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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Okay...this may be long and is more of me just venting and getting out some issues in my head. Nothing weight related here...just life stuff.

If your reading this....here is some history before I go on to my little rant.

Over the last few years (about 3) it has been me and 2 other girls - We were BFF's. We did everything together. We all work together so work was fun and it was always the 3 of us - we just automatically came in a group. We hung out on the weekends with our kids and families, shopped, ate lunch, laughed and cried together.

About 6 months ago something changed....I blame myself but not sure why or what I did. We just drifted apart. They are still great friends but I'm just left behind. Now, like I said, I blame myself for this...I'm not a phone kinda girl so I never really call/called...but we worked together so it wasn't like we didn't see each other. Anyway, something changed and they've moved on without me. One of them just had a baby, her 2nd. I wasn't really included in the plans of the shower or helping with anything really. I was hurt and again felt left out.

It's funny how life changes so quickly. This time last year we were planning our 80's Halloween costumes together and now I don't even think either of them are coming to my birthday/Halloween party.

I have really been beating myself up over this. I've questioned why they wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore...I've doubted the person I am....I've thought about what I could have said or done differently. It amazes me how sad/upset the whole situation makes me. Work sucks now...and it's awkward when I'm in the kitchen and they are in there eating together....I've given up so now I don't even try to call/talk/hang out..I do hate that about myself - I give up way to easily.

I tried talking to them a few weeks ago about how things have changed and they both say nothing is different and things are fine..their just busy, etc.

I swear this sounds like high school, right?! I'm promise I'm not crazy and normally I don't have a drama filled life!! ;)

Anyway...I hate that I'm questioning myself. I know I'm a good person and a good friend. I also know that things happen and life changes but sometimes change sucks!!!

Okay...enough of the pitty party!

***On a weight loss/food note, this week is going really well!! Today I had only fruits/veggies and some soup for lunch...it was a clean eating day for me!! I'm off to the gym now for a cardio sculpt class!! I've had a migraine since Friday so I'm hoping the stress relief of exercise will help make it go away!!!! That or the 3,000 excedrin migraines I've taken over the last few hours...J/K! :)

I'm still trying to figure out how to get less sodium in my foods...today was a great day for food but my sodium is way too high! I think the combo of chicken for lunch with soup screwed me up. I guess it's just trial and error, huh? I'll learn!!
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    OMG I have so been in your shoes. I became friends with two girls at work and like you it was always the 3 of us and then me and the other one grew apart from the other one and then we ended up not getting along at all anymore. None of us were friends in the end and it made it hard for me to work with these girls. I did try and keep a professional relationhip and put my personal feelings aside but it was a challenge. I feel for ya, but my advice is to move on....Don't let those girls make you feel inferior. You don't need their friendship to justify your self worth. Keep your head up high and know that you don't need people like that in your life. Good luck and don't worry be happy!
    4386 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about the changes in your friendships. Don't wonder or beat yourself up over it though. Give them a call and ask them what's going on.

    4387 days ago
    I just wanted to give you **hugs**. I know exactly how that can be. Friends can really suck sometimes...especially when they won't even acknowledge there are issues ore talk them over with you. I really do feel for you. I work with a "friend" and our relationship and really changed, much in the same way, and I have such a hard time working with her sometimes. It can be sooooo hard, but someone told me once that we outgrow friendships sometimes, but unlike boyfriends there is no way to "break-up" with friends...are these women that you really want to be friends with still? Anyway...I hope that your vent helped!!

    4391 days ago
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