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Back on the wagon

Sunday, October 26, 2008

After being gone for a year (with a small flirtation with SP in January that only lasted about 3 days) I'm back. Joined a gym... got up at 5 and got my carcas there on my strength training days and have tracked my food and done my cardio and drank my water and talked to people on the boards, sparkmailed some of my old friends and started some streaks and set some goals and lo and behold... I'm 4 pounds lighter! Amazing... not really... this SP thing really works. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. Hopefully the 20 pounds that I lost two years ago (and crept back on after a sugery one year ago) will evaporate. I believe it will. I'm enjoying the new features (especially the goodies) on the board. I've already made some new friends and I've found some really great recipes in the cookbook.

Thank you to all my sparky friends for the encouragement as I've detoxed from nasty habits this week! Please drop by my page for a visit!
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