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See this image largerSee this image largerI wanted to sit on the couch and do nothing. I stead I took these two for a walk 😁See this image largerMilly (left) Ollie and I have completed 100km for the month of October. It was fun. Time to think up a November challenge?See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI love my garden in spring. Great day today for a walk πŸ’ƒSee this image largerSee this image largerDoing more of everything to burn calories. K-line sprinkler fixed πŸ˜ƒSee this image largerFeeling better for not eating sweet or salty food for a month. Clearer in the mind and it feels like my body is running smoothly - if that makes sense lol 😁See this image largerHUNGER PAINS - a longtime from 8pm - 8am.. You know when your tummy isn't rumbling for food but all your fat cells are saying "go on eat something, ANYTHING😲"! Couldn't even take this photo before I'd started eating my toast this morning πŸ˜‰ that feels better. 😊See this image largerRoses in full bloom. Love to Mums everywhere.See this image largerSee this image largerHappy Thanks Giving to all the SP community. Special thoughts to those doing it a little tougher and those who have lost loved ones. Safe travels, lots of blessings and take care.See this image largerMindless eating came to visit... I showed it out the back door. Bye bye πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈSee this image largerI had to power walk to keep up with my teen boys. They enjoyed the walk :)See this image largerEnjoying my golden crispy omelet by melting cheese in a non stick fry pan and egg whites on top.See this image largerNothing compares to the feeling of surviving your working out. (Looking relaxed half an hour later...)See this image largerSpecial Christmas party at my Mothers rest home. My brother, Mother 89 and I. So blessed to still have her with us.See this image largerIf you need a belly full of laughs and to remember life's precious, hilarious and a little tragic all rolled into one. This movie is worth watching especially enjiyed it with my older teen son's 16+. To think I'd never heard of this cult prior movie..See this image largerLegend says. When you can't sleep at night. It's because you're awake in someone else's dreams. Lol 😌See this image largerBeautiful hinds with their fawns hiding in the long grass.See this image largerChoices. Stopping at one pinacolada :) Seasons greetings everyone.See this image largerAmily church service follwed by Carols by candle light, on a warm balmy evening Christchurch NZ. Merry Christmas everyone. Santa is on his way :)See this image largerThree weeks after wisdom teeth removal and I'm back in the driver's seat fully charged ready to go again. Back at it, get in the healthy food tomorrow morning, shoes and gym clothes ready. Have had a super summer break away at the farm/lake.See this image largerIf I plan to eat well and exercise I could be in 100s before February. Milly said 'you've got this, have a great day I'm going to bed' πŸ˜‰See this image largerNot pretty but thanks body! I've survived and enjoyed 20 circuit training followed by day 1 Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Thanks Jillian. I'm going to be strong :)See this image largerEncouragement is so powerful. "Go SP, have a great day and thanks for being a part of my journey" :) Aren't these gerberas glorious.See this image largerTo all the Mums and Dads out there with dyslexic children keep fighting for them and working, praising their strengths. Spend time on those basics - keep going it is worth it. Today my son passed chemistry calculus English etc and will enter his final year. They are smart! And I ate well and exercised Today. Yay go me!See this image largerFound this big glass it holds 1.5 cups of water. Far easier to remember to drink six of these than nine smaller glasses :)See this image largerCamp fire magic. Stopped at 1 marshmallow:)See this image largerIt's not always comfortable when you're not slim. But i love water skiing and hope my attitude of enjoying life rubs off on my family (no matter what my size is). Perfect day on the lake.See this image largerA few roses to brighten your day. Hope you're enjoying your exercise "lifes a garden - dig it". Ive been busy pruning shrubs.See this image largerHappiest dog after his evening walk. Loosened up my back following enthusiastic gardening.See this image largerSunday afternoon rest. Enjoying this book... wishing you all a fabulous peaceful Sunday.See this image largerIt took a bit longer than expected but I'm down 14lb to 200. Yay not going back as my lifestyle has changed :) Go me ;)See this image largerDidn't want to get off the couch and walk this evening did it anyway and now I'm going for a swim. SP keep going...See this image largerOllie wishes you all a happy healthy day.See this image largerI'm back on track! Winter here but I've been following my daughter on her horse. I've travelled on foot ;)See this image largerThis kiwi chick has booked a Calafornia holiday :) Nothing like a holiday as motivate for fitness. See ya soon..See this image largerI celebrated my Mums 90th birthday this week by providing afternoon tea for staff and residents at her rest home. Then i gave all the care givers coffee shop vouchers. Feeling great about it.See this image largerLate winter here. I've found an area that could be gardened! This is my new strength training project. Fence needs repaired, soil turned over, weeded, feed the soil, plant and mulch. Watch this space... Milly might help with the digging - but she'll need a smaller shovel ;)See this image largerInteresting recipe that you may enjoy. Carrot pumpkin frittata a slim layer of cream cheese topped with a spinach brocolli frittata topped with cream cheese. Sprinkled with sunflower, pumpkin, poppy seeds and red pepper. It was yummy and with less cream cheese would have been healthy.See this image largerHappiest of days planting; 3 trees, 16 shrubs and 1 rose. Blessings to all the optimist gardeners out there :)See this image largerTurkey for lunch. Yum.. Has anyone here tried fasting and 8 hour eating between say 11am - 7pm? Has it been successful?See this image largerPost workout breakfast. What an amazing way to start the day. Next up walking with the local ladies... fun day!See this image largerAnother healthy breakfast.See this image largerIts Friday night Pizza time at my house, but I ate a healthy salad :) And I must be committed because I exercised after tea. I hate cardio in the evening but did it anyway. Fronting up every day.See this image largerMy happy little lunch todaySee this image largerSaw the moon and planets through a telescope last night. Fascinating! Saw the rings around Saturn with 4 moons showing. I'm pretty sure we all look tiny from out of space ;)See this image largerBack on track today. I could be tempted to eat a skinny breakfast after last night's pizza. But I think that would lead me to over eating later.See this image largerWish you could taste this pop of flavours. Dressing is 1T olive oil, 1 T balsamic vinegar, 1/4 t ground chilli and lime, 4 sundried tomatoes. I've just remembered there is a recipe page..See this image largerFamily company on my walk and the dogs. The best!See this image largerSwitch cannelloni (63 for 100g) for chickpeas (364 for 100g). Oh no! I didn't realise chick peas were so calorific. Darn trying to be good today.See this image largerGreat afternoon for a family walk around Halswell Quary. We went up, down, up, down up and finally down back to the car 70 mins on the hill was good for me. Thanks to Jillian Micharls for getting me fitter in the last 30 days:)See this image largerThat hmmm feeling when you've found your a new favourite post workout breakfast.Organic quinoa, cocoa nib, cooked with raspberries and topped with greek yoghurt. It sustains me all day.See this image largerPeony season here, loving the gardens bounty of produce and flowers.See this image larger6 days a week I've been up exercising before work. Nothing like surprising yourself of your ability. I'm more flexible, can do more cardio and guess what, I've found my core. Forgotten I used to have that lol.See this image largerMy garden us perfumed with scented roses. Its great when you get 2 weeks off work. Found a spotless bedroom by lunch time... exercises complete. Bring on the next few days as the decluttering continues..See this image largerI'm recovering from injury so today's project has been prepping this furniture for painting. Thought my arm might fall off! Paint colour advice anyone??See this image largerNew shoes for my holiday these should take me to city and parks nicely :) Thanks to SP who encouraged me to rest my injured foot, I got a bit down feeling my cardio wane but now I'm so happy its healed and we are packing for our holiday. C u soon California, we have some very excited kiwi teens looking forward to watching some basketball.See this image largerMy California holiday suits me. Gosh San Francisco you sure are hilly, I can feel my calves in a good way. My first walking day was almost 14km.See this image largerLook I've got my runners on but apparently the team didn't need my assistance. Happy sparking everyone. 'The grin after a NZer watches her first NBA live game'.See this image largerLoving our US holiday and getting plenty of exercise every day :) I had aching legs last night - any tips? Can you get that if you're a bit dehydrated?See this image largerHappy holidays to all my USA SP friends. My husband, boys and I have had an amazing months holiday here. You are truely blessed living in such a beautiful country. So many wonderful memories have been created on our holiday.. and looking forward to being home in NZ tomorrow. We must have done more 300,000 steps here, I shall have to tally up! Happy Sparking everyone.See this image largerOur holiday ended at Disneyland. Tonight we watched the fireworks from our hotel jacuzzi :) Favourite holiday moments watching the NBA games and Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon.See this image largerYummy and healthy start to my day.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI walked up to spot the pig that has turned up in the bull paddock. He has made friends with 2 bulls and been seen sitting on them when they have a rest.See this image largerNo snow for skiing as we have a mild winter. Nice winter walks instead.See this image largerInvigorating cliff top walk around the bays on a warm winter afternoon with bell birds singing and cheering us along.See this image largerMy niece posted this today :) It seems appropriate for us SP go getters.See this image largerWinter salad YumSee this image largerThe day after a wonderful dinner party, violin playing, bagpipes, recorder, piano and singing. Such fun and happy evening. Feeling blessed to have loved ones around us.See this image largerHealthy winter lunch.... almost spring...See this image largerDaffodil season.See this image largerMy youngest ready for his final school formal. Where have the years gone.. all those lunch boxes, sports practices, music lessons.. ..so blessed to be a Mum :) best job in the world.See this image largerWalking with family, Porurari River Track, South Island, New ZealandSee this image largerFinding waterfalls while walking :)See this image largerStunning view on todays late afternoon walk.See this image largerMid winter rainbow on my walk today..See this image largerDont want to undo the efforts of todays exercise... but I am hungry.. apple timeSee this image largerBeautiful Hokitika walk and a bonus, my Son found a pair of glasses. As every thrifty Mum knows, always allow room for growth ;) heheSee this image largerProcessing winter carrots, some for us and a bowl for the horse. #BeforeAndAfter ;)See this image largerMy walk with friends was brisk. But the horse took her exercise to another level, she was like a rocket.See this image largerHello clutes.Conquered mountain climbets..See this image largerHemp hearts. Trying to lift my protein and healthy fats. And a bonus these are spray free.See this image largerFixed one paling in the tennants fence yesterday incase their dog got out. As we left I said keep in touch. Twp hours later she said we have a bigger hole now. A car drove through it. Oidy oidySee this image largerLoved my day with my beautiful daughterSee this image largerLiving my best life and doing more of all the things I love.See this image largerBelieving I am organised, eating healthy and moving well. And it happens, life is amazing. And this little winter fluff ball makes is sweeter.See this image largerMy hubby got me out of the garden and took me for a beach walk. Flat horizon.See this image largerClean sweep, excelent effort and feeling A+See this image largerBeen self sufficient in organic veggies for 11 months, feeding family of 5 plus extras. Good exercise, learned heaps and thoroughly recommend. Picked last of carrots and cleaned out clover patch. Getting ready for spring compost. Go gardeners! Dream big.See this image largerDaily art work below the Christchurch Peer, NZ. Beached whale and anchor.See this image largerAfter a winter day of pruning roses, my garden rewarded me with these. Pale yellow is flowering brocolli ;)See this image largerListening to a pod cast about older people getting plasma from younger people for brain longevity. Thinking it sounds nicer to lift my weights, do some cardio and eat healthy.See this image largerMy Mum would be proud of me doing this and my biggest cheer leader. Miss that laugh XSee this image largerTop of Porter Heights ski field. Lovely day skiing with family.See this image largerMint green smoothy for breakfast and you know its going to be a good day. Have a great one SP.See this image largerThe Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss 🀣See this image largerThanks SP for the motivation. The 'consistancy' post with photos from yesterday helped me keep focus today. Dreaming of my summer garden and buying this climbing rose tmrw.See this image largerSoaking in hot pools, someone has to do it right? Holiday bliss.See this image largerHoliday walk, the steep climb up the hill was easier and my waist band on my jeans is lose :)See this image largerWalked the coast line and back up the hill. Bye beautiful Nelson, NZ, back home tomorrow. Refreshed and ready to Spark on.See this image largerMaybe the kilogram hasnt remained stable and we are all lighter that we think lol.See this image largerHave a laugh... my turn morning tea shout at work. Power off, no shower, muffins uncooked :) heheSee this image largerHubby thought it was great that I walked 5km to the garden centre as I couldn't possibly carry much home $$ ;) This was all my pockets could hold :)See this image largerSpring chilly rain, I guess it wont melt me on my walk. Got this!See this image largerRaining, took the horse with me to see some of the neighbors horses as she is missing her paddock mate.See this image largerCardio. Planting 7 trees, doing my little bit to help the planet. I have rough stoney ground at the corner of our property and have been nurturing grape hyacinth. Looks so pretty thought I'd share.See this image largerWednesday walk with my neighbours.See this image largerWindy in the garden, needed a rock in the wheelbarrow to stop me blowing away.See this image largerSP cheer squad. Thank you for telling me to never give up. This simple phrase is a powerful influence.See this image largerSpring time here.. thought I'd share my garden flower highlights. Brand new Maple leaf, Mt Fuji blossom, Camelia.See this image largerI think this is my favourite rhodo in my garden. Saw ducklings on my walk.See this image largerSpring here and this made me chuckle.See this image largerThis Camelia is reminding me that I can shine, if determined enough. She hasn't had fertilizer in years and is never watered.See this image largerThis year I decided to do far more of all the things I love. What a happy year I am having.See this image largerAlmost the weekend :)See this image largerFeeling tiny walking amongst Oregon trees.See this image largerLovely warm evening for a walk.See this image largerGreat walkSee this image largerSo greatful my DH brought home flowers for me. Loving life and doing plenty of all the things I enjoy.See this image largerEnjoying lovely garden on my hill walk.See this image largerNice walk up the hills and cup of tea at The Sign of the TakaheSee this image largerWe borrowed a friends pony to keep our horse company. She is a sweet little pony and seems to be a good paddock mate.See this image largerFeels amazing when you are on track.See this image largerBought this skirt yesterday plus a few other summer things, so nice to be down a size for this summer.See this image largerAnd these cute shoes to go with my skirt :) happy days. Off for my.morning walk before breakfast.See this image largerVery happy to have saved this clematis from our late frosts. Gardening my lbs away. Happy day.See this image largerSpring here and these images were captured during a short walk at our local University. Hard to pick one photo..See this image largerSpring here and these images were captured during a short walk at our local University.See this image largerWarm Norwesters melt the last of the winter snow, forming swift muddy braided rivers. Nice day for a walk. Roll on summer..See this image largerReflection, If you quit now... You'll end up right back where you first began. And when you first began you were desperate to be where you are right now... Keep going....See this image largerI had a moment today, daughter said 'Mum you look great, have you lost weight or something' :) Beautiful clouds today.

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