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Thursday, December 25, 2008

am 38 years old, happily married, and have a wonderful 4-yr old daughter. I have always been pretty thin and quite healthy, with a good history of nutritious eating and regular exercise. After my daughter was born, though I quickly lost the weight, I also lost my exercise habits as the new time demands of parenting (on top of a full-time career) relegated "me time" to a back burner.

In July 2005, I realized my sedentary lifestyle was catching up with me and the scale was inching up and my energy levels inching down. I've used Spark to get and keep me motivated and I'm just totally hooked. Spark taught me moderation in many ways--balanced eating without a "theme" (i.e. high protein, low carb, fasting, etc) But in some ways it's made me a little obsessive. I track religiously and have been realizing that I have a hard time just eating right if I'm not tracking. One of my new goals is to wean off the SP tracker and try to get back to just being able to be consistent without counting every thing I eat every day. For 10+ years I stayed thin and fit without obsessing--I want to be able to get back there.

After joining Spark I lost too much weight--dipping down to 114. I'm now hanging out around 120--which is good for me.

March 2007 UPDATE
Well, weaning off the tracking wasn't such a good idea. Maybe I need to come to terms with my all-or-nothingness and realize that Sparking and tracking might be part of my life for a long time. I am now nearly 10lbs heavier than I was a year ago. I'm kind of back where I started. How did this happen?

Clothes are tight, I'm out of shape, and I haven't been eating well. BUT. . . I'm back and I will get things back to where they should be. I've already lost 2lbs in less than a week being back "on". I know it's because the weight didn't belong and I hope the rest of it will shake off quickly.

I'm easing back into exercise (I did have a foot issue that I can blame for some of my slovenliness lately. . .) and will try to monitor my body fat% as well as the weight number--so that I don't end up losing too much muscle and just being scrawny again like last year.

October 2007 UPDATE
Ok . . . I think I've got this thing back on track! I am not at the 119lbs that I had set as a birthday goal, but I'm in my 119-124 maintenance range and my body fat has dropped 4%. So even 10lbs heavier than my lowest, I have 2lbs less body fat!! I re-completed the C25K program and actually ran 5 miles today! I'm doing really well with focusing on the running and watching the nutrition most of the time. I'm still tracking regularly, but no longer obsessing. Let's hope this is my new long-term happy place. Thanks Spark!!

October 2008 Update
Wow--my 3rd birthday celebrated on Spark! I'm happy to report that it's been a good year. I'll admit that for a chunk of the year, the scale was a few pounds higher than my maintainence goal, but I was training for a half marathon and "fueled" perhaps a bit too much. I am, however, happy to report that on my 38th birthday, I am in my 119-124 maintenance range, with BF% between 19% and 21%. AND. . . I've not been tracking!! Woo hoo!--have I finally become sensible??? No big races or events for fitness goals right now--just trying to rededicate myself to ST and moderate cardio (no more stress fractures like post-half marathon!).
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