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Intensity is picking up...

Friday, July 11, 2008

OK - This week, I will have run 31 miles after my long run on Sunday. It's my longest run so far.

I've been doing pretty good with strength training. During the school year, I find it hard to fit it all in, so I don't do it as much. If I get 1-2 strength workouts in per week during the summer, I see that as improvement.

As for my weight, my ticker is not accurate. Technically I should go back to the beginning. I can't find my tape measure to do measurements. I would think that if I am gaining muscle as you normally do during marathon training, my measurements will be smaller, because the volume of muscle cells is smaller than the volume of fat cells.

I'm have been trying to lose weight forever. It feels like my entire adult life. I wouldn't say I'm fat at all though, so I guess it's just mental. I have never been fat, and think I'm almost a compulsive exerciser because I have such a deep-rooted fear of being fat (everyone else in my family is). I know through marathon training I am very fit, and that does make me happy.

But, the question remains, how can I get myself to stop looking at the number on the scale as the thing that identifies "who I am" as a person? I'm thinking of getting into the mindset that I'm in maintenance, and my goal is to not gain weight - maybe that will help me.

Maybe being in the 150's is where I'm "supposed" to be.

Maybe I'm just whining (again...)

Anyway, it's supposed to be warm and raining on Sunday when I do my long run. I have to get up at 4 to do it - my husband has to work at 7:30 in the morning, so I need to finish before he works. I don't like to run when the sun is out, anyway. If I get up at 4, I should be done before he has to leave, probably even before he gets back - a training 13 miler should take me about 2:15-2:20.

Wow, I did my long run in 2:10! I am so happy with that - it is my fastest 13 ever, races included. And, it was hot and humid but cloudy and dark. I took my regular bottle of water, plus another full bottle of water and some gels along for my run. I think all that water helped me out. I'm hoping it's a sign of a fast race in October - I've never done a long run at race pace, and I didn't feel fast. I did feel strong, though!
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    I know the comment is quite late-LOL- but congrats on such a great run!
    As for the mental weight thing, well, I am in the same boat. I think I NEED to loose weight and hence am not happy where i am at, even though everyone keeps telling me how strong I am! Figures, I always want more! When I was overweight ( 205) I would have been happy with my current weight, so why am I not happy? I see others who are skinnier and leaner and better--blah, blah... The fear of being fat--- hmmm--- maybe a distraction to avoid dealing with more important things? Sometimes I wonder if I care so much, because i don't have "real" problems, like cancer, poverty etc?
    Good points.... I like your self reflection. But mainly, I love your ability to be happy with your runs and your fitness level! Yes, you run marathons... how awesome is that???!!!!
    Congrats again and keep up the good work!
    4508 days ago
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