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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Funny you should ask. :) For cleaning I do my "chores" on Sundays and then I have a clean house for the week. Unfortunately my bathroom, in which the floor is covered with Little Ponies, my dd's bedroom and my bedroom have all suffered. Another goal I have is to try and get these areas cleaned up again - as well as straighten up the basement/playroom, which was clean just a mere 2 months ago - while I am on vacation. I made a huge dent in my bedroom last night and I'm redoing the way I do laundry so that I sit up in my bedroom to fold it that way it's right there and I can put it away immediately and it doesn't hang over my head. I have a basketful waiting for my return to home tonight - after I get everything else done that I need to do.

But none of that answers your questions! Most of my cardio/exercise is done at the local Y - which I love. In my Central Ohio group we have a challenge for May to seta personal goal for calories burned and then work to meet it. I set mine to 28,000 and that's because I am spending all of next week, on vacation, gasrdening. And as if my yard isn't enough I'm helping a friend out with hers (right Frannie?).

So I posted to the group why I think I can achieve that because below is the minimum that I do right now.
Here is my minimum weekly schedule for exercise. I'm also a single mom so I don't have to answer to a man and my mom lives with me and does help out with some cooking. I'm never home, I don't watch very much TV at all, I don't have much time for anything right now except for exercise, work and housework. Once I hit my goal I'll cut back on the exercise and try to maintain but I read a scary article that said that sometimes you have to work out more when you get into maintenance mode! Also - since it's Spring I get all those extra gardening calories too... :)

Another reason my calories burned are so high is because I include my strength training class and count it as almost circuit training. The Monday class is definitely circuit training but the other classes I lowered the overall calories burned to 400. We don't stop between reps, we don't have to wait for machines - you are constantly moving just as you are when doing circuit training. I was wary of doing it this way in the beginning thinking that I would overinflate my calories burn, eat too much and not lose weight. But I am losing at an average of 1.4 pounds a week on a goal of 1 pound per week so I think I'm OK in my estimation.

Monday: Circuit Training 55 mins. 528 cals. (I do this at the Y - it's the Rep Reebok Class)
Walk 17 min/mile 30 mins. 144 cals. (Weather and time permitting)

Tuesday: Strength & Tone 55 mins. 400 cals. (Another class at the Y)
Elliptical Trainer 30 mins. 325 cals. (After the class I do this and it does end up being higher than 325 but this is just an estimate.)

Wednesday: Walk 17 min/mile 30 mins. 144 cals. (Again, at lunch, depending on the weather)

Thursday: Strength & Tone 55 mins. 400 cals.
Elliptical Trainer 30 mins. 325 cals.

Friday: Walk 17 min/mile 30 mins. 144 cals. (Lunchtime)

Saturday: Yoga Class 50 mins. 200 cals. (At the Y after my S&T Class)
Strength & Tone 55 mins. 400 cals. (They just added this class and it's from 8-9 am, right before Yoga!)
Elliptical Trainer 30 mins. 325 cals. (DO this while DD is in Class)
Mowing Lawn: Push, Power 75 mins. 405 cals. (This is done on either Saturday or Sunday depending on weather)

Sunday: Walk 17 min/mile 60 minutes 288 cals. (Sunday, if I can't get out and garden or to the Y or get to do an exercise video my goal is to at least walk for 1 hour)

This totals: 4028 calories burned - minumum - per week.

My weightloss rate is set to 1 to 1.5 pounds per week and I keep my calories to eat range at 1350 - 1700 per day. I have just set my own personal goal to not go over 1600 any day (this week - every day) on average.

Let's see - In Feb. I burned a total of 12,591 calories, averaging 3150 per week. March 17,007 with 3401 avg. per week, April 19984 with 4996 avg. per week. May is adding up to 25,516 planned with a 5103 avg. I'm taking off all of next week to garden so at 3 hours a day plus all my regular classes I'll be at 9545 for the week. Hey - do I get to eat extra next week????
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