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I'm Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you accept responsibly for your choices in life?.

Do you feel in control of your life? No matter how negative events or actions may become, you are the only force that is able to determine the reaction. Often we fail to do this and instead blame the world for our feelings of sadness, rejection, and hopelessness. The reality is that your actions are a choice, and you must claim those feelings and choices.


It's funny about accepting responsibility. I stopped blaming my parents years ago & anyone else I use to blame. But I HAVE started blaming my DH. I guess he's an easy target, LOL!

1. I'm lonely because DH wanted to moved far away from my friends and family.

Well, I agreed that I also wanted to! The money was too good to pass up!

2. I'm stuck in the house because DH totaled my car.

Well, I do have a bike and a great pair of feet to walk as far as I want to.

3. My DH never wants to go out bowling, movies, bingo, etc.

When he does rarely ask I always say not now! Plus, if I wanted to I could just take the car and go myself and he would follow.

4. We won't be buying a house for a few years because DH wasted all his money a few years ago.

I could get a full time job and contribute instead of just waiting for him to do it.

5. I eat cake, ice cream and other things I really don't want because DH brings me out or brings them in the house.

HELLO, I put it in my mouth, LOL!

My life is my own. It doesn't matter if I'm married or single. I am my own person with my own mind and choices. I believe, it has to do with one of the previous Healthy Reflections! People pleasers are more apt to blame others for things. This is because when we want to say no, but say yes we feel that they pushed us to it. When in actuality it was us being afraid that someone would stop liking us if we said no. Would it really be all that terrible if someone didn't like us. And if they don't like us, isn't that more about them than us.

One of my Agreements on my Spark Page says, "Don't take anything personally" Well, this is a really hard one for me and I am still working on it. I guess everything is involved in some way or another.

If I stop saying yes all the time, then I only have myself to blame for my thoughts and actions. Maybe I don't think I'm ready to make decisions. Well if not now than when? I think I will step up to the plate and take responsibility for my life.

Sparks has started me on the journey to think for myself and not care if everyone likes me (still hurts a little)! When I first started I wanted to join so many teams and add so many friends. Now I pick only teams that are active and fun! I've left so many teams since the beginning and am happy with where I'm at. I don't add too many friends, but I subscribe to lots of blogs. This way I can comment on blogs and help people along, but don't have hundreds of friends that I'm wondering why aren't they messaging me LOL!

THIS IS MY LIFE! I'm starting to be the real me. You can like me or not! I'm not everyone's cup of tea, LOL! I'm pushy and honest when it comes to helping others, I don't take criticism well, I sometimes hate following directions, and I definitely don't like being told what to do.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So true, we are so hard on ourselves and take on to much and then really have noone to blame but ourselves (or the DH)!!
    4580 days ago
    Great thoughts. You need to do things for yourself. Keep up the good work.
    4581 days ago
    Great job taking responsibility. I recently had avoided a family weekend where it was ripe with people blaming others and creating drama.

    I saw you like using the videos on On Demand. Have you tried the Jackie Warner videos or that crazy Jillian woman. They are awesome!! My teenage daughter, son and I could barely walk upstairs for a couple of days after doing the lower body exercise from Jackie. Can't believe how well your doing on the program. I'm trying to be good but as Yoda says - Do or not do there is no try!
    4581 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2991697
    Ruth, all I can say is "Your are a Fantastic LADY!!" Keep up the great work and I enjoy reading your blogs!!! Thank you for the support and motivation!

    Have a fantastic day,
    emoticon emoticon
    4582 days ago
    Good work. Life is rich and relationships grow when you think and reflect and take responsiblity like you have here.

    4582 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you certainly have given me something to think about - it's hard to not be nice to people all the time, but sometimes necessary emoticon
    4582 days ago
    Ahhh, taking responsibility leads to taking control of oneself. Simple thought, tho often hard to implement. Another thought I always have is: "If I'm not a part of the solution, then I'm a part of the problem".

    Glad to see you're improving all areas of your life. It's funny how when we step of our comfort zone in one area (as in changing eating habits, etc.), we also start looking at other areas of our lives. Positive changes can be contagious. We build upon them and in the end we are better, and happier, people. Cool beans! Keep it up. :)

    4583 days ago
    My Mother always said if I didn't like how something was going...change "me". She said it was fruitless to put all that energy into changing others. It's good you realize your strengths and your shortcomings :) Have a great day!

    4583 days ago
    Good reflections...It's your life, so take control of it!!! emoticon
    4583 days ago
    great blog :-)
    4583 days ago
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