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Back in the Saddle Again!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting my wisdom teeth out was simultaneously a huge pain in the ass and a ginormous blessing. I was so ill for two weeks. But, I lost 14lbs. (I've gained some back, as I should expect for a body going into starvation mode.) I've been eating very well as of late. I've resisted temptation, as posted on one of my team message boards:

"I am soooo proud of myself! I went to a costume party last night, and I was the designated driver, so I drank water all night long. Then, the people I was with were hungry, so we went to a sort of fast food style Mexican food place at 2am... a place that serves almost nothing light or healthy- carne asada burritos, rolled tacos, french fries smothered in cheese, carne asada, and guacamole. Yeah, that last one was tough to resist. But, I didn't order anything. At all. I watched my 4 friends eat amazing looking, delicious smelling food, and I didn't have a bite. I looked on the menu and there was not one thing that could have been even remotely healthy, so I opted out."

The biggest challenge I've faced with having my teeth yanked outta my skull (oh, they let me bring them home, too!) was getting energy back. UCSD is not an easy campus to get around. Its all hills, nothing is close to each other, and I don't have a car so I walk to a shuttle that takes me to campus... with my nerdy wheelie backpack in tow. I've been extremely motivated to get this weight off and get some exercise. That 14lbs and being holed up in bed for my recovery did wonders for my stupid broken feet! I know I would be so much better without all this extra fat hangin' off these bones!

So, I went to a gym two days in a row- Sunday and Monday. Today I took a break because I'm a little too sore and I didn't get any sleep last night. I was up late doing homework. Tomorrow I will make it back to the gym! I've been going with one of my best friends, and he's a karate instructor, so he kicks my butt! Its awesome!

I've also been making very health conscious decisions regarding food. I had a little disappointment, though, yesterday at lunch. There's a Subway on campus, so I wanted to get a $5 Footlong, and one of them happens to be the under 6g of fat (per 6" inches) and I figured I could get two lunches out of it. I got my roasted chicken breast on wheat bread, all veggies, no cheese, no mayo, extra mustard, and I requested vinegar, NO OIL! For some reason, the opposite happened before I knew it. She put oil and no vinegar on. So, my 5g of fat chicken breast sandwich jumped to about 15+g! Unfortunately, it was during the lunch rush. I was in line for almost 15 full minutes, there were literally about 25 people in line behind me, so I didn't feel like I could request a new sandwich. I was super frustrated. I know it was a mistake, but I was deliberately trying to be healthier and good. I also forgot to eat breakfast today, too.

I was reading something recently that made me feel a little better about the decisions I make regarding this health journey I'm on. Sometimes people can be more successful if they are doing it for someone else. I know everyone always says "you should do it for you!" Well, ya know what... eff that! So far, "doing it for me" isn't working. I'm doing this for the man of my dreams. I'm doing this for my waaaaay in the future children (which I've been informed could be twins, as that gene runs in his family... fabulous. :-| ). And at the tail end of it, I'm doing it for me. Maybe that's the kind of motivation that will work for me. At least for now. I'm okay with that. I'll change that should the need arise later.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am so damn proud of you MIss Jilly!! I'm so glad your feet are feeling better and that you have someone to "Kick your butt" That always helps! My Butt Kicker moved to Florida so I'm kind of stuck kicking my own butt, which doesnt always happen!! Hahaha...I'm so very proud of you-Keep up the good work!!
    4548 days ago
    Howdy friend!!

    Glad to know that things are looking up and you are doing well. Bummer about those stupid wisdom teeth but the weight loss as a side effect is an added bonus!!! LOL!!! I am proud of you for trying (and succeeding) in making healthy food choices. I have to say that is the BIGGEST part of losing weight. You can workout all the time but if you don't eat accordingly, there won't be any progress.

    Cheers to you on a job well done! Keep it up!

    4552 days ago
  • CLAUDIA1333
    Hey jillybean! Glad you're back and recovered from your wisdom teeth. I'm kind of jealous you got to bring yours home. My eldest brother did too, but mine were impacted so no teeth for me. Congrats on doing so well eating and not giving in to the delicious but so not healthy food temptations. Go you! I also agree with the last bit about doing it for you. Sure, I'm doing this for me, but I'm also doing this for my boyfriend who loves me regardless. He loved me 30 pounds ago and thought i was sexy and beautiful even when I didn't. So I want to be the uber-sexy girl I know I can that he can brag about around town. ;-) hehehe. Take care. Happy Hump Day!
    4554 days ago
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