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If I sabotage my life any more, the CIA will have to arrest me

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good Lord. I am on a downward spiral. In everything I've got to do.

I haven't gotten any exercise in in about two weeks. I have eated horribly. I haven't tracked anything- food, exercise, etc in even longer. I'm sure I'm way back over my start weight!

I have so much homework that I keep putting off. University is not the place to do that. I've gotten an F on one assignment so far. I've gotten a C on something I turned in late, but would have gotten a B if it had been on time. That is not like me. I'm an A and B student.

I haven't slept in two weeks.

I have so many "little" obligations to meet in the coming weeks. I can't seem to get my brain to seperate them into small, manageable tasks- I just keep seeing the bigger picture. I have to send my transcripts to a local community college for summer school, my wisdom teeth need to be removed- first I need to find a dentist and the money for copays, I have to go to summer school, I need to find a house for next year, I need to get and send my mom a Mother's Day gift, I have to work Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, I have another assignment to finish that was due YESTERDAY, and one that's due this Friday, next week I have to see a play for class, my friend is visiting this Saturday before she goes to Europe for 2 months... I'm going to stop there. All these tasks need to be accomplished in the next few weeks.

I'm slipping into shutdown mode. I'm trying not to, but this is difficult for me. I am feeling completely overwhelmed. OVER-WHELMED!!!

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    Jilly...honnie relax!! Take a deep breath!! You can do this!! It's time management. I know it seems like there is never enough time in the day, but you are such a strong person that you will get through this. Take one thing at a time. Make a list and prioritize it. List what's most important first and go from there. Do one thing at a time. You HAVE to go to class, you HAVE to go to work, and you HAVE to sleep. Inbetween just take a deep breath and jump in. Do one project at a time and focus only on that and as your list shrinks things will get better. Dont stress too much honnie. I know it seems like a lot, but you'll get through it. Keep posting and blogging. It's the best therapy!! Just write it out and a little of the stress comes out thru your fingers. I'll keep your fingers crossed for you kiddo!!

    4730 days ago
    Hey hun ... one day at a time okay?

    So the past two weeks weren't the greatest .. you can change that today! Dont be too hard on yourself .. school is stressful .. have a great thursday!
    4732 days ago
  • CLAUDIA1333
    oh hun I so remember those days. Just remember to breathe! It sure sounds like your life in insane right now but it's ok. Do you have a daily planner? Maybe it would help if you actually sat down and wrote down everything you have to do and set a schedule for when to do it all (if you haven't already). College is really hard for those of us unlucky enough to have weight control issues but you will get through this and when you do you will continue farther on your path to better health! You can only do the best you can. Good luck!!
    4733 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2946534
    OMG I totally hear you :)

    4733 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Hey Girl!!! Listen I know life gets sO crazy. I work full time, I go to school, I got other priorities, appointments...the whole nine. This is what I do:

    I go lay down & rest when I feel like this. I lay down & think about what is truly important & prioritize. I sit there & say work is the most important because then I can't pay rent. Then I say school is next, & let me get on my game & take care of this work. I procrastinate a lot with school work, but I don't like bad grades either. I sacrifice going out & cooking & everything to make sure the assignment is due on time. I break down everything from there & try to remember school ends next week.

    It's like I have to say to myself what is really important. I let people know this is going on & I am not free. About not sparking and doing all the good stuff. Go & get a good workout...it will help relive the stress. Then just start working out again when u can. As of today tell urself, I may not have time to work out but I am not going to keep eating this way. Make better choices & start tracking ur food.

    I hope everything works our for u!!!!
    4733 days ago
    I had to come look when I saw the title.


    Stop. Clear your mind of EVERYTHING. If you must have a mental image, picture yourself on the beach. Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath. Do this until the buzzing in your mind stops.

    Now, hear this: You will survive this time. Good results, bad results, it doesn't matter. You will survive this time, and in the grand scheme of your life and its cosmic meaning, it is only one tiny brilliant speck of stress.

    Time will march on, and this crisis period will be over.

    Now: Make a list of everything you need to do and put it into some sort of chronological order (happens on Monday, happens on Tuesday, etc.). Put it on paper or in your computer. Stop holding all these details in your mind at one time - this is part of the problem.

    Picture your life as a ball of multicolored yarn. Instead of staring at the mess, pick one strand out at a time. You can only do one thing at a time. Focus on doing that one thing, then go to the next thing (check your list to find out what that is). Let go of what happened with the LAST thing you did. You need the brain space for NOW.

    Finally: Make some time for sleeping. If you CANNOT sleep, and it's been two weeks, you need to see a doctor. Your sanity is more important than whether you get your wisdom teeth out right now.

    I wish you luck and a better-behaving brain in the future. You will make it through this.
    4733 days ago
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