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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Even though losing weight is important, fitness and feeling better are bigger goals for me. I really want to be able to do more things and keep up with everyone. Before I started I remember being on a business trip and we had a really long distance to cross the airport terminal to change planes and a short time to get there. I couldn't keep up with my younger, fitter colleagues and it was so embarrassing that they had to help me. So I've been working hard to focus on fitness and felt like I was starting to see improvement. But then I had a virus and bronchitis for a couple weeks and lost a lot of ground on my fitness. I know they say you can exercise when unwell, but I couldn't or didn't. I've been struggling back and feeling really concerned about how much exercise it takes to just maintain let alone improve. Also I've been watching what my daughter is doing in track and thinking she does an amazing workout everyday and it doesn't change her weight so why do I expect my modest effort should make a difference in mine. Today when I was doing my treadmill I was feeling very discouraged. I don't feel the least bit "fit". I was reading about the benefit of intervals, either add incline or speed in short segments to challenge muscles and fitness. So I was trying to do some but it's so hard to complete the intervals. I was thinking about biggest loser and how Jillian and Bob yell at people to keep going when they think they can't. Maybe I should record them yelling and play it while I'm struggling. I thought about asking my husband or one of the kids to yell at me, but I don't think that would be good for our relationship. And it's hard to find a workout buddy that that has the same needs or is at a similar level. We are getting a fitness center at work next year and I'm trying to think of someone at work who might help me. And then there's the consistency thing, I don't know why I can be good for a couple days and then for no reason just drop out for a couple days. I expected that in te beginning but not after 6 months. My husband commented yesterday that he's surprised how much I like to exercise, now that's unexpected. I certainly don't think I look like I'm enjoying myself. Mostly I'm fretting about how much time it takes and how hard it is--not something that looks like fun. I recently read the book about Madonna written by her brother. Now there was someone obsessed with fitness. She did it to improve her ability to withstand long performances and destress, not because she loved it. She said that her success wasn't due to having a great voice, but having great stamina and all the right moves. So it must be true for most people that fitness is the way to accomplish something else, not the goal itself. So I have a big trip coming up in January with the same group of work colleagues and I'm hoping to out-maneuver them in the airport. So I've got to get with those intervals, like them or not.
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    Keep the goal in mind, leave the rest behind. That has been my personal motto since I started faithfully here on Day 1, back in March. I think it just might work for your situation, as well. :)
    I agree with the poster who said look at where you were physically the last time at the airport, and where you are present day, then just keep looking ahead. I don't know about you, but when I look backwards, I just seem to get discouraged, but the more I look forward, the more excited I get about the new possibilities, and progress.

    You're doing an awesome job!!! :)
    See you on the Periwinkles board....I love that place! :)
    Reb :)
    4322 days ago
  • WILLA3
    Bud - I know exercise is not easy. Cheers to you for plugging along. I think consistency is the key. I have committed to exercising everyday (since last March). Believe me, it is not always easy and it takes a big chunk of time, but the question I ask myself everyday is not IF I will exercise, but HOW. I do allow myself one or two days off each month because life happens and I don't want to have that "all or nothing mentality". I haven't been sick or injured (knock on wood) and I know that would set me back. Good for you for getting back to it after your illness. It will take a while, be patient with yourself.

    Something that has really made an impact for me is strength training. Once I started doing squats and lunges, crunches, pushups, etc. (other exercises from this site) I started to see positive changes in my body. Also, I believe it increased my metabolism. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, but I want to encourage you to continue in your efforts. Establish a weekly plan, check out exercises on this site, be consistent, increase intensity or duration a little at a time, change it up. emoticon
    4325 days ago
    I wouldn't compare yourself to your colleagues. We have those huge fire escape stairs at my new job, then another 1/2 flight of stairs to get up to my work. No elevator. I know what you mean, b/c I really don't want to pull up the same time as one of my colleagues. I don't want to huff and puff around them. It's hard though.
    4331 days ago
    You say you don't feel the least bit fit. Compare where your fitness level is now with where it was when you were struggling to keep up with your co workers in the airport. You've been working so hard and you've lost so much weight. I bet when you look at where you are now and where you've come from you have to be pretty happy with where you are going.
    4337 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what fitness is truly about.
    4337 days ago
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