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Day 1 - Watching sodium intake!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have been between 174 and 176 since June 7th. This is becoming extremely scary for me because I haven't truly hit a plateau yet and although there is plenty of advice on Spark for plateau's, I'm worried I won't overcome this and will be stuck here forever, or worse, go back to being almost 200 pounds like I was when I started Spark. I will not let it happen without a fight. This is what I decided yesterday and I mean it because I am DONE with this unhappiness!!!

I read an article recommended by a fellow DONE girl that talks about what really makes weight fluctuate from day to day. It was very insightful. Thanks for all the support out there DONEY's, it's appreciated.

First, it talked about water. Water intake is good here and has been. I haven't had a cola in almost 2 full weeks. I am getting at least 10 glasses of water a day since the month of March. So, I decided that water isn't the issue.

Second, it talked about glucose. I am always in my range on my carbs. I have been at or below on the fat intake. I never seem to have enough proteins, and I stay within my calories. I exercise 5 sometimes 6 times a week for no less than an hour at a time. I recently had a fasting blood sugar, which was normal, so I am sure this too isn't the problem.

Third, the article discussed sodium intake. I have no idea how much sodium I have been taking in because I don't track it. It said there is a lot of sodium in boxed foods, frozen entrees, etc. Well, guess what my diet consists of? A lot of PROCESSED FOOD!!! I eat things that are easy to throw in the microwave or simple heat on the stove type things. Did you know you only need about 2000 mg of sodium a day? I am sure that sodium must be my problem. So...

It is Day 1 and so far so good. I brought a sandwich for lunch. I have a ton of fruits and veggies to eat throughout the weekend and I am tracking that sodium. I don't think I have met the fruit and veggie minimums each day like I should have been, but I am definitely going to start.

I am anxious to see what happens this week. I will blog on Thursday, my next weigh day and let y'all know what is up. I hate waiting. I have never been a very patient person!!! Wish me luck!!!
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    Bingo! My NS team and I just had an explosive conversation about this some weeks ago. Sodium retains water and thus will retain weight. Problem-sodium is ridicolouisly high in American foods. There is 200mg in a serving of milk alone. Its everywhere and its like you cant get away from it. Peeps on my team starting tracking their sodium to find even when they eat healthy - low calorie and fat - their sodium intake is 4000-5000 a day! My suggestion:

    Old Fashion Oatmeal with banana. I eat this almost every day for breakfast with splenda. Its VERY filling and there is no sodium so that at least takes one meal away without sodium

    Lunch bars like Fiber One or Atkins bars are packed with dietary fiber and protein that keep you very full (drink lots of water with these) and they are decent on sodium.

    SALADS- need I say more.

    Check in with me in a couple of days. I am eager to see how your progress goes. Also, is your food tracker available to see. You can get to mine by my Page. This past week was a wash with my friend in town so if you go back to previous weeks you can see the foods I eat to keep my sodium super low.
    4501 days ago
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