! #pushyourselfSee this image largerSpotted this in the back yard this morning. Autumn makes me so happy!!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerJust under 2 weeks between pictures and I've already made so much progress! Mobility, yoga, and stretches!See this image largerI can't believe it's been half a year already since I started taking control of my health. Not only is there a huge difference in how I look and what I weigh, but I feel so much happier, too. I'm more focused, feel more clear headed, energetic, and athletic! This is just the beginning. We're not stopping now, people! We're taking this all the way. #progressphoto #6monthprogressSee this image largerAs of yesterday morning, I have lost EXACTLY 20 lbs since 4/21/2020! #progressupdateSee this image largerOne month's progress update on my scorpion pose! #progressupdateSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerFirst blog post on SparkPeople! This post has an important motivation tip to help keep health and fitness on the front of your mind. Let me know what you think! You can also find my Facebook page under "Phoenix Fit." Hope this helps someone out there!See this image largerFirst blog post is up!See this image largerMy meditation helper today! Today's meditation was on feeling calm in the chaos and it's exactly what I needed.See this image largerJust got in my waterfall incense burner from Zen Incense today and I'm in love! The smoke ripples down the statue and it's stunning. The hand symbol here is called shuni mudra, which "symbolizes patience and discipline and helps us generate a feeling of stability." This is perfect for me as stability is my theme of the year for 2021!See this image largerHad a very rough week last week with a severe depressive episode while my doctor's office fumbled a prescription for 4 days. Currently on the mend. The best thing I have learned this year is self-compassion. Instead of overloading myself with to do lists, trying to jump right back to where I was pre-spiral, and berating myself for getting behind, I'm giving myself time to heal and only asking myself to do what I can without sweating the rest.See this image largerSee this image largerNew blog post is up! Today's topic is "The Catch It Low Method" for tackling emotional eating. Be sure to check it out and share what you like to do that makes you feel calm or energized!See this image largerTwo months' progress!See this image largerSee this image largerContinuing to progress in my journey!See this image largerHope everyone had a good new year!See this image largerNot a bad day!See this image largerAnother solid day in the books! Feels so good to be on track towards my goals!See this image larger#progressphoto FIRST LOOOOOOOOP

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