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See this image largerHad my first personal training session yesterday. The DOMS can KMA... My very very sore A. Despite the aches I feel good and booked another session. Pumped class is going to be a killer tomorrow. No pain no gain right?... Right?..... #BeforeAndAfterSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerReally wasn't feeling it today. Ready to call it 20 minutes in. Played my go to music (Thank you Nightcore) and pounded out the entire hour. Some days you just have to push the comfort level. I feel a million times better for it.See this image largerStarving.. Reached for the puff corn. Talked myself out of it and told myself 2 minutes cutting fruit isn't hard. If I am going to input substance this late, au natural calories are mucho preferred over processed junk. Go me.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBreaded cauliflower with a lemon garlic sauce, rice and orzo mixed with sweetcorn and peas, pickled beets because I love 'em. $2 for a large head. Made a total of 8 dinners with it. Yummy, cheap and versatile. Mother Nature, to rock!See this image largerPush that wee bit harder today. Maybe another 1 minute when you are ready to give up. One more rep when the muscles are screaming. One more resistance level. You've got this!See this image largerMy favourite motivational picture. We all can be there!See this image largerPosted a goalSee this image largerHubby brought breakfast on his way home for work. It is 2pm and it is still in the fridge. I already ate breakfast and had lunch. No room for you today evil tasty sandwich. Worked too hard at the gym this morning for me to cave to that one. Feels good! Maybe even a twinkle of proud floating around inside me, or maybe that's the extra water I am trying to work on.See this image largerGrilled chicken with a dash of powdered Italian dressing. Balsamic vinegar, garlic asparagus roasted with tomatoes and onion. Super delish!See this image largerParmesan herb shrimp salad in delicious flax and bran wrap. Under 300 calories.See this image largerGetting myself ready for pumped class. I have changed clothes no less than 6 times. Yup.. Still trying to hide "my shame" by covering up. Logic says it's the dam place to be proud of the lumps and bumps because you are working in them but some days it is hard not to feel self conscious. Full leggings and baggy shirt it is.See this image largerSkinned one greenhouse in the fall. It became a catch all for farm equipment. Told hubby he needs to skin the other two. I have spent so much money on greens this winter and I want to try some vertical farming and some hydroponics this year. Would save a ton of money. Sure the locals would enjoy it too.See this image largerFew squiffy choices over the last couple of days. No worries. Back on track with a protein shake, added flax and beetroot powder for umph.See this image largerBaked pollock with garlic, lemon & herb Greek yoghurt sauce. Roasted asparagus, onion, tomatoes and whole garlic cloves. Side of brown rice, vermicelli mix and kidney beans. Whole roasted garlic cloves can be used as a spread when cooked. Great on crackers or melba toast. They lose a little tang and the flavor mellows. However delicious wouldn't eat it before date night though πŸ˜‚See this image largerSo close to the 150's I can almost taste it! 40lbs down and 15lbs to my lifetime goal.See this image larger**Update** I was not going to post but dang it... Happy danceπŸ’ƒ Thanks for all the love ❀ 🌟You guys rock🌟See this image largerEnjoying some basketball with one of my boys. He was embrassed so I left him too it πŸ˜‚ Feels great to be able to do something so simple as hanging with the kids without passing out.(1 comments)See this image largerTook some much needed me time and finished a painting. Great Blue Heron... So enchanting!See this image largerWoot woot! Living in the States I get the joy of celebrating Mothering Sunday and Mothers day. Two days appreciating Momness, I'll take them both with wine and bon bons πŸ˜‚See this image largerAnd this because.. Well.. Because. Happy Mothering Sunday πŸ’See this image largerMy motivation for the day. Really trying to work on finalizing my clean eating. Haven't eaten fast food, from a box or package in 4 weeks.See this image largerI did it.. I ran on the treadmill. It was a sad sight (coordination lacking and flailing around like a looney). 21 minutes brisk walking with 9 minutes running. Had to break it into intervals of 60 second runs with rest (walking briskly) but by jolly I didn't give up. Even finished my session off with the cross trainer instead of elliptical. Small victories!See this image largerStill eating my blackberries from last season. Yum. Traded cheese out for a piece of garlic toast.See this image largerMussels in tomato garlic sauce. Side of stir fry veggies. Someone mentioned mussels in an earlier post. Have not eaten them in 15 years. Decided to treat myself especially since I am eating alone this evening and I know no one else in my house would indulge. It felt fancy enough I am sad I didn't have a glass of wine.See this image largerFeeling hungry. Thankfully I prepared a few pieces of fish when I was cooking dinner for such occasions. Not the most orthodox snack but certainly trumps most. Half a fish about 50 calories... Whoop whoop.See this image largerLets dooo eet!See this image largerSee this image largerThis was this weekend. Really striving to be perfect on food accountability this week. Yet another small gain but I know what it is from. Not going to beat myself up. I am just going to stop doing it.See this image largerHoneycrisp apple (aren't they the best?) With 1/4 cup of plain Greek yoghurt. Getting ready for cardio day.. Whooo!See this image largerToday's motivation.. I want this shirt. I promised myself I can buy it when I hit 155. I may have to buy 2 because I have a feeling I will wear it out.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Transformation Tuesday πŸŽ‰ Pushing 2 1/2 years of progress.See this image largerPicturesque day. Snow day for the kiddos so no gym. Going to break out some routines I have wanted to try at home as I am missing pumped.See this image largerDusted off hubby's Wal-Mart jobbies (complete with a spider). Found a pumped video on YouTube and went for it while the wee one napped on the sofa. Had to modify with the hand weights but I made it work. Feeling accomplished. Fill in # as needed 😁See this image largerNo gym today but I did load and spread 5 truck fulls of mulch by myself... Well I lie, I had my little helper 😏See this image largerAte like a mad women today. Somehow have 300 cals left for the day. Guess clean eating is cheaper on the calorie tally.. Who'd thunk it. Hmmm.. Going to spend the remainder on a vodka and diet 🍹 Cheers!See this image largerStir fry with a ginger garlic sauce. Less than 300 calories. Super crunchy and delicious.See this image largerDid flashback class in Pumped. Ooh did I feel it today...sheesh. Dinner/after workout food is tuna and a lentil cabbage soup. Looks gross but tastes delicious.See this image largerObviously something in the air tonight involving pizzas. I too made one. I don't eat melted cheese so I guess it is a pizza sauce crust with toppings 😊 Jiffy pizza crust, homemade sauce topped with ground turkey, turkey bacon, onion and tiny pickle pieces. Everyone else got the full fat version with cheese. They loved it. I loved mine. I ran about 450 calories worth every bite.See this image largerSo excited I had to share. 155 was my mini goal. Wasn't very optimistic especially mid month. I made it with a few days to spare πŸ˜€ 10lbs to my ultimate goal weight. Doesn't seem possible but dang, I may just be able to get there.See this image largerChicken on a bed of summer squash, peas and onion. Tomotoes to colour the plate. Under 200 calories.See this image largerExcited today. We are on a waiting list for one of these cuties. There are 7 from the litter and we are #7 on the list. We go to see them today.See this image largerWhooo.. We did it. He is too cute and I am dying from cutness overload ❀ His temporary name is "Doggie" until a personality shines.See this image largerSo... This was yesterday. Family over and my wee ones birthday. Meh... Brushing it off. I indulged... I will fix.See this image largerWasn't feeling the umph today. Haven't been the gym since Thursday. I did half hour on the elliptical and 20 minutes weights. Lunch was a superb salad and an 1/8 cup of roasted sunflower seeds on the side.See this image largerWorking on my ski slope/mountain range. The stress I felt putting weight back on over Christmas means squat to me now. Don't stress about the little ups and downs. Its all about the slope on the whole.See this image largerManaged to squeak in time at the gym. 30 min elliptical, 50 push ups and 4o verticle leg raises, 5 minutes of planks included walking planks and shoulder taps. Post workout lunch was Pollack and sugar snap peas. Now I need a nap πŸ˜‚See this image largerSee this image largerPlanned for a splurge dinner by eating light today. It was sooo good but chocked full of junk and obviously an obscene amount of rice. I am stuffed *insert bloated smiley* Will count my intake later however I have a rough idea and I should be within my range. Whoooo!See this image largerNew pumped routine. Phewee, it was good. Instructor said "You are really looking good" πŸ˜„ Felt a million dollars. Forgot breakfast so I came home starving to death. Thawed a binge with some strawberries whilst I frantically cooked chicken and snap peas. Didn't think I was going to make it. I survived. There is a moral in there somewhere.See this image largerWish I had as much umph as Dart (formally known as Doggie). Can't wait until he is old enough for his rabies shot so we can go explore the world one jog at a time.See this image largerNo gym today but managed 6 freakin hours of crawling around and planting 1500 strawberries. Wonder if "scooting on butt and knees" is in the exercise list πŸ˜‚ Our first real spring day (although snow forecast for Monday..ugh) It was warm but chilly enough I wore my Carhart overalls however, I now have a sunburnt neck.. Can you believe it! My body is aching and my knees are not happy. Early to bed for me.See this image largerHad a good gym day. Got 50 man makers with 12.5# in, 70 push ups, 30 leg raises some obliques with a 20# ball. Also fit in more running. Numbers are still sad but I certainly feel improvement. Cut the front yard with the push mower. Feeling accomplished. Attached picture is yesterdays workout. 1500 new additions πŸ“ yum!See this image largerSee this image largerSlowly... Slowly.... 47lbs down and 8lbs away from my lifetime goal.See this image largerYup.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI have either poisoned the family or I picked up a bug and shared it. As the matriarch you suck it up and make sure everyone else is okay when all you want to do is die 😲See this image largerFeeling much better. Still don't think I am gym ready but certainly food ready.See this image largerYupSee this image largerI wasn't going to head to the gym but I figured I could have a light cardio. I gave in and hit the weight room. It was calling my name... What was I to do? 40 man makers with the 12.5# 40 push ups 100 squats with 20# kettle 30 walking lunges with pair of 17.5# Finished up with a brisk and sweaty 7% incline @ 4 for 25 minutes. All I could muster today. Food intake is back to normal and boy does it feel good. Keep Sparking folks.See this image largerMy #NSV I purchased this top yesterday. I wasn't sure a medium would be big enough. Always worn L/XL. Well I should have picked a small. Going back today to get a new smaller non tent, no bra showing top. Whooo!See this image largerTodays pumped class. Whoop whoop. Keep Sparking folks!See this image largerJust lifting today πŸ’ͺ Saving my cardio for mass house cleaning. I will certainly work up a sweat!See this image largerIs spring really here?.... Gym was small weights and 60 minute elliptical. Mowed the front yard and side hills (those side hills are a killer). Pruned the peach trees (pictured) and remaining apple trees. It was a great day. The smallest turn in the weather really does make a world of difference with how you feel... Oh spring.. How I have missed you ❀See this image largerHit Goodwill yesterday. My $4 outfit. Medium shirt and size 10 shorts, yes medium and 10... Not XL and 16. I'm dying! I finally feel like "I'm doing it" and I CAN manage what is left to lose. My goal and my future health IS obtainable and I am loving it! Thank you for all the support ❀ YOU CAN DO IT TOO!See this image largerTonight dinner... Serving or two of grapes πŸ˜‚ Enjoying a one off glass. Keep Sparking folks!See this image largerLoving my "new" HR monitor. Nice to get some better numbers on my pumped class session. Hoping this will help me push my zones better which should yield more produce results with my time.See this image largerTotal time for my workout is off. Spent 50 of those minutes "in the zone". Felt awesome and accomplished. Negated my hard work and efforts by being 1500 calories OVER the upper level total. Ate like an a$$ but discovered a trigger for binging (although certainly wasn't an excuse in the slightest). "Cut my nose off to spite my face" as the old saying goes *shakes head*See this image largerFinished 1 row of tomatoes. Tomorrow project is 2nd and 3rd rows. Plant the rest of the starts and oh so delightful beans.. Ugh.See this image largerGood morning! Lots of farming to do today but not before I tackle the mountain in my laundry room...oh.. and a new tea ❀See this image largerDid not get as much accomplished as I had hoped but I did finish my mountain of washing and squeaked in a trip to the local mom and pop greenhouse. The picture is a plant called Lantana. It is spectacular and comes in an array of colours. I plan to buy some on my next trip.See this image largerDid not make my 149 goal. Close enough though. Going to shoot for the life goal of 145 this month. 🏁 Home stretch for me 🏁See this image largerTomatoes are done. Phew! Didn't get to the rest. Those will be tomorrow. 5 hours of planting and dragging around the water hose πŸ’ͺ Even got my 1 1/2 hour gym in this morning. Indulged in a donut for lunch. So worth the sugar rush. Today was just gorgeous 🌞See this image largerLong long day. Food within range. Outside work mostly shoveling and raking. My two HR logs for today. I did another hour but forgot to start my watch. Going to sleep good tonight.See this image largerStill feeling a little beaten up from yesterdays yard work so had a really light day and finally weeded my flower bed in between rain showers.See this image largerThere are 36 saltines in a sleeve. I ate all but 8 with my chicken noodle soup. I took the sleeve with me instead of portioning out... Bad idea. With dinner I am still in my range but maxed out what a stoopid choice.See this image largerSpent the evening purging my wee ones toys. Actually I was missing my car keys. Turned into purging.. Found them in a toy box. Calories burned.... ? Stress level... 89% Satisfaction level (after finding keys and pitching so many broken toys)..... 100%See this image largerBreakfast was delicious. Beautiful morning and planning to finish planting beans and onion sets today.See this image largerGot half pound of bush beans planted (approx 800 seeds) round 1 of 6 plantings. The new strawberries are doing great and are flowering already. Food was within limits. Need to work on a better work out schedule for home. Have missed going to the gym. Feel like I am cheating myself by not going.See this image largerMy NSV scale moment. The big weight is now at the 100 marker and no longer the 150... WhoooSee this image largerManaged to squeak in a Pumped class. Boy do I feel it when I miss a couple classes. Certainly broke a sweat today πŸ˜“ Legs were shaking during the isometric squats. I know I worked myself hard today as I was starving by the time I got home. Shrimp and zucchini topped with tomatoes and a side of sunflower seeds.. Yummy. Feeling good πŸ’ͺSee this image largerBackpack sprayer weighs 32lbs per fill. On my second fill. Burning some extra calories with my dance moves while spraying. Glad we don't have neighbours and all the passing traffic on the motorway, well, free show for them πŸ˜‚See this image largerPlanting more strawberry plants. We seem to have lost a few over this winter. The box contains 500 more plants and the row picture shows the missing sections. Supposed to storm this afternoon. Working like a crazy women (although chilling under an apple tree right now) to get them all in.See this image largerWorking hard outside. Decided to make a nice sit down lunch rather than something quick to shovel down. Jamaican jerk tilapia with salad topped with blue cheese, blackberries (last years frozen) and sugar free raspberry dressing.See this image largerSums up my Friday. Oh tea I love you ❀See this image largerWee one stayed at the sitters last night so I got up early to water the garden. I am down to the last 50 strawberry plants. 3 darn days it has taken me to plant all those. Ugh. I am incredibly achy today and feel pushed to my physical limit but I will plod on and get what needs finished done.See this image largerPuppy bit my foot outside today. Thought it was painful as he broke the skin. Just noticed after my shower I didn't clean the dirt out of the wound. Well obviously it was not pain from the pup bite or dirt in an open wound. It is a splinter. Can't get the dang thing out and hubby doesn't get home until the morning to help. Friggin ouch.See this image largerGot 2 hours of light exercise by hand washing my car. I even gave her a coat of wax. Giving myself a rest day after all the yard work this week.See this image largerSpent the day in the yard (weird). Finally got the irrigation finshed.. Yay. Spent a while picking those pesky Colorado beetles and their eggs of my lil tomato plants. For all veggie growers if you only tackle one pest, they should be it. They can decimate a patch in days. MIL came out and we grilled brats. Ate too much (what's new) now I am bloated.See this image largerHad some not so Sparktastic days. Just not feeling the umph. I think the physical toll these past 2 weeks has put me in a slump and food was the last thing I gave a fig about watching. Haven't gained but I haven't lost either. Expect the gains will catch up with me this week though. Hope to pull my socks up soon and get back at it. Sure ain't wasting my hard work so fast. Including a picture of my buddy. He is growing so fast.See this image largerAt this point I think I need a frequent flyers card for "getting back on".See this image largerTuesday transformation. Trying to motivate to get to my end goal.See this image largerBack on track today and feeling good and motivated. Made it to a pumped class πŸ’ͺ and I really think that helped my mood. The picture was today's motivationSee this image largerMy morning funnySee this image largerWhooooo it's Friday! Get outside and enjoy your day!See this image largerWent on my first intentional outdoor run. Probably should have waited until it cooled a little as the 80's was tough. 40 minutes for 2 laps up and down my street including a big hill. Did have to walk periodically and rest at the turn around points... But Yay. I can officially say "I went for a run today"See this image largerPumped class rocked today. Lifted heavier dumbbells and I feel I am ready to maybe push my heavy bar to 30lbs πŸ’ͺ Went straight to the store when I was done. I'll take 900 calories burned in 2 hours... Whoop whoop. Keep pushing it Sparkers!See this image largerSee this image largerMy first strawberry stash for the year. I only saved 2 quarts last year.. Doh. I plan to pack 10 gallons this year. Breakfast was strawberries that didn't make the cut for the freezer. Probably ate too many 😊See this image larger1 month maintaining at my life goal of 145... Whooo! Have not been hitting the gym as much because the farm is finally in full swing but I did purchase a weight bar and a few weights to keep on top of my missed pumped classes. Food is not as good as it should be and I do still fluctuate a few lbs but I am stoked at my progress and ability move on from bad food days. Loving the transition to my new lifestyle hope to check in regularly. Keep on sparking! #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerGood morning Sparkers. Miss everyone bunches and I am going to try and pop on a little more frequently. Sharing my awesome heart strawberry. I ate it, it was delicious. Feeling the love from the farm ❀See this image largerReward for working in the yard all morning; fresh lunch. Everything except the cheese came from the farm. Super delicious with 2tbs of white wine vinegar as a dressing.See this image largerTook some me time last night. Third pour attempt on this canvas. Scraped 2 attempts off. "If at first you don't succeed...."See this image largerPicked a few jalapenos and trying to find a recipe/ideas for cheese and cream cheese free poppers or anything else similar. Any suggestions? Not pulling much up on google. Thought I would throw it out here. Thanks folks!See this image largerHit the gym this morning. 45 minute weight routine and 15 min cool down on the elliptical. Felt good. Took the wee one to the splash pad right after before it got too hot. He had tons of fun. Lunch was same salad as yesterday with added tuna for the protein πŸ’ͺ Honey came home with a dozen donuts. I have not eaten a single one. Feeling proud.See this image largerCut 15 head of broccoli today. Fun morning with salt baths, blanching and packing for the freezer. Going to make broccoli chips with the leaves too.. Yum!See this image largerOh my trusted Sparkers. Need help deciding. Blue or Orange? This is my first real clothes purchase that is not Goodwill. I'm almost excited.(1 comments)See this image largerI would love to say I was working out like a champ. No, this is 1 hour picking tomatoes at 72% humidity. So gross.See this image largerTransformation Tuesday! I am now several months into maintaining and loving it! Took several years to lose the 55lbs but slow and steady wins the race. I did it. You can do it too. Off to the gym. Keep Sparking folks!See this image largerDid full body training for 30 minutes. If I had know how bad I would be today I would have done 60 instead. Thought I would be safe. That is what happens when you haven't trained for 2 months SMH... I know better.

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