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Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is just something I feel the need to get off of my chest. I have this friend, I should say fake friend. We have know each other for over 7 years. In the past year we got very close spending a ton of time with one another. I started fallen for him. I am the type of giving, selfless person. So every time he was struggling or running low on cash I was there to help. Yes I know I am one of those dumb girls, that lets her self get taken advantage of from others.

Well I have spent in a year not hundreds but thousands of dollars on this BOY. I have been slowly pulling away from him but it is so very hard for me.

Well he lies to me contently. He was seeing a girl and he never told me. So here I am giving him money to help with bills and he's taking this girl out to dinner and movies, and paying for it all. When I can sit here and tell you he has spent $19, yep you read correctly only $19 dollars on me our entire friendship!! I also found out that he took her to New York for her birthday and paid for every last thing.... from the flight to the food.

Why do people take advantage of the individuals who do things with their hearts, because they are the ones who care so much for them. Why do people not see when they are hurting someone who loves them.

You know on top of all this, to my face he is all I love you, your the greatest, you are so perfect, the only thing he says is bad about me is my self esteem. Which I have learned if you have low self esteem do not date!!! You will be taken advantage of, men know how to use that against me. My sons father did the same thing. Well behind my back he tells his friends, sister, and even his mother, that we are not friends, that I am crazy, and that I am obsessed with him.
When he is the one who looks for me! I no longer call him, he has to call me. I have backed away so much, but I am not done yet.

I don't know what it is....... hope, maybe that may be it!!! That he truly could be the friend I saw. This is really hard, he is such a great actor. When we are together I believe he really is my friend.

Another thing I just got him a job, that pays him 2 times as much. I am not even over exaggerating really 2 times as much. And he took his family out to celebrate with two of his friends and did not even invite me. When he goes to the movies with me, he tells his family that he is going with his girlfriend, he says her name.

I have never and I mean never done anything wrong to him. In the beginning he would call me stressed and I would help him at the drop of a dime. He hides me and our friendship, and tries to tell me he does not. He just recently told his girlfriend that he has not spoken to me in weeks.......when the job I helped him get is with me. I talk to him everyday.

Now he just bought her an engagement ring and will be proposing to her today (they have only been dating 4 months)! And its funny but I believe that is my money that is paying for it!!! The past 6 months I have been helping him by paying his motorcycle for him because he was really struggling at his last job. But wow out of no where he now can afford to buy a 3 diamond (nice sizes at that) engagement ring.

I hate being such a nice (naive) person. I want to learn to be a Bit*&!! But that is just not who I am, and I pray that not everyone takes advantage of extremely nice people. But my luck has already handed me the only two men that have been close to me have. First my sons dad now the boy who came after him. How could I be so lucky to get two in a row and at that the only two I have ever had????

I know I am dumb and brought a lot of this on myself but he is still wrong for taking advantage of me. I swear I am trying to pull away, I just do not know why I even want to be his friend. He is nothing a friend should be..... Nothing like me!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KITKA82
    You are not dumb. Your "friend" is an idiot. I second NORTHSTAR: You teach people how to treat you. But first you need to learn to love and respect yourself. And you don't have to necessarily be a B@&#^, for there is a happy medium between innocent and biotch. :) I had to find that medium myself. Just practice saying this little word: "no." It won't come easy or overnight, but practice makes perfect ;)

    You are gorgeous by the way.
    3512 days ago
    Hey, I mean this in a tough love kind of way, and I say this because I've been in your shoes.... YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU, and RESPECT ISN'T EARNED IT'S COMMANDED. I want you to decide today that you are worth more than someone who doesn't even value you enough to be truthful to you. Decide today that that type of behavior is just plain UNACCEPTABLE. When you do that the people around you will begin to treat you differently. Until you make that clear in your own head, you'll just get more of the same, if not with that guy, another one just like him. Now, chin up.... YOU ARE WORTH IT!
    4490 days ago
    I would say, as a 37 year old women, that it is a life lesson. Unfortunetly you have a broken heart and lost some money. But now GET OUT of the friendship. He is a user. Been there, done that...TRUST ME when I say someday you will know when you meet "THE ONE". HE will never do that to you, HE will be there FOR you. It may be money, it will definitely be love, and YOU will just KNOW. I meet (my) him and we have been married 8.5 years, and have three beautiful kids, a nice home, and a family. He has seen me thin, fat, giving birth(geesh!!) and at my worst and best. He proposed to me 10 years ago this Thanksgiving! YOU will KNOw. This guy is not it. emoticon
    4490 days ago
  • SWEETIE271
    By the sounds of it he thinks of you not as his friend but as his sugar mama, and he know he cant let you know that or he will be cut off. The best thing you can do for your self is to drop him because he will never appreciate you or under stand how much he has hurt you and trust me you DESERVE so much better and you should never forget that.

    4490 days ago
  • 1888MICHELLE
    Ah honey...there's nothing worse than having trust and love thrown back in your face. You're not dumb. It sounds like you're a generous, loving, trusting woman who has a heart of gold. Yes...you may be a target for jerks. On the other hand, you will also attract the kind of man who will compliment all your wonderful traits with his own.

    I had an great uncle who told me at the age of 6 that I was never to be with a man who would let a woman walk on the side of the sidewalk closest to the road. It should always be the man who does that. I never forgot that. I didn't always heed his advise. I have found that man who has been brought up with the proper respect for women and attention to manners is less likely to be the kind of jerk you've described.

    I hope you can put this guy in the box labelled "He Lost Out".
    4491 days ago
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