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A life lesson learned always research medications......

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well my adventure started a week from this past friday, my husband went to his doctor for some tests due to his left arm and shoulder have been in pain for sometime now. We both had a suspicion it was a pinched nerve in his back, he does get that from time to time, but due to the arm going numb and the fingers he went for some tests.

It was a feat to get him to go, he hates doctors and would rather complain about the pain. Well after some tests were ran, the doctor told him he had some nerve damage in his Rhomboid area and collar area had a pinched nerve, so he wrote a prescription for a steroid. It was a strong dose that went from 6 pills a day to 5 ect, until the pack was finished.

The first day was fine other than he felt like he could run a marathon, second a few minor side effects, tingling warm spots, slight head pressure, third day was a new symptom starting to feel anxious, and slight flushing. By the fourth day he was at work for about and hour calls me and says he was coming home. Okay, no big deal, walks into the door red as a tomato, heart rate elevate, sweating like he went running and got caught in the rain, and over anxious.

So, I called the doctor rushed him in, ran more tests they told him to stop the steroid cold, not even reduce wrote two more prescriptions, to counter balance side effects. When he asked why when they checked his throat it was starting to close off slightly, his blood pressure was elevated.

The doctor proceeded to say these side effects are rare, but when my husband initially asked he told him the only side effects would be a feeling of wellness and surge of energy! Now we read the sheet from the pharmacist and questioned it they said, it was nothing to worry about!

So, we left filled these prescriptions, that turned him into a comatose patient slept 18 hours straight and when he was up he was aggravated and flying off the handle over nothing, so called the doctors went back, more prescriptions and a visit.

After taking the new Med's he turned into a crying fool at everything, and hyper sensitive to noise and light, went back another two prescription for Xanax to relieve anxiety and zoloft depression, and an anti inflammatory medication

Filled the Med's been over a week and he still is not right, everyone I have spoken with could not understand why the just did not give him a shot in the injured area, it has no side effects compared to this one, it repairs the damaged area.

So, I called the doctor's office to ask why they chose this route? Did not have a answer that was relevant, so I asked how much longer is this medication going to take to leave his body, and he returns to himself? The doctor simply states, it was gone after 24-48 hours and this is just who he is and his anxiety levels! I said you are kidding me right? He states no, so my short answer was well maybe I should pursue a legal matter due to the fact I know whom I married and he was not informed due to his medical history that any side effects would even be a consideration, let alone the fact we were in there almost everyday for week straight. His answer was go ahead, I have the medical proto call on my side!

So, I hung up the phone abruptly and it rang, it was the doctors office calling to tell me we had to pay a $30 missed apt fee for friday for a no show! I was like are you kidding me? Simply stated you never cancelled within a 24 hr time period, I stated I had no idea when was the appointment made she states last Wens. a week ago.

Stayed calm and explained we have been in there almost everyday for a week, no one said anything to me about this, she said your husband made the appointment the first time he was here, okay but he has not been himself or able to remember anything all week. She is like I am sorry but this is not my problem, okay how come I did not get a phone call to confirm the appointment? We do not do that, so will this be check by phone or credit card?

I said neither, it will be a call from my lawyer. It was like a big nightmare I could not wake from so the moral of the story is be very careful when you fill a prescription and ask hundreds of questions for your own safety!

So, for the long explanation but needed to move on from this back to a healthier state of mind! From now on as much as possible will be all natural for him especially!
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    I am sorry to hear about what your husband had to go through. I've been the subject of many medical experiments because doctors could not figure out what was wrong.

    Congrats on being buddy of the week.

    4488 days ago
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