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My body fat is at 3%, update at gym it was 11%

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I had gone into see a dietary doctor's free first visit get your body measurements thing on November 19, 2007. At that time I was 225 and my body fat was at 8.8%, which I was very happy and proud about. I went back today 2-15-08 and had it checked again on the same machine and it is 3% and I now weigh 210.

So over three months I lost 15 more pounds and 5.8% of my body fat going from 19 pounds of fat on my body to 6 pounds. Many may be reading this and going "Wish I had that" or "Good for you" but this is very much borderline unhealthy or is unhealthy! I have been working so hard to be healthy that the results are me being unhealthy? Come on give me a break!!!

I workout every day, I eat healthy and try to eat enough calories to maintain my weight between 215 and 225. I am finding out that in order to do that I must eat 4000 calories a day(again you may be saying wish that was my problem, no you do not want it!) and eating healthy and eating that much leaves you feeling like a piƱata waiting to be busted open all day!

I have been at least 290 pounds since I was 14 years old and now I make a huge lifestyle change and 6 months later I am down to 225 from being at 350, but then 3 months later I am at 210 and fighting to stop the loss. Telling myself to eat more, telling myself to workout less or take a day off. I love working out every day and I don't like being stuffed all the time. I don't like having to worry that I have not eaton enough so I can workout but it is my reality and something I thought I was doing.

Life is funny how it seems to take you from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some people would say "Go eat a donut or something to keep your weight up" but as we all know that is not how it works. They also say "Stop working out so much" again not the answer. But what is the answer to achieving the balance and health I am looking for? How do I continue my new lifestyle without hurting myself or breaking the healthy rules and ways I have learned and use?

I do not have the answer and am freaking out and a bit mad about the whole situation, does not seem right or fair but whoever said it would be? I am looking for the answer and the balance to guide me through this or at least help me understand and except what I need to do.

3% is never something I thought I would be facing and so did not plan for. I took today off from exercising and still ate my 4000 calories as a first step, but what next?

UPDATE: I went to the gym today and asked the trainer if I could use the hand held body fat meter and it read 11%, so this makes me think that the doctor's office reading could be a bit off. I will still be mindful and stick to my plan but now I will quit freaking out.
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  • BIGGIRL2082010
    Hey, KS, thanks for the welcome wave on my introductory post at the Spark Bookworms team.

    I'm sorry to you're at the other extreme of the weight management spectrum - there's got to be a way to get back in balance! I'm thrilled that your metabolism is so high now that you're having to fight to eat enough: don't forget that if you DON'T eat enough, your body is going to go into slowdown mode and start hoarding fat again! No, I'd never advocate eating a donut. :)

    Maybe the gym is more accurate and you don't need to worry about the machine at the doctor's office? Have you ever considered getting one of those body-fat scales? And are you doing strength training? Or straight cardio only?

    Sorry, no really constructive suggestions - I'll just wish you luck in getting back in balance!


    4753 days ago
  • DEANNE11
    Way to go. WOW. I bet you were like really happy and couldn't wait to tell your wife.
    I loved you motivation. They are no words I can give you. I wish more men could read your blog and I am a woman with a couch potato husband.
    congratulation on you goal.
    Deanne from bookworms
    4753 days ago
    HI, came across ur page, first- huge congrats on ure weight loss and change of lifestyle..
    but that is SCARY what uve described in ure blog! i never knew such a thing was possible!!!! 4000 cal/day!
    secondly, as u said at the end, maybe the meter was off at the doctors...cuz that is a BIG difference: 3% vs 11%.....u should check that again..
    lastly, maybe u should just go ahead and try to eat that 4000 calories a day by eating healthy, high calorie foods ex: oatmeal, avocados, certain pastas, edamame (sp?), yogurts...each of these things are like 100's of calories yet very nutritious and then u can still workout everyday...

    u probably already figured this ureself, but just wanted to say good luck!
    4760 days ago
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