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Feeling down

Monday, August 18, 2008

I am working so hard, but I feel HUGE right now. Not muscular, but bloated and fat. That scale keeps going up, up up and it's driving me crazy. It's just making me so down right now.

It doesn' t really matter what I eat, I seem to gain weight by looking at food and I'm tired of it.

Maybe going back to work will help.
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    Oh, I have been in that spot--- running more miles seems to make it worse? I thought maybe we eat too much ( or the wrong foods) but then I came to the conclusion that our body is "out of whack" because we are overloading our system or theory # 2: we are way undereating on those days when we burn 2000 cals, but only ingest 2000-- maybe our body is holding on and then slows the metabolism, so if we eat up, we are gaining even more ( the concept of the obese person? undereat--- overeat?)
    By no means do I know, but I do empathize! Sorry you are feeling down.
    There is the aspect of "cheating yourself" that i have done, as well.
    Are you recording every morsel honestly?
    What about some hard core speedwork?! It kicks metabolism into gear sometimes- but requires hard core effort!
    In any cases, the last scenario might be just perception! The scale might be water weight and hence maybe weigh yourself a month from now? That way, you are letting go of the head game?
    Either way-- hope it works! Wishing you the best Cincinnatti girl!
    Columbus is right around the corner, huh?!
    I might need some advice on foot issues -- I am having one/some myself-- after 2 x-rays, I get to go get a MRI-- if a stress fracture, it would be tiny.. otherwise might be tendonitis?
    Oh yes, those nagging injuries! Maybe it's time to switch sports-LOL?! Yeh, right!!! We are too dumb for that, right?
    4483 days ago
    don't be too hard on yourself. if you know your'e doing what you need to do to be healthy, try to just let things fall into place as they do. maybe take a look at your calorie range... if you're consistently eating at the low end, you might not be taking in enough calories to keep your body from holding onto excess fat. also, i'd say maybe keep away from the scale for a couple of weeks, and focus instead on how you're feeling during your workouts. for instance, are you less tired after working out? do you find your workouts less difficult to complete? how do your lungs feel? take notice of your mood as well. the benefits of exercise go so far beyond mere weightloss, and you're still reaping those benefits.

    i find weighing myself every week to be counterproductive, because it simply takes me longer to lose. instead, i weigh AND measure every Power of 10 Challenge, which works out to be once every 2 weeks or so. are you measuring?? you may be losing inches even if you're gaining lbs, especially if you're working hard as you say!

    good luck. please don't give up!! we're all here for you. maybe post to the boards for more help? i've been where you are, and i know how it feels. my heart goes out to you, and i wish you all the best!!
    4483 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/19/2008 9:00:53 AM
    Weight can be so frustrating... Sometimes things just don't move in the way we want them to. I am a firm believer that if you move your body, and eat well minding your levels of protein, etc... that it will happen. Hang in there!
    4484 days ago
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