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I've been bad...I MUST RECOMMIT MYSELF!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The IRONY of this blog entry being immediately after my "I've reached my goal" entry. It's humiliating. Maybe I got a big head after reaching my goal? I don't know. I know I've been scared to get on that scale and that I have:

- indulged in lunch buffets even though I brought my lunch to work
- eaten fast food several times
- drank SODA several times, even coffee
- stopped logging my calories
- not drinking enough water
- slacking on exercise

So it's time to recommit! I'm BACK AT IT! My batteries are recharged and I'm ready! I'm going to reset my goal as well. I bet I'm above my goal weight by a few pounds, oh well.

Onward, HO!!!

Anyone want to join me?

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey cutie! I'm back! I'm so getting recomitted too, let's do it together! Hugs, Yvie
    4536 days ago
    ah, don't feel humiliated. we all splurge and get lazy or bored with our workouts and get unmotivated.
    hope you are already back on track and doing GREAT!
    4541 days ago
    HI there!

    It's been a few days since this was posted so for all I know you may be right back on track and back at your fightin' weight. Hope so! :) But if not, know that I just hosted a big family birthday party today for my daughter's 8th birthday and there was no lack of food there. And suffice it to say that I didn't say "no thanks" to many of them. A lot had meat in them, so that was an automatic no, thank goodness! Unfortunately the cake and ice cream didn't.

    So, if you're still in an uphill battle, just know I'm over here, on the other coast, getting right back on track with you....tomorrow. emoticon

    LOVE the new profile picture!!

    4541 days ago
    Sweetie! It happens to the best of us! It's all a part of the journey! What matters is not that you took a slight detour, but that you got yourself back on track! YOU GO GIRL!
    4541 days ago
  • BRUIN2
    I think this is a pretty common thing after reaching a big goal - don't beat yourself up, just move forward!!!

    I've seen many of your posts on H&F, so I wanted to come see you over here... Looking forward to following your blog!
    4543 days ago
  • KCCAT77
    Ok, that sounds exactly like a page out of my own blog. Wow, scary. I too have eaten fast food, soda, slacking on exercise and not drinking enough water.

    So when do we start? I will do this if you will do this. We CAN do this.
    4543 days ago
    You are not alone! I'm with ya too. I got to a happy weight, liked how I looked, and every day my diet was slipping more! Let's get back to basics!

    How is your LB HM training going?
    4543 days ago
  • no profile photo CD773214
    Right there with ya, gal, full force!

    Keep moving forward, and only pause long enough to remember how far you've come!

    4543 days ago
    Grrrrrrrrrreat attitude!!
    4543 days ago
    Girlfriend, you can get refocused and get it done! I had that same problem 10 days ago; I just got on the scale and about cried. But, I turned it around and focused on what I needed to do, and you can too.

    You are an inspiration to so many of us - keep up your positive attitude and you'll be back to your goal in no time!
    4543 days ago
    You are strong and you know you may fall off the wagon sometimes but you will get back up!!!! you look fantastic keep going.....
    4543 days ago
    As seen by all the posts, you are not alone!!! Maintanence is a beast all of its own. I can definately relate and I am glad to see that you are recommiting. I know you will do great. Do you have any new goals or races that you are focused on? I know you were training for your half and that kept you on point.

    WHOOO HOOOO for you!!! You recognized you were going down the wrong path and you are doing the right thing now before you have gone to far. Way to go!!! This is a sign of someone who will be successful in the long run.

    4543 days ago
    I'm with ya Girl!!!! WOO HOO!

    Hey....don't beat yourself up too bad. Most everyone slacks a bit, or "takes a break" in "celebration" once they reach their goal! You are only human, & you deserved a little "slackage" after working so hard!!

    But, you are BACK ON TRACK, Sista!! & I'm with you all the way!!! I recommitted myself yesterday, too, before I even read your blog. So we are on the same wavelength!! I went for a run yesterday, & I have restructured my diet plan!! I gotta lose 10 pounds in the next 6 weeks, before my cruise!!!

    Let's do it! Oh Yeah!!!
    4544 days ago
    I am sooooooo with you!!! I was at my goal weight for 6 months before I started running and since I started training and increasing my mileage, I have re-gained 8-10 pounds!!! I was hoping to get back down to goal weight before LB but I don't think that is going to happen!!! I'm back on track today and just going to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time!!! Jackie!!!
    4544 days ago
    The important thing is that you are back on track, it's ok don't beat yourself up for the small setback. You CAN do this, I'm with you.

    4544 days ago
    Good for you for recommitting! I know how tough it is, as I'm trying to do the same. But you've reached goal before, you surely will do it again!
    4544 days ago
    I was wondering what your strategy was since you reached your goal. As you know, I actually had to reset my goal to keep losing because I was afraid of what would happen if I stopped counting calories and stopped watching what I would eat. I thought I was being obsessive, but there is something to it, I guess.

    I'm behind ya! Keep going and work toward maintenance! Whatever maintenance is....
    4545 days ago
    I'm in - I am strongly in need of a recommitment. I've been going through exactly the same thing (although sadly not after reaching my goal). Back on the healthy lifestyle train!

    4545 days ago
    Hey I hear ya on this one! I hit goal in June (155) and then over the next few months regained 6 pounds. It was weird and I got sloppy. I'm almost back at goal and hope to continue to go below that and reach the new goal I set on my ticker. You can do this. Stay committed and keep it going, you'll get there :)
    4545 days ago
    It happens, you became aware of it and now you are moving on .... BRAVO to you!
    4545 days ago
    I've done that countless times, and I can never figure it out. It's like I let my guard down and then all those inconvenient things (fast food, soda, candy) creep back into my view and I just go for it.

    Self sabotage---that's what I call it. Like I'm not comfortable with success. But I always try to move on instead of dwell on what has happened.

    Just keep pushing and know that you CAN do it. :)
    4545 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1317623
    You haven't been bad, you have been human!

    Nobody, not even elite athletes train, eat right and are perfect ALL the time. Your body and soul needed to take a break and celebrate...a vacation if you will.

    The point is, you are back and recharged... AND, back to motivating people like me!! =)

    I think what you have accomplished is amazing. You should be proud!!
    4545 days ago
  • ALINE812
    I agree with Ananada. This is a life style you've committed to and sometimes our bodies tell us to slow down. I'm very proud of you and inspired by you that you were able to shake it off and keep going.

    Hugs friend. Welcome back
    4545 days ago
    You're going to be fine, ESPECIALLY because you have recommitted! This is a lifestyle thing, and you're going to have ups and downs - just don't give up!
    4545 days ago
    You rule! Way to be REAL with yourself. I think I've fluctuated a few pounds this week but will crack the whip at the gym... I need to lose my moved-and-my-routine-got-a-little-s
    haken-up poundage. I'll recommit myself with you this week! :)
    4545 days ago
    Not unusual at all. There is every kind of information possible (and some impossible) about weight loss, but very little about maintenance. That is why so many people bounce when they get at or near their goal. The truth is, weight loss is just part of the first stage of building a healthy body. The longer and perhaps more difficult stage involves keeping what you have gained. I have a sneaking suspicion that finding a new goal that is meaningful and which requires maintenance is one missing piece.


    4545 days ago
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