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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So I've been sick and unattentive to Sparkpeople. Wow, can I tell! I haven't cared what I've been eating at all. Here were the two things that threw me off track to watch for in the future:

1. I got sick. I dunno if it was just a cold or the flu, either way it knocked me out and kept me from swimming do to sinus pressure

2. I was prepping for a 3-day weekend out of town

What do these things have to do with falling off track? Well, I didn't feel like doing laundry. The laundry is just down stairs, but the though of going downstairs with my clothes, and having to sort them...it just sounded awful while sick. The downfall? I tried swimming and got a shooting pain in my ear from my head cold. I went to change to go on the elliptical instead and I didn't have any clean gym clothes! I was out of socks and pants. I didn't really want to run in my dress skirts. So that was issue 1 i have to watch for in the future. Always keep clean gym clothes :) How? Run smaller loads of laundry more often.

Then, I ran out of food. This was an issue because I didn't want to go the grocery store 2 days before I was leaving for a 3 day trip. How did I solve this issue? I ate out. Fast food. Because I was sick I made comfort choices rather than smart choices. Normally I can go to Taco Bell and stay on track. This time I just ordered things because...I have no excuse. I just ordered them because I knew I shouldn't. I have a rebellious brain I need to re-program to not fight against myself. It goes back to old issues of rebelling against lots of things. I wanted to be my own person, so I would disagree with things my sister liked or what my mom said would be good for me. I never rebelled in the typical teenager way of throwing fits and dressing different. I did things like drink Dr. Pepper because people said I shouldn't. Did I smoke or drink? Nope. But I ate junk food because my parents were trying to be healthy. I didn't like certain cities just because my sister thought they were the greatest. I disliked music because my sister and brother thought it was cool.

This subconcious rebellious nature and worked its way into my brain today. I like salads. But I'll order a burger or something because I know I should have that delicious salad. I may even like the burger less, but I'll get it because it isn't a salad or grilled fish etc. Today, I ordered a bunch of food at Taco Bell even though I REALLY like healthier alternatives just because they WERE NOT those healthier alternatives. How long will it take me to get over this? I don't know if I ever will. But at least I've self identified the issue now so I can watch for it.

So what do I do? Not give up. Get back on track. Weight loss and maintenance is and always will be a life long struggle for me. I watch my mom go through it. We have almost exactly the same body. We will both be good. Then we will both fall off track. We gain weight the same and lose it the same. So I know it will never go away no matter how old I get. I look back and I have made a lot of lifestyle changes I need to applaud myself for. I look to the future and realise I have many more to make. I just need to keep on truckin'! And thats what I'll do....starting tonight with grocery shopping and laundry now that I'm back in town.
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