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PLEASE HELP me w/raceday shirt slogan!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ok Sparkers! I need your help!

On August 31, 2008 I'm running the Disney Half Marathon - yay!

For a 10k and Halfie that I did, I ran with a group of girlfriends from the Orange County Nest (newlyweds in OC message boards) and we had "team shirts". Basically we got tanks from Nike and had "OC Nesties" on the front with different personal slogans on the back.

This time, I'm doing the Disney Half with some of the same girls but other non-Nesties too. I don't think we'll have a team name on the front but regardless, I really need help with ideas about what to put on the back.

Would you be so kind and think of suggestions for me? ANYTHING would be helpful so please don't be shy!

Here are some things about me that might help you:

- I love Sparkpeople
- I like running
- I'm not a super fast runner (between 9:30 and 11:00 minute mile)
- I love to eat
- I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle and Sparkpeople is a huge tool for me
- I try to be a positive role model and lead by example in my exercise and nutrition habits

THANK YOU in advance for any suggestions at all! If you can't think of anything, don't feel bad! Thanks anyway for even reading =)


I did my "long" run for the week today of NINE MILES. Great feeling! Weather was perfect and I held a conversational pace for most of the time!


Day 26/Week 4 of Calorie Deficit Tracking (Friday)

Calories consumed: 2240
Calories burned: 0 (REST DAY)
BMR: 1432

bmr + calories burned: 1432
less calories consumed: 2240
=== 808 surplus (whoa-dee)

Week 1 totals: 713+910 -(337) + 953 + 634 + 524 + 736
= 4160 deficit

Week 2 totals: 14 + 961 + 871 + 522 - (79) - 161 + 962 = 3090

Week 3 totals: 999 + 368 + 190 + 664 - (1100) + 238 = 1359

Week 4 totals: 596 + 0 + 990 + 589 - (808) = 1367

Day 27/Week 4 of Calorie Deficit Tracking (Saturday)

Calories consumed: 2019
Calories burned: 975
BMR: 1432

bmr + calories burned: 2407
less calories consumed: 2019
=== 388 deficit

Week 1 totals: 713+910 -(337) + 953 + 634 + 524 + 736
= 4160 deficit

Week 2 totals: 14 + 961 + 871 + 522 - (79) - 161 + 962 = 3090

Week 3 totals: 999 + 368 + 190 + 664 - (1100) + 238 = 1359

Week 4 totals: 596 + 0 + 990 + 589 - (808) + 388 = 1755

Total calorie deficit through Week 4:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey I came across your blog and I hope I'm not too late to comment. I thought of "How's my running? Call 1-800-CATCH-UP" Kinda like the semis and business vehicles, maybe a little corny!
    4605 days ago
  • MARLIE13
    Oooh I have absolutely no ideas but I love some of the ones you've received! Oh wait...I just did a quick google. Oh and this used to be on my spark page... Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.

    I'm the fast girl your mother warned you about.

    Everyone gets knocked down. Champions get up.

    Runners do it with rhythm.

    May the course be with you.

    Go hard or go home.

    Running is a mental sport and we're all insane.

    Trample the weak. Hurdle the dead.

    It's funner with a runner.

    Train hard, win easy.

    It's rude to count the people you pass. Out loud.

    Run, eat, sleep. Repeat.

    It hurts alot less when you win!!!

    4609 days ago
  • SIRA5106
    my cross-country hs t-shirts have had some cute slogans...my favorite was the front of the shirt is the team name written graphically like "Finding Nemo" and then the back of shirt read: "Just keep running, running, running."

    um another was on the back of the shirt, a right turn sign with the words: "Slower traffic keep right."

    "some people run to get in shape. we get in shape to run!"
    "what most people do for punishment, we do for fun!"

    4612 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2950252
    I bought a shirt at Gap Body once that said "I spin...." on the front and "to look better than her" on the back.

    It has never been worn outside of my house, because:

    1) I'm so not that vain

    2) I don't look better than "her"

    ......but it was kinda fun to buy anyway.

    Good luck with the slogan. If I think of anything I'll let you know!
    4612 days ago
    i dont believe there is a copyright on this phrase, but i used to have a Nike t-shirt that said:

    Front: "you run like a girl..."

    Back: "what exactly did you THINK i was?"

    as for team names... ugh i'm SOO not creative in that department. but maybe something that has to do with disney princesses? maybe (if there is someone artistic on your team), you could design a shirt that has the disney princesses looking BADASS in running gear??

    i dunno.. if i think of anything else, i'll definitely post it!!
    4612 days ago
    This is so cool girl, I'm looking for the same thing. Thats part of the surprise for my half. I'm making a shirt and looking for something to write on the front. I already know what I am doing on the back. hehe good luck!!!
    4613 days ago
    I really suck at this kind of stuff and it looks like you got a few good suggestions already but I wanted to support ya, so here goes....

    "Run like a girl"
    "Spreadin the spark" with the web address below
    "Turn a spark into a blaze"

    Good luck!! Oh, can you share with me how you got your shirts with the personalized phrases?

    Proud Leader of the San Diego SparkTeam

    4613 days ago
    all females in your group? "Are you really gonna let a GIRL beat you?" or "My ponytail is making you verrrry sleeeeeeeepy..."

    "Smile, you're on race day camera!"

    "Catch me if you can!"

    "Imagine I'm a double bacon cheeseburger."

    "How do the bottoms of my running shoes look?"

    4613 days ago
    Here's a few...

    running is the reason we drink... water

    Our warmup is your workout

    pardon our dust

    We run for fun


    runners do it longer, harder, faster, and in the woods

    4614 days ago
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