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How do you know you need a glass thermometer?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

(Funny to Scary):
When you go to bed, develop a fever, and over the course of 2 hours (taking Med's for it!) it sky rockets to 104.4 and your digital thermometer does not meep-meep any more!

First I laid there in too much heat & pain to move, then argued with myself to call out to my hubby, then argued about what I would tell him. I argue with myself a lot. Then it was whether or not to call one of our 6 kids for a ride to the hospital--not an ambulance, can't have them see mommy taken by ambulance again, nope, no way--so what if they don't live with us & the babies are 21. Did I mention I was a tad bit delirious by now?

By the time I got through his 2 and 3 of my 4 I gave up & started working on the problem of 'did I have insurance' to cover an am-bu-lanse--as my grandie calls it--and HE can definitely NOT see me carried off in it. Do we HAVE to call one? What will the neighbors think? Oh gees. Well, it WAS 104.4. That IS bad. I used to be a nurse, even I know that. Okay.

I'm a veteran, but they don't cover an ambulance--your tax dollars are NOT at work on THAT one, talk to your congressman/woman. I have CIGNA through work for now, while I wait for disability to be determined & that will catch some of it. And I have medicaid, while I wait for Social Security Disability to be determined & that will catch some of it. And they HAVE to come if you call 911 & drop the phone. It's decided. I roll over to tell my husband this decision from my befuddled, delusional brain.

Only I my hand hits wall, I find 4 hours have passed & he's gone to the couch to escape my thrashing, groaning & baking heat. Not hearing a meep-meep from the thermometer, he did not know something was seriously wrong. I bake like coal every night. I'd been calling out temps every half hour. When I quit, he thought I'd dozed off, & tried to sleep himself. He couldn't understand my mutterings, and he's functionally illiterate. Poor man.

I dropped my head in defeat and slept for an hour--it was actually 4 hours. When I woke, I automatically tried the digital thermometer, and it meep-meeped like it should, and I removed it to see a nice perky 102.6. Saw sunlight, called for toast, Med's, water, & continued to get better. That was Friday morning. My mother had a fit that I didn't go to the doctor then.

Why have a fit? I go to the VA. Say hello National Health Care. They WILL give you an 'access' appointment on the day you call, but only if they think you need it, and ONLY after questioning why you didn't come in when you were so sick the night before. And they don't care about being delusional, or functional illiterate husbands, or lack of transportation. They are the VA, your TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

But you can't say all this to your 70yo mother. For 1, she's heard it all before (& lived through most of it with you), and for 2, she's the one you call when you're sick & scared to death, & you know she'll pray & get all her friends & the church to pray, and she's the first one you'll call when you feel better. She's mom

Next time--before there's a next time, I'm getting a glass thermometer!

Thanks for listening!
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    Katy ... So sorry to hear you were sick ... I hope you are feeling better now. It would be a shame to be too sick to enjoy this beautiful Erie day! I have my door open letting in some healthy air ... hope it quickly replaces all the stagnant air inside! Looks like we might have a few more warmer weather days ... maybe a little rain ... I've been watching my blooming crocus and can't wait for the daffodils to open up ... looks like the weather sill help them along all week.

    4582 days ago
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